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The Bible Project

September 27th, 2017 | 5 Comments | Posted in Developing Discernment, Miscellaneous

bible project logoI recently learned about The Bible Project — a non-profit, crowdfunded creative studio located in Portland, Oregon, that produces terrific short-form, fully animated videos to make the Bible’s message more widely accessible. They’ve made videos about every book of the Bible as aids to help people read through the books themselves. They’ve also made videos about important themes in the Bible, such as God’s holiness or the image of God. They’re currently producing a series of videos on how to read the Bible and biblical word studies.

The videos are viewable on their YouTube channel, where they’ve had over 30 million views across 229 countries, and have over half a million subscribers.

The Bible Project was started by two friends. Jonathan Collins is a writer and creative director, and has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Multnomah University. Tim Mackie is also a writer and creative director  and has a Ph.D. in Semitic Languages and Biblical Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mackie wrote his dissertation on the manuscript history of the book of Ezekiel, with a focus on the Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls. He’s also a professor at Western Seminary and served as a teaching pastor for many years.

I’m impressed with the quality of the videos as well as the biblical scholarship behind them. The videos, and the accompanying study guides, will help you learn to better understand the Bible and read it in its historical context — which is crucial if you don’t want to fall into the errors of interpretation made by leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and other wayward groups (such as the NAR prophet James Goll’s misinterpretation of Luke 7:44).

If you’re looking for a plan to help you read through the Bible in a year–with videos to  give you the important background information and jazz things up–check out their reading plan (scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can download the daily reading plan, sign up for a weekly e-mail, or download the Reading Scripture App.


Holly Pivec is the co-author of A New Apostolic Reformation?: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement and God’s Super-Apostles: Encountering the Worldwide Prophets and Apostles Movement. She has a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University.

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5 Responses to “The Bible Project”

  1. Vincent Artale Jr Says:

    I appreciate your bog Holly!! Also, looking forward towards listening to your upcoming interview with Dr. Mike Heiser!! 🙂

  2. Holly Says:

    Thanks Vincent! I’m looking forward to the interview, too.

  3. arnold smith Says:

    I just took a peak at the bible project. Didn’t have much time to review the videos but I will later. I think it is a good thing that you included this info in your blog, as you are not just about exposing error but also trying to help us all find good resources for truth. Thanks Holly!

  4. Laura Says:

  5. Michael Says:

    I have used TBP materials for devotionals for several months.  IMO it is mainstream evangelical and geared for how we think in our current culture.  I support them monthly.  I love the graphics.
    For our devotionals, we follow the one year plan and include the intro videos (absolutely awesome).  For a playlist using the VLC player, I begin with the videos, then add chapters of Scripture with “dramatic” audio (we follow the audio in our Bibles).  At the end, I sometimes will throw in a short  apologetic video clip…or related…then we have discussion…and close with prayer.  My boys have their digital bibles “open”…or sometimes their hard copy.  Dad uses digital while mom a hard copy.  Total time is about 20 minutes.

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