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This blog examines the apostolic-prophetic movement (also known as the “New Apostolic Reformation“) — a fast-growing movement within charismatic and Pentecostal churches that promotes modern-day apostles and prophets with great authority, supernatural powers, and the ability to give new doctrinal revelation. Advocates of this movement believe that all people, nations, and demonic principalities must submit to these apostles and prophets, who will lead God’s end-times army in establishing His kingdom on earth. This once-fringe movement has entered many charismatic churches (which are the fastest-growing churches in nearly every region of the world, according to church growth experts, like David B. Barrett). Amazingly, many Christians aren’t aware that this movement exists. And many Christians who attend apostolic-prophetic churches are unaware of the movement’s teachings, which are often introduced through the “back door” of churches that claim to have standard evangelical statements of faith. My goal is to provide information about this movement, so Christians won’t be misled into its unbiblical teachings and practices.

Background on me: I’m the former managing editor of Biola University’s magazine, Biola Magazine, and a former contributing writer to the Christian Research Journal. I have a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola.

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  1. milinda Says:

    I once followed the teachings of the prophetic movement having been a new christian and introducted to this movement in a full gospel church. It does open one up to demonic oppression with its false teachings and doctrines. I call that time in my life the ten years of terror. God in His grace and mercy brought me out of it. The Lord used a woman who had done intensive reseach into these movements to shead His light and truth into my life and to bring me out of that darkness. I greatly repented before the Lord when He opened my eyes to His truth. The womans name is Tricia Tillin banner.org.uk Her articles include doctrines of demons, the new thing, the overshadowing ect. she went on to other things 2 yrs ago but her articles are well worth reading researh yrs 1994-2002

  2. Darryl Says:

    What I find pathetic is how much time is spent “correcting” and “identifying” all of the false movements around.
    I want to meet someone who is healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I don’t care what he calls himself, if he is doing what Jesus did & greater things for the glory of God.
    If you know anybody who is spending their time doing that, I truly want to communicate with them and be taught how they are doing it. But I am sure he is too busy to worry about what other people are doing, you’ve probably will never hear about him.
    All religions are from the pit of hell, if we aren’t doing what Jesus Christ did, we are just religious, just like muslems, buddists, etc.
    Paul would say to you, I will not come to judge your words, put your power. Are you walking in the power of God through His Holy Spirit, or do you make up for it by being wordy & critical?
    I am Someone who wants to walk like Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is sick & tired of seeing children, mother’s, & father’s dying and “good Christian folk” blaming God.
    Sincerely sick & tired of religion,
    Darryl Williams

  3. Rick Phillips Says:

    It is a good thing to want to walk as Jesus did. If that is really true then meditate on Philippians 2:5-8. “Your attitude should be the same as that of Chirst Jesus:………..but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a SERVANT, ………He humbled himself and became obedient to death, even death on a cross.” What are the “greater things” Jesus was talking about? I personally do not think those “greater things” are the healing of the sick and raising the dead because Jesus said that in the last days there would be many false prophets and false christs that would do “GREAT signs and miracles”. Jesus said that the purpose of those “great” signs was to DECEIVE. Matt. 24:24 It is not power that sets Jesus followers appart but LOVE. The EXERCIZE of love that is. Back in verse 12 of that same passage Jesus said, “because of the increase of wickedness, the LOVE of MOST would grow cold.” Greater is the exercize of love than the exercize of power. And what is wickedness? The exercize of selfishness. The real power of the first chirstians was that they, “Sold their possessions and gave to any such as had need.” That is love in action, the opposite of selfishness. LOVE GROWING COLD is the problem in these last days. If you do not like “correcting” and “identifying” false prophets then don’t read the Bible because it does a lot of it. I think it is important to “watch out that no one deceives you”, but we must be careful not to let it take the place of LOVING our neighbor as oursleves. Just because someone does a miracle does not mean it is from God. Satan has power, but he has no LOVE. Real SACRIFICIAL love that is. I fall short in that area myself but am doing better. That’s where I need the “power” of God in my life.

  4. Adrian Trutoiu(Truetoyou) Says:

    The Inspired Scriptures that were given to us and put together by The Holy Spirit through people, before the coming of our Lord and after His ascending back to Heaven, are declaring that God is Love. Our Lord being The Truth Himself gave His followers a promise before, His death and ressurection and ascension, which He fullfiled at Pentecost. That promise is kept by The Lord trough to this days. The Spirith of Truth in His followers is at work and therefore all lies are to be exposed. And only Love that is from God makes this people doing what they are doing in exposing all deceivers that have fallen trapped by the enemy of our soul. The” two main drives” that our Lord had and still are: 1-to do THe Father’s will at all cost :2- to bring all people back to where they belonged and that is in God,s Presence. For the followers of The Lord the same two drives applies. Love…..

  5. Bud Millington Says:

    Darryl Williams: Jesus gave us the answer when He said, “Go you into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature…and these signs shall follow them that believe…cast out devils…speak in tongues…eat poisonous things and it shall not hurt them…tread over all the power of the enemy…LAY HANDS ON THE SICK and they shall recover (be healed.)”

    Then it says that the disciples went everywhere preaching THE WORD (of God) and God confirmed HIS WORD with signs and wonders following.

    Preaching His Word produces results. Preaching tradition, church doctrine, my opinion, will NOT. Learn His Word and preach it, and you WILL get results.

    Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (beware lest your church throw you out for being one of those “Word” nuts…)

    The churches are dead because they are not preaching God’s Word. They are preaching EXCUSES for dead, dried up ministries and dead, dried up traditions! Most ministers’ preaching is really motivated by a “king of the hill” mentality competition with other ministers “my ministry is bigger than your ministry” and NOT out of a sincere desire to see people healed, delivered or saved. I’m just being totally honest.

    Personally, I’ve found that IF I can get a sick person to listen to what the Bible says…I can get them healed of anything 100 times out of 100.

    I’ve also found that preaching THE BIBLE is the surest way to get run out of churches, falsely accused by “good Christian folk” and labeled a heretic by “good Christian ministers.”

    Just a warning.

    A very good website (I’m sure your pastor has probably warned the congregation repeatedly never to read this man’s books) is http://www.rhema.org by Kenneth E. Hagin. I’ve studied the Bible through and through and I agree with about 97% of the stuff he says…because it’s Bible.

  6. lyn/australia Says:

    Found your site tonight, find it true and great info, surely we are in the very last days. lyn

  7. Bill Johnson Says:

    It is very interesting I found your website tonight. I was considering attending an apostolic/prophetic church this weekend and prayed just a few hours earlier that God would lead me into truth and protect me from false doctrine. Your website is an answer to prayer.

  8. Holly Pivec Says:

    Dear Bill,

    Thanks for letting me know! I am so glad and encouraged that God used this site to answer your prayer.


  9. Barbara Says:

    Holly, have you ever talked directly with any of these people who you feel are in error about the teachings that appear to be false? Do you feel it will be fruitless to attempt to talk with them about the things they are teaching?


