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Messianic Jews in Israel Head Toward Breakup Over NAR?

How destructive is the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)? For one example, take a look at the news coming out of Israel. The historically close-knit Messianic congregations in the country are, reportedly, on the brink of a breakup — because of controversy surrounding NAR teachings being promoted there by an influential apostolic network, based in Israel, called Tikkun. The online magazine, Israel Today, recently reported on the impending breakup in an article titled “Messianic Jews Head Toward Breakup: Will the Local Body of Messiah in Israel Survive the Current Serious Debates?” See the article here.

NAR teachings being promoted by Tikkun, according to critics, include the core NAR teaching — that present-day apostles must hold governing offices in the church. Critics also claim that Tikkun apostles have taught that Gentile Christians worldwide must come into “alignment” with (read: submission to) Messianic Jewish believers and, especially, to the Messianic Jewish apostles based in Israel. Only when believers worldwide are properly aligned with Israel’s apostles will the “kingdom government order” be in place for God’s kingdom to be set up on earth and the end-time prophecies of Scripture to be fulfilled. Tikkun has responded to their critics with a series of articles titled “Answering the Allegations Against Tikkun.” See Part 1.

But these teachings do appear to have been promoted by Asher Intrater, an Israeli apostle and co-founder of Tikkun International. In a YouTube video titled “End-Time Alignment,” Intrater teaches about the necessity of Gentile believers aligning with Messianic Jewish believers — an alignment he describes as involving “a type of submission.” And his teachings that the worldwide church must submit to Israel’s apostles to be in “right order” is also documented in a series of articles written by Hannah Weis, which can be read here. She cites his book, titled Alignment, as one source.

According to the Israel Today article, more than two years of debate about Tikkun’s teachings will come to a head this month when a decision is expected to made by officials in the Hebrew-Speaking Congregational Leadership Conference, or Kenes Artzi in Hebrew.  However, the nature of the decision to be made remains unclear. The article states:

After months of dialogue and debate at conferences and online, a meeting has been called for in March to decide on a path forward…. According to the Messianic leaders we have spoken with, there is still a lot of confusion as to what will happen at the upcoming meeting. Will Messianic Jewish leaders be called upon to vote and determine if Tikkun is teaching false doctrines? Will Tikkun leaders and their congregations be considered false teachers or banned from the Kenes Artzi? Meanwhile, a number of Messianic Jews have already left, or are threatening to leave the Kenes Artzi over the controversy.
Pray for wisdom for the Kenes Artzi leadership and that they will have the courage to take a stand against any divisive and unbiblical NAR teachings that have brought disunity and confusion to Israel’s Messianic Jewish congregations.

UPDATED 3/20/2020: The Kenes Artzi has delayed a decision due to ongoing talks with Tikkun and the coronavirus. I will post another update when a decision is reached.

About the author

Holly Pivec is the co-author (with R. Douglas Geivett) of A New Apostolic Reformation?: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement and God’s Super-Apostles: Encountering the Worldwide Prophets and Apostles Movement. She has a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University.

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44 Responses to “Messianic Jews in Israel Head Toward Breakup Over NAR?”

  1. Denise Michels Says:

    Sometimes the battle with the NAR movement seems so overwhelming.

  2. Andy Gould Says:

    A very welcome article about our situation here in Israel. Many thanks to you Holly for making people aware of this. The situation over here is very serious. The NAR has made very great inroads in the Body here.

  3. Janis Says:

    Thank you Holly, once again, for shedding the truth and light on this worldwide dangerous NAR movement throughout the world!

  4. John Says:

    Another really important article. Thank you Holly.

  5. Reg Parker Says:

    As usual a helpful and informative,even if concerning, report. We must remember that the battle is already won, God calls His people to himself and the false teachers and false prophets have already lost. How anyone who believes in scripture can fall for the NAR guff is beyond my comprehension. The abandonment of truth abounds in the secular world. Are we beginning to grasp the degree to which the secular world, those condemned from long ago, has infiltrated the disciple community (Jude 4)?

