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Behind the music: The baffling views about God held by Bethel Music’s Amanda Lindsey Cook

I was baffled and dismayed by the responses in an interview the Christian Post conducted, in April, with Amanda Lindsey Cook, a prominent worship leader and songwriter with Bethel Music. The interview was about her most recent album, House on a Hill, and about what Cook was thinking about God as she wrote the songs for this album.

I was baffled because it is very difficult to make any sense of Cook’s words. And I was dismayed because she makes a number of statements about God that raise many serious questions, including, most basic, what is her view of God? You can read excerpts of her statements below, but the bottom line is she seems to have some very confused and unbiblical views of God.

Yet, despite her muddled and misleading statements about God, her music is very popular. Some of her songs that you may have heard include “You Make Me Brave,” “Closer,” and “I Will Exalt.” They’re played on Christian radio stations and sung in churches throughout the nation. But the combination of Cook’s half-baked theological views and the popularity of her music raises the question: does the songwriter’s viewpoint or intent matter when it comes to writing songs for others to worship God?

Consider that question as you read some excerpts from her interview, below.

Amanda Lindsey Cook’s peculiar statements about God

  • “Every day I increasingly felt like gravity and the great beyond, called God, was working in my favor.”
  • “I love this divine essence that we so commonly refer to as God. I think it becomes this common, almost familiar thing that it has connotations because we basically impose our belief system on whatever we think God is when we say the word ‘God.'”
  • “I love the names that this essence and this divine presence gives itself. In the Old Testament, where God describes themselves as ‘I am,’ also the name Yahweh, ‘the intake and the exhale of breath.'”
  • “It’s this common acknowledgment, this communal aspect of living, where we’re all connected, we’re all part of the common thread … to be connected at the source to this divine presence, this Christ consciousness…”

If that interview isn’t cause enough for concern, Amanda Lindsey Cook also teaches at Bethel Church in Redding, California, home to Bethel Music. Given her unclear and curious responses during the interview, one may wonder how she ever was approved to teach at any church, let alone one as large and influential as Bethel Church.

What’s the right response?

In light of this interview, I believe churches should reconsider their use of her music and any other music coming from Bethel Church (or elsewhere) that is written by songwriters with such a woefully deficient view of God.  As has been rightly noted by some people, the music Christians sing in church services has at least as great an impact on their theology as the sermons do. How many people go home after a service ends and keep singing the songs, long after they’ve forgotten the sermon? Theology is woven into hearts through music.

I believe that, contrary to what some have suggested, the intent of the songwriter does matter. It is popular in this postmodern era to say that the intent of a songwriter is irrelevant; what matters is only what the singer is thinking about when they sing the words. But this individualistic, 21st century notion fails to acknowledge the communal nature of a worship service. Specifically, it neglects the important and powerful purposes for communally declaring truth about God in song. But if a song’s lyrics are so theologically vague that anyone can import any meaning to them — God can be the force of “gravity” for some and “the intake and the exhale of breath” for others — then how can a congregation be unified in truth during their worship?

Some may make the assumption that, since their church is theologically sound in its teaching, then their congregation will sing the vaguely worded lyrics with a biblical view of God in mind — regardless of what the songwriter was thinking about when she wrote the lyrics. But this assumption is not safe to make in this age when errant theology abounds. It’s an especially faulty assumption when songwriters, including Cook, have gone on record publicly explaining the meaning behind their lyrics — a meaning that, theologically speaking, leaves much to be desired.

At the very least, worship leaders should occasionally spell out what they mean — and don’t mean — when singing certain lyrics, so there’s some level of the congregation staying on the same page. But how much better for a church to choose songs that are more precisely worded and are theologically accurate to begin with.

After all, if a songwriter’s intent isn’t important, then why not have churches sing any number of songs, secular included, that can evoke hazy notions of God, like “My Heart Will Go On” (by Celine Dion), or “All You Need is Love” (by the Beatles), or “How Deep is Your Love” (by the Bee Gees)?

