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Naming Names

One of the criticisms I hear most is that it is wrong for me to "name names" of people who promote false teaching unless I first go to those teachers in private to address my concerns with them. But is this what the Bible really teaches?

Third Day: Don’t You Know?

There is another sign that the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement is becoming mainstreamed. Christian rock band Third Day has agreed to lead worship at the 2013 “Voice of the Apostles” conference –an NAR event–to be held in Orlando, Florida, next month.

Is the ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ movement a cult?

The other day someone posted an interesting question at “Yahoo! Answers”: Is the New Apostolic Reformation a cult? I think this question goes right to the heart of some important issues. Here is the answer I wrote.

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Apostle Brian Simmons and the ‘Secret Knowledge’ Tactic

I want to highlight another tactic used by Apostle Brian Simmons to get people to buy his new Bible, The Passion Translation. I call this tactic “secret knowledge.”

Apostle Brian Simmons’ Love/Hate Relationship With Scholarship and Academic Degrees

Apostle Brian Simmons seems to have a love/hate relationship with scholarship and academic degrees.

Apostle Brian Simmons: Name Dropping and Name Dodging

I want to highlight another tactic used by apostle Brian Simmons in our exchange over at Amazon.com. I call this tactic “Name Dropping.”

Apostle Brian Simmons–the ‘Purple Haze Tactic’

I want to highlight in this post what I call the “Purple Haze Tactic.”

Apostle Brian Simmons’ Underhanded Ways

The underhanded tactics used by leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation movement–such as those used this week by apostle Brian Simmons–never cease to amaze me.

So, Brian Simmons: Are You An Apostle Or Not?

Apostle Brian Simmons actually responded to a review I wrote of his new translation of the Bible, the Passion Translation. Yet, as you will see, his response shows poor reasoning, shoddy scholarship, and even apparent deception.

Collateral Damage of the New Apostles

I’ve been asked, “Why are you so concerned about the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement? Even if people’s beliefs are a little off, what’s the harm?”

I’m concerned because their NAR beliefs are not just shipwrecking their own faith. They are hurting other people.

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