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Bob Jones’ Death: ‘A Marker’

A screen capture from a video tribute played at Jones' memorial service.

A screen capture from a video tribute played
at Jones’ memorial service.

I just finished watching the memorial service held for Bob Jones–a leading prophet in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement who died Feb. 14.

The service–held at the base of MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, South Carolina–was broadcast worldwide by GOD TV.  Watch it here.

While watching the service, I was struck by two things.

First, I was struck by Jones’ influence in the NAR movement. I already wrote a post about the influence his dreams and visions had on Mike Bickle, the founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. But Bickle wasn’t the only one. The memorial service brought together, in one room, NAR leaders from nearly the past four decades–many of whom received pivotal  direction for their lives and ministries from Jones. And the fact that GOD TV broadcast the service is a further sign of the great number of followers Jones had.

Second, I was struck by how NAR leaders, including prophet Rick Joyner, repeatedly described Jones’ death as a “marker in time.” They see it as a prophetic indicator that an event known as the “great, end-time harvest”–an event Jones prophesied about frequently–will soon occur.

At the service, Joyner said God had sent Jones as a prophet to prepare the way for this great harvest. But what is the “great, end-time harvest”?

It is an NAR teaching that, before Christ returns, the greatest number of people ever will be brought into the kingdom of God. And by “harvest,” NAR leaders aren’t speaking merely of people converting to belief in Christ. Rather, they are speaking of Christians attaining to full “maturity,” including experiencing “intimacy” with God. And this harvest will happen, in large part, because of unprecedented miracles that will be worked by Christians who are equipped by NAR apostles and prophets.

Jones prophesied that a billion souls would be brought into the kingdom during this harvest–a number many other NAR leaders now repeat.

And because of his death, they believe that it is now upon us.

— By Holly  Pivec

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16 Responses to “Bob Jones’ Death: ‘A Marker’”

  1. Thomas Heward Says:

    Met him face to face in North Carolina @ Morningstar headquarters back in 1997 when I was carrying a warning message to this nation.  About 7 years later had a dream of him and in the dream he was doing an Indian War dance with full headdress and facepaint and calling for Rain.  God basically showing me how totally “off base he was as a prophet” and the whole “phony revival thing”.  He also has some strong beliefs in the mistic american indian culture which really has nothing to do with the Lord but he sure thinks it does.

  2. Rich Kelley Says:

    I’ve seen no example in scripture where the natural death of a FALSE prophet is or ever was a marker in time.  I have read many times where God’s people decided to follow false prophets and Gods.  Today all I can do is pray for the eye doctor to remove the cataracts.  The trouble with cataracts is that you can still see but not very good, and you don’t know it until it is corrected.  In time should you refuse the correction, you will see nothing clearly.  May Christ become the glasses we look through to see clearly.

  3. John Says:

    One might hope that seeing endless prophecies not fulfilled would get people to question. Sadly it often seems that prophecies aren’t supposed to be fulfilled, only to encourage. And if they don’t encourage me, they were obviously meant to encourage someone else. I struggle to think of any other reason people give any credence to sites like the Elijah List.

    It’s hard to see how the death of one man is such a marker, if God wanted him to see the events he prophesied he wouldn’t have died, and if God didn’t want him to see the events then there’s no reason his death is a marker. So even assuming his prophecies are accurate (which appears highly questionable in itself) the whole “marker” thing seems to be an assertion with nothing to back it up. If it’s asserted without evidence it can just as easily be dismissed without evidence.

  4. Stephen Says:

    And so the deception marches on . . . when will this madness stop?

  5. Greg Says:

    The followers of William Branham believed and continue to believe similar hings about him.

  6. Riles Says:

    Looks like Bobby Connor had a marker of his own, a visit from Bob.  I guess 23 minutes in hell might be true after all.


