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About the Movement

The apostolic-prophetic movement (also known as the “New Apostolic Reformation”) is a fast-growing movement that has arisen within Protestant Christianity that promotes modern-day apostles and prophets with great authority, supernatural powers, and the ability to give new doctrinal revelation. Advocates of this movement believe that all people, nations, and demonic principalities must submit to these apostles and prophets, who will lead God’s end-times army in establishing His kingdom on earth. This once-fringe movement has entered many Pentecostal and charismatic churches (which are the fastest-growing churches in nearly every region of the world, according to church growth experts, like David B. Barrett).

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37 Responses to “About the Movement”

  1. Miguel Hayworth Says:

    Hi keep up the good work I posted these 3 videos you should look at

    Todd Bentley’s Wife is Demon Possessed!!!

    A call for christians to openly rebuke Todd Bentley.

    Tokin’ the Ghost (and other similar heretical tragedies)

    2 I have personally made

    Gnostic Monica Dennington Exposed and Refuted.

    Chuck Smith now supports Rick Warren

    Please feel free to let me know your thoughts

    Miguel Hayworth
    Director/First Plumbline Apologetics
    ACT Member (Apologetics Co-ordenation Team)

  2. Jacque Says:

    God bless you and guide you..keep us updated..thanks for taking a stand for truth.

  3. Thomas Heward Says:

    Miguel: All 3 of your videos on Todd Bentley have been taken down from You Tube due to 3rd party complaints regarding copyright infringement.

  4. Jacque Says:

    very disappointed about revealing truth of the false dangerous teachings of Todd Bentley..Who Rick Joyner totally supports..NAR.. TAKING DOWN VIDEOS OF THIS OUTRAGES..DEMONIC/DANGEROUS  TEACHING. nothing new as the horrible lies that are covered up by Straders in Lakeland..C.Peter Wagner.and the list goes on.  My sister and her family are so messed up due to their involvement in the NAR past 10 years.  Attended those horrible meetings in Lakeland. My sister was warned by our brother and she called me accusing me of praying she would get in a car accident and killed..plus go to hell!  I kept asking her who is speaking to me?? It was demonic. Great sorrow and prayers over the years for her and her family. I have not been around her for a year due to more bizarre accusations. There is a mental distrubed actions and words coming from her.  Her and daughter have prayed against me.  The Assembly of God warned all ministries to warn people to stay away from the so call Lakeland revival.  I have several minister friends who got the alerts from AOG. DUE TO AOG CHURCHES BEING SOVERIGN THERE HAS BEEN INFILTRATION OF NAR IN SOME OF THEM HERE IN FLORIDA.  It is BILL HAMON who is the big kahoona here in Florida.  Jesus please help us.   Last year, a church i attended AOG..pastor who I really respected WHO preached the word even against this movement..3 Sundays in a row.,,,.joined Bill Hamon’s movement..NAR. DEFENDING THE TEACHING.  sent email telling me there are several different teachings and MR. Hamon was not with C.Peter Wagner,chuck Pierce, etc etc. I could not believeMy pastor being so misinformed!  This preacher is very intelligent.  A very humble man,but there were several changes happening in 2009 that I felt very uneasy about.  I even attended short while another AOG which was an hour away.  I spoke to that pastor and he agreed with what I was feeling.  It is discernment..the Lord was showing me.  2010 I moved inland of Florida.  I have not been back to the AOG for year and half.  It was heart wrenching when I heard this pastor embraced NAR TEACHING.  I cried and prayed for 48 hrs.  Head pounding  with little sleep. I refused to reply to his email, nor have I gone back to the church. this pastor and family were close to me. He has pastor end the church for 20 years or more. I think he’s burnt out.  The church never increased in attendance all those years..which seemed strange anyway. His preaching was direct and always I took mega notes..it was anointed without a doubt.  I still have a hard time going to church..  I need to find a church that I can support.  Thank you ..please continue to warn us..don’t stop!!!!  Andrew Strom has utube sereis on the NAR..he use to be in it. PLEASE LET ONES KNOW THIS.  The Kundillini Spirit is a major player in all their bizarre meetings.  J.lee Grady who worked for Strang/Charisma..left the NAR..and Charisma, as Strang is huge in NAR.

