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Emergency alert from the prophet Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs headshotThe respected NAR prophet Cindy Jacobs sent an emergency prayer alert to her followers, on Thursday, warning that a major terrorist attack–on the scale of 9/11–is being planned against the United States.
There are many problems with her pronouncement.
1. This prophecy cannot fail. The need is no less urgent this moment than it has long been to prevent large-scale terrorism. When (not if) something happens, she can claim more prophetic authority. Not enough people prayed. If it never happens she can claim prophetic authority: she warned, people prayed, and it didn’t happen. To paraphrase her, it doesn’t take a prophet to make this same claim. It could happen today.
2. This prophecy is non-specific. She doesn’t say when this is to happen or within what time frame. There are no the details either. Why wouldn’t the Lord give her more factual details? He certainly could. And if he wanted us to listen to her he might be expected to give us a better quality prophecy.
3. So there’s no way of testing her prophetic claim.
4. The biblical support she invokes for her prophetic announcement is taken out of context. It looks like an attempt to wrap her statement in a cloak of biblical authority so readers will take it seriously. Just imagine what impact it would have if she left this part out of her announcement. This is presumption of divine authority. Not good. This is the part that really bothers me.
5. With all the alleged prophets on the scene today, where are the independent voices that might add to, confirm, or disconfirm her prophecy?
6. Is this really intended as a prophecy? It’s so carefully worded that deniability is possible.
7. This kind of message draws attention to herself. It will frighten the true believers. And this will serve her well. They become dependent on her.
8. Notice the way she describes the way this impression came to her. Fallibility is built in. Impressions can occur to anyone, prophet or not. — Holly Pivec
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41 Responses to “Emergency alert from the prophet Cindy Jacobs”

  1. John Says:

    I got the email forwarded to me and thought much as you did, except that I saw two possibilities regarding the outcome:

    1 – there is a major attack so the “prophet” can say she tried to warn us and it’s a shame people didn’t take to prayer with sufficient urgency

    2 – there is no attack so the “prophet” can say she warned us and thanks to prayerfulness the attack was averted

    Either way the “prophet” gets to claim a hit. As you say the chances are high that sooner or later there will be another attack – it doesn’t take a prophet to read the news and realise there are people out there who would do such things.

    It’s also curious the way she uses a verse that refers to Jerusalem and then assumes that “Jerusalem” now refers to a US city. It looks like a classic case of making the verse mean what she wants it to mean – this kind of thing might work for encouragement but doesn’t work so well where prophecy is concerned. So I’ll sit tight and trump Daniel with the Psalms:

    Psa 91:1-7 NKJV  He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  ([2])  I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.”  ([3])  Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence.  ([4])  He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.  ([5])  You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow that flies by day,  ([6])  Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.  ([7])  A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you.

    and now I can play her game, knowing that if I survive any given day then my “prophecy” came true again and if I die then it was time for me to receive my reward. Hey, this game is easy!

  2. John Says:

    One other thought – this “prophet” talks of praying for those who guard the borders that they would spot anything untoward coming in. This is very human-based thinking – firstly it assumes that those who would attack aren’t already inside the borders and secondly doesn’t it make more sense to pray that the love of God would reach those who would attack, so that they don’t attack in the first place?

    It sounds very much like a “God, please stop those nasty people getting at ME, and let MY country catch them so they can be locked up forever and ever” rather than “God, won’t you show your love to these people so they love rather than hate”

  3. Angie Says:

    After seeing her in person a couple times, I don’t see how anyone could listen and believe anything she says.  “It could happen today.” Well of course it could. Any body knows that; it doesn’t take a self appointed prophet to say that. But she keeps putting out these things hoping that one day she can take credit for something. It is pathetic that people listen to this person.  

  4. Austin Says:

    Hi Holly – this reminds me of a small church I visited years ago here in Brisbane. The lady pastor came in just before 9am and asked everyone “did you ‘get the word’ this morning”?
    They all nodded, but I replied that i had read my Bible just after breakfast – cold icy stares in response to that…

    I found out later on after the service that “the word” was in fact a local TV broadcast by none other than Cindy Jacobs! That was ‘the word’ for that day, and every other day until another ‘word’ came from “this woman who calls herself a prophetess…”

    I can also identify with Angie’s comment too – our small house church in Newcastle, followed Kenneth Copeland for two whole years, until we saw him live over a 3 day conference down in Sydney back in 1983. He was all about ‘Jesus’ on the first day (his Jesus) and on the second day, our eyes were opened, and it was all about the money… Needless to say, we packed up and went home and never had anything to do with him again.