  10. Stephen Yulish Says:

    The Upcoming Great Deception
    Stephen Yulish PhD

    The Apostle Paul wrote to the Church at Ephesus that “Our struggle is not
    against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against
    the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness
    in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12). He also wrote to the Church at
    Corinth, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the
    flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely
    powerful for the destruction of fortresses. We are destroying speculations and
    every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking
    every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:3).
    What rulers, what powers, what world forces, what fortresses, what
    speculations, what lofty things, what spiritual forces of wickedness in
    heavenly places, are we warring against? It is my firm belief that Satan and
    all his demonic hordes are preparing to unleash one the greatest deceptions on
    mankind that ever has been undertaken. This upcoming deception and wickedness
    in the heavenly places will be as a result of Satan’s signs and false wonders
    for those who will perish because they did not receive the love of the truth
    so as to saved ( 2Thess. 2:9-10). God will send on them a deluding spirit so
    that they will believe what is false and will be judged (2Thess. 2:11).
    What is this great deception? A deception so vast and sinister that it will
    envelop the entire world in an instant when the last trumpet blows and the
    Lord descends from the clouds to gather up all the righteous dead and those of
    us who are alive and are His bride and we will ascend to be with Him in the
    air (1Cor. 15:52, 1Thess. 4:16-17). Paul called this event the harpazo
    (original Greek), the catching away (1Thess. 4:17). It became raptiere in the
    Latin Vulgate and Rapture in English. It is my sincere belief that this
    deception will be that those left behind will believe that we who were taken,
    and millions will suddenly disappear, were actually abducted by UFOs rather
    than have been caught up to be with the Lord in the air. Most people would
    rather believe in aliens and UFO abductions than in the power of Jesus Christ
    and in His word, the Bible. “The word of the cross is foolishness to those who
    are perishing (1 Cor. 1:18). People love conspiracy theories and this
    conspiracy of Satan and his minions is the mother of all conspiracies and is
    in my humble opinion the truth. Could I be wrong? Absolutely, I could be
    wrong, because only God knows what will happen, but after years of study and
    prayer, I believe that this scenario is a very real possibility.
    Military aviation historian Trevor James Constable once wrote that the battle
    with UFOs is not for the planet of man but for the soul of man. There are no
    more evolved super intelligent aliens out there. The Bible makes it clear that
    man is the highest form of creation, created in the image of God Himself
    (Genesis 1:26-27), that He created man for His own glory (Isaiah 43:7), that
    man was wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), that the heavens are the heavens of
    the Lord but the earth He has given to the sons of man (Psalm 115:16). We are
    told that all things were created by Christ both in heaven and on earth, the
    visible and the invisible, thrones and dominions all were created by Him and
    for Him (Colossians 1:16). We are told to praise the Lord as are the angels,
    the sun and the moon, the stars, because He established all (Psalm 148), And
    finally we are told that there is only one God and only one mediator between
    man and God and that is Jesus Christ (1Timothy 2:5).
    Thus we do not need some ET to come and save us from the wrath to come. We do
    not need some extraterrestrial savior to redeem a fallen mankind when we have
    God’s first begotten Son who came to earth and died for our sins (John 3:16).
    If any more evolved aliens are ever discovered, than throw away your Bible
    because it is false, but don’t count on that ever happening. If these beings
    ever appear, we will be deceived as to who they really are.
    It is amazing that the Bible deals with this popular concept of
    extraterrestrial entities interacting with mankind. These so called
    extraterrestrial entities, however, are not from another galaxy but are
    actually fallen angels from another spiritual dimension who have interacted
    with mankind before as they went after the “strange flesh” of human females
    and produced fallen offspring, the nephilim (Genesis 6:2-4). Doesn’t this
    sound similar to modern day accounts of alien impregnations of humans and
    hybrid offspring? This is nothing new. This concept is 4000 years old. God
    became angry with these rebellious angels and threw them into the pits of hell
    forever chained (2Peter 2:4, Jude 6-7) and wiped out their corrupt DNA with
    the flood (only Noah and his family were pure- Genesis 6:9). But other of
    these fallen demonic angel spirits have reappeared over time (Numbers 13:33)
    and now are preparing for Satan’s great deception.
    How else do you think that it will be explained to the left behind masses that
    at the twinkling of an eye, suddenly millions of people have disappeared,
    probably leaving their clothes, glasses, jewelry, hearing aides, pacemakers,
    contact lenses, artificial hearts, hips, and knees, and even their tattoos
    behind (1Cor. 15:53, 2Cor. 5:4). Why do you think that our modern
    technological society is so enamored with aliens and UFOs and close encounters
    of the third kind? Satan is preparing the masses left behind to believe that
    we were taken by aliens in UFOs. Fallen angels have no need for spacecraft but
    it is a modality that modern technological man will understand. Yes, there are
    “UFOs”, unidentified flying objects. Yes, there may have been some abductions.
    But these are not aliens from another galaxy interacting with mankind but
    fallen angels setting the trap for the one of greatest deceptions in mankind’s
    history. Satan is the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2) and his
    dominions control the skies above us and fill our minds with delusions and
    There is one more piece to this end time deception puzzle. It also tells us
    why the harpazo, the Rapture, could not have happened a hundred years ago. Not
    only were there no “UFOs” or advanced lighter than air craft as we see today
    but there was no modern day Israel. Isn’t it interesting that the famous
    alleged crash of an alien spacecraft took place at Roswell, NM in 1947 and
    Israel once more became a nation in May of 1948? When Israel became a nation
    again, Satan knew that his time was short and the Lord would be returning
    soon. The countdown to Armageddon had begun in earnest and Satan had to move
    quickly to brainwash and deceive the masses to believe in aliens and UFOs. UFO
    sightings increased rapidly in the 1950s as did UFO movies and books and
    magazines. Project Blue Book was set up by the US air force to try and explain
    the phenomena. While the government was trying to hide the truth from the
    people to prevent panic, in reality, they were being deceived to believe that
    these craft/beings were highly advanced aliens rather than fallen angels bent
    on their demise.
    Trevor James Constable again was correct that the battle with UFOs was for the
    soul of man not the planet of man.
    Satan hates the Jewish people because to them belongs the adoption as sons and
    the glory and the covenants and the giving of the Law and the temple service
    and the promises, and whose are the fathers and from whom is the Christ
    according to the flesh, who is over all (Romans 9:4-5). God used His first
    born chosen people, the Jews, through the Patriarchs, the Prophets and the
    Temple, to bring His word and truth to this earth and then sent His Son in a
    Jewish body to save the world from its sin and spread this through Jewish
    disciples. Satan hates God and His word and thus hates Jews and Christians. I
    thus believe that the Rapture (Harpazo) will begin first over Jerusalem and
    the site of the Temple Mount. The skies will be filled with UFOs and
    unbelieving Jews, Muslims and Gentiles will be deceived to believe that those
    who suddenly disappear were abducted by these UFOs.
    What a powerful witness it will be, however, when hundreds of secret Jewish
    believers from the Israeli government and from Rabbinic, Orthodox, and
    Hassidic groups suddenly disappear and leave their prayer shawls behind. I am
    weeping as I write this because I know that it will happen. It happened 2000
    years ago and I know that it has happened in this age as well. “A great many
    of the priests were becoming obedient to the faith” (Acts 6:7).
    Satan knows his time is short because Israel has returned to its land. A land
    that God gave to Abraham. Isaac and Jacob and their descendants for an
    everlasting covenant (Genesis 17:7-8. Judges 2:1, Psalm 105:6-11, Jeremiah
    31:35-37). From the word of God we know that Christ is to return in His
    second coming to Israel and a rebuilt Temple (Zechariah 12:10, Daniel 9:27,
    2Thess. 2:4). He is not coming to New York City and the UN, or to Rome and the
    Vatican, or to Salt Lake City and the Mormons or to Belgium and the EU. Christ
    is coming back to Jerusalem, and that is where He and Satan will face off at
    the battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16:16). We furthermore know that Jesus
    Christ alone will bring peace to that region and to the world (Isaiah 9:6) and
    that He will rule and reign there for 1000 years from the rebuilt Temple
    (Revelation 20:4). If Satan will be there, then so will his fallen angels and
    thus the tie once again between UFOs and Israel.
    Satan is currently using the fanatical Muslim jihadists (just as he formerly
    used the Catholics of the Crusades and the Inquisition and the Lutheran Nazis
    to kill Jews) to try and stop this from happening but he will never succeed.
    He is also bombarding Israel with UFO sightings to set them up for his
    upcoming great rapture deception. Believe it or not it all fits together. The
    current crisis in the Middle East is a sign that the Lord Jesus is about to
    come (Luke 21:28), to catch away his people in the Rapture to protect them
    from the wrath to come during the upcoming days of Jacob’s Trouble (Jeremiah
    30:7) i.e. Tribulation (Psalm 27:5, Zephaniah 2:3, 1Thess, 1:10, 5:9,
    Revelation 3:10). It is also a sign that Satan knows that his time is short
    and that the Second Coming of the Lord will occur just seven years after the
    Rapture (Daniel 9:27) and so he is trying to deceive as many people as
    possible to follow him into the lake of fire for eternity (Revelation 20:10).
    During the seven year tribulation period between the Rapture and the Second
    Coming, the entire world will become a living hell and the man of lawlessness
    (possibly an apostate homosexual Jew with Islamic leanings, (Daniel 11:37)
    will appear who will exalt himself above every so called god and takes his
    seat in the temple of god with the assistance of the fallen angel ETs
    displaying himself as being God (2 Thess. 2:3-4). Muslims will be deceived and
    think that it is the return of the 12th Mahdi and Jews will think that is
    their real Messiah (coming for the first time) but it will actually be the
    false Messiah, the antichrist (1John 2:22). See my article Armilus: the Jewish
    After the catching away into the clouds of the Christians in the Rapture and
    before Christ returns, a confederation of Islamic nations led by Iran (Persia)
    and Russia (Gog of Magog) will invade Israel (Ezekiel 38-39) with a tank
    armada. America will have already been brought to her knees by terrorist
    attacks with WMDs and will not be in a position to help. Isn’t it amazing that
    thousands of years ago the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel
    saw an alliance between Iran and Russia which has only recently materialized?
    I believe that these fallen angels will continue to deceive and even behead
    (Revelation 6:9) those left behind who seek Christ.
    Beware people of the coming deception. ETs are not aliens from another galaxy
    but are fallen angels who will not save you from destruction but will instead
    lead you smiling all the way to hell. After the disappearance of the
    Christians, a false messiah will come and declare himself to be god, but he
    will also lead all who follow him to hell as well.
    In my end time novels The Great Harpazo Deception: the real story of UFOs and
    Invasion: Israel, I tried to create believable stories of this upcoming great
    deception concerning the sudden disappearance of millions of Christians as
    well as the horrible period of Tribulation to follow including earthquakes,
    volcanic eruptions, famine and the invasion of Israel by Muslim tanks. While
    my novels are presently only fiction, I sincerely believe that one day they
    may be non fiction truth.
    If this does eventually turn out to be the case, then people need to wake up
    now and consider seeking after the one and only true God and Savior of
    mankind, Jesus Christ, before it is too late and they get left behind to
    suffer through the days of wrath to come.
    My books can be found at http://a9.com/stephen%20yulish

  11. amy Says:


    It is refreshing to read your blog–thank you! This is a much needed blog.