  5. Theresa Says:

    Hi Holly,

    My name is Theresa Miller. I sent your recent short commentary about Cindy Jacobs recent “prophecy” about another nine eleven sized false flag event to happen in the U.S. to my pastor. I had heard him mention her name several times and a few weeks ago, he said the same thing. I thought he had heard this from the Lord himself, but when I saw your post, I realized he must’ve read that from Cindy Jacobs.

    He has reacted pretty strongly against my sharing of your message, going so far as to say a mesmerizing demon is operating through your site, etc. He is a former student of Bill Johnson (hillsong cabal), as well as NAR and student of peter wagner and dominionism.

    I also sent him some articles regarding pointing out the apostasy in the word of faith movement and the importance of inerrancy when it comes to the Word. He responded with praying for me and the bitter root of those who wrote those articles.

    I’m at a loss here. I came out of a career in the occult as a psychic when the Lord saved me and brought me to the Cross. He opened my eyes after that showing me where there were false prophets in the charismatic/evangelical church, but he also led me to this healing ministry that has been very instrumental in my own healing. Unfortunately, while these people are really anointed and gifted in healing and words of knowledge, many, including the pastor, are still following these apostate teachers.

    Because of my past experience in mysticism and gnosticism, I can totally discern it in these false church movements, but my brothers and sisters, lacking my experience and revelation from the Lord, can not, and aren’t at this point willing to consider the evidence I am presenting to them regarding it. I’m at a loss. I don’t want to leave this ministry as these folks are the most closely walking with God that I’ve seen so far, ironically, but I also can’t stay in a place where the whole truth of the Word isn’t being honored, especially in this late season.

    I’m not even sure what I’m asking, just reaching out. Thank you so much and God bless! In Jesus name, Theresa

  6. Holly Says:


    Thanks for sharing your comments and experiences. Unfortunately, it’s common for leaders in the NAR movement to respond to criticisms by demonizing their critics. This tactic is employed to keep their followers from using their God-given minds to evaluate their teachings carefully in light of Scripture and common sense. Good for you for not falling for this tactic. I’d be interested in hearing more about your past career in the occult and any similarities you’ve noted with NAR teachings and practices. I’m curious, what exactly, about the people in the healing ministry you are involved with makes you think they’re “closely walking with God”?


  7. Tom Heward Says:

    Theresa – Great background you are coming from for the gift of “discerning of spirits”.  I have spent years pursuing the Lord and while in Tulsa, OK among all the spiritual giants like Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts, T.L. & Daisy Osborne I found myself in a small group of believers that were out-pacing the normal.  This group was led by a woman whose “life before Christ” was “total involvement in the Occult”.  Now she was in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and new child leading a christian group of about 25 of us in teaching us how to “Live by The Spirit of God”.  The depth she had and material she covered made life worth living for me since I pretty much knew the Word of God inside out but was looking for those who had the Life of Jesus not just the Head Knowledge.  I believe her ability to move in the depths and truths of the Lord came from her former knowledge of the Occult and reality of the Demonic Realms.  She would regularly receive dreams from The Lord that were “teaching dreams” on how to live by the Spirit.  She laid hands on me to receive dreams from the Lord and that was over 30years ago.  I really don’t know how many times my life and the lives of those in my family have been spared by “dreams from the Lord” warning of unforseen events.   I would simply bind the situation in the Name of Jesus and although the circumstances of the dream would come to pass at some future time either myself, my wife or one of our two children would pass through the event unharmed.  Most of my discernment of false teachers, false signs and wonders, where we stand as a Nation before the Lord, have come to me in “dreams in the night” and then I would get “confirmation of the dream” through the Word of God or some event the next day or week.  I remember one dream I had where I was the catcher in a baseball game and the devil was the pitcher.  He could get nothing past me, I was able to catch everything He threw at me.  What incredible encouragement from the Lord alone.  She would often “read peoples files” as she would say and as soon as she would lay hands on one of those at the meeting she knew where they were at, what they may need deliverance from, their calling or giftings or perhaps some solution to the delimma they were in.  We need much more of this kind of input from the Lord to put together a Powerful, Fully Functioning Body of Christ in this Nation.  She was the closest person I have met who was truly a “disciple of Jesus Christ”.  When she would get something in a dream from the Lord she would not give up till she saw the manifestation of what had been portrayed to her in the night seasons.  She also moved in real power and she laid hands on me several times for various afflictions – her hands would be trembling under the power of the spirit and the healings were instantaneous which was not the case at most Hagin or Oral Robert or T.L. Osborne or large (5,000 to 8,000) church services in Tulsa.  OK that will be it for now. Dreams can also convey promises of God for your life and I need to “get out there here in LA, CA” and begin to preach since I do have some powerful good dreams of this Nation in Trouble and a promise from the Lord to move with me as I preach repentance and the love of God.  OK that will be it for now.  Great site always look forward to e-mails from the lady who runs this site up there in Good Ole Spiritual Alaska.  I use to go to a church in Alaska called Abbott Loup years ago with Dick Benjamin and Dick Strutz as two of the leaders in Anchorage Alaska.