  6. John Winlow Says:

    It is truly amazing the way the NAR has spread its influence through the Body of Christ. It comes in various guises and ministries, but always the emphasis seems to be that if you want to see and be involved in great things for God, you gotta get aligned! Your church leaders need to be aligned and mentored by some apostle or other.. There is a very good book by PJ Hanley entitled “They call themselves Apostles” and Hanley who was involved in the NAR explains the history through C Peter Wagner and the concept of alignment. Well worth a read.

  7. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    Superb article and even after a couple of years or so I am still thanking God for your books, there was so much in the “A New Apostolic Reformation?” which rang so many bells as I recognised incident after incident which were causing my husband and I deep concern but we could not verbalise what our concerns were – we had been part of NAR without even being aware of it from the start of our conversions in the 70s, we have even worked alongside some of the well-known ‘names’! Now I have Messianic Jewish friends in Israel who are deeply concerned and you are definitely helping them to sort the wheat from the chaff, thank you. It is all very scary especially this ‘alignment’ business it causes me to think of the great deception which God promises during the Tribulation which could so easily be this ‘one world church’! I am so glad we are out of it.

  8. Sandy Wren Says:

    Thank you once again for your vigilance and accuracy in reporting what is happening around the world in the NAR, and including links to sources. I was able to view the video and the articles from Tikkun responding to the allegations.
    However, the first link to the article by David Lazarus “Messianic Jews in Israel Head Toward Break-up” is on the members only site of their web page, accessible only by paid subscription.

  9. Andy Gould Says:

    Hi Holly,

    It does appear that this site has completely reproduced the entire article and it is not merely an extract for review, comment or critique.

    Be that as it may, David’s article contains at least one inaccuracy which is this:

    “Apostles. Leadership of Tikkun call themselves apostles, with a small “a.” They understand this to mean servants of God with oversight of congregations or other inter-congregational leadership responsibilities. They point to the five-fold ministry gifts of Ephesians 4 which include apostles given to build up the church. Some of Tikkun’s leaders point out that apostle in Hebrew is shaliach, one who is sent to fulfill the purposes of God and not necessarily an official title.”

    This is not correct. If you look here at this link: http://members.beitsimcha.com/s_ser/s_ser_0011.asp

    These are notes taken by a senior Tikkun leader called Glenn Blank and he is referring to senior apostle Dan Juster’s own idea of what level of authority they are claiming for their apostles.

    “Topic: Roles of an apostle? Dan Juster’s propositions: 1. Apostles are what they were in biblical times, except for writing authoritative Scripture 2. Apostles may be chosen by other apostles (apostolic succession in historic churches) 3. Apostles may be chosen supernaturally by the Holy Spirit 4. Apostles provide governmental order and covering for five-fold ministry.”

    Blank specifically states that these are Dan Juster’s propositions on the level of authority that should be possessed by a restored apostle today. Juster claims that they are exactly the same as the Twelve -apart from not being able to write authoritative Scripture. So we are not just talking about church-planters here, but apostles in the sense of the Twelve and Paul.

  10. Holly Says:

    Andy, thanks for the additional information about Dan Juster’s teachings. Also, I removed the link to the other site in question.

  11. David Says:

    Holly, Thanks for removing the link. Kindly remove or edit the comment pointing to the link as well as my comment containing the link (that was dumb of me?!) Please understand that we are a Jerusalem based magazine and news agency in four languages working hard over the past 40 years to provide local and original reports on Israel and the Jewish World including the Messianic Movement. The link I asked to remove is taking our Members Only content, republishing it and trying to sell advertisements and asking for money using our exclusive content. That is an infringement on copyrights and just wrong as you well know.

    BTW, I have led a Messianic congregation in Tel Aviv for the past 35 years and all of the brothers mentioned in my article as dear, dear friends and co-laborers here in Israel. Behind the theological debates, there is much pain from the breakdown of friendships among many Messianic brothers and sisters. My co-editor here at Israel Today tells me that members of his extended family no longer speak with one another because of these arguments. That is sad and can’t be right.

  12. Holly Says:

    David, I have removed those links. Thank you for your comments and additional insights into the pain and breakdown of friendships among Messianic believers. The situation is truly sad, and I’m praying for you all.

  13. Maija Says:

    Christ is the head: truth is the head. Not the incomplete man. We are family, not boss and undertaker.