  5. Tom Heward Says:

    For 9 months in 1997 I attended Rick Joyner’s Morning Star Church.  I had no preconceived ideas about who they were or what they were about.  For that 9 months the Lord gave me 1 or two dreams per month making it very clear to me that the prophetic movement going on in this church was FALSE.  I published the dreams and interpretation and then passed them out in all the cars parked in the parking lot giving the new “prophets in training” as well as their congregation of about 200 that this was a move of “false prophecy”.  It just so happened that  Rick Joyner and his leadership and church at that time thought highly of dreams as well as prophecy.  9 months later they discovered I was the member of their congregation that had had the dreams of them being “False Prophets”.  They immediately called a special leadership session and I was the only invited “special guest” (by the way I had a prophetic calling on my life as well). They told me I was going to be told the charges against me but anything I would say would not change their mind as to the decision they had come to regarding my continuing among them.  The crew that addressed me were:  Steve Thompson, Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, Bobby Connor and one other leader (perhaps the worship leader) whose name I cannot remember.  They told me I was to be “banned from their fellowship and could never return again to their church” primarily based on the 15 or so dreams I had received from the Lord and interpreted and communicated to those who attended this fellowship.  Then I responded to them. Did you and your teams of prophets not give me nearly 10 prophetic words along with input that I had a great calling on my life as a prophet to the United States of America? and they all responded yes.  Then I said “If that be the case then why are you rejecting me based on dreams I received from the Lord that I interpreted properly with confirmation from your own prophets that I have the calling on my life of a Prophet to America.  Their response:  Well you are a great prophet but in this case of our Prophetic Fellowship you have totally missed the mark.  And I was then “Out the Door never to return”.

  6. Tom Heward Says:

    By the way Cindy Jacobs as well as Bob Jones (now deceased), Rick Joyner, Steve Thompson & Bobby Connor are all Leaders in the NAR along with Mike Bickle and the Kansas City Prophets the entire lot are false Prophets and you might as well throw in Lou Engel as well.  I recently hooked with a group of believers in the Hollywood Los Angeles Area since I do have a calling to bring Revival to backslidden and apostate America and the Group is called The Gathering Place.  I have attended there hoping to join together with their pastor as he speaks regularly on KKLA Radio that he believes revival is coming to Los Angeles.  Well turns out his church has had strong affiliations with Mike Bickel & The Kansas City Prophets, as well as Rick Joyner and his last REVIVAL FIASCO in Lakeland Florida with Todd Bentley and his personal (demonic angel Emma).  I started out real excited that I had finally found another pastor and believer who had a genuine calling to bring Revival to America and once again I began receiving dreams from the Lord that this church and its pastor are in strong dillusion and if I stay there the “promises the Lord has given me for a genuine revival in America will never come to pass”.  Instead I will see internal civil war between our government and its citizens and the eventual invasion of our shores by enemy troops from Russia as well as China.  I had many, many confirming dreams along the line of Dumitru Dudumann who was sent by the Lord to America to warn the churches and church leadership to repent or experience the Wrath of God on this nation.  So this pastor and his outreach are also False Prophets – promising much but delivering little or nothing which has been a consistent pattern of this entire movement of the Kansas City Prophets.  I would recommend a good book by some church leaders in England who discovered the stupidity of the so-called Toronto Blessing and The Kansas City Prophets who got behind it Hook, Line and Sinker.  Gold Dust, Drunk Anointing as well as Hillarious Laughter Anointing all of which came at at time I was told by the Lord to be a “Watchman” and warn America of God’s displeasure with His church and leaders in America – so along comes this nut – Rodney Howard Brown and the Toronto Blessings getting all of America staggering around in a drunken anointing, laughing themselves silly while covered with the Gold Dust of God’s so called approval.  How is one going to preach serious repentance to the congregations of America with them carrying on like that believing these Demonic Anointings are from the Lord allowing them to know Just How Much God Loves America and His Church and Leaders.

  7. Tom Heward Says:

    Oh sorry I forgot the book I was going to recommend that exposes Mike Bickle, The Kansas City Prophets, Toronto Blessing as well as other strange behavior called by leadership and members as the Work of the Holy Spirit.  It is titled “BLESSING THE CHURCH?” by Clifford Hill, Peter Fenwick, David Forbes and David Noakes (who is especially blessed with keen insight and accurate visions as to the “dillusions of Toronto” and the Falseness of the NAR and Kansad City Prophets.  About $5.00 dollars from Amazon.  Great insight to the serious falseness currently perpetrating the Ameican Church.

  8. Yvonne Coonrod Says:

    Run from all of this deceptive rubbish!!!!! I was involved in it for over 30 years and a ‘recognised’ prophet ‘ in a large church…….can I say that those participating truly believe what they are saying. Why? For two reasons…..They are deceived and they take on their own spirit guide and like clairvoyancy they are fed information…..most of it false because only God knows what the future will bring since He is the Creator and is all knowing.     But Satan relies on naive people who misinterpret the Bible …..started in the Garden of Eden….to be partakers in all the deception so it starts with pride…..thinking that we can ‘speak as God’…..well the only way we can speak God’s Word is by picking up the Bible and reading audibly.