The image of congregations singing their hearts out to the Bee Gees is, of course, ridiculous. Clearly, intent does matter.

About the author

Holly Pivec is the co-author of A New Apostolic Reformation?: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement and God’s Super-Apostles: Encountering the Worldwide Prophets and Apostles Movement. She has a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University

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51 Responses to “Behind the music: The baffling views about God held by Bethel Music’s Amanda Lindsey Cook”

  1. Janis Says:

    Keep sharing Holly ! So many need to hear the truth about false teachings, practices and music!!!

  2. John Says:

    Holly, Cook says, “I love this divine essence that we so commonly refer to as God. I think it becomes this common, almost familiar thing that it has connotations because we basically impose our belief system on whatever we think God is when we say the word ‘God.’”

    This is the AA higher power! Where is Christ the King? God help those young people at Bethel Redding.

    Thank you for your diligence.

  3. Sean Says:

    I’ve been researching the music of Bethel church Redding for 7 years because it was being used at a church I was attending at the time. I found many problems with the theology behind the music and with the things being said by their worship leaders. I found a video interview with Chris Quilala where he told of his coming to Jesus as happening when he started laughing uncontrollably at a youth camp. In the same interview he stated that the reason for their music was to bring people into the teachings of their church.

  4. Holly Says:

    Sean, do you happen to have a link to the video you referred to?

  5. Nadia Says:

    I truly feel like I have arrived home coming to this website. It’s such a blessing to see other believers testing and questioning especially the music industry that has really slipped under the radar of Biblical discernment. I have disconnected from their music a while now and warning others as well.

    I researched a bit, and recently found two Bethel worshippers casually joking about worship on their Instagram accounts which I found very sad. Amanda started laughing while she sang the song: “Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, as I walk upon the water…” She “tried” to walk on some flowing water (it seemed) during the video clip but couldn’t and started laughing.

    Another artist, Brian Johnson posted a photo of him behind the scenes of an upcoming worship concert saying: “getting ready to rock and roll tonight” What a sad approach to draw close and worship the King 🙁

    We have to be watchful. Times are changing and a lack of the love of Truth will lead to being handed over to a Spirit of deception (2 Thessalonians 2)

    Thank you for what you do Holly. I’ll be forwarding your email to everyone I can.

  6. John Says:

    Believe it or not, I’ve been in churches where the following songs were sung during the service:
    You Raise me Up by Josh Groban
    Let it Be by the Beatles
    Happy by Pharrel Williams

    I can’t help but think that many modern churches are in danger of becoming nothing more than night clubs.

  7. RebeccaLynn Dikeman Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been very concerned with Bethel and their music for some time. Frankly, the messages being promoted through much of today’s “Christian” music leaves me wondering just how long until we finally take notice of the wolves in sheep’s clothing who act, dress, and even sing like us? It’s no mistake that Lucifer had great musical abilities in Heaven. He too knows the power of it and we’d be wise to remember that. Thank you for another great post!

  8. Robin Says:

    The statements indicate a mixture of Christian and new age thought. She is probably reading a lot of esoteric type books and getting into contemptible (sorry- contemplative) prayer and all this “Christian mysticism” that so many Christians are seduced by these days. It is serious. If she is dabbling in that she will open herself up to that spirit. And that will come out in her ministry.I know because I’ve had experience of this in the past. It’s very, very seductive. Only by the grace of God I was delivered.

  9. Darryl Allen Says:

    I’m reminded of Cory Asbury’s “Reckless love of God”. Coincidentally, also from Bethel. All one has to do is define “reckless” (careless; Merriam Webster)and consider that he is assigning that attribute to a Holy God. In my view, God’s love comes in many forms and one of which is unconditional but “reckless” cannot be a view of God found anywhere in His word. Thanks Holly for insisting that we have the right view of God in the Christian music we listen to.

  10. Mo Says:

    I agree with Robin. I use to be highly influenced by Bethel many years ago.

