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  1. olu Says:

    are there true anointed man or woman of God nowadays who can do deliverance ministry?i would probably find it hard to understand why these christian people who are struggled to help me.i know you can not refer me to someone else or organisation whatsoever.am base in australia.take care

  2. William Bell Says:

    There is a man in Houston who is now retired, but has trained a number of people. His name is Joe Albright. His wife’s name is Rita. He is a Baptist and not a Charismatic. I don’t know any of the ministers he trained, but he focuses on healing spiritual scars which give demonic powers a hold on our lives. He is very, very solid and in control. He does not allow any manifestations and deals with them in a spirit of authority. I can’t express how much it helped me and my wife. Not long after our time with Joe, my wife was almost killed in an automobile accident. Neither of us could have made it through this ordeal without the grace we received through this ministry.

  3. Pastor Steve Winter Says:

    God raises up movements when old organizations become stagnant and dead.

  4. Bruce Cooper Says:

    Hi Holly, I completed my review of Graham Cooke’s book entitled “Prophetic Wisdom” and thought you might find it useful due to Cooke’s association with NAR. Here is the link to the actual posting: https://bcooper.wordpress.com/2016/05/20/review-of-prophetic-wisdom-by-graham-cooke/


  5. Holly Says:


    Thanks for sharing this link to your review.

  6. Tori Morris Says:

    Thank you Holly for all that you’re doing to wake up His children!

  7. Bert Panhuis Says:

    NAR and Israel
    I think it goes even further than that. Because normally NAR and Kingdom Now (KN) people are not big fans of Israel and the jewish people. Especially when they come from South Africa. I met some of them here in Holland. They were always in the replacement theology and anti-jewish and now suddenly there is a change…
    I think because most of NAR and KN ministers believe that the antichrist was Nero in the year 70. This means that the “savior” that is coming soon and “solving” all the problems in this world, MUST be the right one! That’s why this heresy is so dangerous!!
    IT WILL LEAD CHRISTIANS TO THE WRONG SAVIOR, the devil himself, who soon will sit in the new Temple in Jerusalem.That’s why their focus is on Israël now… It’s the same mistake the majority of the christians made in Germany when they did choose for Hitler (including my parents), because they believed that this devil would bring the millenium on earth.. I believe that Kingdom Now (and the NAR) is the “strong delusion” in 2 Tess. 2:11..
    Read 2 Tess. 2 from the beginning and the warning for being deceived “that the day of the Lord already has arrived and is here (is KN). This people never mention the great falling away (is now) and the coming of the antichrist…
    (3 and 4)

  8. Charlotte Lute Says:

    Hi Holly,

    I have just listened to an interview with Doreen Virtue.First of all, Thank you for your work. I can’t wait to read your book. I would like to email you with our story, which is lengthy, but we have had first hand experience with what is happening right now with the YWAM/Bethell/IHOP craziness and I would love to bounce it off of you and get your opinion. I will look for your email.

  9. Tom Mcguigan Says:

    Have you run across Jeremiah Johnson in your research into NAR?

  10. Chester Barkell Says:

    My church uses Bethel teaching as a class and they have on the 7 mountains domain. I don’t believe in Bethel teaching. I need help to talk to my pastor. Can somebody help or have advise on how to approach my pastor?

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