  9. Lillie White Says:

    Just to be sure, NAR is a heretical ministry. 

    There won’t be a big revival, but more apostasy instead until the antichrist takes the stage and the whole world (except bible believing Christians) follows after him.  Don’t get caught up in the false revival ‘euphoria’ when it is the antichrist’s reign.  Read your bible!!!

    Bless you.

  10. Rob Says:

    Is there any reason that these prophecies always say we have to pray?  How about something specific, so Cindy could call Homeland Security, and we could DO something?  Wouldn’t that be just as valid as praying about a vague threat?

  11. Tom Heward Says:

    I believe in the necessity of being scripturally accurate as to the will of God.  That being the case and unless you are a Ceasessionist and do not believe in the on-going functioning of the Holy Spirit manifesting Himself in the offices of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, worker of miracles or the gifts of tongues, dreams and visions, healing the sick and casting out devils then my comments are going to seem “over the edge”.  I believe I have the calling of a prophet on my life and specifically toward America.  I use to give prophetic words in churches until leadership did not like what they were hearing – primarily about the Wrath and Displeasure of the Lord with the American Church.  I began to hear quite accurately from the Holy Spirit through dreams in the night and they have been incredibly accurate to the point I can no longer take some future event I have seen in the night lightly.  It was through dreams and discerning of spirits I was led to rebuke several NAR churches as being false prophets and they did not like that.  We have learned to work with the dreams we receive from the Holy Spirit and in some cases we Bind “In the Name of Jesus Christ” the tragic events we see coming in the future (to include nxt 911 events) as well as pray about and exercise faith in the things we are shown in the night season to do to further the Kingdom of God.  I had several dreams of the falseness of Rodney Howard Browne and his Drunk Anointing although the anointing was real and strong (I experienced it) but it was not from the Holy Spirit and the only other Spirit it could have come from was demons. So although one should be able to discover these false manifestations and anointings are not of God based on the Word of God alone – I find it quite substantial to be able to have dreams of these false behaviors that coincide with God’s Stand regarding these false forms of so-called Godly behavior.  So I do believe there is the Office of Prophet and Apostle in the church today and the Word of God is clear that this is the case.  You have to invent new and strange doctrines to dispute the current day offices and giftings and movings of the Holy Spirit if you are using the Word of God to back your doctrine.

  12. Jack Swager Says:

    I believe also that there will be more apostasy also, not revival. I enjoyed reading about Tom,s experiences and believe more in what he says than anything Cindy Jacobs says is from the Lord. The leadership of Christians today is very displeasing to the Lord. They are the worthless shepherds who feed themselves at the expense of the sheep which the prophets spoke about.

  13. Brenden Says:

    I wonder if Inspire Magazine got the same “prophecy” or did it originate from the same source? WOW people are in a real bad way if they believe all this. Well done Holly keep it going sister

  14. Joe Says:

    More Strange Fire!!

  15. Mary Says:

    the church I left embraced IHOP and all of the so called prophets that attached themselves as barnacles. In a recent conversation with a charter member of that church, they fully embrace the “Elijah List” prophets and prophetesses whether their prophecies come to fruition or not. It has become a circus church always seeking for that next “sign and wonder” or that big move of god in our midst…….and not a Word is spoken, nor preached, nor taught concerning the false preachers and teachers our LORD says would come in the last days. The pulpits are silent in our small churches.

    I will share my experience with an appointed “deaconess” in that Baptist church with an Assembly of God preacher; when confronted concerning the false doctrines of these false prophets teachers and preachers (the drunk in the spirit, the barking, the falling on the floor in birthing pains, the howling, the shaking and twitching, the dreams, the visions, the seeing demon spirits swirling around some people’s heads, the women speaking in tongues/jibberish during the services, and the roaring like lions) the leadership, this deaconess in particular, will become angry in the flesh and tell you as she did to me, “You don’t know anything because I have been a Christian longer than you.”

    This is how leadership controls and manipulates when confronted with disagreement and disapproval of this prostitute religious system….an adulterous and evil generation seeketh after a sign and a wonder. It is very hurtful and at times does shipwreck the faith of a believer if they are not studying the Word of God for themselves, for this false move desires to assimilate you into their culture of “group think/common good.” In many churches, the average attendee is required to leave their mind in the vehicle and enter the church gates with no discernment/critical thought skills whatsoever so they can be indoctrinated with a false lying signs and wonders theology…and this encompasses all of the major denomination now in this country. Oh how grieved we should be.

