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What’s up with the National Day of Prayer?

National Day of PrayerChurches across the nation are gearing up again to take part in the National Day of Prayer on May 5. Last year, I reported that New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) teachings and practices have made inroads into the National Day of Prayer and asked the question, “Has the National Day of Prayer been hijacked by the NAR?”

Unfortunately, this year, the NAR appears to have gained more ground in this event. The National Day of Prayer Task Force teamed up with Generals International–an influential NAR organization led by the controversial prophet Cindy Jacobs–along with NAR leaders Dutch Sheets and the prophet Lou Engle for an initiative called “As One.” As One is a massive “prayer walk” across every zip code and neighborhood in the nation. Participants are praying for “revival” and “awakening.”

So, what’s the problem?

Prayer for our nation–of course!–is biblical and a very good thing. But one must understand that, in the NAR, terms like “prayer,” “revival,” and “awakening” are loaded with meaning that most others, who are not part of the NAR, aren’t aware of. In NAR terms, prayerwalking is not just an innocuous practice of walking through your neighborhood and asking God to save the people who live there. NAR “prayerwalking” is a spiritual warfare strategy when participants team up to walk neighborhoods, cities, and campuses and engage in a type of NAR prayer known as “warfare prayer”–commanding demonic spirits to leave those places. They also make authoritative “faith declarations.” These are not simply humble requests that God do something–the view of prayer held by most Christians. They’re spoken words, often wrested from Scripture, that supposedly release God’s power and create new realities–like the way God spoke things into existence. This is a radically different understanding of prayer. Learn more about faith declarations and warfare prayer, including why they’re not biblical, in my first post about the NAR-tional Day of Prayer?.

Probably not all participants in the As One prayer walk know of the NAR teachings that undergird it. But the NAR organizers certainly do. And prayerwalking is a gateway activity that opens up people to deeper involvement with the NAR.

So why has the National Day of Prayer partnered with NAR organizations? If you’re concerned about these developments, let your church leaders and others know of your concerns.

Learn more about the New Apostolic Reformation by reading my two co-authored books: A New Apostolic Reformation?: A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement (an in-depth examination of NAR claims) and God’s Super-Apostles (a beginner’s introduction to the movement).

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4 Responses to “What’s up with the National Day of Prayer?”

  1. Sandy Simpson Says:

    The NAR took over the agenda of the Natiaon Prayer Day long ago.  The World Prayer Center of C. Peter Wagner based out of Ted Haggard’s former church, New Life Church in Colorado, has been setting the aganda for the NPD sin the nineties.

  2. Mark Scheiderer Says:

    Although not well known, one of the sources for some of the unorthodox practices of the NAR is Gwen Shaw (deceased) , leader of the End Time Handmaidens and Servants cult (http://www.eth-s.com) , and author of “Redeeming The Land”, which influenced many of the NAR “prayer” practices. Like C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, and Rick Joyner, Shaw was a member of the National Council of Prophetic Elders. A few years before her death in 2013, Joyner invited her to speak at a Mother’s Day event at Morning Star. Joyner himself was a youth leader at the cult’s annual summer World Convention in the late ’70’s.
    The apostasy of the NAR is bad in and of itself, but the fact that some of that apostasy is derived from the teachings of a cult leader makes it all the more abominable. Godspeed to all efforts to expose these counterfeits.

  3. Hope Wingo Says:

    Holly, I reblogged this on http://1way2yahweh.wordpress.com .  Hope it’s OK.

  4. Holly Says:

    Thanks for spreading awareness of the NAR, Hope!

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