    They are nothing but a cult, like the JW’s and Mormons and Catholics. (I use to be Catholic)

    Just because you put Jesus name on it doesn’t make it Christian.

    Checkout Lighthouse trails ministry (especially Warren Smith’s writings)

  11. Christian Says:

    I love singing old hymns, sign psalms to Express my love for God. Agreed that some of the wording is questionable, but words like Lucifer in the comment section are heartbreaking. I do enjoy a healthy dialog, but relentless criticism is not an acceptable way in the body of Christ. Many Christians seek unity in the body of Christ and ways to work towards John 17. A healthy dialogue is fruitful and provides room for correction, fairly loveless criticism is not only unbiblical, it is direct contrast to the unity in the body that Christ prayed for. Hope this will resonate in your next comment section and assessment of other articles, the young generation is leaving the church because of lack thereof.

  12. Carol Berubee Says:

    New Age, not Christianity.

  13. Alicia Lowery Says:

    Just because they use words that you don’t understand to express themselves does not mean they’re not walking with God or it’s new age. I recognize this as a religious spirit. The same spirit that the pharasees had when Jesus walked on earth. As followers of Christ we are supposed to test the spirit, what are the fruit of the spirit. Romans 5:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Do you not recognize the gift of the Spirit, the power of Joy, the power of his Peace,the Overflow of the Holy Spirit. The first time I heard a speaker from Bethel was at a conference. I didn’t know anything about their worship style or belief system. My life has never been the same since, the love, grace and Mercy speaker showed on stage left me speechless. They didn’t sound like my church, they didn’t dress like my church but they had the one thing so many so called Christian churches lack and that’s forgiveness, Grace and love for their brothers and sisters regardless of their nationalities or upbringings. The power and anointing of the Holy Spirit dwells at Bethel and all those who follow the scriptures. Even after all the false attacks,they stand they’re ground because God is their defender. I pray that our heavenly Father opens your eyes and gives you revelation and wisdom in the areas you lack or don’t understand. I pray also that you practice the pause before you attack the works of God.

  14. Evelyn Wells Says:

    Christians really really need to read the BIBLE. God’s Holy Word taken daily will keep you from errors and false beliefs. God is Almighty and full of Grace. Salvation happens when you believe in Him and accept Him as your Lord and Savior.
    God and His Word CANNOT be distorted to appeal to “young people”. What will their faith be established on if not Jesus Christ. What in this corrupt world is she talking about? Has she ever read the Holy Bible? Pray for her and Bethel to come to the truth of God’s Word.


    Thank God we still have the reminants who are discerning..we need to get to the place of prayer and ask the God to open the eyes of those who do not know any better.

  16. Gretta Harris Says:

    Oh my goodness! It makes my heart sad to read such negative comments about what God is doing at Bethel. Nothing i can say will change your minds, as im sure your intentions are good. But just like the”drive- by media, you have taken comments out of context and have failed to research the heart of these people. The Word of God reigns. And it reigns at Bethel.

  17. Mark Scheiderer Says:

    It used to be that heretics had the same vocabulary as Christians, but a different dictionary. Now they have a blatant New Age vocabulary, but remain in the Church …. and hardly anybody says anything. Today’s heretics are nothing more than demons wearing a Mr. Rogers mask.
    “Selfianity” has replaced Christianity in most churches.

    To Gretta Harris who posted above – 2 Corinthians 11 talks about “another Jesus, another Gospel, and another Spirit..” Bethel has all 3.

  18. Sean Says:

    Being actively apart of bethel, I appreciate how you shared your views. This is the first post that I have read concerning bethel that gave a point and did so in a Christian manner. All the rest of “discernment” stuff I’ve read has just been a bunch of fear mongering hype trying to receive people. T

  19. Deanna Joy Says:

    Alicia Lowery Says:
    June 21st, 2019 at 9:59 pm
    I recognize this as a religious spirit. The same spirit that the pharasees had when Jesus walked on earth.”