    As I read, I am reminded of this song taken from Joel 2…
    They rush on the city,
    They run on the wall.
    Great is the army
    That carries out His Word.

    The Lord utters His voice
    Before His army.

    Blow the trumpet in Zion, Zion.
    Sound the alarm on My holy mountain.
    Blow the trumpet in Zion, Zion,
    Sound the alarm.
    May the Lord continue to pour out through you so that many will turn from their blind and nakedness and see the Lord high and lifted up.

  12. Fred Anderson Says:

    I am sharing your site info on my blog, I hope you don’t mind. I am sending folks to you, fulfilledprophecy.com, unsealedprophecy.com, Constance Cumbey, and newswithviews.com. I’m not as talented as many of you, but believe I can send folks to hear ya! My biggest concern is to get folks to hear Jesus, without the clutter of the falsehoods.

  13. brothermarty Says:

    I’m happy to have found your blog. My heart hurts for the people who are being pulled into the Apostolic Prophetic movement. So many give financial support to the various leaders you mention in your blog. I wish they would turn down the volume on their tv’s and just watch these shows side by side with a Ronco rotisserie infomercial. They’d see mouths moving, and the number to call to order your stuff. Not much difference.
    When someone isn’t caught up in the hype, they view things from a different perspective. Here’s a link that bares out my point:http://www.larknews.com/january_2007/print.php?page=3
    Thanks again for your work here. Gotcha bookmarked!

  14. Mark Hagan Says:

    Wow! Shocking! Here is what the Apostle Paul wrote in I Cor 13:
    1If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.
    4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. 11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. 13And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
    Here is what I say: To the bloggers and others who support this site, I don’t hear any love in what you write. I hear only a clanging cymbal. Additionally, you sound like you have it all figured out–boastful, proud, rude, keeping record of “wrongs”, unprotecting, distrustful. I am deeply concerned for a believer who thinks they have it all figured out. I remember a certain group of people in the Bible who were like this. I believe Jesus referred to them as “a brood of vipers”. We must ALL remember that we know in part, thus we prophesy in part and when perfection comes, PRAISE GOD the imperfect will disappear–your imperfections AND mine, as well as Chuck Pierce’s, Peter Wagner’s, and whoever else you’ve ripped up one side and down the other on this site.
    Children taddle-tale on one another and talk about whom they don’t like or whom they think is wrong. Stop talking like children. As Ephesians 4 says: 14Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming. 15Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. 16From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.
    In other words, grow up into the Head, which is Christ. It says for us to build up in love, not tear down in love. Stop tearing down.
    I recomend this to each and every person who is a believer: Get your own revelation of who God is. That’s what Paul did. Galatians Chapter 1, verse 12: “I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.” That’s it. If we all do not have our own revelation of God directly from Christ, we will get tossed around by the doctrines of men.
    That’s all I have to say. I hope you have found this helpful, and I pray you get your own revelation of God through a visitation of Christ Himself, even the very day that you read this.
    Blessings and love to you,

    Mark Hagan

  15. carla Says:

    Been there, seen that. You are right on! This is a much needed blog that I will be adding to my links! Thankyou for addressing these issues!


  16. Sheila Says:

    Thank-you for your blog. I have noticed that those who want to defend their unbiblical teachings often use the “love is..” verse. They then imply that you haven’t really met Christ. To disagree and teach correctly is not unloving. Thank-you for loving others as Jesus would by sharing truth. A dear banking friend advises me that the tellers don’t study the counterfeits they study the real money so they will recognize it but they DO identify the counterfeits so they can throw them out because they are worthless. May we all study Jesus and His Word so we can recognize truth and not be deceived by the many counterfeits.

  17. Chris S. Says:

    Dear Holly,
    I have read your blogs as I check Herb Peter’s website (I confess I am addicted to fulfilledprophecy.com). In regards to your latest post about your dream; I do not think you need to apologize to anyone! I have read your posts for almost a year, and see that your heart is pure in revealing false doctrine. Praise God that you are doing this work. There are so many young Christians who need to be fed and not led astray. Your work is blessed. Please do not wait so long anymore to post!
    your fan and Christ Fanatic,
    Chris S.

  18. Gracevessel Says:

    Hello , I just read some of the statements you made concerning prophecy. You stated your purpose was not to mock prophecy but to expose the misuses of it. Those were your words exactly. My question to you would be, what is the correct use of prophecy and do you personally prophesy? If you do not then how could you know what the correct uses are? Also what correct prophecies have you been given? Id like to know because if someone is going to purport to teach the error then they must know the genuine. It seems we all want to correct yet the Holy Spirit, the real spirit of prophecy, sees beyond the faults of us as imperfect humans and He gives us grace. That is why the bible says we “see in part” until He who is perfect comes. We wont ever have a “perfect” prophecy I dont beleive in this lifetime because we are in our mortal bodies and our emotions, wills and intellects will become involved. But we have the best we can have at this point and it will continue to get better as Jesus time draws more near to His return. So someone can completely know Jesus and not get it completely right. God knows this and gives us space and time to hear Him better and to grow. Also someone can speak the words the Lord is asking them to speak and it may be as a riddle to us at the present time. God does use dark sayings , that is biblical. Jesus Himself spoke of future events and Im sure those around Him looked for those events to happen at that moment also. I applaud your sincerity and your openess to have a dialect with others on this topic, because it is often misunderstood. My main point would be to have an abundance of grace toward growing prophets and the gift of prophecy. God wants to speak to us but He also is very patient with us. God bless you and please write me back with anything else you have to say. Love in Christ , Missy

  19. Mari Says:

    What you think about these prophecy teachings at http://www.americaslastdays.com/

  20. Holly Pivec Says:


    Just from reading the front page of that site, I have a big concern. The site says, “Learn of prophetic revelations that have been hidden to the majority of the Church from the beginning and get prepared for what is coming.”

    Whenever any teacher claims to have essential knowledge and insight that the majority of the church hasn’t had, then an alarm should go off in our heads. God gave us His Word — the Bible — and the Holy Spirit to help us understand it and apply it to our lives. If the person who runs this site says we need him/her to give us crucial insights, then he/she is claiming that the Bible and the Holy Spirit haven’t been sufficient. He/she is also trying to bring teachings to us that don’t have a basis in the Bible.

    God’s Word isn’t full of riddles that we need inside information to interpret. God spoke to us clearly.

  21. Mary Says:

    In response to your response on March 24, 2007 to Mari’s question on March 14, 2007, it is obvious that you looked no further into that website besides the front page. Perhaps in your view that the sentence that you quoted (correctly) was misleading to you. And maybe you should contact the site and make a suggestion to change it.

    However, the Unleavened Bread Ministry of David Eells, strictly adheres to the Word of God. In fact, I like your blog so well because you say nearly the same thing he does. He does not ever say that we need him or that the Bible and Holy Spirit hasn’t been sufficient. He says to get into the Word and be sure to check out what he teaches to be true for yourself.

    David does not just teach prophecy. He teaches those of us who are new believers or those coming out of apostate churches of religions, to learn to understand how to read the Word of God correctly.

    We do need a teacher that claims to have essential knowledge and insight that the majority of the church hasn’t had BECAUSE the majority that is “coming out” has no clue how to read the Bible or that they can actually hear from God themselves and by simply “digesting” His Word. Those coming out have relied on their priests to tell them what the Word of God says, rather than picking it up themselves and getting into the Word. They have been essentially told that the Bible is too difficult for their simple brains to understand, don’t bother reading it, “We’ll do that for you.”

    Your blog “teachings” parallels Davids teachings in many areas. I hope I’ve cleared up some of your misgivings concerning the website. I would like to suggest that you look deeper into his ministry and teachings. I think you will find David is strait as an arrow and God is blessing his ministry beyond even David’s expectations.