  8. Theresa Says:

    Hi Tom and Holly,

    Thanks for your responses! Tom, what a great sharing. That woman has a strong prophetic anointing! I have had powerful dreams from the Lord too, but usually they are more like waking visions, when I wake up but am too tired (usually) to write them down. But I’ll ask the Lord for clarification of the symbolism and He will show me and I remember and write them as soon as I get up. Mostly so far they have been for me.

    After this incident, I prayed before I went to sleep and asked God to show me His Will here, what He wanted me to know. I had a waking vision at about 5 am where He showed me a human body and the heart was full of life, and that life was Jesus. He said the circulatory and pulmonary system and the neural system (central nervous system) as well as the electromagnetic field (torus field) being generated by this heart was all in sync and living, as Yeshua Himself was living in this person’s heart.

    Then He showed me a human body and I knew it was like my pastor, in a grotto, cave-like garden and it was still living, but all bound up into a gnarled, old tree trunk, very tight and concretized. Living, but not open and flowing like the other vision. Then I heard the word “pharisee,” and He explained that people who follow false prophets, or false teachers themselves, are like pharisees because they are following man’s doctrine, not God’s. But people who follow Jesus, as the Way, the Truth and the Life, have hearts that are full of life, and that person is living and breathing with God. This is a healing process for all of us, but we MUST be aligned with His Word and Jesus IS the Word, to experience this, otherwise, we get concretized, like what satan’s ways and our own ways do to us.

    Nooo….I didn’t tell this dream to my pastor. He wants to do “deliverance” on me to break off the spirit that is causing me to focus on this. I know, I know….but here’s the thing. I HAVE been focusing on this issue as a watchman and in reality, the Lord does not want me to in terms of making that part of my ministry in Him. So, what I’ve been doing is making this subject an idol, focusing on it because it IS legitimate and important in the body of Christ right now, but He actually has a ministry for me that I’ve been procrastinating about stepping into. Its a healer development training ministry.

    I have advanced training and 20 years experience as an osteopathic-based bodyworker, using a craniosacral therapy format, as well as a medical background before that. The Lord is using that in a unique way for healing and deliverance for people and says He is “healing the nations” through this. He wants me to teach it to those who believe they have a healing anointing or want to know about healing with Jesus. Its pretty advanced training, blending neuroscience with the Word and hands on healing. I haven’t started teaching, but God downloaded a cirriculum. Soooo….I’ve been procrastinating because, well, all the usual human reasons: I don’t know how to do it, what if no one comes, what if I am persecuted, what if its too hard, etc, etc…so. I repented for that and am doing what He said to do!

    In terms of this ministry, I am just doing what He tells me. He REALLY wants me to step into this healing development ministry and I have a feeling that when i am fully obedient and do it, like so many other areas of my life, everything will fall into place through Him, Praise the Lord. So for now, no more calling out my brothers and sisters. But! This morning I just went with a friend to a church (I had given up on churches…) and it was AWESOME! THIS pastor is totally grounded in the Word, with really powerful praise and worship and miracle healings, and all that, but his sermons are all about Jesus! Today it was almost identical to how the Lord is training me in this healing ministry, that Jesus is the healer, and this preacher talked all about our focus needs to be in Him and very scriptural based teaching. Tears just flowed and flowed and the presence of the Lord was so so strong. My friends and I were all crying. THIS is what I’ve been so thirsty for. So, the Lord is providing fellowship and leadership for me as I step forward in faith in what the Lord is calling me to do. 