    I would offer the following to consider ~ “Pharisees spoke but did not DO” that is the message we are getting pounded with all the time. YOU don’t have to DO anything for GOD, He did it all!! This is so far from the truth of what is written in God’s word. The living to be feared and respected GOD of all creation expects reciprocated faithful obedient love just as Christ did when he walked this earth. Christ Jesus IS OUR EXAMPLE not our substitute.

    Alicia I agree with Mark Scheiderer ~
    June 22nd, 2019 at 12:13 pm
    It used to be that heretics had the same vocabulary as Christians, but a different dictionary. Now they have a blatant New Age vocabulary, but remain in the Church …. and hardly anybody says anything. Today’s heretics are nothing more than demons wearing a Mr. Rogers mask.
    “Selfianity” has replaced Christianity in most churches.

    I would offer for consideration ~ Self is the issue here ~ I have seen deception at it’s core from a man I married and was madly in love with ~ the core of the deception was SELF ~ and that is the same with BETHEL ministry ~ everything can look and sound great, but the lying prophecies and bewitching people into believing they are being healed or given a prophetic word for their life ~ I was at a BETHEL follower’s healing meeting and she prophesied 4 or 5 times about my body having certain ailments that I did not have ~ claiming that I must truly have an issue with the back of my throat because the SPIRIT never lies!! As if I am suppose to say, Oh, yeah, I’m sorry you were right I do have a problem with the back of my throat!” She later came over to me and said, “I really don’t want this child of yours to leave without receiving from you Father!” I left receiving TRUTH From my Father that I will never grace the doors or shadows of these people again ~

    What she was saying was, Let me try one more time and be right this time and then let the powers of hell that work in me for my own personal fame (because Satan will give you power to do signs and wonders for your names sake, he doesn’t care if you glorify him or not, he only cares that you DON”T GLORIFY GOD THE FATHER AND Christ Jesus, but yourself!! That is the issue at hand in American’ Christianity, all she wanted was for some manifestation of some sort to occur on me to prove she had heavenly power to make my body react to her false words of prophecy . . . Nope, out of there.

  20. Pat K. Says:

    Holly, I am curious, were you able to listen to the album in question? If so, what was your experience in comparison to the interview?

  21. Holly Says:

    Pat K., yes, I have read the lyrics of some of the songs and listened to some of them, as well. In my view, the lyrics lack precision and theological or biblical depth.

  22. Deanna Joy Says:

    I find there is a lot of emotion vs Truth ~ The word of God say’s His TRUTH is what set’s us free, not emotions that make us feel good about ourselves or secure that God loves us!!

  23. Alicia Lowery Says:

    This is to all the Amanda Cooks who are being attacked by other Christians. The enemy wouldn’t be fighting YOU this hard if you weren’t doing something RIGHT. Continue to walk in your purpose AND in your calling, continue to Love God, Love Others, Serve Others and share the gospel. God will use your voice to minister to believers as well as unbelievers. The reason so many churches are losing this generation is because of the religious spirit and devisive spirit. Remember GOD qualifies us NOT men. Do not get discouraged and continue to be reckless for Jesus!!

  24. Dave Ellis Says:

    The phrases she is using give away Bethel’s invovlvement with contemplative prayer, whose roots are in Eastern mysticism. So the fact that she starts speaking in terms of the Divine Essence, the God within in and all of us being connected together in some way. As a previous comment says, this is New Age, god-in-everything-and-everyone mush. It is no surprise, becaue Bethel don’t see the Bible as authorative.

  25. Carol Berubee Says:

    Alicia Lowery — you said, in defense of Amanda Cooks, “The enemy wouldn’t be fighting YOU this hard if you weren’t doing something RIGHT.”

    So, are you saying that Jesus was the enemy when He was rebuking the Pharisees; Paul was the enemy when he was warning us about the Judaizers and other false teachers; and Peter and Jude were the enemy when they warned us about false teachers, using “harsh” language and condemning the false teachers? Cuz only the enemy says “negative” things about professing Christians??