    The only unity is in truth. Why we must study the Bible fervently, to assimilate every word. Deut 8:3, Matt 4:4.

  14. Tom Says:

    Christ warned over and over again about the wolves in sheeps clothing, the apostles (the real ones) made fighting heresy and error a number 1 priority! I’m just so sick of people calling for unity!? Blind unity will lead people to hold hands with the devil himself, allowing him to plant poisonous seeds in the body leading many who are saved to find themselves as vomit on judgement day. Unity is the cry of wolves who find themselves exposed. Good work Holly, hopefully the israeli leaders will stand on truth and expel tikkun but honestly….. I doubt it, the rot has set in quite deep in israel (king of kings, ICEJ etc) so I doubt there are enough true teachers to do what is right. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.

  15. Andy Gould Says:

    Tragically what Tom says is very probably correct. NAR teachings (and not just Tikkun) have been disseminated throughout the Charismatic churches over here in Israel for years.

    Secondly a number of pastors who may not be NAR themselves are too bothered with not rocking the boat and trying to hang onto “unity” than they are about separating themselves from false doctrine and protecting the sheep.

    Thirdly there is the money issue. The NAR compared to biblically orthodox congregations, is, generally speaking, awash with cash. From what myself and my associates have been hearing from various sources, and observing ourselves, some otherwise comparatively sound leaders may have become financially entangled or beholden (through either having received money or are presently receiving) for projects, poor relief, salaries etc from NAR ministries and fundraising initiatives.

    Fourthly, there is a general level of ignorance and indifference to doctrinal matters over here -certainly in the pews -and many of the leaders are not much better. Unless there is a herd of elephants in the room trumpeting and stampeding ad they are forced to do something, people would rather look the other way.

    All these issues conspire together to stop ears, cover eyes and close mouths. So we have no high hopes for this Kenes, none at all.

    But then again it is the same story across the rest of the world, is it not?

  16. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    I completely agree with you having done so heavy research into Asher Intrater, Rob Cantor et al!

  17. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    Very well said, but listening to one of NAR’s top dogs in Israel it is quite, quite frightening what he is proposing which seems to be a mishmash of Dominionism plus certain aspects which are not appropriate to mention here which are specific to Israel. My heart goes out to all Christians whether Gentile or Jew who live in Israel right now, even those who are, alas, truly ignorant of the appallingly dangerous heresy which is being taught in their own country.It is bad enough when one sees one’s own denomination becoming apostate but when ‘strangers’ come in a preach such destructive heresy we have to realise we are so close to the Lord removing His Bride from the earth. As Paul says in effect there has to be division if only to see who truly are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, only unique Son of Almighty God, Creator of the Universe and Saviour of all who will put their trust in Him. I thank God He has given us His Word and He has protected it through all the evil machinations of the enemy of our souls throughout the millendnia but, alas, so many no longer see the need to read it, or only read their favourite bits and so are ignorant, ripe and open to deception.

  18. Angus J Says:

    Hello Holly,
    I am seeing the NAR infiltrating the churches here in the UK with great concern, notably in Newfrontiers and Hillsong, as well as in independent charismatic congregations. Your blog is a welcome source of information about this movement that I can share with Christians here.
    For my own records I have transcribed the section of Brian Simmons’s talk (in the embedded YouTube link) in which he claims that Jesus commissioned him to produce the Passion Translation. I could post this transcript if it would be useful to you.

  19. John Winlow Says:

    Angus I share your concern for the UK . If you would like to share info and understanding of what is happening you can contact me on contact8ble@gmail.com

  20. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    Hello Angus, I am English but am based in Cyprus where the Lord called my beloved and I some eight years ago. He is really canny He knows we are not into sun, sand, and sea! Israel is just a 55 minute flight away.
    We are supporters of NARwatch-Israel and I would encourage you to go to their website. They are a very small organisation and if you think what NAR are teaching in the UK (you missed out Catch the Fire in Wembley – long story)you should get hold of what Asher Intrater is teaching in Israel – the man is a self-styled prophet working for Tikkun and Revive Israel. That which is being taught in the UK pales into insignificance when you get hold of what Intrater is teaching which he has encapsulated in a book called Alignment. It is so frightending and stinks so much of fire and brimstone, it is complete heresy, I kid you not.