    This is a long message, and I would LOVE to share my story Holly of where I came from before being saved, but I don’t want to tire you out! I will write it in another message so you don’t have to keep reading this one! 

    Thanks again and so awesome to find your site and “meet” other Berean-minded brothers and sisters! God bless! Theresa 🙂

  9. Theresa Says:

    I forgot to mention in the waking vision i described above, the Lord also showed me the apostle Paul, with his eyes having light coming out of them and he said to me, “your eyes have been opened also.” He meant I too was a “pharisee,” following man’s and satan’s doctrine before the Lord opened my eyes but now I see and am working for Him. That was interesting.

  10. Reghan Scalgrinn Says:

    Blog Owner, do you moderate the comments posted here?
    If so, do you find yourself in agreement with the doctrine Theresa and Tom and advancing here?

  11. Holly Says:

    Reghan, I can’t I’m sure which doctrine specifically you’re referring to. Many people post comments on my blog, expressing a variety of views and opinions that I don’t necessarily share. I try to respond to some of them, as I am able, but don’t have time to respond to all of them. If you have opinions about the comments you mentioned, please feel free to add your own comments.

  12. Theresa Says:

    Wow, today is August 10, 2015….I just reread my posts from a year ago and I had really forgotten the details of that time and those dreams.

    Much has healed and transformed in my walk as a believer, a lot more maturation and breaking me of idols by God. Much more depth into the Word in my own study, and lots of idols being surrendered and repented for.

    What I heard ultimately regarding this situation with false teachers being followed in our ministry was to back off and trust the work God was doing regarding this. I had to repent for my own religious spirit, but more importantly, acting out of God’s Will. That does NOT mean that following false teachers was ok, just that I needed to honor God’s Will in the situation.

    Forward to today, and He is doing a work in our ministry, our pastor and some leaders are starting to see the apostasy in these movements/teachers, praise the Lord. I know He will fully expose it eventually. For now I am being obedient.

    I realize from my last posts that I sounded rather “new agey” or even like those in the false charismatic “signs and wonders” camp. But when I fully repented for my own occult activities and fully renounced them, the Lord started revealing to me the occult in the WOF/NAR movements and many false teachers. When I asked what He wanted me to do about this awareness, ie, tell people about it, like what you are doing with this ministry? He just said to me, “Do not pursue a miracles, signs and wonders ministry.” So I haven’t.

    I realize that my background in the new age makes me immediately suspect, however, all I can say is that I love the Word of God, I truly despise when teachers twist doctrine and can see it because I used to practice that stuff in the new age, and only want to be in God’s Will. I can’t defend operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and readily acknowledge that some of them can sound not much different that the occult practices of the false charismatic movement, et el.

    All I can say in response to that is, you shall know them by their fruit, and even more important, what is their doctrine?

    “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” Psalm 1:1-3.

    Deception is the rule of the day in our end times, and the enemy is very subtle, and even moreso against believers, as he must be to deceive those who are saved. May we walk in the fullness of the Word and understand that to truly be obedient we must love God our Father with all of our heart mind and will and love our neighbor as ourselves. I pray that the Lord gives us the revelation, wisdom and mercy to do that. God bless, in Jesus name.

  13. David Says:

    The extensive comments above from Tom Heward and Theresa appear to be preaching precisely what you, Holly, teach against.

    I have maintained several blogs and websites before. Your non-response to Reghan Scalgrinn made no sense to me. He asked you a year and a half ago if you subscribe to or support the long commentaries of Tom Heward and Theresa; you basically ignored his important comment.

    I think you should perform due diligence on your site here. Certainly given many months, you can respond to the silly, destructive notions being bandied about?

  14. Dan Watkins Says:

    I was referred by a friend to your site, and troubled at the thought that sites like this actually exist. Jesus specifically left us to get on with the work He left unfinished (Mt 28:19,20 – the great commission; Mark 16:15ff). That is what we – as believers – will be judged on, by Jesus, who is the ONLY Judge.