    Please re-read the NT and don’t skip over the “offensive” language you don’t like concerning false teachers. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Truth. Christians are created in Christ in righteousness and holiness of truth. Truth is paramount. We are to guard the truth and warn others about the false. It is love in action.

  26. Dave Ellis Says:

    One wonders if Alicia Lowery is a member of Bethel?

    Defending Bethelites or Johnsonites is actually standard form for people involved in the church and it’s associated ministries. Johnson himself refuses to acknowledge any criticism, and his followers and students have a similar attitude that people from Bethel are never in error – I speak from experience when challenging Hohnson’s teaching that Jesus was not God during His earthly ministry.

  27. Terry the Censor Says:

    Some perspective from a non-religious person:

    It should not be surprising that God will be imagined in a way that fits the personality of the individual believer. After all, nowadays God is generally thought of as formless — though the OT says he has hind parts. God is said to be all-knowing — though in the Garden of Eden he couldn’t find Adam. God is believed to be all-loving — though in the OT he is described as vengeful and he kills a whole lot of people.

    Mainstream Christianity has selectively picked and chosen what God is, despite what the Bible says, so that he is now a remote, formless essence. He is indeed more like gravity now than like a sentient being.

    > The enemy wouldn’t be fighting YOU this hard if you weren’t doing something RIGHT.

    This defence of Bethel is the exact reasoning I see on UFO and conspiracy blogs. It can be used to justify absolutely every form of lunacy.

    > “Love Is All You Need” (by the Beatles)

    That is not the name of the song.


  28. Karen Fairbanks Says:

    I’m not at all surprised that someone with her strange views of God is associated with Bethel. She fits right in there. That has to be one of the strangest “churches” out there. Very disturbing views, practices and beliefs. Music matters! And the lyrics are very important. If it does not have law and gospel, worship of my savior and what He has done for me, a worthless sinner, then I’m not interested in singing it on Sunday. I cringe when I hear people complain about the old hymns and want to sing contemporary music. No thank you. Some things need to stay the same.

  29. Angela Says:

    Hi Holly and all on here… Spotted that this same worship leader has also called Jesus an “enlightened master” on her Facebook as this article spotted:


    Further new age language and terminology…

    Maranatha, Angela

  30. Tyrone Flanagan Says:

    Dear Holly, Are you aware of the ministry of Andrew Strom and his website, Revival School? He left the NAR and has written some great exposes about it in his book
    “True and False revival”. Great insider stuff. J. Lee Grady a former NAR “apostle” has also penned some really good articles on
    proper biblical discernment for Charisma magazine. He is still well
    regarded in prophetic and charismatic circles and both of these men could be good allies to contact and try to cultivate relationships with. NAR folks dismiss you as a Biola based religious commentator but they can’t do this with Andrew Strom and J.Lee Grady. I live in the central coast of California and I would be open to hosting conferences in this area to provide an alternative to NAR events like Patricia King meetings. There is plenty of dissent within charismatic circles about the current NAR obsession with communing with angels. Both of the men that I have mentioned will have nothing to do with this. I believe that you should try to develop alliances with folks within the charismatic community that are well respected to form a united front in speaking to the NAR. Sincerely, Tyrone Flanagan
    . Sincerely, Tyrone Flanagan

  31. Kim Droptiny Says:

    I too was baffled by the interview and also thought it was a bunch of nonsense! You pulled out the right quotes that were VERY revealing about her heart and beliefs. Thank you for what you are doing. May the Lord protect you. I wonder if you receive a lot of negative back-lash?

  32. Diane Says:

    Thank you so much for doing the research on people, teachings, and music that some of us aren’t exposed to and can’t keep up with. Yet sites like this pop up when we feel the need to search, and I appreciate it!