    We have the audacity to criticize Adolph Hitler for brainwashing the masses into murderous zealots for the cause of nationalism….for we now have that same form of brainwashing taking place within the walls of our church systems here in our own country from the pastors to their leadership systems to the average pew sitter who defends their favorite false preacher with patriotic loyalty, and the born again believer in Jesus Christ, who dares to voice any form of opposition, will receive the true fruits of a religious system who has consciously chosen to believe these lying clergy/apostles/prophets, etc. which is hatred, backstabbing, backbiting, lying about your character, slandering your name, destroying your reputation within the community, whispering and tale bearing, trying to undermine your marriage and relationships with your children (causing divorce and destruction of the marriage that God has joined together and the fruits of that marriage, family relationships), abuse, and murder. These are the fruits this false move of a god (satan) has produced within our churches.

    If you are not abiding in the Word of God and stand your ground through God, the Holy Spirit, well then, you will be assimilated into this church culture of destruction….and coming out of this beast system hurts, like no other hurt I have ever experienced in my life, for the painful scars are spiritual and the road is often lonely.

    But the rewards will be eternal, for suffering with Christ is gain and this gives me the only Hope there is……..Please humbly pray for all of those who have been hurt or are hurting from this destructive religious  system, in Jesus’ Name. Amen and amen.

  16. Old news Says:

    Jacobs was just here in Melbourne Australia. She attended a huge church that I friend of mine attends. 99% of the church ppl were running around saying ‘Cindy is coming what a women of God’ etc. Apparently on the day, she was in full flight with prophecies flowing like niagra falls. She was having endless amounts of conversions with God, said she feels Gods wants her to just prophecy for 2 hours. God must have changed His mind after half an hour.
    As far as an attack on America in the future, sorry Jacobs. Here in Australia we’ve heard plenty of times by your American media including ex vice president Dick Cheney there will be an attack that surpasses 9-11. 

    All these NAR liars will just go on deceiving, & being deceived themselves.   (1 Corin 14)

  17. ralph Says:

    Yes indeed “Strange fire.”

    You claim to have a “prophetic gift to America.” It is commendable that you confronted the NAR churches, and thankfully God gave you enough discernment to understand that RHB is most definitely a false teacher and profit.

    I wondering if you have always been 100% accurate in your prophetic dreams? If not, would that not make you a false prophet as well, as per Deut 18:20-22. You said, “So although one should be able to discover these false manifestations and anointings are not of God based on the Word of God alone…” Doesn’t this statement beg the question; “why do we need ‘prophetic dreams’ if the Word of God is sufficient for discerning the deception we see in most of the charismatic sphere?”‘

    If you ar holding your “prophetic gift” to the standard of God’ written Word, and you haven’t been 100% accurate, aren’t you a false prophet as well? Why, are you so sure your dreams are more accurate than anyone in NAR? Who tested your prophecies with the Word of God? I’m only asking these questions, because you made it clear that the Scriptures trump everything claimed to be spiritual. Am I correct?

    The problem with this whole “prophetic/apostolic/healing  situation is this: the gifts have been redefined, yet using the same terms. This is exactly what every pseudo-Christian cult does to establish their truth.

    I’m not here to debate the continuation/cessation positions. Tom, I believe if you were to listen carefully and humbly to last year’s Stange Fire conference lectures, that you would find, based on God’s Holy Word, that your position concerning Prophet/Apostle gifting for today is far less Scriptural than you believe.

    I’m an overseas worker in a closed country–and the position on continuation of revelatory gifts has cause nothing but strife and division among long-term workers here. As well as, confusion among new believers who more often than not walk away from the faith. I’m sure you have many stories to counter my claims–trust me I hear glorious, miraculous stories daily–always 2nd and 3rd hand accounts.

    May God bless and keep you in sound discernment according to His Holy Scripture.

    grace and peace,


  18. ralph Says:

    One more thing, if you really want to “further the Kingdom of God”, proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The advancement of God’s Kingdom has more to do with faithfully proclaiming the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ than to “pray about and exercise faith in the things we are shown in the night season to do to further the Kingdom of God.”

    Proclaim the Gospel of faith and repentance in Jesus Christ, pray according to God’s Word, and trust our sovereign God to do His work in establishing His Kingdom.

  19. Tom Heward Says:

    Ralph a few questions prior to my addressing your issues concerning my calling and brief description of experience with dreams and the revelation they gave me concerning prophecy:

    Who is RHB?

    The “Strange Fire” conferences you are referring to:  Are you addressing the issues proclaimed by John McArthur of Grace Community Church based out of Panorama City in Southern California?

    What is your familiarity with dreams or dream interpretation?

    You seem to state you are in a “closed country” so would you please explain what you mean by a “closed country” and prehaps tell me the country you are currently ministering in?