    Instead, you seem satisfied to play policeman over your fellow believers? I don’t get it. I’d rather be learning from those that you debunk (how to raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the gospel), than reading through documents of criticism and (dare I say?) judgement.

  15. Holly Says:

    Dan, if being critical of someone’s teaching is judgmental, then are you not guilty of the same thing when you criticize me?

  16. Julie Says:

    Reghan Scalgrinn .

    My thoughts exactly. It seems many NAR proponents have a voice here and their comments are not responded to with truth. Then again, Ms. Pivec is only one person and may not have time? Sad

  17. Talana Says:

    Holly’s instruction to be a watchmen has been played out successfully by her being obedient to warning us on the dangers of certain movements. We are to take from her writings whatever God lays on our hearts… not to react on the comments for which she is not responsible.

    I personally do not think that you, Holly, should ever comment on any of the replies as it is not your job to defend or support any of them…

  18. Livvy Says:

    I am really confused here. I live in Norway and it seems – after reading your site- that obviously I am really “infected” by the doctrines of this NAR movement. But my deep worry and sorrow is that to me it seems that these NAR-influenced people are the only churches that really cares about mission, cares about people, really reaching out to people and trying to help them in whatever situation they are in. Many people find themselves in situations where they really need ‘a word from God”, really need someone willing to listen without judgement. Pharisees are everywhere, people with the 100 % right doctrine are everywhere but they don”t care. What does it help. Then there are people around me – some in old churches too, I admit that, some in new, like NAR influenced churches, neither of them has a 100 % correct doctrine in practice (maybe on paper!), but what Truth of God they HAVE grasped, they obey and thus making Christ come alive as my friend in front of me. THAT is what I need!! I respect that people like you try to discern the right from the wrong and I am sure it is neccesary, at the same time I wish that people i the estabished churches with what they think is a hundred percent correct doctrine would wake up and see people around them… We will see from the fruits what is good or bad. ??

  19. Livvy Says:

    As I wrote above, I do agree with your work and that we need to “scrutinize the scriptures” to see if it is right or not. But obviously a lot o things are taught in respected, old churches that are not right. So their reliabelity is weakened.What I hear in NAR circles encourages me and makes me hopeful. That it is worth it to pray (also if we don’t get an answer)and you feel that the body of Christ is actually in function.What if some of these alleged prophets actually are right? I realize that Peter Wagner wasn’t always right in his prophecies, as he for example prophecied to Todd Bentley that his ministry would only increase, and two weeks later the whole history was out, divorce and remarriage coming next. But they divorce and remarry in old churches too, just not so quickly ! –( not that it justifies Bentley, I just point out that this happens all the time).— You ask what makes one think these people are really walking with God, my answer is this: you experience that these people really care. They are clear on what is sin, but not judgemental. In that they show me Christ. They emphasize the love of our Father in Heaven and how we as His children can trust in Him. On my part, I need to hear this. They incorporate art in their worship. Which speaks to me a lot. They have a heart to arrange prayer meetings, and to pray in general. When is praying wrong? We DO need revival. We DO need the presence of God. We do need that people take God seriously and to me these people are doing excactly that. If they are misled or mistaken I am really sorry. Now, I’ m brought up in an old church and evangelistic teaching is in my back bone. So maybe, that is what saves me when going to these events, because if I hear some crazy teaching I just let it fall to the ground. Because you see the heart of these people and their enthusiasm, and I just think, ok, time and experience will show what is trustworthy and not, of all this. I realize that if you grow up in this movement alone, it may become stressful.— so, after all, I welcome your book and I will try to get hold of a copy. But do not toss the baby with the water. Love for people you don’t know, is missing in the old churches. And mission is sonething far away, not in your neighborhood. We really, really really do need a revival, and these people are praying for it.

  20. Lance Wonders Says:

    Well said, Livvy. Of course, God overlooks a lot among ALL of us. May we desire His ongoing mercy AND constant growth in discerning His true Word in Scripture.

  21. Theresa Says:

    Hi brothers and sisters, I am a Bible teacher and prophetic minister in a prophetic ministry that does operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and I think I have a pretty unique take on this subject.