  7. Jacque Says:

    how sad that people have been deceived by their own pride.  Wanting to be noticed is the big deception of NAR.  They split the churches with deception by taking away ones who don’t know who they are in Christ.  These are unlearned people looking for hype and most of all recognition.  Giving many they mislead..a platform appointing them as apostles..prophets or what ever these horrible leaders have done to ignorant persons..unlearned.  They always go after ones who don’t know the word. These so called leaders will answer for misleading people when they stand before the King..Jesus.  It breaks my heart..I ve prayed almost every day when God showed me this deception in 2007… Due to family members involved in NAR and duped by the Todd Bentley mess in Lakeland, Florida.  We must pray and warn ones of this deception.  Look up Andrew Strom he came out of this NAR.

  8. M.K. Says:

    Well I suppose they may be right that Bob Jones death is a marker and someone to be emulated, if a tidal wave of apostasy is what they are after. I’d say we are right on schedule for fulfillment of several Biblical prophecies of a flood of apostate teachings.

    Wanting to have the ears tickled, accumulating teachers and “prophets” to do that, supporting these false apostles by buying their books, going to their meetings, donating money the poor deluded souls ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

    Sad and really horrifying that people can’t spot a false prophet and avoid him. It’s a marker alright, a marker of judgement if we can only see it.

  9. Craig Says:

    Regarding those “billion souls saved,” Jones explicitly asserted that God promised him that he’d see the billion souls saved before he would die (again – this was purportedly told to Jones when he was already dead):

    I’ve been back here 33 years today [ED: back from the dead].  33 years ago I stood before the Lord.   I looked into His eyes.  To be honest with ya, I didn’t want to come back because it had been so hard.  But, He asked, He told me,” if you’ll go back you’ll see the greatest wave of all time in evangelism.  I’m gonna bring over a billion youth into myself” (Bob Jones monologue, August 8, 2008, “Todd Bentley Healing and Impartation Service, 08-08-08” DVD, MorningStar Ministries, Media Store, VS19-000D.)

    Seems like yet another false ‘prophecy.’

  10. Jane James Says:

    Hi, in April of this year the Lord began to shake me.  At first I thought something was wrong with me.  Today after communicating with a few people that have experienced the same thing, I realized what had happened to me.  The Lord removed me from the apostasy.  Wow.  To think I was deceived for so long.  I appreciate your ministry,  I have just come across you within the last two days(August 9, 2014.)

    Thank you.

    Jane James

  11. Lynn Says:

    Who exactly is Bob Jones?  I was getting hooked into Global Awakening introduced to me by my Pastors wife.  A good friend told me to get out of Global  Awakening  its New Age I just found Spirit of Error  2 days ago.  I’m so confused I need help. I don’t want to get into  the wrong thing. This information is very helpful. I read the bible and pray everyday. My pick of bibles is the King James Version. I listen to Ravi Zacharias out of Norcross  Georgia  I hope he is safe to listen too. New age is so close and I need to be more bible savvy then I’ am. This has been a blessing find to me. I like the comments also. Global Awakening pulls a lot of people together from all over. Thank You Lynn

  12. Holly Says:

    Lynn, I commend you for your desire to become more “Bible savvy.” Bob Jones is an influential “prophet” in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement. Global Awakening is also part of this movement. To learn more about the NAR, you may want to read my book God’s Super-Apostles: Encountering the Worldwide Prophets and Apostles Movement. It pinpoints exactly where the NAR goes wrong and explains what the Bible really teaches about apostles and prophets. The appendices in the back of the book give helpful advice for Christians like yourself who wish to become more knowledgeable about Scripture.

  13. John Says:

    A lot of people you may come across presented as “prophets” seem to link back to Bob Jones in one way or another. A while back I came across a guy by the name of Brent Engelman who was offering some kind of online prophetic training (apparently you can learn to hear from God, even if God isn’t speaking to you). I didn’t care for what he was offering, but later saw on his Facebook page that he considered Bob Jones to be his “spiritual grandfather”.

    One easy way to figure out an early-warning danger signal is to go spend some time at The Elijah List (www.elijalist.com) and see the people whose “prophetic words” are published. Chances are if they are published on the Elijah List you can safely ignore anything they have to say. Just don’t go thinking anything on the Elijah List has anything to do with prophecy in a truly Biblical sense. I’ve read a lot of what is published there and have yet to see anything there that I’d rate more positively than “garbage”.