    OK that will be it for starters.

    One final thing:  I believe this blog was put up to address Cindy Jacobs and other ministries as well as prophets and it appears to me you are more concerned with my stand relative to the issues of the prophetic, dreams and visions and have addressed these things in a rather personal way.  It might be more profitable for both you and I to carry on this discussion as well as my attempt to justify myself scripturally via another route as our interaction might become a distraction to this blog’s primary purpose.

    You can e-mail me with your questions and I will reply privately and be willing to explain myself in a more private way. 

    My e-mail address is tom_heward_911@hotmail.com

  20. Jack Swager Says:

    What Tom shared rings true with me and things I’ve experienced. I haven’t seen anything he said that conflicts with the written word. In fact when we are shown problems and don’t say anything, we become blood guilty just as the watchman on the wall who doesn’t sound the alarm when the enemy is seen coming.    What makes you so sure Tom isn’t furthering the Kingdom as he should? It wasn’t the subject being addressed. It takes a lot to be obedient than to speak what is considered acceptable.

  21. John Says:

    With regard to the role of the prophetic gifting in NT times (i.e. now) I think we need to strike a healthy balance between testing and being flexible.

    In OT times there examples of people being put to death for disobeying a prophet (e.g. 1Ki 20:36), the youths who mocked Elisha were mauled by bears (2Ki 2:23-24) etc. At the same time the prophet was expected to show 100% accuracy or be put to death (Deut 18:19-22), and even if the prophet foretold something that did come to pass he was to be put to death if he encouraged people to go after other gods – Deut 13:1-3 shows how God would send false prophets to test the people; Deut 18:20 shows that a prophet who speaks for other gods was to die.

    In NT times we see more of a prophetic gifting which is subject to testing. 1Co 14:29 says “let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge” – if someone were speakng the unquestionable word of God there would be nothing to judge because people would be getting busy obeying the word. This clearly leaves scope for other prophets to judge a word and conclude it to not be from God, while also allowing the prophet whose word had been rejected to continue breathing.

    I think a lot of the trouble comes when people expect the authority of an OT prophet, whether in expecting their words to bypass testing because they’re “anointed” or in endlessly using either explicit text that makes it clear they are speaking the words of God (perhaps using “hear the word of the Sovereign Lord” as a prefix, or talking about how they were taken up into heaven and spoken to by Jesus himself), while also wanting the wiggle room associated with the NT prophetic gifting. So they want to escape testing while also escaping responsibility for the consequences of getting it wrong.

    Ultimately you can’t have it both ways. You either demand absolute obedience and accept execution as the price for getting it wrong, or you subject yourself to testing and accept you aren’t necessarily infallible. So if people really want to claim that they were taken up into heaven and Jesus himself spoke to them giving a precise message, they had better be very sure of what they are saying because their life is literally at stake. If they aren’t willing to literally put their life on the line, they shouldn’t be making such bold claims.

    Of course it’s very convenient when these so-called “prophets” start spouting garbage about God “loading the blanks”, claiming that we’d see people dropping dead around us all the time if prophecy was always accurate. All that seems to do is facilitate them getting it wrong time after time after time while still claiming the mantle of “prophet” in the OT sense.

  22. Byron Says:


        Thank you for what you have posted, sometimes I have felt alone except that I have a mentor/friend (my friend has since moved out east and is involved in house church) of whom we both met at a charismatic church that has been a little involved with NAR things but will not let NAR take them over meaning they try to stay focused on the word of God..
    Anyway I have inlaws who Are heavily involved into NAR and have made attempts to pull my wife and I into their church.
    we had at one time lived in the Tulsa area and so did my wife’s parents, over the years we had to deal with her mom making spiritual threats against us because we would not submit to her and then being lied about at the church we went to…
    fast forward a few years we had not spoken directly to her mom due to the fact my wife ended up getting a retraining order against her mom due to her non stop harassing us for rebuking her (my wife’s mom)for harshly disciplining our kids.
    anyway her Parents moved back to Minnesota and after a year or two my wife started talking to her parents due to my inlaws using my wife’s sister as a proxy to guilt my wife and so on.( I know that families will still communicate even if abuse is in the back ground)
    So her parents finally visited a few times with to Oklahoma and they wanted us to Move to Minnesota. So I made a deal them that if we would move there they would not try to pull us to their church and they agreed.
    Now we are here  in the St Cloud area and of course of mom broke her word and made attempts thru going to some meeting that was with a sister church and I resisted her and she of coarse tried to act all surprised and tried to make it look like I was making a big deal and so on..well my wife did not go…
    So I have had first hand experience in dealing with NAR people and the manipulation and intimidation from people close to you.
    After all of what went on you might think well why would I move with my wife and 3 kids to Minnesota?
    back it up about 5 years and here’s why.. when my wife had got on to her mom for harshly disciplining our daughter my Father inlaw  wrote my wife a letter blaming my wife for  my mother inlaws  post traumatic disorder and blaming my wife for stopping their “ministry” When wondering how to respond to this we were advised to say sorry and so on to I guess not to get in a war with the crazy mother inlaw..