    When I started at this church I was a pretty new believer coming out of the new age world where I worked as a “intuitive healer” and channeler. I also had spent time studying pretty deep gnostic and mystic stuff like Tibetan Buddism, Anthroposophy, astrology, etc.

    But the Lord had me fortunately start out, before the ministry I’m with now, with good Bible doctrinal teaching in yes, a “religious” ministry. When I came to the ministry I am in now, about 2 years after I was saved, the Lord started showing me how in the NAR, WOF and charisma, many (most, all?) of it’s leaders are channeling demons. I know, strong statement, esp. coming from that world myself. But that’s why I could I see it so clearly I think.

    When I told my pastor at that time what I was seeing, that most in his ministry were following false teachers and he in fact was also, the response was not, let’s just say, thankful. Turns out my pastor had received training under the founder of NAR directly, and had studied with Bill Johnson, and virtually EVERYONE in that church were followers of these and other false teachers. So…I experienced a lot of attack in my own church from leadership, and many of the fellowship. It was a very hard couple of years. The Lord would tell me, “Lay low and forgive them. Two years.”

    I kept repeating like a broken record, “We need sound doctrine, we Must be Bible based, those are all false teachers.” My pastor to his credit let me stay and even kept moving me into more leadership, but eventually after about 2 years (just as the Lord had said!), half of our ministry left because they said we had become too Bible based and not “loving enough,” and our pastor publicly repented for following these people and renounced all ties to his former headship in the NAR and others. He said the Lord revealed to him they were part of the antichrist system, praise God!

    My main point here is this. The gifts ARE active in the church today, people DO operate in prophecy, and healings and deliverance, but they will NOT bring forth any new revelation outside of the Word of God, which is why it is vitally important for ALL Believers to learn to rightly divide the Word as to not be deceived. In order to do that, church leadership must TEACH sound doctrine, and encourage Bible literacy first and foremost, not calling it archaic, secondary or any other fallacy.

    We ARE to be a safe place of healing and love for people, however, we are ALSO instructed to lead everyone in right doctrine, ESPECIALLY new believers. Have we forgotten that the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin??

    The main danger of these false movements in my experience, especially the NAR, is that they are so close to how the Holy Spirit filled church is to operate in some ways, including order in the early church, that they will deceive, and are deceiving many. However, Jesus said, “You shall know them by their fruit.” Truly people, fruit, fruit, fruit. That and doctrinal purity. Ecumenicism is not good fruit and not doctrinally sound. Teaching that we must take over the world before Jesus can return is doctrinal blasphemy. Colluding with the beast with this 7 mountains business is….well. I let you fill in the blank. I don’t care how many hugs they give, satan will hug you all the way into hell. Can’t say it enough.

    The real danger, and objective, of these false movements is to so deceive the elect, if possible, that they will worship the antichrist, take the mark, and thus be destroyed. Doesn’t sound so romantic when you pull back the curtain on the real agenda.

    This is a very big subject, hard to tackle in one commentary. Thank you Holly and Spirit of Error for your work. It’s hard to endure persecution, but so worth it. Let it show us we are on the right track, in Jesus name, amen!

  22. Theresa Says:

    One other comment about the “revival” the NAR and WOF are praying for. Friends, it is not a Holy Spirit led revival. It is an antichrist revival, designed to lead the sheep to worship the antichrist.

    True revival historically is marked by a few notable things. First of all, those praying for it are doing so because they are lead by the Lord to do so, starts with their OWN repentance, fasting, etc, and when it does occur, the Holy Spirit, which is present by the obedience and REPENTANCE of those who are praying, CONVICTS people of their SIN, and they become saved.

    Let’s contrast with the “revivals” the NAR is performing. They heavily market and promote an “event” with music, entertainment, using emotionally evocative language and mind manipulating graphics and music (they do work with the entertainment industry, you must know by now) to get people to come out and support a one-world agenda, er, “revival”. Their platform is nebulous and substance-weak, offering not much more than “experience the presence,” and “peace and love”. Remember what our savior taught us: “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

    Remember something. These folks are highly skilled and trained by people who have been studying human behavior for a long time, and satan who has been studying it since the beginning. They know how to emotionally manipulate you and intellectually deceive you!