    A couple of years ago I did a lot of research on the NAR but after immersing myself for several days, I’d had “enough.” (It can go on indefinitely!) Later I read Andrew Strom’s book, “Kundalini Warning,” and it summarized everything I researched and more, because he was deeply involved in the prophetic movement for years before coming out–so he has an insider’s perspective. His 4-part video series is easy to find online and gives a quicker overview.

    I thought I’d comment just so I can click “Notify me of new posts by email”…since I couldn’t quickly find a way to sign up for your mailing list! Thanks again, and stay strong in the Lord. 🙂

  33. Tyrone Flanagan Says:

    Dear Holly, Have you seen Rick Joyner’s comments about Paul Cain’s
    passing posted at Rick’s Rants? Rick wondered if Paul Cain was even saved when he died. Rick was one of the men who tried to restore Paul Cain after his gay trysts were revealed. A very sad thing to even post a video like that, and I was shocked that Rick Joyner actually did it. The sad story behind Paul Cain’s supposed celibacy vow to Christ graphically shows what believing a false vision can do to a man and his ministry. I don’t rejoice in any of what happened as Paul Cain was a gifted evangelist and revivalist who needed oversight and someone to tell him that his vision was obviously false. Sincerely in Christ, Tyrone Flanagan

  34. DeBeet Says:

    Amanda’s latest interview

    Amanda and the interviewer use Father, Son, Spirit and mother several times together . Mother in same description of the Trinity?

  35. Al Mariano Says:

    Three quotes were mentioned in this article. But, where and what exactly is the problem? Please amplify to be entirely clear.

  36. Jason Says:

    Thanks Holly. Have to say your site is amazing. People who are interested should check out this blog on Bethel’s Kim Walker Smith’s new song Insatiable (yeah, the title of the song tells you a lot).


  37. Jason Says:

    In response to Alicia Lowrey’s post: greetings and love in Christ and thank you, thank you, thank you.

    You finish your post: be reckless for Jesus.

    All I can say is thank you for confirming to me that inappropriate words in Bethel songs IS damaging and distorting the theology of those who listen to it.

    The fact you think recklessness is a Godly attribute (in fact it is better associated with Satan) proves the danger of songs like Reckless Love, even when other Christians tell me the word reckless ‘doesn’t matter’. Clearly you are proof that words do matter.

    God is NOT reckless and would be enraged to hear those words used in worship. He is in complete control. Reckless actions are NOT Christian and Bethel telling you that doing things without fear of the consequences is good is setting you up for a massive deception.

    It will soften you up to: easily surrender to FALSE spirits and to unite ‘recklessly’ with Catholicism and other fake religions.

    This is slightly ironic when the NAR bemoans the ‘religious spirit’. The Catholic Church is the most religious false church on Earth. It is worse than the Pharisees, but you are walking straight towards it, lead by Bethel and Hillsong and Alpha and many others.

    The artist is likely a nice, devout, heartfelt person and I expect you are too. With live, visit http://www.churchunitydeception.com with an open mind and a willingness to compare with scripture.

  38. Jason Says:

    Sorry for coming to this thread late. Just realised that the artist here is someone who created what, to me, was an extremely troubling, dark video for her comeback video. I know her back-story, but this song and video should massively concern anyone. Like Hillsong’s now deleted PEACE video and Elevation’s crazy glitchy and mystical intro video to the otherwise good Yahweh, this is NOT coming from a good place guys. In love, wake up:

    Here’s the video:

  39. Jason Says:

    To all mentioning Andrew Strom’s videos – yes, those are extremely important and show how the Toronto Blessing has literally spread like a virus. I only wish he did an update to show how it is infiltrating ‘normal’ churches through the backdoor through things like Alpha and is now edging towards many ‘church unity’ events promoting Catholicism.

    Visit http://www.churchunitydeception.com for extra context because that is where NAR is taking people. Accepting non-Christian Christianity, then other false religions.

    What staggers and saddens me though, is that when I send Andrew Strom links to Christian friends they say they are too horrible to watch, but they still won’t accept Bethel music is a problem!

