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Watch my new interview with ‘Christ, Culture, and Coffee’

I had a blast being interviewed for Christ, Culture, and Coffee earlier this week.

Heaven and hell: Compelling (and surprising!) answers to your questions

Have you ever wondered about the afterlife? What will heaven be like? What will we do there? Do we go straight there when we die or somewhere else first? And, a burning question for many, will our pets be there?

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Why can’t believers ‘decree’ Psalm 91 as protection against coronavirus?

We can learn something from Jesus’ response to Satan when Satan tempted him to “claim” Psalm 91 by jumping off the temple.

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The NAR antidote to coronavirus

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, I’ve been wondering how New Apostolic Reformation leaders and their churches have been responding.

Messianic Jews in Israel Head Toward Breakup Over NAR?

The historically close-knit Messianic congregations in Israel are, reportedly, on the brink of a breakup — because of controversy surrounding NAR teachings being promoted there by an influential apostolic network, based in Israel, called Tikkun.

NAR interview with Doug Geivett at South African Theological Seminary

The New Apostolic Reformation is exploding. This dangerous movement is experiencing staggering growth, especially in the Global South.

Listen to my new interview with Stand Up for the Truth

I enjoyed being interviewed today by David Fiorazo, host of Stand Up for the Truth, a daily, one-hour, live radio program and podcast tackling tough issues.

Watch my new interview with ex-New Agers Doreen Virtue and Melissa Doughtery

I really enjoyed talking, again, with former New Agers Doreen Virtue and Melissa Doughtery during my latest interview with them, titled “Bethel and the New Age.”

What Churches Should Know About YWAM Part 3: ‘Hearing God’s Voice’

Dubious teachings about hearing God’s voice are taught at all YWAM Discipleship Training Schools during their lecture phase, as they are part of the core curriculum.

What’s being missed with the ‘waking’ of Olive at Bethel Church, Redding

Many news sources have already reported on the story out of Bethel Church this week. But I want to point out what has been missed in the ‘waking’ of Olive.

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