    God led me to David, because He knew I needed better understanding. Jeremiah 3:15 “And I will give pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

    Believe me, David is a good shepherd and he takes great care and responsiblity with his flock. Just dig a little further beneath the first layer, I think you’ll see the same thing. You’ll see a flock fat on the Word of God.



  22. Rev. Scott Osenbaugh Says:

    Dear Holly:

    Thank you for the labors you put into your blog. I have read through much of the information you have posted, and it is a refreshing correction to the abuses of Pentecostal truth. I’ve been a Pentecostal preacher for about 30 years, and I have watched as people are dragged away by every enticing doctrine, blown here and there like infants in understanding. It absolutely amazes me that so many who claim to be “Bible-totin’, Scripture-quotin’ Pentecostals” buy into doctrines that cannot be legitimately supported from the Word of God. The statements by some in the prophetic-apostolic movement that God is adding to the Word of God, or giving new, authoritative, extra-biblical revelations, is nothing short of absolute heresy, besides being dangerous to the spiritual welfare of the Body of Christ. It seems to me that in many quarters of the Church there has been a resurgence of the Colossian heresy, with an unhealthy attention to angels and demons.

    Christ was clear that our mission as believers is to preach the Gospel (Matthew 28:19-20). And what is the Gospel? Would not Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 2 be an accurate definition of the Gospel — that he determined to know nothing among them except Christ crucified? Have we lost the powerful reality of Galatians 2:20 that our victory is in being reckoned as crucified with Christ and with His life then in us by faith? Understand that in my years of ministry I have had to deal with people manifesting all sorts of unholy things. I do believe in the presence of demon spirits and I do believe they are still active in the world today. But what I don’t believe is their ability, as some claim, to inhabit believers, and I don’t believe the case for their being organized into some territorial army has any solid Scriptural support.

    The Church managed to survive the persecutions of Imperial Rome, the apathy engendered by Constantine’s edict, the superstition of the medieval Roman church, the ravages of the Enlightenment, and who knows how many other direct attacks against its existence — and the survival was done without the prophetic-apostolic movement, without spiritual mapping, without all the additional baggage that is circulating in charismatic circles today. The Word was sufficient, there was always a remnant who stayed faithful, and the Word continues to be the all sufficient rule of faith and practice for Christians. Since when did the preaching of Christ — in the same spirit as was in Paul — need to be helped through mapping and manifesting and so on? The simple preaching of the Gospel through Paul was almost enough to break a Roman proconsul and an Idumean tetrarch. But they chose out of their own free will to deny the power of God in their lives. The simple preaching of the Gospel saw thousands saved all over Asia Minor. May God give us more preachers who understand the matchless power of the Gospel and who are unafraid to say, “I preach Christ.” It is my view that the Body of Christ is being hindered by all the peripheral things espoused by Mr. Pierce, Mr. Hamon, Mr. Dawson, and others of their similary theological purview. Instead, we as believers should be remembering such passages as Romans 1:16 and understand that all the power needed as believers is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for your efforts and for the truth you unhesitatingly share.

    Rev. Scott Osenbaugh
    Grangeville, Idaho

  23. Voice of Truth Says:

    I am going to refer your blog on my “Voice of Truth” blog, this site is a great resource!

    I noticed the first comment [made to this post] mentioned someone who had originally found Tricia Tillin’s teachings which opened their eyes…

    * Shortly before she [Tricia Tillin] left that ministry effort I had joined her discernment web ring and had my blog added there.

    My A.B. [after born-again] story:
    After discovering truth and leaving behind WOF movement doctrines and it’s false teachers I found myself [a couple years later] delving into learning about dreams and visions “from a Christian perspective” because that is one way God speaks to me [dreams]…

    I “thought” I had finally seperated myself from all those Latter Rain teachings but then I found myself fellowshipping with a growing group of believers who happened to be mainly in the Apostelic-prophetic camp… a place where “real truth” can only be allowed to be spoken “within strict limitations”… The beliefs expressed there were becoming all too strange and God showed me I could no longer be safely yoked [even though it was only in fellowship] to this movement.

    Praise God that NOW I am back on track.

    I pray that your site will help many others, leading them away from these false doctrines and teachers… so that [like me and many others who have seperated themselves from this deception] we can ALL boldly and confidently say…

    “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last!”

  24. Bishop Manigault Says:


    I want to commend you for the fine work you are doing with this BLOG. It is much needed in our day and time. Thank you for the clarity and directness in how you speak and write about these very important issue.

    Do not be discouraged by those that come here and try to attack what God has given you to do! I am sure you understand why they feel they must speak against anyone who will try to unmask what is going on too many of our churches today!

    I pray that God will send many more here to have their eyes opened to the simple truth that God’s word illuminated by His spirit is all we need to understand His will for our lives. Yes God gives us leaders, ‘shepherds after His heart’, and my prayer is that the shepherds will get back to the business of tending the feeding the sheep instead of inventing new ways of fleecing them!

    God Bless you!

    Bishop G. W. Manigault
    Judah Ministries, International

  25. Lance Says:

    Thank you Jesus for your saints like Holly who earnestly contend for the faith for the time has come that many no longer endure the truth of the scripture and sound doctrine. Jesus is coming soon and many more will fall away as the days grow darker, even so come soon Lord Jesus!

  26. Heather Says:

    I just have to say, ‘THANK YOU.’ You cannot know what a consolation finding your site has been. I feel like I have been battling alone, even left my small congregation I’ve been part of for over twenty years because so many of these prophetic things have been troubling me for a long time. It has been extremely difficult getting straight answers from anyone and the Lord just led me out to a church where I am really sensing His presence and growing in grace. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your comments are right on the mark, based solidly on God’s Word and full of grace. There is no sense coming across that you are attacking anyone – just upholding the truth. May the Lord bring great encouragement to you as you continue this battle to bring light where Satan has entered in as an angel of light. God bless.

  27. Heather Says:

    Thanks for your site. Can’t wait to read something more recent.

  28. Stan Says:

    Hope to see an article soon, Holly. Blessings.

  29. Dennis Rhodes Says:

    Hi Holly,
    Praise God for your very detailed work in revealing to our brothers and sisters in Christ just what is happening in the Church of Jesus Christ. You are sounding the alarm, you are blowing the trumpet, you , by His grace are doing the work of a prophet…Ezekiel 33
    I know from personal experience what it is like to be a full-on prophetic apostolic Jesus freak…I was one for many years!
    Now that the Lord Jesus has brought me out of that delusion, I continually feel a great sadness and burden for my old friends still caught up on the treadmill of it all.
    But as you continue to do what you do Holly, take time to feed on His grace and kindness…
    When I read my own pages on similar things as what you write I feel like there could be more grace, more understanding shown,,,I dunno..
    But nevertheless, God our Father can and does use what you have written.
    God Bless you Holly.

  30. Gxg (G²) Says:


    You are such a Blessing!!!!!

  31. Benjamin Says:

    Great info on this site; thank you. I believe in the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and I am heart broken over all the health, wealth, bless me garbage prophecies. I have had amazing encounters with the Holy Spirit, and I believe it is partly due to the fact I wouldn’t settle for hype or an emotional escapade. I stopped seeking miracles and signs and sought God with all my heart. He heard my cry and wrapped me up in his arms. The moment he manifested Himself to me I knew beyond a doubt that my God and savor Jesus Christ are real. The greatest proof we have that the scriptures are true and that Jesus Christ rose from the dead is the gift of His Holy Spirit.

  32. Richard......Namibia Says:

    read the posts etc and find it very refreshing…I need however; to correct you;if I may; on certain issues…you compare the OT and NT prophets and conclude that they are not the same…your conclusion is only based on what is happening in the Prophetic movement and not on what God intended…today prophetic utterances that are wrong are accepted…not biblical we concur…the truth is that there are prophets out there who walk as did those in the OT but who are yet to be revealed…the same goes for the apostle…the elijah and charisma crowd are definitely missing the boat…but Rom 8 says that the whole of creation is waiting for the sons of God to be revealed…this is not after Jesus comes…these are those whom Paul refers to in a sence as…you come to me with word…where is your power? I hope you understand what I am getting at…I was called as a prophet in 1986…anointed as such in 1996…audibly called in 2006…God deals with me in tens…in my 23 years walking with Him He has visited me 5 times and twice in the presence of witnesses…what am I saying? The time is soon when the no power and lying charlatans will be shown up for what they are…If God is saying something WE WILL HEAR IT…He is not dumb that He cannot speak or so speaks that His children are confused…lastly Amos 3 v 7 is very clear…”I will do nothing unless I first reveal it to My servants the prophets…”blessings

  33. Keith Says:

    I commend you for your faith, however, God is doing a great thing in an apostolic and prophetic way for our land. I don’t believe that we have any “new” doctrine or revelation, but the apostles (only) elaborate about the only foundation of Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone. There is no other foundation that is laid, other than the foundation of what the bible speaks of, but there are true prophets and apostles today that will keep that sound doctrine and the one and only foundation in line by the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. If any so called apostle or prophet claims to have a “new” revelation other than the one and only foundation or revelation, then we need to be very careful not to follow that one. You mentioned a few names in your blog, and I was wanting some proof and documentation on something that I think you might have misunderstood about them, or just coming against the prophetic and apostolic in general. You said that they are bringing in new doctrinal revelation. I never known them to bring in any new doctrinal revelation. Could you give me some proof on that . Anyway, I do believe in the 5-fold ministry, which is very much misunderstood, and it’s a shame that we can’t all bind together as the body of Christ.

