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Ted Cruz touts endorsement from NAR leader Mike Bickle

CruzThe Cruz for President campaign announced, on Thursday, that Ted Cruz received Mike Bickle’s endorsement. For those who don’t know, Bickle is the founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri–a leading organization in the controversial New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). But the campaign did not mention Bickle’s leadership in the NAR. They described the International House of Prayer (IHOP) as simply an “evangelical missions organization based on prayer.”

Sounds innocuous. But the description is misleading. Is it possible that Cruz’s team actually believes IHOP represents mainstream evangelicalism, and they don’t know about its affiliation with the NAR?

I find such a scenario unlikely. They certainly would have researched Bickle to make sure his endorsement would not be a liability to the campaign. Bickle’s participation in the NAR can be discovered with a simple Google search. And one thing makes me think they know Bickle’s teachings might not represent mainstream evangelicalism. The list of Bickle’s books, contained in the campaign’s press release, did not include Growing in the Prophetic–probably his biggest seller. Why no mention of this particular book? Did they exclude it because it promotes overt NAR theology, including a present-day office of prophet filled by men and women who receive a “regular flow of divine revelation” and exert extraordinary authority in the church? Instead they listed other books with more traditional sounding titles like “Passion for Jesus” and “Growing in Prayer”–nothing that would raise evangelical eyebrows.

It seems the campaign is aware of Bickle’s connection to the NAR, but not overly concerned about it. Any misgivings may have been allayed by the fact that a growing number of mainstream evangelicals have accepted speaking engagements at IHOP.

Whatever the case may be, the campaign’s touting of Bickle’s endorsement reveals how influential this particular NAR leader has become and shows that the NAR has grown into a significant political force.

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4 Responses to “Ted Cruz touts endorsement from NAR leader Mike Bickle”

  1. Al Says:

    It is easy to overlook the appeasing Israel/ADL component here. The traditional Christian Zionist support base is shifting towards the NAR. I think that Cruz doesn’t care about NAR thinking but that he really wants to be sure that he stays cosy with CUFI etc.

  2. Bruce Wilson Says:

    I find this notable for a range of reasons. One is the fact that back in 2008, when I pointed out anti-Jewish statements by Texas pastor John Hagee – whose political endorsement GOP presidential nominee John McCain had aggressively sought, McCain renounced Hagee’s endorsement (after media picked up on Hagee’s 2005 sermon in which pastor Hagee identified Hitler and his Nazis as divinely sent “hunters” who fulfilled God’s will.) John Hagee had claimed that, per Jeremiah 16:16, God will one day send more such “hunters” to persecute the Jewish people.

    Mike Bickle promotes a virtually identical eschatological scheme (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpRV0spflIE  at 5 minutes, 50 seconds into video.) Now, however, it would seem that the Overton Window may have lurched so far that Ted Cruz’ enthusiasm for Bickle’s endorsement has so far provoked no controversy at all.

  3. Gretchen C. Nelson Says:

    Couldn’t figure out why an ‘evangelical’ like Cruz created such a big question mark in my spirit.  Now I know why.  He’s flirting with anything marked as ‘Christian’ in order to become president.  And perhaps actually believes their junk ‘religion’.
    I learned long ago never to traffic in Jesus’ name as a ‘ladder up higher or wiser or richer’.  It didn’t take The Donald to tell me that Cruz was untrustworthy.  Something about him….well, for me,  he simply doesn’t pass the ‘smell’ test.

  4. Bob Wilson Says:

    Ted Cruz’ father Rafael Cruz is a leading proponent of NAR Dominion teachings. Many videos proving this point are available on YouTube.

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