    If you do not know right doctrine, you will be deceived, as Paul tells us: “The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

    One of the things I noted in those who were echoing the sentiments noted in the above commentaries as well as those who left our ministries, defending these false ministries, was the belief that they couldn’t be deceived. This seems to be a familiar belief among those who are deceived. I would never presume that I couldn’t be deceived, but rather pray fervently for the Lord to keep me from deception, and make my heart continually submit to rightly dividing the Word, for the Word told us, “even the elect will be deceived.”

    But we are told also the reason people will not endure sound doctrine: “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” 2 Timothy 4:3. Are you gathering up teachers who tell you what you want to hear or are you willing to endure the dividing asunder of your joints and marrow, soul and spirit to reveal the true intentions of your heart by the true Word of God?

    This question is the most important a believer will ask themselves for they day of trial is coming. Let us count ourselves not ashamed in the glorious day of the Lord that is at hand.

  23. Lance Wonders Says:

    Not trying to start a words-war here…but I couldn’t help noticing that Theresa Miller has written about 41 paragraphs on this particular topic (NAR as a “movement”) — but only mentioned Jesus one time in a clear way in all of that commentary. “Right doctrine” is supposed to revolve around the Real Jesus and His Work, as declared in Scripture — not around one’s own past experiences in the world of the occult, or criticisms of one’s “enemies”…or even attempted demonstrations of one’s own “new” prophetic gifting or “expert” status in a difficult and controversial area. — Yes? Having been duped in the past does not automatically qualify a person as a “reliable guide” for others in the present. Sometimes we “see demons” everywhere because they still are clouding our own vision more than we realize or think…. Theresa, more humility would be more convincing — probably for others as well and not just for me? Please at least pray about this…. Thanks.

  24. Theresa Says:

    I actually provided a good deal of scripture, and assumed that most commenting are Christians, and therefore are responsible for knowing what Jesus said…? My goodness. This comment proves my point about Bible literacy. We are to take the WHOLE of the Word, and rightly divide our Savior’s teaching. Lance, are you actually aware of what Jesus taught? Many Christians rely on the WOF and NAR teachers to interpret the Word for them. They are often the one’s most adamantly denying the truth of what scripture says about false teaching. Such are the times we live in.

  25. Livvy Says:

    This is very interesting, Theresa. But is it really so, that NAR stands for a theology where Christians are called to take over the world? It is not what I have gathered? Correct me if I am wrong, that is why I ask. We just had a big prayer meeting in the town in which I live, where we prayed for the 7 areas of society also called the 7 mountains. I don’t think anyone present interpreted this as Christians “taking over the world”. It is simply a great need for more Christian influence in these areas of society, a need for revival in all these areas and a need for honest people in all these areas. A link here that describes best how I gathered it: https://www.generals.org/rpn/the-seven-mountains/ I have never heard that we as Christians need to “take over the world” for Jesus Christ to come back, but we all pray for revival and for people having such an ecperience of God’s greatness and holiness that they have to seek him? And we would like Christians to be “salt” in the society in all areas. Tell me where I am wrong. I want to understand this. Please give me links to where the “prophets” give these claims that Christians should take over the earth? I totally agree with you on the Bible Study thing, that we all need to read and understand the Bible. But not all people are so literate so it is important that the leaders are in the right direction, it is not enough with hugs and love, I get that, but 100 % right doctrine without love isn’t very trustworthy either. Sorry.

  26. Livvy Says:

    I heard that one nation that has been transformed in many ways from a very bad situation, is Uganda. After lots of praying and a big revival. I just talked to a woman from Uganda who confirmed this for me.

  27. Theresa Says:

    You can read lots of information on this subject here on spirit of error (see subject headings, click on the “NAR” subject links, and read them). You can also find information on your questions on bereanresearch.org and lighthousetrailsresearch.com.