    God bless,
    check out my website…

  34. James Says:

    Holly…you are cool. :) Thanks for thinking and feeling for God.

  35. EW Says:

    Holly, thank you so much for writing this blog. About four months ago, I joined an intercessory prayer ministry at the college I attend. It is not directly involved with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City although I participated in an end times Bible Study course taught by Mike Bickle through it. The first few times I attended the Bible Study I immediately fell in love and believed the teaching to be true. After about the third session, I started getting a check in my spirit which got heavier and heavier as time went on. I began to discern a spirit of error so thick I could almost smell it but was unable to identify exactly what the false teaching was. Three years ago, when I started walking with the Lord, I was blessed with spiritual parents who have been given a lot of wisdom from the Lord about cults, the occult and false teaching. They encouraged me to go to the Word with everything and trust God to lead me into truth and expose the error. God gave me a lot of grace and He began to unravel much of the false teaching cloaked in truth. He used your blog to help point me in the right direction. I am in the early stages of putting together the research I have done. Would it be ok to use some of your information and site you in what I write? I thank God for giving you grace, courage, love and faithfulness to expose the danger in this movement. As you come to mind I will pray for you that the Lord would continue to give you discernment and revelation, and that He would protect you from the enemy. He has used you so much. Praise God that He is so faithful. Feel free to email me…

    Because of Him,

  36. IF Says:

    This blog has been an answer to my many doubts about the prophetic movement and the Church in general lately. There is so much confusion and so many movements these days and so many falling away. How do you know which church is teaching the truth and not twisting the Word of God for financial or power gain? I have watched my daughter step away from the church and the truth and I have recently stopped attending my church and it seems that everywhere I visit either teaches the whole Apostolic movement or the “give me all your money so God can bring the wealth to the righteous. Everything is about what God will do for you materially and everyone needs entertainment. People are running to this prophet and that prophet looking for a “Word” without ever getting on their face before God and searching the scriptures for themselves what the Word says. I have been guilty of this myself just wanting someone to tell me what to do and where to go and make it all easier so when it doesn’t happen I will have someone to blame it all on. We are truly in the last days and I want to be ready and utilized “just as I am”. May God bless you and keep you as He uses you to expose the “TRUTH”


  37. Josh Says:

    Sincerely I do agree that there are apostles and prophets that are fake ones but I do not think it is wise to put all of them in the same basket. Some of the doctrines that are being preached by Apostolic churches can be found in the Bible and I do think that there are genuine apostles today.
    It will not be wise to go against the LORD. Every new movement has been resisted in the past be it pentecostal and charismatic. It is perfectly normal for the Apostolic movement to be having trouble then.

    I will advise any one that read this blog to behave like the Berean christian and check the scriptures and the Holy Spirit before taking a decision on what is right or wrong.

    God Bless

  38. Barb Says:

    I was part of such a church for the past 20 years. We left in May. If you or any of your readers want to see what happens with this kind of teaching or if anyone wants to know why you are so adamant that people find out about it, please link to my blog, start from the beginning and see how the teachings of this “new doctrine” get played out in real people’s lives.
    Thank you for this site

  39. burninglamp Says:


  40. Michelle Says:


    We are missionaries in Poland. THis past year the teaching of the New Apostlice Reformation almost split our church. The pastor ended up resigning when he didn’t have the support of the church. Sadly, though we are aware of many other churches being divided by this movement throught Europe and North America.

    We now have our antenas up, but to be honest we were blindsded by this stuff. We are now much more cautious. In a week there is another professor coming from Fuller (it seems this place is a seedbed for this movement to grow) and I was wondering what you kinow about him. Dr. Robert E. Logan. He is coming to do a seminar on church planting and Coaching. There is some interest from a couple of our members to attend. Can you give any advice or direct us. I haven’t found a lot on the internet about Dr. Logan.

  41. Time to Prophesy!! Says:

    I thank God for the Apostolic Prophetic Movement. Jesus said “my sheap here my voice” you can’t deny that God speaks to everyone! Anyone can hear God’s voice. I think that who ever is behind this blog has way too much time on there hands. the kingdom of God is at hand! Are you prepared?

  42. Do not be deceived Says:

    Sister, You are spot on with your blogging. I had gotten involved with several professed christian and outwardly “godly” people that had lots of outlandish stories, took me to services where confusion reigned and blamed everything on a demon or satan himself. Then I started seeking biblical support for what they said and what I experienced and instead of finding it, I found the clear warnings against it and how to spot the deception. Praise God for that. Anyhow, I started doing a little blogging myself on myspace but don’t like the environment there. I feel called to write and teach others and may indeed set up my own site soon.

    I have found most people caught up in this movement suffer from a serious bout of spiritual pride and false humility, which I have studied and blogged on. I know because I had caught the malaise myself but the Lord saved me through his word.

    God Bless You, I know you are sowing good seed.

  43. Erik Says:


    I was linked to this site from a search on the internet on something about Todd Bentley and his apostolic prophetic partners. I’ve been reading some of his teaching, and find it really problematic. I’ve seen his link to R. Joyner and it was that article of yours that got me interested. I’ve not been able to find so much stuff about him, so when I read your article on what he says about the new thing for the christians to live in, and when I see what’s going on in Lakeland, I feel like we’re in the times that Jesus warned us all about, Mattew 24…

    Just wanted to say God bless you – and hope you will be back in order to write more on this movement, the Christian community really needs it.

    Bless You from Norway. May our Father give you all you need in your ministry and life, so as many as possible will be saved and learn to know the truth!

  44. ThankYou Says:

    Thanks for this information that Christians need to help arm themselves against false apostles. I’m sorry to see that the last entry is over a year ago and it appears this blog is no longer maintained. There is a need for current, well-written articles on the false movements calling themselves Christian.

  45. Matt Atkinson Says:

    I came across your blog as I was searching for information about a worrisome turn a friend of mine has taken with respect to extra-biblical teachings. Thank you so much for all your time putting this together. I see the last posting was a while ago. I hope to see more from you soon.

  46. Ruitje Says:

    Found your website while doing research on the same things you research. I was active in movements that were greatly influenced by this false prophetic movement. Thank God He opened my eyes in 2008. Because of what I saw from the Lakeland revival, I started to ask questions and started my research. I did find the errors and the connection there is between many minstries that first seemed to have no connection at all. But now it is becoming clear. I warn people too in my country and your website is a good one to point to. Great site.  God bless!

  47. David Wickline Says:

    This is a good site for truth based on WOG.  Thanks.  More later.

  48. robert smith Says:

    Praise God for your commitment to Truth. When we are Born Again and have the Holy Spirit, He promises to lead us into ALL Truth.
    It is evident that some responders do not have the Spirit of Truth in them; ” I agree with you BUT…”. “You’re doing a great thing, HOWEVER…”.
    Keep up the good work, Stand Firm Till The End!
    Titus 2:13

  49. Irma Alicea Says:

    I am excited to have found this, I have been blessed lead a small church. 
    I truly believe God is exposing the false teaching.i know God speaks today, and we need to listen.
    we need to test all thing,and don’t just take someone’s teaching without examining it.

  50. Nancy Johnson Says:

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  51. Mike Says:

    Holly, you are doing a great service to the body.  Stay the course.   This is much needed information.  I was part of a new Apostolic movement in Miami Florida.  I was involved for 4-years.  God pulled me  and my family out of that toxic environment and I am greatfull. 

