Washington State Churches and Organizations That Promote the NAR

Space NeedleMy co-author, Doug Geivett, is headed to Washington state this weekend to speak about the New Apostolic Reformation at a large apologetics conference. In preparation, I’ve been compiling a list of churches, organizations, and individuals in the state that promote NAR teachings, practices, and/or leaders.

I thought this list might be helpful for some of my readers who live in Washington or have friends who do. Here it is in PDF format. The list is not exhaustive. Let me know if I’ve left out any church or organization.

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8 Responses to “Washington State Churches and Organizations That Promote the NAR”

  1. Leticia Peacher Says:

    Add Church of Glad Tidings (Yuba City, CA) to your list of NAR churches, as well as Rock of Roseville (Roseville, CA) We’ve attended both these churches. Church of Glad Tidings (GT) is heavily into this. Cheryl Bryan the pastor’s wife is A.A.Allen’s granddaughter.

  2. Holly Says:

    Thanks for the leads, Leticia. I’ll check them out for myself.

  3. Mark Says:


    Are you the same Holly that Bob Hickman (Ministry of Dreams) often refers to?

    You might want to add Victory Faith Fellowship in Spokane Valley to your list.  I think they’re NAR-affiliated because they often host Dutch Sheets.


  4. Holly Says:


    Thanks for the lead. I don’t know if I’m the same individual he refers to.


  5. milinda Says:

    here are some church’s in the greater Seattle area


    my old church full gospel where I was introduced into the prophectic. When I last checked on it in 2014 they use to have divine healing services but they have now gone to just healing services. Glad to be out of all that deception



    most of the messianic churches in the greater Seattle area have ties with the prophetic. The one that I went to in 98-99 is no longer there, but it was at the horizon church on valley street where we would meet on Saturdays for fellowship and worship.  Repented and out of all these false teachings since the end of 1999.

  6. Mikal Says:

    Jake’s House in Smokey Point, WA

  7. milinda Says:

    Update on full gospel church in shoreline wa

    I got up this morning and turned on the computer to check on weather and read my e-mail. Then I went to youtube and just pressed enter. I was going to check on some things I had looked at last night.

    The first thing to come up on screen was teaching by Tom Loud at this full gospel church. I have not even visited this church site since 2015. Did not even know that they were doing youtube on their teachings on healing.

    He is going throughout the greater Seattle area with his teachings on healing and praying for people for healing, and training other people to do likewise.

    He (Tom) has gone to Royal Family International for such teaching. (As per his testimony via youtube) I had to goggle to see who this Royal Family International was and also who this Pete Cabrere Jr. was.

    Tom Loud sat under the teachings of Peter Cabrere Jr. and came back to Seattle area to train other people in these teachings.

    Could you and your people please keep an eye on these people and check out their teachings and warn others about them if led by the Lord to do so?


  8. Kathleen Says:

    The Highway Church (AG) in Silverdale, WA

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