    So my wife wound up getting on anti-depressants after this and ended up on like 6 or 7 different meds to deal with all of the condemnation and guilt that was laid on her.

    My wife Is doing better now and is only taking a couple of pain meds for fibromyalga..
     a couple of years ago before we moved to Minnesota so had over dosed and went to the hospital 4 – 5 times and had started cutting her self and it all begin with the abuse she endured from her NAR parents…
    I do forgive them and pray that open their eyes and repent..
     this is not a blame thing here it is the reality of dealing with the craziness of NAR infected people and the wacked out beliefs they promote.
    So what Mary Wrote I have experienced firsthand  and still deal with  but have realized that since I have praying in the Spirit at least and hour a day helps me not to get drawn into the flesh to fight people in the realm of the emotions..
    Holly, thanks for this blog and praying for my situation it has helped..

  23. M.K. Says:

    Just catching up on this site after a while, and saw this one on Cindy. At the SAME time as she is busy “prophesying” this potential threat, a similar warning had gone out in some of the news media regarding a potential strike, again a 9-11 style event, and in the last few days it’s been narrowed down to a potential threat against computers not just a potential airline disaster. At the time CJ was prophesying this the threat was presumed to be airlines, and something to do with cameras, cellphones and the like courtesy of that nutbar mullah that was creating explosive underwear and shoes.

    I happened to be tracking the story because my husband and I travel by air sometimes and when I do, we usually try to cram everything for a trip into carryons. Including iPod, tablet and cell phones. That threat which predated Cindy’s “revelations” was the one that has airports from Europe demanding to see if cell phones etc can be turned on otherwise they are confiscated if you wish to continue on the flight. Expensive.

    Looks like she is looking at the news, then receiving her revelations and they are heavily influenced by her reading of current events.

    When all the real live terror experts are predicting a sharply increased likelihood of an event, it must be safe for the prophets of the NAR to chime in, it simply increases their chance of being right thus improving their batting average.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve been out of that loop so long but she is hardly even relevant anymore is she?

  24. M.K. Says:

    Reading what I just wrote I meant that Cindy did her emergency alert just after (not quite the exact same moment) that the news alerts hit. She is obviously reading the news then figuring out a logical prayer alert cloaking it as a revelation and implying a prophetic warning.

    To be clear, the newspaper reports were first. They came out before Cindy because dh and I were heading off to the Yukon by air at the time Cindy was prophesying this alert and we were already aware of an increased threat assessment.

    The officials who do these hadn’t narrowed it down to computer equipment, till a little later.

  25. Jane Says:

    I think all these Charismatic false prophets are just a bunch of greedy wanna-be Rock Stars.  God will deal with them in due time.

  26. Tom Heward Says:

    By the way, I believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the accompanying evidence of speaking in tongues.  I did not believe that way for the 1st 5 years of my christian experience and I was a hard one to convince since I had been taught it was not scriptural nor necessary.  Having had the experience has actually opened my eyes to the necessity of it for greater spiritual discernment and a willingness to see the gospel continue today with the same power and demonstration as that seen in the book of the Acts of the Apostles.  This experience opened my spiritual eyes to the “deliverance ministry”, “dreams and visions” from the Lord, the possibility of an “out of body experience” and the revelation that could accompany such an experience.  I am basically a “seeker of truth” and have been since the day I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I believe I received the Holy Spirit the day I was saved and my body has been His temple since that day but the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was an additional step into the spiritual realm that happened for me 5 years into my conversion experience.  I am writing this now because I do believe Cindy Jacobs has a prophetic calling on her life.  But like all callings – we as humans make mistakes.  Her announcement of another 911 attack has been a concern of mine way before I ever heard of her.  I was in New York with a prophetic calling on my life for this nation when my younger spiritual friend saw the World Trade Center come down in a dream 8 months before it happened.  He lived in New York and I was sent there by the Lord in 2000.  We were both blown away when it happened and I remember the acrid smell of debris from the whole incident lingered in the City for 6 months.  We did a lot of outreach before and after the blast.  I believe it was a warning from the Lord of the vulnerability of America because as a Nation we have been departing from His Ways.  Then my friend had another dream of a Nuclear 911 in the Southwest of America.  He published that dream and we got about 100 confirming dreams from all over the nation of believers having had similar dreams of such an event in the Southwest of America.  Since I had family living in that city I began a 10 year roller coaster ride of fasting and praying to “stand in the gap” for this nation to keep it from happening.  I believe Cindy Jacobs warning may have some credibility and came prior to the whole ISIS threats coming out of Iraq.  So I am going to post this alert that is being confirmed by our Government as well as many security sources speaking of a combination attack with ISIS supported and backed by the Mexican Drug Cartels.  So here is the post:  http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=2c8533b164a12dac690d3544f&id=539a213777&e=30a5c26a3d