    I am sure you know this already but its worth mentioning.  Speaking from experience, for those who are caught up in this movement its very difficult to get out because the indoctrination has a stronghold on them.  The environment that is formed in these Apostolic & Prophetic circles are very much cult like. Some movements are very subtle but others are are not so subtle in their particular methods of controlling the masses. Needless to say the core tenents are the same. It is a constant push to seek a super natural experiences. A common tactic is to convince the masses that other non-Apostolic/prophetic churches are “Dead” in that one does not experience supernatural events in these orthodox churches.  In others words all other churches are boring and non-eventful.  Indeed, this tactic and others are pushed on ther masses in an evironment of great music, bible teaching out of context, and “supernatural” experienced. In addition, they overwhelm the flock by pushing them to serve in all sorts of ministries to maximize the exposure to this hipnotic envirnmenmt.    Most people in these movements have very little time to discern what is going on.  In addition, anyone who so much as asks a question contrary to the doctrines being taught is immediatelly shut down and or labled as one who has given in to the “enemy’s deception”. 

    In my personal experience, I was starting to question many things because my reading of the bible was not aligned with my experience in the congregation. I estimate that it took me about 9 months of reading the bible and researching this movement to make the decission to break away from this movement.  Not to mention that I had to learn how to study the bible and I am still learning. I am convinced that God drew me to His word and thereby pulling me away from this movement.

    Its been about 2-year since we parted from this movement and till this day I am still dealing with some of the out of context residule of the doctrines that are taught in this movement.  I also broke away from some friendships as a result of my parting ways with the ministry and that has also has an impact on my family.  All that being said, Glory be to God and thank you Jesus for the gift of repentance and the mercy that has been extended to me in His Grace.  I am learning to feed on Jesus Christ daily and I am recognizing that He is the only Mana that I need daily to perservere in this fallen world.  I dont need an outwordly expressed supernatural experience that draws attention to me, but rather I need the intimacy of fellowship with Jesus Christ that graces me with victory over my own sin and live a life of repentence so that I may glorify Him on a day to to day basis with a thankfull heart.

    My hope is that you can draw some perspective from this posting.  May the Spirit of God continuosly guide you to reach out to those who need to read your blog and receive from it a pull from the Holy Spirit that draws them to the boblical Jesus.

    The story of the bible is that Jesus came to deliver His people from their sin. He did many miricles, signs, and wonders but thats not why he came. The biblical Apostles also did may wonders in the name of Jesus in the context of the 1st century church.  We should never confuse what Jesus did with why he came, died on a cross, and was resurrected on the 3rd day by the Father so that we may have victory over our sin and thereby return to fellowship with HIM.

    God bless you Holly.

  52. Holly Says:


    Thank you for your encouraging words and also for sharing your story of coming out of the NAR movement. I believe you are correct when you say that the story of the Bible is that Jesus was sent to save people from their sin. The NAR movement has shifted the emphasis of the Bible so the story is that Jesus was sent to give people dominion. It is easy to see how this shift moves the focus from Jesus to themselves.


  53. SA Says:

    Interesting blog….seems a bit shallow in that names are mentioned but not contacted concerning the full truth….It may be wise to contact those whose names you publish that they can at least respond to allegations. I happen to know people who are named in your blog who are being falsely spoken of…Seems a bit unfair to be naming people who you have not spoken to face to face about what they truly believe….I have learned that there is a lot of bitter water coming from some mouths and hearts which does not always represent the truth.
    It could be that you because you are not following biblical order in approaching an individual who may be in error personally first….you could be falling into a spirit of error without realizing it.
    God bless you as you “hold the truth in Love”

  54. Anne White Says:

    WEeare always provided with truth when we desire to know “true truth”. We ask, seek, and knock – and receive. So glad to be led to this site in order to remain alert to perversion of the truth and doctrinal error. God bless you for your standing on sola Scriptura as the foundation of the Church.

  55. Tony Says:


    Found your site yesterday, fantastic work very much needed. I am also very concerned personally about some of the teachings in the deliverance ministry area as well, such as entering ungodly depths, generational curses, entering heavenly portals, elemental spirits, seeing thing sin th e stars etc, all taken from well founded ministries. The people are genuine, but I must admit i feel very deceived – but they will not be told..


  56. Holly Says:


    Thanks for your encouraging words. Yes, a number of practices that have entered the NAR movement have more in common with New Age and occult practices than with biblical Christianity. That should be very concerning to all Christians.


  57. Mark Says:


    I hear your heart on the matter.  Yes, personal confrontation is the first step in all Christian reconciliation.  Know that for many years now, I have sought reconciliation with any number of pastors and individuals associated with the NAR and similar doctrinal profiles.  It is a pointless and fruitless exercise and chances are very high you will get absolutely nowhere with anyone holding such a view. I assure you, I have tried everything possible that I know how to try. The scriptures instruct us to speak the truth in love and that Jesus is looking for those who will worship in spirit and truth.  The truth is the issue.  Once you start holding to the scripture as your standard of truth and try to apply it in a personal-corporate relationship you will be rejected by folks holding these doctrinal beliefs. 
    It is a virtual guarantee that you will be rejected and become an outcast.  I know, I have been turned away from no less than 3 churches for simply trying to confront these issues. We are living in perilous times and “men are lovers of themselves” and are “irreconcilable”. It is very sad and very scary to know that as true believers, those who walk in truth and in love, and are willing to lay down their life for their brothers and sisters are truly rare.

  58. Mark Says:

    Just as a follow up comment to SA; I do not presume our author and moderator has not attempted to reach out to the folks mentioned in the column. I am inclined to assume that efforts have been made repeatedly.  Love instructs us to always “think the best” as I am sure you know.  In spite of my previous comment, I will continue to reach out to those clearly in error with a thoughtful and caring heart and hand extended in the hope that some point of scriptural truth will be mutually shared and accepted and the walk towards unity and peace in Jesus Christ will be advanced. I will carefully weigh all that is spoken to me in a spirit of humility, lest I also be deceived.  Shalom to all those that hold the truth dear and worship him in spirit and truth!

  59. Steve Says:

    The charismatic renewal of the 1970s has now gone so far off the rails (in the w.world) that it would be better if it had never happened. But then so has christendom in the western world, you cant expect one to work well without the other, so a fall is immenant – watch out for fallen angels appearing across the USA on mass then in UK as a great wave of deception sweeps many into apostasy, a remnant will remain though, in a cleansed form amidst persecution.

  60. Willie Says:

    Holly, I fell out of Church and evangelical circles through a series of unfortunate events. However, I was received back as the prodigal son about a year and a half ago.  This “New apostolic reformation,” is so wild to me but so obvious since it seems like I was literally put on Ice then came back in to HIS fold.  When I left the ministry,  I was witnessing to JWs and LDS and some new age stuff etc., When I came back (for lack of better words) I realized I was emptied of my sin, so clearly that I could be totally filled and for probably the first time in 28 years I have really seen the hand of God on me.  Many are coming back to the Lord like myself men and women that were put out to pasture through bitterness and personal sin that they couldn’t hand over to the Lord.  I’m am aware now like never before that we are in for a huge awakening and purging of the Congregation.  Thank you for your ministry keep on warning the flock, there are some other issues out there like humanism and watered down theology that are playing in to this time and era we’re probably all going underground for a while but we must be overcomers.  God Bless.

  61. ars Says:

    i just want to know if you have any information about pastor cesar castellanos of bogota, Colombia if he has any link to the new apostolic reformation? thanks

  62. Holly Says:


    Yes, Castellanos has links to the New Aposotlic Reformation. See this YouTube video of him and his wife, Claudia, being prophesied over by leading NAR prophet Bill Hamon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiN1CwN1XSA. This article, at Apologetics Index, will give you additional information: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/631-g12-vision


  63. curt bond Says:

    Shame on you, letting your itellect tell you there is no Jesus Christ, THE FIVE FOLD is a gift from Jesus Christ to the church, and the world. It represents HIM on earth. Try closing your eyes, and plugging your ears, and walking slowly across a busy street, you can not tell that there is danger.Taste the danger, possibly smell it,feel it? You might taste the danger after you have been run over, by tasting your blood and flesh and gasoline with oil, you might feel the motor still running through the frame,  you could smell the danger of fumes from the gasoline, but of course you could not see it or hear it. This has been the state of the church for a long time,BLIND and Deaf! The Apostle sees, the Prophet hears, the Pastor feels, the Teacher tastes, and the Evanglist smells! Evanglists smell ‘death’ and then know to preach the “good news”, Pastors feels the needs of the body to bring health, Teachers give ‘taste of the goodness of the Lord’, Prophet hear what God is saying, and the Apostle has the eyes of sight to know where we are going. This is the ministry of Jesus Chrisat to bring us all to fullness, but you try living just one week without your eyes and ears, and see how you like it. I thank God everyday for providing His way to change this terrible world into a thing of beauty! I want it all, not in part, if God said I needed it, that is good enough for me, maybe not you, ‘all men are liars’ the word says, but God does not lie!!!!!!

