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Prophet Rick Joyner predicts a ‘military takeover’

Joyner with caption on TVLast week, Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries–an influential U.S. leader in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement–said America is destined for tyranny and its only hope is for the military to take over the government and restore the nation to its religious foundations.

Joyner–who is viewed as both an apostle and a prophet in the NAR movement–made these comments during the Sept. 30, 2013, edition of his television show “Prophetic Perspectives in Current Events.”

Here are his words.

I believe our only hope is a military takeover–martial law–and that the most crucial element of that is who the martial is going to be. I believe there are noble leaders in our military that love the Republic, they love everything we stand for, and they could seize the government. I’m not advocating this. I’m just telling you what could happen. They could seize it and help restore the foundations, restore the Constitution.

Notice that Joyner said he’s not advocating a coup. But I find his denial hard to believe in light of the fact that he thinks a coup is our nation’s only hope and that he claims to love America and want to see it restored.

Also notice that he said the most crucial element of the imposition of martial law is who the “martial” is going to be. So, who does Joyner have in mind for that draconian task?

He suggested that martial law could be imposed by “noble leaders in our military.” Yet I believe he had some very specific military leaders in mind–NAR apostles.

Why do I believe that?

Take a look at a book he wrote, titled The Harvest–which, not so coincidentally, is advertised during the same show in which he predicted a coup. In this book, Joyner prophesies a collapse of governments across the world. He also teaches that–in order for a great end-time “harvest” or revival to occur–the church must first submit to the extraordinary authority of apostles.

Furthermore, another NAR leader who is promoted by Joyner, Dutch Sheets, boasted at a 2008 NAR conference that there are apostles positioned in all sectors of U.S. society–including the military–waiting in the wings to unleash “a great awakening” and “transformation” in America. Sheets’ boast is based on an NAR teaching that God has appointed apostles to govern not just in the churches, but also “workplace apostles” or “marketplace apostles” to govern in the seven major societal institutions, including the media, education, business, the family, arts, and government.

So–in light of these NAR views–it seems obvious that the martial law Joyner speaks of would be imposed by the so-called “workplace apostles” God has appointed to govern in the military.

In response to Joyner’s controversial statements, the Huffington Post and other online sites accused him of promoting sedition and undermining American democracy. Yet most evangelicals, thankfully, would not agree with Joyner’s desire for a coup. And I don’t believe many military officers would either–despite the statistics cited in the Huffington Post article.

But what really concerns me is that Joyner has tapped into a widespread sentiment and, by doing so, may gain more followers. Let me explain.

Many evangelicals would agree with one particular point of his perspective–that is, that our nation’s demise has been accelerating under the present administration. And undiscerning Christians who are eager to see America restored to its heritage won’t realize that the “restoration” Joyner speaks of is not to biblical Christianity. Rather, it is a restoration to the heterodox teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation movement–including the teaching that all Christians must submit to NAR apostles.

So, when you hear talk of a coming great “revival” in America, or a “restoration,” or a “Third Great Awakening,” don’t just jump on the bandwagon. Be aware that these are catch words used by leaders in the NAR movement.

— By Holly Pivec

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15 Responses to “Prophet Rick Joyner predicts a ‘military takeover’”

  1. Diana Lesperance Says:

    Wow, Holly.  Who could imagine what kind a horrors could be “unleashed” if the NAR goes through with this?! Wrong doctrine in the church is the source of much suffering: the Inquisition, Southern slavery, the historical-critical movement in Germany that contributed to Nazism, etc . . . The church that goes astray from sound teaching is the church that unleashes war, death, and destruction. It has lost its saltiness and has become poisonous . . . and good for nothing but to be trodden under foot. 

    God help us all . . .

  2. Holly Says:


    You are correct in pointing out the atrocities that have been committed in the name of false teachings. Beliefs clearly do have consequences–bad beliefs hurt not only those who hold the beliefs, but also everyone around them.


  3. Diana Lesperance Says:

    My husband says, “The sad thing about all of this is that the NAR is UNABLE TO BE CONVINCED that they are wrong.”

  4. sherryn@thenarrowingpath.com Says:

    Wow, this is a stunningly dangerous thing for Rick Joyner to say. The Father of Lies and his deceiving spirits are leading this movement, and are also calling all other false religions to the same ‘great awakening’. The language is the same. The prophecies are the same. The outcome is the same…the destruction of those who would stand in the way of the ‘great awakening’ or ‘planetary pentecost’ to usher in the ‘third age’ as the theosophists would call it. The threats are becoming less veiled as the years pass…it will be those who stand firm on the Word of God, clinging to their ‘dogmatic’ and ‘intolerant’ views that will need to be purged. Even the NAR prophets have alluded to this in the past. The persecution is coming folks, and the NAR will clearly be part of it.

