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How to Do God’s Work and Get Filthy Rich

"It's Your Time for Wealth." Those enticing words are featured in an advertisement for the "Transference of Wealth 2010 Conference," to be held in Oklahoma City, Okla., on Sept. 9-12.

Magic Charms Enchant Apostolic-Prophetic Movement

In 2007, I reported on an alarming trend that continues today — the growing use of magic charms and other occult practices in the apostolic-prophetic movement. Read the article, published by the Christian Research Journal, here.

Naming Names

One of the criticisms I hear most is that it is wrong for me to “name names” of people who are promoting false teaching unless I first go to those teachers in private to address my concerns with them.

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Unfalsifiable Prophecies

Take a look at the prophecies that are receiving attention today. The vast majority of them are “unfalsifiable.” What do I mean by saying they’re “unfalsifiable”? Look at this prophecy from Erica Greve, of Bethel Church in Redding, California.

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Putting Apostles to the Test

Thousands of men and women throughout the world today are claiming to be “apostles” and “prophets.”

If you doubt this, do a Google search using the terms “modern apostles” and “modern prophets.” You’ll see what I mean.

Satan’s Best Weapon

What is Satan’s best weapon? Apostolic-prophetic churches talk a lot about “spiritual warfare” — the spiritual weapons Satan and his demons use to attack Christians.

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‘Crazy’ Does Not Equal ‘Prophet’

Is being crazy the mark of a true prophet?

That’s what Kim Clement — one of today’s so-called prophets — would have you think. When he and his fellow “prophets” come under fire for their bizarre prophecies, they defend themselves by saying that the Bible prophets were also viewed as crazy.

Mayday, mayday!

An alarming alliance is forming — leaders in the apostolic-prophetic movement are joining forces with leaders of America’s Religious Right.

Christian Camouflage

False apostles and false prophets don’t make it easy for you to spot them. Like wild animals – whose colors and physical features blend in with their natural surroundings – they try to conform to their Christian environments.

The ‘Great Wealth Transfer’ — 100 Percent Returns!

How can you get rich and build God’s kingdom at the same time? By following the modern “apostles” and “prophets” — at least that’s what they claim. They say a “great transfer of wealth” is about to occur — from the wicked to the righteous. If you want to be on the receiving end of […]

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