  21. Andrew Holden Says:

    NAR is rampant in Israel. I’m so grieved to see Messianic believers embrace Heidi Baker, Mike Bickle, Sid Roth and various other false teachers and wolves. The beautiful music scene is being influenced by Bethel and it’s so sad. How can our brothers and sisters realise that this is a different gospel, another Yeshua, one with no power to save. Revival? Not in the Bible I read – apostasy, delusion and a falling away.

  22. Aaron Todd Says:

    When I read about present day “apostles” and Christains needing to submit to that authority before End Times events happen: I come to one conclusion: this is the leadership structure of the antichrist, anf after The Rapture this will be antichrist’s inner circle.

  23. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    As somebody who was, without being aware even, sucked into this heretical movement more years than I care to remember, who has worked with some well known names including Heidi, you are so right. Thanks be to God that He was able to get through to us on this movement. Another ‘music’ group which is equally suspect when you read the words of some of their ‘songs’ is Hi$$song! I never thought, even in my ancient years, I would see what is happening in the name of Jesus(but which Jesus) these days. Thank God there are some fellowships staying true to the Word of God. But it does cause me to understand Jesus asking if, when He returns, He would even find faith on the earth. It is certainly going to be a shock as to how many constitute His Bride when He comes in the clouds to receive us.

  24. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    @ Aaron Todd, Wow I had not taken my thoughts that far along, you have definitely given us food for thought.

  25. Paul Briggs Says:

    Strange as it seems, much of the Messianic movement in general can be can be de-bunked by a specific verse. Beware that you yourself have not been deceived by your denomination into the same false belief. The verse says:
    Therefore, remember that formerly you who are Gentiles by birth and called “uncircumcised” by those who call themselves “the circumcision” (which is done in the body by human hands)— remember that at that time you were separate from Christ, excluded from citizenship in Israel and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ. Ephesians 2: 11-13
    Did you notice that?? The gentiles were once excluded from CITIZENSHIP IN ISRAEL!!! Several verses later it clinches it with: Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but FELLOW CITIZENS with God’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.
    So it is abundantly clear that GENTILES ARE ISRAEL TOO IF they are in Jesus! In fact the community of Israel has ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY as proven by Exodus 12 which states that in addition to the Jews, “Many other people came out with them” and these many were considered Israel “whether native or foreign born” in Leviticus and other places. These Messianics have no clue as to the true meaning or identity in prophecy of who Israel is. They believe it is by physical descent, the opposite of what Romans 9: 6-8 says. Beware of all Messianic Jews false teachings, not just what their NAR beliefs are. In fact the Scofield bible which is loaded down with all sorts of heresies, teaches this same rank heresy. Christendom did not wait 19 centuries for Scofield to come along for the truth to be revealed. Beware that you yourselves are not as guilty as these people in your beliefs.

  26. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    What an absolutely appalling comment, I know some superb Bible teachers who have more letters after their names than my consultant surgeon daughter and they do not appear to have any problems nor have they misled me into believing that which is not written in the Word, in fact they have expanded it tremendously. I am seriously happy to say I have never heard such aberrant teaching as yours and certainly pray I never do again.

  27. Marla Says:

    Hi Holly,
    I read this article, but as far as I can comprehend, you haven’t explained what Tikkun is doing that is destructive. Yeshua himself prayed that we would all be one. What do you find is wrong with all believers coming into unity? Thank you for clarifying.

  28. Holly Says:

    Hi Marla, the second and third paragraphs of my article briefly outline some of the major concerns about Tikkun’s teachings.