  64. Willie Says:

    A reply to Curt Bond,
    So if I get you and the Five fold gift you are speaking of..we are to trust our senses ? All scripture is breathed by God it permeates our entire being (spirit mind and soul.  The LORD spoke through Jeremiah a true Prophet, the heart is deceptive and desperately wicked who can know it ? His answer is only God.  So, modern day prophet ( bond )where does it say in the Scripture that we the lambs of God should ignore the God Breathed word and begin to close our eyes and ears so that you can guide us blind Christians through life.  Here is a prophetic word for you that will tingle your ears for eternity… Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Oh by the way anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows the truth of Christ because He, Christ, doesn’t deceive-that’s satan’s job. There are NO apostles beyond the 12 and that is why the Apostles gave commission to bishops and pastors and deacons of the Church unless of Course you are saying they were all wrong. Of course now if you want to be on line with the other Heretical congregation just call your selves the latter day apostles you’ll be in good company.

  65. Brenda Sandeno Says:

    Hi Holly,
    I am Doug’s sister! He sent me your new books for Christmas and I have devoured them. BUT what I find most interesting is that 2 years ago a friend of mine was putting together a women’s conference. She had a church voice some concern over the speaker and so she called me. We started doing some research together and guess who’s site we found?? Yours!! I still have the things I printed off. The speaker was called off and much study was done on this movement and shared. I wanted to let you know that your site really helped keep the Truth of God’s Word spoken at this yearly conference but it also brought knowledge of this movement to our attention. NOW I have 2 good books i can hand out to people and recommend. Thank you for your courage and boldness! Stand firm!

  66. Holly Says:


    Thank you for letting me know how my site was helpful in bringing this movement to you and your friend’s attention! I’m really encouraged to hear that my work has had a positive impact. And thanks for helping spread the word about our books. I’m very grateful to your brother for agreeing to partner with me on these projects. It has been a privilege working with him and learning from him. Warmly in Christ, Holly

  67. Lance Wonders Says:

    Holly, I am hopeful that your blogsite, and books, will generate more light than heat.  So far I was impressed by your analysis of Brian Simmons’ work — very fair, so far as I can tell.  I have two doctorates — one from an Anglican school, one from a charismatic school — and respect the work of Robert Saucy at your alma mater.  But we need to be careful, as Paul says, “not to judge things before the proper time” (I Cor. 4).  Evaluate the fruit, yes, but we need to take care in how we handle our brothers and sisters as brothers and sisters: “golden rule” time, as always. Not all error is from the Evil One: some is the result of our human zeal, brokenness, overstepping, trying too hard to “fix” things at the human level, etc.  Mistakes can be costly, and God will, at some level, require an accounting for the consequences of those mistakes, especially if they were made in a spirit of presumption instead of as “collateral damage” to our simply “trying too hard”.  Wagner, Pierce, etc., are not evil men nor deliberate deceivers: they have run beyond the limits of biblical wisdom, but do not see that, any more than overzealous Calvinists or Dispensationalists have always seen the gravity of their own errors either. So we do need to pursue orthodoxy in Word and Spirit…but all while hoping for correction and adjustment more so than division and a false perfectionism. Not saying you yourself are doing either one of those — but Dave Hunt and Hank Hannegraf and John MacArthur, for instance, have ended up slandering true brothers in the faith through their excessive “love” of orthodoxy (= “orthodoxism”).  But Jesus Himself stands with all of those who love Him, asking us to be diligent in doing the same.  May your articles manage to maintain that standard in your efforts to please Him!  God’s best to you, Holly! – Lance Wonders, ACTS Bible College, Blaine, Minnesota

  68. Susanna Says:

    sometimes I wonder if I am going insane when looking around at what my generation is calling Christianity. It is isolating and quite honestly, who do we have once men like John MacArthur are all gone? That is why I am incredibly encouraged to find this blog from a young author. fight the good fight, and thank you.

  69. Velma Says:

    Most of the comments in ‘agreement’ with Holly appear to be of the baptist thinking…I have one word for all who agree with her: “There are many things in the Bible that we don’t believe” , a baptist woman

    Bereans were commended for ‘searching the scriptures for themselves. HAVE YOU DONE SO?

  70. Curt Bond Says:

    To Willie
    Where did you find scripture saying the days of the Apostles is over, that there are only 12, one of the 12 committed high treason and was replaced (number13), and then there was Saul, renamed Paul ( by God), making 14, or do you think someone else wrote all those letters instead of Paul (Saul of Tarsus).

    Go ahead and say you live by scripture, when that will not save you from the wrath to come!
    It is only by receiving Jesus in to YOUR HEART, and confessing your sins (Repentance) that will bring you to LIFE! Then progressing; being baptized in water (publicly) to confirm to all ‘who you belong to’, then receiving the gift of the Father, which is the Spirit of God, our precious Holy Spirit. Then learning to walk ‘not by the flesh but rather by the spirit’.  Exalting our spirit man and putting to death our fleshly man. (Heart over Head, not Head over Heart), don’t miss it, if you live by your fleshly mind, you will be overcome by our enemy ‘satan’, because that is where he rules and has dominion. We ask the Lord to come into our ‘heart’ to rule there, that is HIS dominion, we place HIM first (making our heart HIS), and allowing HIM to rule there, ‘satan’ cannot enter that place, it is the “Holy Place” where God dwells (with his people).
    We all have a choice; Who will we serve?
    “satan’, the flesh of corruption (mind) or Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit (heart)
    Do not BE deceived! The devil seeks those that can be devoured! That let the flesh rule, and that becomes a place of ruin!
    But let us, who are of simple minds (empty), enter into the “peace of God’, no longer allowing our carnal nature to rule through our fleshly minds, but living in ‘the Spirit of God’, where that kingdom is a place of Peace! (FULL)

    Now look at the scriptures; Jesus had the infilling of the Spirit of God and he needed it, and He is our example, we follow Him, if he needed it so do we, if you do not get it your heart, it will be lean(little), it should be fat (large). How can we do greater works than Jesus if we lack God’s tools to do so? Beware, the Pharisees had the word, but no power to keep it, they allowed their minds to rule, and Jesus rebuked them publicly! They should have known better, they had it wrong; mind over heart.” Come away from them, and be separate, and I will receive you”, says the Lord, but they would not (their minds were in charge).

  71. Lance Wonders Says:

    Romans 12:1-2 urges us, in surrender to Christ, to seek the RENEWAL of our minds, not the REMOVAL of our minds.  Satan can “rule” in our “hearts” just as easily as he can rule in our “minds”, if our hearts are not likewise surrendered to Christ.

    Revelation 21-22 seems to make clear that the 12 apostles of the post-resurrection early Church were the true “foundation” of what Christ began to build.  Whatever one makes of apostles today, they simply are not, and cannot be, “foundational” like Peter and Paul and John and Matthew were. 

    When modern-day apostles and prophets pretend that their new “revelations” are “necessary” for the end-times Church to prevail to the end, they are guilty of presumption, self-deception, and a refusal to let the New Testament witness to Jesus be “final” or sufficient.  Thus, such an approach always turns out making “Christianity” into a different religion in the end — perhaps not as drastically warped as Mormonism is, but still not what the Lord intended.  Even Roman Catholicism’s “apostolic succession” and “Teaching office” of the Pope, and “infallible dogmas” about Mary, have gone a long ways towards distorting the biblical faith.  And if Bill Hamon and Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce continue along the road they have been traveling in the past twenty years, they too will end up having promoted a “Christianity” that is almost as much fabricated from human ideas of supernatural power-assertion as it reflects the genuine, original divine revelation. 

    Holly and those with her are merely trying to keep that from happening, so that the Body stays healthy and faithful until the end.  I personally applaud her efforts, and see her work as a much-needed corrective to charismania run wild.

  72. Curt Bond Says:

    Oh, just a little problem here, GOD’s Word says all of the 5 ministries of Jesus IS NEEDED …….to MATURE the Body of Christ! Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, Pastor. Eph. 4

    So if there is no Prophet and no Apostles how can that happen TODAY!

    There were 13 Apostles of the Lamb, read the Gospels for yourself. One chose to serve satan instead of Jesus. So another one was chosen (of his followers) to replace him. ( Judas having left this world through death).

    Stop twisting the scriptures to prove your point, pay attention!

    The body of Christ is NOT healthy, if you think so, you are deceived.
    Business as usual in most places, with ‘doctrines of demons, and traditions of man’, which is the base of “religion. God did not ask for you to make a way for Him, because he made a way for you. He wants a ‘personal’ relationship with you, NOT an institution.

    If God said it was for me, I’ll take it, if you chose not to do that it will not rub off on me. You will be held accountable for that which you preach, so be right.