  28. Vito Teti Says:

    An appalling and horrible thing
    Has happened in the land:
    The prophets prophesy falsely,
    And the priests rule on their own authority;
    And My people love it so!
    But what will you do at the end of it?
    JEREMIAH 5:30-31

  29. Rick Says:

    Can someone explain the difference between “God’s Super Apostles” and “A New Apostolic Reformation?”. Obviously one is longer but from a content and topic point of view, what are the differences?

    thank you,

  30. Holly Says:

    Rick, “A New Apostolic Reformation” provides a much more detailed overview and evaluation of the movement’s teachings along with extensive documentation of the NAR literature. “God’s Super-Apostles” is a condensed version of the material and is intended to be a quicker read. It also includes stories of people’s personal experiences with NAR and appendices with practical advice on how to spot NAR influence on churches, what to do if you find out you’ve been caught up in NAR, and how to warn loved ones about NAR.

  31. Sierra K Says:

    Thank you for sharing all your research Holly! I just learned about your website and studies through Doreen Virtue and Melissa. You are on point with your findings. You had mentioned Hrock church in your talk with Doreen and Melissa which led me to check out their website and listen to a sermon. Interesting enough within only 6 seconds of the talk, lies were being told. The pastor told the audience ” Without a vision for 2020 you will perish”. John 3:16 states the following ” For God so loved the world, that he have gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life”.From the start you can tell with open ears that they are pushing towards a movement for prosperity and not the teachings we find in the bible. We appreciate you 🙂

  32. Holly Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Sierra K, and also for sharing what you heard in the HRock sermon.

  33. Jan Vagg Says:

    Thank you Holly for your measured words and faithful pursuit of truth and understanding of the Word of God. I was fooled by NAR teachings and it seems that truth was mixed with error in my understanding of the word until there was a tipping point and it was time to wake up to the false doctrine I had absorbed.

    I have moved through a time of repentance and studying the word. I believe God still loves and guides me on a personal basis and would love to hear a teaching on praying and being “in the Spirit” as Peter was when he got the revelation that it was God’s will to allow non-Jewish believers to eat non-kosher meats. Acts 11:5. also translated as “in a trance”.

    Peter was an apostle and I do not believe in capital A apostles today or divine extra Biblical revelation, however, mention of being ‘in the spirit’ while praying leads me to believe that this is part of the normal part of being in prayer.

    I would not like to be ‘shutting down’ any part of my relationship with God because of fear of deception.

  34. Annie Says:

    Thank you Holly and others who are actively sharing the NAR and Bethel truth via social media and books. I wonder if ARC is part of NAR as well? I recently spoke with a pastor from a Hillsong-affiliate church and they said they were part of ARC, not NAR, and do not agree with the many teachings of Bethel. Secondly, I am wondering how we should respond to a devout Bethel-going leader who is in agreement with this statement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gwpYdAD-pY . Lastly, are there groups of people actively contacting pastors of churches in developing nations who have been deceived by Bethel? For example there is a church in Bogota, Colombia by the name of Semillas de Vida who actively promotes Bethel coming to visit as a “holy weekend”. I do not even know whether or not the pastors know the truth. How can Biola or other people with solid seminary standings approach churches and pastors such as these? I am neither of these, so my word doesn’t hold as much weight, unfortunately.

  35. Kevin Says:

    So glad to see you standing for the truth, m new to this page, looking forward to it.
    Is there any article here showing how the NAR are trying to put all the denominations together?

  36. Catie Says:

    I would like to hear from Theresa, who had posting since 2014. If you are still following these threads, I would like to hear from you. I am interested in hearing from anyone coming out of the N.A.R., blindsided and stymied by the N.A.R., or just traumatized by their existence and agendas. I went to Brownsville in 2007 and was healed. That was when I began moving 8n the gifts, and was introduced to those associated with the N.A.R. I withdrew all involvement with the gifts upon encountering this movement in the Church until I could understand it better. I realize that it is a reoccurence of the early Church’s Challenges with the Montanists’ movement during a time when the Church was becoming politicized, and the public manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit were dying out. I also understand that these folks are following a different eschatology from mine, one that drives them to prepare for self-appointed “Leadership” in the Church to “lead” 7s all into the New Millennium. I would like to know if there is a forum or support group of Believers recovering from exposure to the N.A.R.

  37. Catie Says:

    This is an excellent study of the N.A.R. via a thorough dissertation about Peter Wagner by Erin Van Dermeer.


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