  29. Lance Wonders Says:

    The main problem I see with this whole discussion is the seemingly arbitrary way in which “NAR” is being explained. Because the Evangelical critics who attempt to characterize it tend to lump together all sorts of folk who do not themselves agree on many things (remember how Bill Johnson and Mike Bickle publicly argued about whether or not God “judges” today, prior to the Final Judgment?), the sins and errors of one leader or teacher are automatically — and unfairly! — then attributed to all. But taken in reverse, that would be like accusing all Evangelicals of believing in the baptismal regeneration of infants because Missouri Synod Lutherans do, or attributing a doctrine of double-predestination to all Evangelicals because some Christian Reformed and hyper-Calvinstic Presbyterians do…or that because many classic Dispensationists see anyone who rejects a pre-trib rapture as being “heretical”, that therefor all Evangelicals are, by definition, upholders of a pre-trib rapture. Golden Rule time, brothers and sisters: we need to treat one another the way that we ourselves want to be treated! Not all “NAR” folk believe in the errant doctrines sometimes found in the writings or recordings of Bill Hamon or Peter Wagner or Bill Johnson…or Brian Simmons or even, on occasion, Rick Joyner. Dan Juster is historically orthodox, and — as the main “theologian” of Tikkun — can be trusted to be SEEKING to be genuinely biblical, even if there are ongoing disagreements as to whether or not he (and Tikkun) always succeed. As a former Presbyterian pastor and teacher, I have known Dam for over 40 years and know his heart and his practical efforts at serving our Lord and promoting His Kingdom. Please do get to know him first before assuming the worst abut him! — Thank you! In Jesus/Yeshua, Dr. Lance Wonders, ACTS International Bible College, Blaine, MN USA

  30. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    Never forget we are often known by the company we keep and we are even warned about that, therefore with regard to one example – Dan Juster is a colleague and friend of Asher Intrater and what Intrater teaches is horrifying!

  31. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    Just as an aside but I am always suspect of people who need to ensure we know their full acaemic credentials and their website! Neither of which I have any need to flash!

  32. Lance Wonders Says:

    In debate, putting down one’s opponent as allegedly “unworthy” is called an “ad hominem” argument, and was disallowed in official debating circles long ago because it became a dodge from dealing with the merits of the arguments themselves. Dan’s book “Due Process” conveys his overarching concerns for biblical justice, accountability, and overall “fair play” in how we treat one another. Tikkun itself basically does mirror those same concerns as an organization. As for “alignment”, this simply means “agreeing together to love Israel and stand under Christ’s Headship in conformity, as best we understand them, to God’s Word in Holy Scripture and the present-day, practical leading of His Holy Spirit.” Because Dan readily admits that the alleged gifting of the ministry of “apostle” is a dispensable label — he would recognize people like Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, Billy Graham, Watchman Nee, and many others as God-granted “apostles” to the Church, to keep the Body headed in the right direction overall, even if they never sought to take on that label — therefore this is lightyears from being an attempted “dictatorship” within the Body. This is readily apparent to any who take the trouble to study what he actually teaches.

  33. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    I have and as somebody who managed to escape NAR I can assure you the more you dig into that which is not yet out in the open unless you know where to look the more heretical and horrible it looks. Just because I do not parade who I am, my credentials, where I live, who I work with, does not mean I do not know what I am talking about. Also this is not the forum for actually going into the cloaked details of Ingtrater’s plans.
    Whereas you, sir, have been completely taken in, sadly. I thank God for this virus because it got in the way of a meeting whose results would have seriously damaged the Body of Christ in Israel.

  34. Lance Wonders Says:

    If we look for flaws we can always find them anywhere we look long enough and hard enough. If, on the other hand, we step back and still see many good things, that does not “negate” the flaws, nor mean that we are “taken in”. I posed the problem in my original post here about it not being fair or righteous to impose one man’s errors on another man who works with him. Luther taught justification by means of faith in Christ alone — yet had problems of anti-semitism. Does that mean we must make it an “all or nothing” decision, to “like” him or “hate” him, “accept” his teachings or “dismiss” his wing of the Reformation altogether? NAR is a mixture of solid people and foolish people, astute and biblical thinkers and folk who wrongly assume that because they “have the Holy Spirit” that they therefore are almost always/automatically right. But there are many Evangelicals who diverge in both directions in the same way. I am not an expert on Keith Intrater’s teachings (he was Keith before he changed his name to “Asher”) but I do claim to be an expert on Dan Juster’s teachings — and Dan, not Keith, is the leading theologian in Tikkun. Dan is biblically orthodox, even though he can sometimes overstate things in his enthusiasm and hope for the future. But there is no way on earth or in Heaven that he is a heretic, ma’am. Again, you simply are not reading him thoroughly enough or accurately enough to understand him properly if you insist on thinking otherwise. That’s all I know to say, if you are open to receiving it? — Blessings in Yeshua, Brother Lance Wonders

  35. Michael Petek Says:

    Dan Juster’s propositions about what an apostle is are correct save that apostles are NOT made supernaturally by the Holy Spirit apart from election by one who is already an apostle – this is halakhically possible according to the law of shelichut/agency. However, none of the NAR apostles can plausibly claim apostolic succession as Catholic bishops do. Theyir lineage goes back to C Peter Wagner and no further. That in itself defeats their claim to be apostles of Jesus Christ.