    None of the NAR seem to realize what they are actually paving the way for. Obama is clearly a globalist, as is our prime minister here in Australia. The global agenda which plays out over and over in country after country is to create political and social crisis to the point where global governance can step in. It would seem clear that this is what is happening in America, as you guys just won’t swallow the kool-aid as readily as we Australians seem to. (I say that with some admiration, my dear American brethren!)

    Let’s continue to pray without ceasing for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and those yet to be brought into God’s kingdom! May the Lord continue to bless you Holly, as you serve Him faithfully in these difficult times. Thank you for the work that you do. Sherryn

  5. Holly Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Sherryn.


  6. Lisa Says:

    What a disaster! the deception is profound– that is the only way to explain why people listen to such nonsense. It is alarming to think that such brainwashed folks are highly  placed, and waiting in the wings. The NAR, on the far right, wants to usher in the kingdom through their own eexceptional “apostolic” power via the 7 mountains. Then the emergents, on the left, want to usher in the kingdom through the social gospel via ecumenism and and a false unity of world religions. There are so many ways to get it wrong, but they always get back to our desire to DO IT OURSELVES, and ignore the unchanging truth of God’s Word. Heaven help us! Thanks for being a voice!

  7. Diana Lesperance Says:


    I completely agree with what you say! To do it OURSELVES is not grace and rest, it’s works and self-effort. Wasn’t this what happened with Abraham and Sarah? They no longer waited upon the Lord. Instead, they took the fulfillment of the promise of God into their own hands, and as a result, produced Ishmael! (I think you could also add Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan to this mix.) 

  8. Austin Hellier Says:

    I agree with your insights into Abraham. He is the father of faith in a sense, but sometimes got it wrong too. He told fibs to Pharaoh and to another king, and got himself into all sorts of trouble for those fibs! Fear of man replaced faith and at short notice too!

    He also begat Ishmael, and as a people group, they became a thorn in the side of the nation of Israel for generations to come. The whole Middle East conflict could never have taken place, but for these mistakes and the misguided belief that ‘works’ can be better than ‘faith’.

    “Ishmael always comes before Isaac” is a favourite saying in the church circles that I come from, and if there is ever to be a true End Time ‘move of God’ then the flesh (Ishmael) must come before the Spirit (Isaac) and so we see the false prophets coming out in fleshly displays in abundance, before the words of Jesus can be fulfilled:

    “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” (Matthew 24:14)

    That is the job of any true Prophet or preacher – to fulfill the Great Commission and go to the ends of the Earth to seek and save the lost, as can be evidenced by credible missions organisations in the world today. Not to promote ‘get rich quick’ schemes and scams and preach a false gospel that will save no one and even alienate the unsaved away from Biblical truth.

    Austin Hellier

  9. M. K. Says:

    I remember reading Milton’s essay called Aereopagitica (my spelling is probably off) in which he argues for freedom of speech. Remember Milton was a Puritan under Cromwell (who did an earlier historical version of this very idea and it was a DISASTER).

    He argued (in my nutshell version) that people who had free speech would use it for both good and evil purposes, and that simply eliminating all evil (as the Puritans saw it) in written form did NOTHING to stop the heart inclination towards evil. Milton argued that by removing one evil, we create others.

    I read that essay over and over after dh and I and the kids were excommunicated from a church that believed and followed the NAR doctrines even BEFORE Peter Wagner wrote them in book form.

    Something that frightened dh and I then, and now is the tendency of the NAR types and others like them to FORCE people– unsaved or other Christians of different convictions to follow their pattern of righteous behaviour. It starts by appointing city wide apostles with authority to reach into any church and “discipline” any Christian who dares to oppose this theology.

    Do you notice how Rick claims to uphold the constitution of the USA which upholds freedoms of speech, assembly, religion and more, while stating that he wouldn’t mind seeing that constitution BROKEN, by some un-named members of the military who are in like mind with him and presumably the other members of NAR.

    This is not the first time that I’ve heard Rick talk of war. He is known for prophesying a civil war within the church between the blues and greys as he calls them. This of course is a clear reference to the American civil war, pitting brother against brother.

    How self righteous of him to excuse himself from calling for that war, by simply saying if certain people did it then he wouldn’t be unhappy. Really? That is a backhand way of advocating civil war in which the winners are presumably the NAR.