  27. Amanda Says:

    Well done. I shared the exact same sentiments with the “leader” of our chuch’s “interecessor” group. She is too intrenched in all this stuff and the pastor doesn’t have the discernment to see that. Sad. Instead of training people to hear  God’s voice for themselves, they bring in “prophetic words” from outside the fellowship. This caused my husband and I to become indignant. We have been speaking into situations in the congregation, trying to give wisdom and insight. The Lord is going to guide each congregation individually toward the corporate goal in the Body. But dragging in those who are not in fellowship or relationship with a local congregation is dangerous! True prophecy exists but is limited in scope and specific in sequence. Apostolic anointing also exists, but the genuine does not need the title. You will know them by their fruits!

  28. John Says:

    Well here we are six months on and “the big one” never happened. So either Ms Jacobs can take the credit for getting people to pray, or her emergency alert was a load of fluff.

    I know where I’d put my money.

  29. Jane Says:

    The only way God gave us to know whether people who call themselves “prophets” are telling the truth or lies is the same way they did it in Paul’s day….check what these so-called ‘prophets’ say against the Bible, and if you don’t see it in the Bible, they are ‘playing God’.  (Acts 17)  As for “Apostolic annointing” today, that’s false too as evidenced by the totally tattooed and adulterous Todd Bentley and so many others.  Annointed my eye.

  30. Anthony Says:

    Jacob’s “prophecy” is, in a sense, a “win-win” situation for her, and it can’t be disproven.

    If a 911 type attack did take place in the United States as she “prophesied” she can claim it is proof that she is a valid prophet of God. If it didn’t happen, as it didn’t in 2014 as she predicted, all she has to do is claim that her “call to prayer stopped it.”

    Nifty, huh? A win-win for Jacobs…until she faces God for judgement, then it will be a lose-lose for her…

    “Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!” – Ezekiel 13:3

    “Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.” – Jeremiah 17:5

  31. Aaron Says:

    I guess we are missing out on the main point here. The Apostle Paul tells us to test the fruits of the prophet, the prophecy and the accountability of the prophet. I shall not quote scripture here because it seems that many here seem to be very well versed with verses and scripture and Christianity.

    1) Does the prophecy bring disorder and lead people away from or closer to God?
    2) Does the prophecy bring about a spirit of condemnation, judgement and torment those who heard the prophecy?
    3) Does it contain all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit? (Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Gentleness… you get the picture)
    4) With no apologies, but brethrens, all i read here are remarks of unbelieve, bitterness displayed by a spirit of negativity toward a fellow believer whose gifts you don’t fully understand.

    Perhaps instead of hitting out and being so critical and judgemental in the body, why not use the energy and time to be more lovely and loving, or simply understand the standview of the ‘prophet’ before we judge. Personally, i don’t judge a prophecy, or a Word preached unless it is directed at me. So if it is of no concern to you, why do you even waste your energy bashing those who believe they are highly gifted and anointed in the Kingdom? Well, i am sure Apostles Paul and Peter also had their own share of haters within the church back then. Just my 2 cents, please don’t bash me, but if i need to be corrected, i look forward to an open minded discussion.
    Anyway, love, joy and peace of the Holy Spirit be with you, in Christ.

  32. Jonathan Says:

    Aaron, Scripture calls us to “test all things, hold fast what is true”. It tells us to test prophecy by whether it comes to pass and test prophets by whether their words come to pass and whether they then encourage us to follow other gods.

    In this particular case the “prophecy” cannot fail. If the attack comes Ms Jacobs can say that she tried to warn us but we obviously didn’t pray enough, and if it doesn’t come she can say that she warned us and our prayers averted it. So her “prophecy” is little more than “Thus saith the Lord: something bad is going to happen but then again it might not”.

    What does a prophecy like this create? Love for Jesus, or fear of the Bad People who might want to do Bad Things to us? Does it generate a response of love for our fellow man or of animosity towards the Bad People who want to do Bad Things? I would suggest that it generates the latter in both cases, and that alone suggests it probably isn’t from God even if the vagueness of the wording wasn’t enough of a giveaway already.

    It’s not for us to judge Ms Jacobs’ heart – that is God’s prerogative. But we are called to judge her words, and frankly I would say they have been weighed and found wanting. So while I don’t get to judge her heart, her salvation etc I am not only allowed but instructed to judge her words, and based on her words she is not someone I would accept as a teacher or a prophet.