  36. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    Brilliant although I have absolutely no idea what ‘halakhically’ means! Nor ‘shelichut/agency’! I loved the last sentence. Would this, do you think, apply to Eitan Shishkoff, Wayne Hilsdon, Tom Hess and Don Finto as well? Notr forgetting, of course the ‘great’ Ron Cantor!

  37. Spiros Simonides Says:

    Shlichut = apostleship.

    The modern day “restored” apostles are effectively self-authenticating. They validate (if you can call it that at all) their apostleship by appealing to other “apostles”. Problem is who validated the other “apostles”? It’s a chicken and egg kind of thing. In the NT however, real apostles were either directly appointed by Jesus (as were the Twelve) or validated by the Twelve in one way or another, even the one who was chosen by lot had to meet certain credentials -before he was accepted by the Twelve and by the Lord through the lot. Today’s “apostles” meet NONE of these credentials, not even one and this certainly applies to Tikkun/Revive and their so-called apostles as well. By the way if you feel like a good belly laugh, have a look at Ron Cantor and Patricia King discussing how to spin failed prophecies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uls4PEekCI

  38. lok Says:

    Has the NAR infected the Cuban church?
    I want to write the Body of Christ in Cuba and warn them about the NAR. Does anyone have any Spanish material I can mail?
    I want to warn the government about the NAR as well and tell them that these dangerous men are political enemies and see if it helps keep these evil men out of Cuba. Nothing would make me happier than to see the big name players of the NAR forbidden to enter Cuba.

    There is a secular university in Canada who is warning people about the NAR that is already in northern Canada taking over the aboriginal believers….So how do we help people stay away from these evil men?
    I have two friends steeped in the false teachings of the NAR, and I can’t convince them that the spirit they are fellowshipping with is not the Holy Spirit. One of my friends is
    The true Reformation is enemy number one because they won’t bow, and they want to completely undo what the Reformers did centuries ago….
    How can I best help?

  39. JE Says:

    Hello Holly. There are reports right now that the government of Israel is trying to shut down a Messianic Jewish channel for violating an anti-evangelism law.


    The channel in question is owned by GOD TV, which I’ve heard is part of the NAR movement. Do you have any comments about this?

  40. Holly Says:

    JE, thanks for bringing the news about GOD TV in Israel to my attention. The media reports are depicting God TV as an evangelical television network, yet many or most of its programs are produced by NAR leaders and organizations, such as Elijah List Ministries, Patricia King, and the International House of Prayer. Indeed, it is fair to describe it as a NAR network. I defend the rights of freedom of speech and religion for everyone, including those in NAR. I don’t agree with Israel’s efforts to silence the network. But let’s be clear: God TV does not represent historic or evangelical Christianity. Rather, it is spreading NAR teachings throughout the world, under the guise of promoting Christianity.

  41. Julia Pomeroy Says:

    Love your response Holly it saves me saying anything as your knowledge is even better than mine despite the fact my husband and I were seduced by this movement some years back.

  42. John Winlow Says:

    Hello Holly,
    I spent five years in Israel, and there were little congregations up and down the country even back in the ’80s. The goal should be unity in Christ Jesus or Yeshua if you prefer. But not at the expense of the clear teaching of Scripture on core issues like salvation and what it means to be born again or redeemed. There are many other peripheral issues on which we can agree to differ, as long as our heart’s desire is to follow Him and fellowship as a family. Incidentally can I ask why you don’t allow for ticks to show agreement with another person’s comment? I am sure you have reasons, but as an indicator of concensus it would be useful!

  43. Holly Says:

    John, I have no idea how to set up the site to allow “ticks” to show agreements with others’ comments. I’m not a tech person. But I am in the process of setting up a new site that should have increased functionality.

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