    Were it not for the fact I know people who do buy into it, I’d have to wonder if anybody took it seriously.

    Just like the Elijah List is handy as a source of a list of names you can ignore, my personal advice would be that anything with ties to Bethel or IHOPKC is best avoided. If a book is written or endorsed by any of the NAR’s big names (the ones that come to mind are Bill Johnson / Kris Vallotton / Mike Bickle / Randy Clark / Cindy Jacobs / Heidi Baker / Dutch Sheets) you’re probably going to be better off leaving it on the shelf.

    One very good thing you can do in general is to follow the Scriptural call to “test all things, hold fast what is true” (1 Thess 5:21) and “test the spirits” (1Jn 4:1). If something doesn’t align with Scripture there’s probably a good reason for that, and if someone tries to say that a spiritual teaching doesn’t need to be tested you’d do well to ask what sort of spirit would seek to avoid a Scriptural call to be tested. One thing you’ll find amongst the dangerous teachings is a variety of seductive ideas that may be presented in lots of different ways but that boil down to “God won’t let you be deceived”. That didn’t work out too well for Adam and Eve, so I wouldn’t bank it it working out for us either.

  14. Cathy Harris Trujillo Says:

    As I’m reading all of these comments above, from Oh So Virtuous people, that I’m struck with your testimony of jealousy. Wow, I didn’t realize until I was searching for info on Bob Jones that the Pharisees were organized so well as to have their own website. Wow.

    Not one word of acknowledgement for Bob’s life’s work. Imagine if it were legal, you’re group would have lynched him before he died of natural causes.

    God says to pray for your enemies. I certainly do not have you as enemies, but imagine that Father God does, so am praying for all you vipers.


  15. Lance Wonders Says:

    Cathy, you do not understand where these people are coming from. They love the Lord, love His Word,and want to see the Body protected from spiritual corruption due to falsehood. Most charismatics are not well trained in proper doctrine, whereas evangelicals are more so trained — and false or at least “somewhat distorted” views make them extremely nervous. They trust the (true) Holy Spirit, but also know that Satan often disguises himself as an angel of light, misleading, if possible, even the elect. Our own church and Bible college in Minnesota recognize a role for modern-day “apostles” and “prophets”, and frequently had Bob Jones minister among us. But Bob himself admitted that he was “seeing in the Spirit” in a provably accurate way only about 60% of the time. Meaning, he did not make grandiose claims for what he felt God was showing him at any given point in time, until it was otherwise somehow confirmed. So being cautious is not in and of itself being either a “Pharisee” or a “viper”. Only the original, biblical apostles and prophets can be trusted as being fully Spirit-inspired and “infallible”. But because of poor judgment among leaders at times (as in the Todd Bentley debacle) and because so, so many “prophecies” so often just fall to the ground as inaccurate (– just do a past-years’ search of Elijah List for comparison!), we do need people like Holly as “quality control” folk, or spiritual “auditors”, within the charismatic camp. I do not agree with her at times when she paints everything connected to certain people as being “New Apostolic Reformation” — technically, only Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce’s “official” networks had that specific orientation. But many apostles and prophets today are “guilty as charged” of abusing power and of over-claiming the Spirit’s illumination of their “creative” doctrines and practices Even — maybe especially? — “Spirit-filled” groups within the Body need to become “good Bereans” and make it a habit to double-check whether that which we are claiming is “from God” actually agrees with His holy and inerrant Word.

  16. Broken ButGrateful Says:


    That all sounds very nice – to have spiritual quality control or auditors, except that it isnt biblical. Nowhere in the new testament did Paul or any other gospel writer release people to focus on their fellow believers’ error as is being done here.

    While it is true that there is real error in the Church along a number of lines, passing judgement on people where there is little to no ongoing relationship can only have a negative effect. At the least, it inflames the self righteousness that is so ready to rise up in all of us given the slightest encouragement.

    Moreover, where it misses the mark – as in the above comments about Bob Jones and Cathy’s hurt and angry reaction – such comments further divides us. We already have an enemy who is excelling at dividing the Church. Let us instead work to heal these rifts and misunderstandings – among the people with whom we will enjoy eternity.

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