    Milton took on Cromwell and the whole Puritan English civil war and it’s nasty side effects in that essay. Obviously Rick Joyner never studied that period of British history. He should.

  10. Ann Rowan Says:

    Rick Joyner denies Jesus is both God & Man. You might be interested in my article on the resource tab that expounds on his heresy and gives scriptural basis for rejecting his insidious error. http://Www.flwi.org

  11. Luis Almodovar Says:

    Rick  Joyner’s  influence and beliefs comes from the knights of Malta.  Their beliefs is this New World Order. One World government and one world religion.  

  12. Ann Rowan Says:

    Isaiah 8 states if they speak not according to the Law and the Testimony (The Word of God) it is because there is not light in them.  ALL THINGS must be tested by the Word of God.  If it is contrary to God’s written Word it is not of the Spirit of God.  Anyone who calls themselves a Christian cannot be part of the Knights of Malta.  Either you have Jesus as your Lord and to whom your full allegiance is dedicated, or you compromise and for political and religious power you join hands with the antichrist doctrine contained in the Catholic church and swear allegiance to the pope and the catholic church.  As a former Catholic I know that the true Gospel is not preached there.  We were never told “You must be born again” (John 3).  We trusted in our religious works of being baptized as a baby into the catholic church and going to confession and taking communion.  The Word of God tells us plainly “come out of her [the whore religious system that sits on 7 hills, aka the Vatican in Rome] My people.”  (Revelation 18) Anyone who gets saved must come out of the catholic church if they are truly going to follow Jesus the Word of God.  Anyone who would JOIN that antichrist organization is disobeying God’s Word and Spirit.

  13. NotARealPerson Says:

    he is right in a way though! if this nation keeps rejecting God and if it’s people keep rejecting Him that is exactly where we will end up an out and out dictatorship where any and all pretense of freedom including the freedom to worship goes all kinds of out the window because it is seen as subversive to the state and therefore must be crushed. i mean we already have a running defacto dictatorship now and it has been that way for awhile we just swap out a new one every 4 to 8 years just like a good little banana republic.

  14. JudgeRight Says:

    Holly, you have assumed the position of teacher by claiming to “expose” false teachers. How about you might be one of the latter? The Bible is clear that women should not assume position of authority over men, especially in church matters, and matters of doctrine. This ban is due to two fundamental reasons — the order of creation, because man was created first, then the woman; and the order of the fall — the woman was deceived first (You should be aware of the exact verses, I will not point them here). I have seen plenty a woman in the church deceived to the point of funny. Just — it is not funny.

    I myself have certain questions about the NAR and especially the abuse of submission to the apostle. However, NAR is not a one sided movement. Criticisms from HuffPo — LOL, full on liberal satanists — prove actually the movement’s divine approval. Someone who went to Biola and probably would say that tongues and spiritual gifts are not for today and have ceased — in stark denial of clear Biblical teaching — does not necessarily qualify as the blameless guardian of biblical truth. So, good to watch some movement but branding NAR heterodox by default shows that you’re oblivious to one fundamental fact — NAR is rather diverse and various and not all in the movement fall into your categories. So be careful. You don’t want to end on someone’s error seeking web site, I guess.

    For example in the early 1990s many prophets predicted the influx of terrorist through the southern US border. Today this is daily news. They also predicted Islamic terrorism on domestic soil. If you misunderstand prophecy do not treat as if it were from the devil. Read 1 Thess. 5:19-22 as to how prophecy in the church should be treated.

    And one final note: women tend to pay more attention to details which can be good, but also can ruin them spiritually by helping them get dragged into becoming legalistic and not seeing the larger picture. Stay away from this sin and its various temptations.

    Best wishes.

  15. Rhonda Says:

    Something else… Rick Joyner is a Knight of Malta – connected to the RCC.  Rick’s website actually ‘explains it away’ as being of “Saint John”.
    Has anyone ever connected that he eschatology of the RCC is almost identical to that of the NAR?  
    Even a little research one finds that the Knights of Malta/St. John are really no different to the Jesuits… in that they vow to uphold the RCC, which the NAR is all about ‘Unifying” the Christian faiths.  
    Goal: Dominion… in the 7 mountains of society… over the world… to ‘usher in’ the Christ.  And… Rome is the “City on 7 Hills”. 
    Maybe a coincidence?  Nah… Satan knows these things… and his fingerprints are in everything, even in esoteric symbolism and numbers.  
    Interestingly, there’s no word for ‘coincidence’ in Hebrew.

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