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Digging Sodom: True Spiritual Warfare

Dr. Steven Collins' excavation of ancient Sodom is an example of true spiritual warfare--in contrast to the showmanship that passes itself off as spiritual warfare in so many churches today.
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The NAR’s Nasty Names: The Top 5

These are the Top 5 nasty names used against critics of the New Apostolic Reformation movement.

How to Be More Discerning

Even if you don’t have a special gift for discernment, you can learn how to be more discerning. Indeed, you must–if you don’t want to be easy prey for false teachers.

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Brain Stopper No. 4: ‘God Won’t Let You Be Deceived’

Do you think God won’t allow you to be deceived? Think again.

Brain Stopper No. 3: ‘What False Prophets?’

Many of the prophets in the NAR movement are actually telling their followers that they don’t need to worry about false prophets.

Satan’s ‘Nigerian’ E-mail Scam

Maybe you are too smart to fall for an e-mail scam. But you should know that Satan is running his own, much subtler, version of the same scam.

The Bible Says It, I Believe It…But That Doesn’t Settle It

Have you ever heard someone say, “The Bible says it. I believe it. That settles it!”?

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The Big Lie: ‘Normal’ Christianity

The message of Jonathan Welton’s book, “Normal Christianity,” is that the “normal” Christian lifestyle should be characterized by the performance of miracles: walking on water, calming storms, and even raising the dead.

Saving the Lost or Smiting the Wicked?

So, what do you think Christians should be doing–calling for the lost to be saved or calling for them to be judged?

The True Way to Intimacy With God

Recently, I discovered something about myself that startled me. I discovered that I don’t feel as close to God as I would like to.

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