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New NAR group to keep your eyes on: The International Coalition of Prophets

ICAL and ICOPThe International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders is the world’s largest network of New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) apostles, with hundreds of members from many nations. When I was on their website recently, I noticed a link to a newly formed group, the International Coalition of Prophets.

This group of prophets has formed an alliance with the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders and, thus, shares their “4 R vision”: Restoration of the Church, Reconciliation, Revival, Reformation. Here’s the International Coalition of Prophets mission statement, found on their website.

We are an alliance of Five-fold ministers operating in the gift of the Prophet from Ephesians 4:11-12, that have chosen to walk in covenant relationship with one another and in alignment with the Apostolic movement.

Our primary interest is the restoration of the office gift of the Prophet and the gift of prophecy back into the church with character, integrity and proper biblical protocol. We are in alignment with the Apostolic movement and with the other Five-fold office giftings: the Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist.

We believe in proper order, protocol, alignment and accountability in the Body of Christ, and in accordance with this, our movement is: Prophetically Influenced and Apostolically Led.

To become a member of this coalition, an individual must receive an invitation and complete the application found on the website here. They also must pay an annual membership fee that ranges from $300 to $350 per person.

Interestingly, when one becomes a member of the International Coalition of Prophets they automatically also become a member of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. I’m not sure of the rationale for this. Does being a prophet automatically make one an apostle, in the view of these groups?

To understand the significance of this new coalition of prophets, it helps to understand a common practice in the NAR — that’s the practice of apostles and prophets teaming up (sometimes referred to as “hitching” themselves together in ministry). The reason for this practice is that, in the NAR, the prophets receive new revelation, and the apostles interpret the revelation and then strategize about how to implement it in the churches that are in their networks. For example, many NAR prophets have received revelation about the importance of establishing 24/7 prayer rooms to bring God’s kingdom to earth. NAR apostles have then taken that revelation and implemented it by urging the churches and ministries that come under their authority to establish 24/7 prayer rooms.

This practice explains why the International Coalition of Prophets would be formed to come alongside and support the work of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

Since the prophets typically receive the revelation, some may say they’re the true force in the NAR. That’s why I think you should keep your eyes on this coalition.


Holly Pivec is the co-author of A New Apostolic Reformation?: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement and God’s Super-Apostles: Encountering the Worldwide Prophets and Apostles Movement. She has a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University.

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15 Responses to “New NAR group to keep your eyes on: The International Coalition of Prophets”

  1. Carolyn Vosburg Says:

    Is there a list anywhere of those who are members?

  2. Holly Says:

    I didn’t see a list, Carolyn. I was looking for one, too.

  3. Joaquin W. Garcia Says:

    Creo que seria de gran interes para muchos ministros del area hispana de America conocer estos comentarios apologeticos de este falso movimiento apostolico – profetico.En mi caso poseeo en nuestro Instituto Biblico Internacional una asignatura dedicada en el tercer nivel sobre la apostacia del siglo 21.Yo leo ingles perfecto pero mi ingles escrito es incompleto,otros colaboradores y mi esposa si lo hablan y escriben.Existe mucha necesidad en el area hispana con relacion al conocimiento contemporaneo  de estos falsos movimientos.La NRA es como la Iglesia Apostolica Romana a partir del 325 a.c.,lento pero esta abarcando mucho terreno.Piense en esto,ore y Dios le respondera.El es un Dios abarcador.Admiro su fe y su valentia en defensa de la fe.Siempre existe alguien que le pueda traducir al espanol su informacion.J.W.Garcia

  4. Bill (cycleguy) Says:

    IMHO ANYTHINGwhich comes out of the NAR needs to have anathema printed upon it. This is pure poppycock and reeks of nepotism and cultish thought and behavior.

  5. Chris Says:

    I find it very interesting that one of ICAL’s coalition partners is Pure Flix (listed under the Alliances tab at the ICAL website). Pure Flix ads frequently find their way into the Facebook streams of anyone who regularly clicks on religion-themed FB pages. If anyone previously had any doubts about the real mission of Pure Flix, this ought to more than confirm those doubts.

  6. Loes Tam Says:

    Thanks for your update on this coalition of prophets. Unfortunately these apostles and prophets are having a great influence in Asia…..


  7. Nellie Says:

    They have become very secretive of who belongs. Seemingly, the only way to compile some list is see who is affiliated with the “big names” (Pierce, Jacobs, Cho, etc.). Some will be surprised, some all knows.  
    My guess is anyone who is prosperity minded, Word of Faith doctrine, and those associated with Charisma may and/or Elijah’s List.

  8. Bob Tuttle Says:

    I took a look at both of the websites (ICAL & ICOP), and found some interesting things. On the ICAL website are a couple of articles defining exactly what an “Apostle” is according to them. Not surprisingly, the ICAL definition of Apostle and the Bible’s definition of Apostle, are two completely different things. I also found a nice little “disclaimer” on the ICOP site, that states their “prophets” are “not to be considered the ‘perfect’ or ‘total’ word or revelation on the subject of the prophetic or prophetic movement. ICOPs encourages individuals to seek other sources of information and not rely on ICOPs as a complete source of prophetic information.”

    In other words, their disclaimer states their prophets are false prophets. This is the only true thing on their website!

  9. Jane Says:

    All these ‘Prophets’ will say that God gave them a new prophecy to tell us all about….but that will be a lie, because we won’t be able to find it in the Bible, and the Bible is what God gave us to compare to what mere men say so we can know if they’re lying to us or not.  These ‘Prophets’ are all false, just making money off God…using God for their own greed.

  10. John Thomley Says:

    Nellie, here is a link to some of the leaders. You are right, they have become secretive but that is because Holly has been doing such a great job of shining the light of truth on them.


    This list may be an oversight, I’ve taken a picture of it in case it disappears.

  11. Carolyn Says:

    No list still?

  12. Holly Says:


    I spoke with John Kelly, the current head of ICAL, and he told me they don’t make the list publicly available to protect their members who are working in countries where Christians face persecution.

  13. Jenny Says:

    The man on the left is Russ Moyer from Hamilton Canada.CAme up from the USA. He is CEO of Eagle World Wide Ministries…totally NAR . ALso leader of International Coalition of Prophets…BEWARE!

  14. Kaj Says:

    I would also like to see a list of ICPL members. Have you found one, yet? I understand the need to keep persecuted Christians safe, but I also think their membership and networks are kept hidden for other reasons.

    The most recent list of ICAL members I could find is from 2009: http://www.psa91.com/resource/ica.pdf
    Outdated, but still illuminating.

    There are lots of issues in the KC area with the NAR. I would love to see a “family tree” of how all the alliances, alignments, networks, coalitions, and coverings connect to and relate with each other.

    Thanks for your important work, Holly!

  15. Bill Says:

    Yes Jenny, Russ and Mave Moyer run EWWM. Miguel Simon is the VP.
    They have Joanna and Derek Adams as “pastors” in Ancaster and John and Victoria Irving of TGPOA.
    I’ve left the movement due to a serious financial burn in the process of their building an “Apostolic resource center”.
    Many questionable ministries are promoted such as Joshua Mills and Joan Hunter… false teaching on angels, deliverance and glory, etc…
    At one of their summer camps in Copetown, a fellow died and the preacher demanded everyone keep their attention on the preaching while paramedics tried to save the poor man.
    They’re big on “sowing your seed in fertile soil”
    The other fellow in the picture is John Kelly.

    In the process of detoxing from their false doctrine as I was shunned for questioning the reliability of their false “prophetic words”
    Blessings to one and all!

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