  33. lisa anthony Says:

    Aaron-will try to answer in a way that you may see my side.  I was in Maranatha, one of the biggest supporter of the Pre-NRA–movementas such.  While I was in that group, I noticed that when I woud bring in the down-trodden,poor, prostitute, drug -addicts they were not so interested. We were on a campus in which they had the DOMINION theology of taking over the whole world for Christ..    I thought to myself, “this is not the sweet Jesus that I know, but some militant,arrogant money grubbing folks that are full of abusive power towards their flock.”   Thank God, I had enough of Jesus’ love in my heart that I was able to realize cruelty and abuse when I saw it..   Wasn’t it Rick Joyner or was it Rice Broocks(whom I know very well-were at Starkville together,) who said that “God told me to buy a BMW for my wife.”  How conveneient that he used the tithe off the backs of those people to abuse his power.  Maybe God did tell him to buy it,  but there should have been some more acceptan;e way.
    This is the part where I hope I’ll make sense to you:  I believe in the power of the Holy Spirt and all the gifts of that Spirit.  I’m Catholic and don’t even like the Charismatic m,ovement we have in the church.
    But my gifts are used hopefully as many have told me.   Believe me. I am not jealous or want to disagree that God has a mighty army.But when she calls her special followers “Generals,” it smacks of pride to me.  By the way—food for thought.  Judas may have expected Jesus to be a real militant Kind that would raise up an army of warriors  It just may not be a pysical weapons army(thought God can do whater He want.) Some scholars say that Jesus was disappointed in Jesus because He didn’t lead an army of “warriors” who would physically overturn the Romans and clain the land for the Jews.  Who knows?                excuse my typos as I am experiencing double vision right now.  thank you and know that I have sat right where you are right now           all I can say is: listen to your heart assiming that it is a heart of flesh and not of stone……  It’s a real bugger

  34. lisa anthony Says:

    Amanda- right on

  35. lisa anthony Says:

    HOLLY, thank you for this    foumd out my beloved Bible study teacher is in Aglow International another crazy club.  She has a masters in theology—darn  saddened me cause it just shows how very few people that can be trusted in these days.
                       I’m not saying that we have to agree every jot and title with our fellow Christians(besides the basic Jesus salvation etc.,)  But it’s hard to fellowship with someone who we lnow is supporting directly or indirectly enslaving our weaker bros and sister (of which I was one,)    Help us , Lord

  36. Jane Says:

    “Now these things, brethren, I have in a figure transferred to myself and Apollos for your sakes; that in us ye might LEARN NOT TO GO BEYOND THE THINGS WHICH ARE WRITTEN: that no one of you be puffed up for the one against the other” (1 Cor. 4:6).

    All who call themselves PROPHETS today are FALSE PROPHETS.


  37. Jane Says:

    Aaron, it’s offensive to be called a ‘hater’ just because I’m careful not to be led astray by all of today’s false apostles and prophets that appear so often on stage today.  And they may ‘think’ they’re anointed but I know they’re not, at least not by God, because they’re doing the devil’s work.  Actually I think they also know they’re not anointed by God, but are quick to claim it just to more easily hoodwink those that don’t bother to read their Bibles.  
    We who are careful to not be led astray by these frauds do not speak against men like Peter and Paul, as you assume.  Rather, we speak against those who call themselves ‘Apostles’ and ‘Prophets’ just to gain an advantage so they can prey on their audience for $$$.

  38. Larry Summers Says:

    What I find strange is that the Christian Community listens to her at all.  She is calling herself Prophet.  People are calling her by that title.   50 years ago, anyone who claimed to have that title would have been ostracised from the Christian Community.   No one would publish them or qote them.  No one would give them airtime.   Has Christianity lost its mind?   Since when was it OK for someone to claim being a Prophet.

  39. Pastor Don Says:

    Here’s a thought. What if God actually WANTS to put a smack down on an arrogant nation that has aborted almost 55 million innocent babies? All the intercessory “Generals” in the world won’t be able to put that Humpty Dumpty together again.

  40. Jane Says:

    I’m afraid Cindy Jacobs is nuttier than a fruit-cake but God will still hold her responsible for all her false prophecies.

  41. Joey Says:

    There is sooo much that can be said about the delusion and apostasy of the NAR influence. I experienced it first hand and thank God that He delivered me from it … it so grievous how it has infiltrated so many places and now even the White House… please someone tell me where in scripture does it say that an intercessor commands 10,000 angels … or any angles to do anything. Presumption sin is a terrible thing. I heard a woman say recently that Copeland said that angels are sitting around waiting for BELIEVERS to give them assignments. Straight up delusion! May God forgive us and help us know HIS ways.

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