    Being is denial is not acceptable and neither is ignoring the issue.

    A link to the video for those Bethel or NAR fans (Marcia and others, please, please check it out) to view and use to make up their own minds:

  40. Nicole Says:

    This is so so important. Every highlight you shared from her interview were sentences I read and just could not make any sense of. More and more, I have been hearing so much about this very topic. Bethel and the theology (or lack of) behind their music. And it’s something that needs to be continually brought to light. Thank you for sharing this.

  41. Diane Says:

    Alicia and Greta,
    I could not agree with you more, it makes me sad to see her attacked.
    My life has been transformed through her music in profound ways. I give all the credit to God. Not Amanda.
    And one of the reasons my life has been changed so profoundly, is because she is one worship leader who points to God, Jesus Christ and not herself. I have connected with God and commune with HIM directly through her music.
    She shares the gospel in a way that is practical and real and authentic.
    Maybe she uses words that sound new ages, but the heart of her message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She speaks truth and worships in a way that is beyond song. I have never experienced God in worship like I have as a result of spending hours listening to her music.
    She is humble, transparent and real,
    I also listened to two teachings by Amanda, “for the love of beauty” and “identity in Christ” I would highly recommend to these folks posting comments. I do test the spirit when i expose my heart to teaching and song.
    I say “sing on Amanda, sing on”

  42. kevin Says:

    well said, especially regarding the song-writer’s intent and the communal nature of worship. (Kinda wish I had thought of that). I deal with this issue all the time as a worship leader. Thanks for articulating those points.

  43. Marcia Says:

    Kevin, to be clear, your response here, is in agreement with Diane, Alicia, and Greta in support of Amanda Cook. Is that correct? Thanks

  44. Diane Says:

    I have listened to Amanda teach on Identity in Christ and For the love of Beauty, a teaching about worship.
    Her music and teaching has brought me CLOSER to Christ and has profoundly impacted my walk and life for the better.
    She may use wording that sound new agey to some, but she always, always references JESUS CHRIST and that there is no other name above HIS.,
    Sad she is being taken out of context and your quotes which leave out the essence of her speaking scripturally.

  45. Ruby Says:

    While i think Amanda cook is saved and has a relationship with God. I don’t think getting involved with Bethel was best for her. Really liked her music long before bethel. Was more Christian pop than worship , but quite beautiful. Even like some of the stuff from her earlier Bethel days. But seems Amanda as changed as she gotten more and more involvefd with Bethel ,and became confused. Hopefully one day we will see her leave Bethel , and go somewhere more bible based and share that message again.

  46. Pat Says:

    Holly, thank you for your diligence in exposing the fraud that the NAR/Bethel/Bill Johnson is. After coming to the Lord 33 years ago out of the New Age movement the Lord has been showing me how this spirit is infiltrating and influencing the church at large through their mixture of unbiblical teaching and through their music. Look no farther than the Bible to understand who Lucifer was before the fall to understand the influence he has through music. Praying for eyes to open and for ears to hear what the True Spirit of God is speaking to the church. God bless you!

  47. Ian Says:

    So very true. I find Holly Pivec’s comments very helpful and I wish that I had somebody like her around when I was led astray by NAR affiliated groups. They are very dangerous.

  48. Jordan Tyler Coldiron Says:

    Now why do u think Steffany Gretzinger left Bethel Church? I’ll answer that it’s full of heresy… Grave soaking.. Their own translation that supports their odd doctrines… Not to mention the health and wealth preaching and dominionism.

  49. Roberta Anderson Says:

    I have been researching the NAR and Bethel for the last year. This is definitely what is described in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 . This in infiltrating our churches . Be very aware. Very subtle. A couple of excellent books: why the reformation still matters. Michael Reeves & Tim Chester. Also Second coming of the new age by Steven Bancarz & Josh Peck. Costi Hinn also has something to say about the NAR on YouTube check it out . We are definitely in the last days and need to expose this heresy

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