Two NAR Organizations to Watch

ical and ecal logos 2Anyone who has concerns about the New Apostolic Reformation should keep an eye on two organizations: the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, led by “Convening Apostle” John P. Kelly, and its daughter structure, the European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, led by “convener” Jan-Aage Torp. These two networks are energetically working “to build apostolic government in all cities and regions.” You may be surprised to learn just how extensively apostles in many nations are networking to promote NAR teachings. Here are links to their websites.

International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL)

European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ECAL)

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4 Responses to “Two NAR Organizations to Watch”

  1. Diana Lesperance Says:

    Did you know that there’s a curriculum designed to bring together the N.A.R., the Purpose Driven Church, and the postmodern emergents? It’s called BILD International, written by Jeff Reed out of Ames, Iowa. It offers college credit through its “Antioch School” to those who study in a local church without having to go away to college. 

    The leader of the N.A.R. arm of the movement is Bishop Joseph Mattera, the United States Ambassador to the International Coalition of Apostles. 

    BILD International is especially active in third world nations such as India. Here is a brochure describing its work in India.

    BILD International and the Antioch School use “dialogue” and the Socratic method to break down barriers between denominations (even Catholicism) in order to develop a “force for Jesus” (as stated in the above linked brochure). 

    Many churches in the United States use the material to develop leaders in their churches, but what it’s most effective at is developing unity “in community.” 

    This is a great concern because it doesn’t build walls of defense around sound doctrine; instead Reed’s materials are used to break down walls and cause students to question doctrine. I took a class on “Understanding the Essentials of Sound Doctrine” through the Antioch School and I came away questioning all the creeds. 

    Some of the people Reed quotes in his “Paradigm Papers” are Peter Kreeft, Hans Kung, C. Peter Wagner, and dozens of others that are questionable in their doctrinal positions. 

    I think it’s dangerous because it’s taking three streams of the church that are most involved in restorationism and is bringing them together to serve in the “way of Christ and his apostles.” 

  2. Diana Lesperance Says:

    I’m not sure if “restorationism” is the correct term, but these are groups in the church who downplay eschatology and attempt to organize the church into forming utopian-type communities through things like the P.E.A.C.E. Plan, the Soma communities, or through the government of the N.A.R. I use the term “restore” in the sense that they want to restore Eden.

  3. Diana Lesperance Says: 

    The link above shows how Bishop Joseph Mattera is linked to BILD and to the N.A.R.

  4. Vicky Says:

    It seems like NAR is very smart, they are hitting almost every denomination with some kind of event, specifically tailored to people.  I think we are n the end times, for sure.

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