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holly on the unknown webcastOn Tuesday I was interviewed about the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) on the Unknown Webcast. This is my second interview on this webcast, which is produced by Midwest Christian Outreach. Topics that came up during the interview include my recent appearance at the Religion New Association conference in Nashville. We discussed some troubling NAR teachings, including the attempt of NAR leaders to characterize their movement as an outworking of the 16th century Protestant Reformation. And NAR prophecies were also addressed. You can watch the webcast here.


Holly Pivec is the co-author of A New Apostolic Reformation?: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement and God’s Super-Apostles: Encountering the Worldwide Prophets and Apostles Movement. She has a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University.

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4 Responses to “Watch my new interview on the Unknown Webcast”

  1. Jeff Diedrich Says:

    I have read your book on the NAR and was interested if you had any student manual notes or teacher notes that go with this?
    I wanted to teach a course on this topic for about 12 weeks to help warn our church people regarding this movement.
    Any help you could offer me would save me time from writing my own material. Thanks.
    Jeff D

  2. Holly Says:

    Jeff, yes, we do have a study guide we produced to go along with the condensed version of our book, God’s Super-Apostles. See it on Amazon here: I’m glad to hear you’re teaching a class. Let me know how it goes.

  3. Deb Says:

    Hi Holly,

    I just watched your discussion with Midwest Christian Outreach on the NAR. A local counselor has a ministry which is following the five-fold, NAR teaching. I had been involved in that ministry for a little bit and am thankful that, our Lord has led me to your web-site and books. I have had a lot of questions about the apostle and prophet aspect of the NAR as their prophecies don’t line up with Scripture. Neither does their thought that they are responsible for ushering in the end times…it seems that the NAR have not studied the book of Revelation. I see similarities in this thought process of the NAR with the apostolic Islam teaching…that they are responsible for ushering in the end times. Very disheartening and disturbing.

    I miss the folks who are involved in the ministry mentioned above, including the leader. There is some Truth taught there, but I am not willing to mix the Truth with heresy. My friends there are not open to any criticism of the five fold ministry…but they are wonderful, caring and loving folks.

    Thank you for your courage and wisdom in speaking out…speaking the Truth inl love,


  4. Holly Says:

    Deb, thanks for your encouraging words and also for sharing your own experiences with NAR and those who embrace its teachings.

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