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Growing awareness of a destructive movement

September 2nd, 2015 | 1 Comment | Posted in Assemblies of God, Assemblies of God USA, My Books

My BooksMy co-author and I have been pleased at the media attention for our recent books on the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Radio interviews, podcasts, and reviews from high-profile outlets like World Magazine and Challies.com have put the NAR on the radar of people who have never heard of this aggressive movement that has taken over many churches.

The latest buzz was generated by Books at Glance, which just released a two-part interview with us. One individual who read the interview yesterday commented, “Wow! Thanks for the post. I was unaware of this movement. I will keep my eyes open.” Those are the exact words we hoped to hear!

Below are links to some of the reviews and interviews we’ve done so far. Consider sharing them on Facebook to spread awareness of the NAR.

Reviews and Interviews

Books at a Glance Part 1 Part 2 (interviews)

World Magazine (profile)

Challies.com (review)

Good Book Blog (interview)

Influence Magazine (review)

Called to Serve (PDF file of a review published in an Assemblies of God newsletter sent to 36,000 credentialed ministers of the Assemblies of God denomination, see page 8)

Janet Mefferd Show (radio interview)

Stand to Reason (audio podcast)

Apologetics Guy (review)

Urban Theologian Radio (radio show)

Youth Apologetics Training Part 1 and Part 2 (podcasts)



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One Response to “Growing awareness of a destructive movement”

  1. Jeff Says:


    Thanks for everything you’re doing!  In the course of researching the NAR and it’s false teachings, I came across an Internet Archive page that was a member list of “apostles” in 2009.  On this list was a Rick Ciaramitaro (Windsor, Canada) who is the current president of the OBFF (Open Bible Faith Fellowship) network.  Your readers should be aware of the fact that the NAR has infiltrated so many places, not just individual churches, but entire networks.  Please warn your readers about the OBFF and how the NAR teachings have become mainstream there as well.

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