    The law of the Spirit of Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death.

  73. Curt Bond Says:

    If you think being an Apostle or prophet is easy, think again. Look at what Apostle Paul went through, a viper bit his arm, ship wrecked, imprisoned, slandered, stoned, cast off etc. 17 years in the wilderness. Oh but he was not one of the 12(13) so he must not have been an Apostle (he would make 14). Who are you kidding, there is Apostles (true) today.

    Apostles make mistakes, as all humans do, but they are NOT out to control you, but to bless you. They will guide, but YOU will decide weather to follow their teaching or not. If you are not born in the ‘Spirit’ then you are not a child of God, and then you are blind, deaf, dumb, broke, and lost forever!!

    You could be the richest person on the planet and still considered ‘wretched’ by God, because you have no spiritual life inside you.

    Apostles have a GREAT responsibility over you, for your Protection, not to control you but help you find your way; your way to God. To help you hear His Voice, know His Person, to help you develop your ‘spirit person’ inside. A true Apostle has a big heart of giving of themselves to help you grow to maturity.  

    Who told me I was a ‘master builder’, God’s Spirit did!

  74. Samson Says:

    If you were around during the era of the early Apostles, hope you wouldn’t have earn a degree in condemning peter who denied Jesus or join the band wagon of onlookers who saw the Pentecost as an act of lunacy. Why not lift Christ up so that the hearts of men and women will be drawn to Him. I have read some of the books written by these NAR’s as you called them but it only produced a genuine love for God. I think it also boils down to purity of intention. Same bible that we read and get blessed, some folks read to justify their selfish interest. If you can’t reveal Christ, obviously you have not seen or hear Him and be sure that the spread of doubt is inevitable. Praise Christ Jesus!

  75. Lance Wonders Says:

    Sam, the real problem is false expectations, and therefore a dangerous misdirection of faith.  If someone told you that by believing hard enough you could jump off a cliff and fly — and then you jumped, and perished — your remaining family members would likely be very angry with that someone, and would consider them false witnesses and not to be trusted, even if they were nice and sincere people.  The early (true) apostles did not lie or misdirect anyone, they simply told them to trust Jesus for their salvation.  But promising them total victory and immediate power over Satan in all things, including the overcoming of death and illness and poverty and lack of personal “success” here and now, goes way beyond what is automatically promised for this life: we will get such things when Jesus comes back and the Kingdom comes and we ourselves inherit our resurrected bodies, but prior to that there will be some suffering and cross-bearing and even martyrdom at times for a few.  When false apostles lead new believers into trusting that hard things like that simply will not happen, then they are setting people up to lose their faith — which could mean punishment for those false apostles!  Better to teach the biblical basics, and not pretend to knowing deeper truths that so often bring people to disappointment, destruction, or worse.  There is something not right about leaders who insist on being called “apostle” or “prophet”, instead of being satisfied with being a simple brother or sister in Christ.

  76. Charles Says:

    Thank you very much Holly for your blog and hard labour to come up with all this information. In my country in Africa there is so much confusion over various groups which can’t work in harmony because of their different teachings. I would like to know if you are a Christian ?

  77. Holly Says:

    Yes, I am a Christian, Charles.

  78. Zionschild Says:

    Holly, I’m glad I found your blog/newsletter through Marsha West (the Berean Call).  I know this subscription will be a great resource for being aware, alert, and discerning in my relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Luke 21:36 (NASB).

  79. Holly Says:

    Thanks Zionschild!

  80. Bruce Cooper Says:

    Hi Holly,
    Your website and research is excellent. My daughter, a relatively new Christian recently bought a book called “Prophetic Wisdom” by Graham Cooke. I had never heard of him before and subsequently found out that although he is not directly associated with NAR, the vast majority of his teachings are in step with NAR. I am currently reviewing his book and you may find what I have identified so far interesting. My blog is bcooper.wordpress.com My last two entries provide my findings.
    Again, excellent work, sincerely appreciate your gifted efforts. God bless.

  81. Ian Francis Says:

    BUD MILLINGTON, I agreed with everything you stated in your 2006 comment until you got into pride, i.e.  your statement:  “IF I can get a sick person to listen to what the Bible says…I can get them healed of anything 100 times out of 100.” Sorry, I don’t agree that you see healing 100% of the time when you pray for the sick.  If that were true, you would have droves of people breaking down doors to get in to see you.  What you really mean is you get people to confess or presume that they are healed in 100% of the cases by confessing scriptures.

    I am not a cessationist but let me tell you the second thing that I majorly disagreed with and turned me off—your statement ending your comment with a big bang, in which you referenced others to Kenneth Hagin for teaching on Jesus’ healing ministry.  Kenneth Hagin and the likes of him have made a shipwreck of the charismatic and related healing movement of the last century.  The damage has been great to the charismatic movement and will take a long time for it to regain its legitimacy and credibility as it had in its heyday, e.g. in the days of Kathryn Kuhlman (who did NOT teach WoF).

    Jesus did not heal in the manner that Hagin or other WoFers teach by confession of a mantra and not acknowledging symptoms, that is Christian science.  There were instantaneous healings in every case where Jesus prayed for the sick with physical evidence of the healing.  So in conclusion I agree that it is important that we preach the gospel with signs and wonders following according to the scriptures you cited, but not in the way it is being taught by heretical WoFers.

  82. Tom Campbell Says:

    Hi Holly,  Yes, I would like to receive your entries at Spirit of Error. Praise the Lord for your gifts and thoughtful analysis. I look forward to reading and thinking about what you’ve written. I do believe it will help me grow closer to the Lord and be more aware of the spiritual battle we are in. 

          Tom Campbell

  83. Seth Meyers Says:

    Great work, Holly.

    Of the millions of professing Christians in the poorest places of the world, the great majority of them are lost in a Christless religion that points them toward sensationalism and money rather than Christ. May God bless your labors for those in the developed world as well as those in the poorest places.

  84. kaz Says:

    very well said Seth, could not agree with you more.

  85. Lance Wonders Says:

    Please lets try not to slander one another.  The NAR folk are in no way, shape, or form “Christless”.  They are caught up in error, but most of them very much love our Lord, and deserve our respect, compassion, and gentle — not heartless — correction.  God will judge all teachers, whether NAR or self-proclaimed “evangelical” and “Bible only” revelationists.

  86. cheryl Says:

    I am so glad someone sent me this site. it surely is showing us alot. We have just left our church after 7 years as we can see the NAR slowly slipping its way in, even though they would deny this. Sad times for all.

  87. Don Anhorn Says:

    I found your blog on the NAR interesting. and enlightening.  C. Peter Wagner and his peers have been on the fringes of the evangelical world for decades.  However, I have a couple of questions for you Holly, and you can reply to me directly if you wish, doesn’t have to be posted with the rest above:  Who is Holly Pivec?  What is your background, what evangelical persuasion do you belong to, do you have a published Statement of Faith that under girds your blog site, and your own personal faith? 
    I ask these questions because I just happened onto your blog site and would like some background before I recommend it to others. 
    Thank you for taking time to answer my questions, I don’t intend to be offensive.  I am a 43 year old christian who has a deep burden for the church of today and am deeply agitated by its seeming impotence in reaching our western world for Jesus.  I can see where and why movements like the NAR are gaining such strong footholds today; I don’t think that I am the only one with this burden.  Christians are longing for something outside of the seemingly ineffective church they are a part of for “solutions”.

    God Bless,


  88. Byron Wilson Says:

    Hi Holly,
     I read both of your books and they both are a very good resource on finding out exactly how to deal with The NAR.
    I did notice one point when Paul Tells Timothy to wage a good warfare according to the Prophecies given to him…It may seem like he was told Gods Specific will from someone, but that is not the case in that verse.
    That verse is not telling Timothy Gods Specific will but extorting Timothy To Fight The Fight of Faith From previous encouragement from others.  Prophecy= Edification,Exhortation and Comfort…
    This Video I think makes it clear on what was meant for Timothy in the Spirit

  89. Jenny UK Says:

    just finished reading Holly’s co-written with Douglas Geivett’s book “A New Apostolic Reformation – a Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement” and am horrified at how we (and I have to admit ‘me’) have been drawn in – so subtly it would appear. Thank you for this. What came to me, whilst reading Matthew’s gospel was 11:13 where Jesus himself says, ‘For all the prophets and the law prophesied UNTIL John. And if you are willing to receive it, he is the Elijah who is to come (v.14). This said to me that this movement appear to require their apostles and prophets to go hand in hand – but Jesus himself says the prophets finished with John. Bless you for this timely warning.

  90. Holly Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Jenny UK. I’m glad the book helped you.


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