Hot off the press: ‘Study Guide for God’s Super-Apostles’

final cover for study guideI’m pleased to announce that our Study Guide for God’s Super-Apostles has just been published. Check it out here at Amazon.

I haven’t posted many articles on my blog in recent weeks because I’ve been working hard on completing this study guide with my co-author, Doug Geivett. We’re convinced that this study guide is an important tool for helping people understand the NAR and its harmful teachings.

NAR has been growing at an alarming rate, despite its serious distortions of Christianity. When I first started researching this movement, about 15 years ago, it had primarily gained a foothold in Pentecostal and charismatic churches. Indeed, many Pentecostal leaders are very concerned about NAR and have endorsed our books. But, today, NAR teachings are found not only in Pentecostal and charismatic churches. They’ve infiltrated a growing number of more traditional churches. This is happening not just in the United States, but throughout the world. I’m regularly contacted by people in other countries who’ve become concerned about NAR entering their churches–to such an extent that video teachings by U.S. NAR apostles, like Bill Johnson, are being shown in place of the Sunday morning sermons. The NAR movement has reached a tipping point.

Those of us who are concerned about NAR must use whatever influence we have to stem its tide. If you can lead a group study of any sort–a church small group, Sunday School class, men’s or women’s class, or Bible study–consider using this study guide together with its companion book, God’s Super-Apostles. It’s also great for individual study. Families should consider using it to inoculate their older children, who will be especially vulnerable to NAR teachings when they leave the nest and are actively targeted by NAR organizations.

It’s going to take a movement to stop this movement.

Here’s the description from the back cover.

Do God’s prophets and apostles walk the earth today?

Many popular teachers say yes, including Bill Johnson from Bethel Church (Redding, California), Mike Bickle from the International House of Prayer (Kansas City, Missouri), and Rick Joyner from Morningstar Ministries (Fort Mill, South Carolina).

But when examined in the light of Scripture, their teachings about prophets and apostles fall short.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably encountered the fast-growing religious movement involving these and other teachers—the New Apostolic Reformation. The New Apostolic Reformation is led by men and women who claim to be modern-day prophets and apostles. They seek to bring God’s kingdom to earth through their new revelations, miraculous powers, and novel practices like “Treasure Hunting,” “Sozo ministry,” “24/7 prayer rooms,” and “schools of supernatural ministry.” Some groups embrace all of these, others only some.

Designed for individuals or groups, this study guide—used with the full-length companion book, God’s Super-Apostles—will help you understand this bewildering movement. You’ll learn what New Apostolic Reformation leaders teach about topics like apostles, prophets, spiritual warfare, demons, and miracles. You’ll learn how their teachings about these topics deviate from historic Pentecostal and charismatic teachings. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to respond to their teachings with Scripture. It will also guide you in developing personal strategies for countering the New Apostolic Reformation’s growing influence.


Holly Pivec is the co-author of A New Apostolic Reformation?: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement and God’s Super-Apostles: Encountering the Worldwide Prophets and Apostles Movement. She has a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University.

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20 Responses to “Hot off the press: ‘Study Guide for God’s Super-Apostles’”

  1. Luke Says:

    Hi Holly,

    I’m just curious if you consider yourself a charismatic or believe the gifts of the spirit are in operation today?

    I ask because I believe they are but I also completely reject the NAR, dominionism etc. I’m finding an increasing number of Christians who still believe that God heals the sick or can speak prophetically but also reject the teachings of Bethel, IHOP, NAR, etc. I’m encouraged by it- many of these people went down that path for a season and saw the damage caused and the errors preached.


  2. Holly Says:


    In our books, we’re very careful to explain that the question of whether or not the miraculous gifts of the Spirit are for today has no bearing on the arguments we make against NAR. NAR teachings about the present-day offices of apostle and prophet are entirely different from teachings about the miraculous gifts.


  3. Ron Says:

    And now they are holding a conference at Wolf Furtick’s “church”.  Little Stevie continuing to slide into the gutter.

  4. AriseMyLove Says:

    Holly: Looks like a welcome undertaking to the serious NAR plague.

    I echo the sentiments of the poster “Luke”…

    Whether the gifts are for today or not has complete bearing on the NAR topic; in fact, this is how the NAR itself dismisses its critics… by saying “they don’t believe in the gifts, therefore they are in error and cannot judge what we are doing.”

    I wrote on this blog a while ago that one needs to at least be open to believing the gifts are today in order to tackle the NAR.  This is because you need gifts of discernment of spirits etc. in order to see what they are doing. 

    Finally, since Jesus says that the Enemy will employ all matter of supernatural signs and wonders in order to deceive the Elect if possible, it behooves all Christians to really understand what it means to be equipped in the Spirit.

  5. kadri liisa Says:

    I as still distant nar member am curious to know what you have written. I realky hope to see this book as ebook because shipping to estonia is very expensive.

  6. Holly Says:

    Kadri, our plan is to eventually create an e-book.

  7. Doug Evans Says:

    Isn’t it amazing to see how the Holy Spirit works! Since the beginning of the year I and other bloggers have been able to write about nothing but discernment. Now lately I’ve been seeing Amos 8:11-12 popping up in several places and then suddenly your study guide comes up available. Of course I ordere it and Guide for God’s Super-Apostles this morning
    God bless you and keep doing the good work as our Lord and Savior demands – Ephesians 5:11 – Romans 16:17-18 – Jude 20-23
    “If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go unwarned and unprayed for.” – Charles Spurgeon

  8. Holly Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Doug!

  9. Terry Caturano Says:

    Dear Holly, I am so glad to read about the publication of your new study guide to God’s Super Apostles.  I posted your announcement on facebook with the hope that some of my friends who are involved in the NAR will read the book and even get together for a study/discussion group.  My husband and I were in an Assembly of God Church for 38 years.  We raised our children there and participated in many ministries within the church.  Several years ago a new pastor came in and little by little he led the church into errors, first with the prosperity health and wealth “gospel,” and then we had a 19 week “revival” with a prophet.  After that, the church focused almost entirely on signs and wonders.  We had our own “apostle,” our own “prophet” who came several times a year and led revival meetings.  We opened Healing Rooms, and had a Cleansing Stream ministry.  We brought in evangelists who got us out into the community to “share the gospel” inviting the people to come to church and get free gifts, turkeys for Thanksgiving, etc.  Then we got our own “revivalist.”  The church changed its name.  During this period, we talked to the pastor a number of times to share our concerns about the church getting into some serious errors or emphases.  Only after reading your “A New Apostolic Reformation” were we able to “connect the dots” and see that all the new things that were disturbing us had a common source, and it was tied together by the NAR.  Further study revealed that the source behind most of the errors of Joel’s Army and Elijah generation came from the Latter Rain Movement and the “Manifest Sons of God” heresy.  I pray that your new book can be instrumental in beginning a study group here and, by the working of the Holy Spirit, lead some of our dear friends out of this error and into all truth.

  10. Holly Says:

    Terry, thanks for your encouraging words about our book and study guide. I’m so glad the book helped you and your husband connect the dots. Please let me know if your friends have a study about the NAR and how it goes.

  11. Terry Caturano Says:

    Several responded with interest to my facebook posting about the study guide, and hopefully we will get a study going as soon as I can get the study guides.  I tried to order and they were not yet listed with CBD.  Your books helped us connect the dots, ask some pertinent questions of our pastor about the direction of the church–to which the answers seemed to be not entirely honest. The majority of the people there seemed to accept the new doctrines without a problem   So, because we didn’t want to stir up division, we left the church after speaking to the pastor.  That was rather traumatic, as this had been our beloved church home for 38 years.  We began attending another church and feel relief in getting away from the constant assault by heretical NAR guest speakers and prosperity doctrine on steroids.  But I still want to do something to help others see the problems with these errors.  I pray your book and study guide will be a solution.

  12. Holly Says:

    Terry, I’m glad that others are interesting in doing a study. The quickest place to buy the study guide would probably be online at Amazon. See it here. It’s also available at Barnes and Noble here. Let me know how the study goes!

  13. kadri liisa Says:

    I just ordered it from as it might be cheaper by that way. I am just curious.

  14. kadri liisa Says:

    I ordered it via and it was quite cheap. 8,16€. I will receive in one or two two from that shop. It is already in their storage.

  15. Terry Caturano Says:

    We just started a group study of “God’s Super Apostles,” using the book and the new study guide.  We began with 5 members in the group, and 2 others interested who were unable to attend our first meeting.  We had a very interesting initial discussion as some members shared their experiences in NAR churches and “prophetic” conferences.  Looking forward to getting deeper into the book and praying that we will learn ways of exposing the ERRORS of this movement without seeming to attack the PEOPLE who are deceived by them.  All of us have friends or family members who are still in NAR churches or deeply influenced by NAR books and leaders.  It is almost impossible for a pentecostal or charismatic to find a church home that is NOT under the influence or formal submission to NAR “Apostles” and “Prophets”.
     I am perplexed at how my husband and I, who had been leaders and Bible teachers,  stayed in a church that was sinking deeper and deeper into this movement for as long as we did!  It was your book, “A New Apostolic Reformation” that allowed us to “connect the dots” between all the various new ideas, people and activities that originated in this movement.  We often left church upset or feeling confused… The descent under the dominion of the NAR accelerated when our Assembly of God Church, where we had been members over 30 years, held a 19 week revival with a Prophet, and after that, began holding classes to teach people how to prophesy.  Leaders in various ministries were replaced with younger more easily controlled leaders.  Youth retreats were always with NAR influenced leaders such as RAMP, IHOP, Bethel-affiliated, or Hamon’s Florida based Christian International Ministries.  Books and DVDs by Bill Johnson and other Bethel affiliates, Dutch Sheets, Norvel Hayes, Peter Wagner, and Randy Clark and other Prophets like Graham Cooke, Alice Smith, Cindy Jacobs were promoted, sold in the bookstore and studied in classes.  Our group is hoping to deprogram ourselves from any remaining imbedded errors that came from the ideas and “impartations” received and practiced in this movement.

  16. Holly Says:

    Terry, thanks for sharing your background and experiences with the NAR entering your church. Please keep me updated on how the study goes.

  17. Terry Caturano Says:

    Thank you, Holly.  I will be glad to update you about how our study goes.  Our purpose in this study is both support for those who have been confused and disillusioned by being in the NAR church we left, and information/warning for others who have been drawn to many of the ideas and practices of NAR.  So thankful for the work you are doing in research, writing and your blog.

  18. Mickey Says:

    Holly  Some of your evaluation of the so called NAR movement is understandable and some of it is very misguided. Of the people I know in this category, All have solid orthodox theology on the fundementals of the faith. No movement or denomination in church history has been perfect because they are made up  of imperfect people who have been redeemed by a perfect Saviour.  You are in fact slandering other born again christians and ministries.

  19. Rusty Says:

    Hi Holly,

    Only tangentially related to this post, but, by any chance, are you and Doug planning on translating any of your books into Spanish? There seem to be more and more Spanish-speaking churches in Florida (some that are only nominally charismatic) that are being influenced by apostolic networks. Being able to give them a copy of one of your books in their native language would be extremely helpful.


  20. Holly Says:

    Rusty, we would love to have our books translated into Spanish. Others have also told us that would be helpful. If you have any leads or contacts who could help make that happen, please let me know.

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