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Deadraiser: The Movie

New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) filmmakers have released a new feature-length documentary promoting NAR teachings.

Deadraiser–produced by Mountain Light Cinema–profiles a group of people who travel to hospitals, accident scenes, and morgues around the world with the goal of bringing dead people back to life.

The film’s official launch was timed for October, and churches throughout the United States are hosting Halloween showings.

A Grave Topic

The Deadraiser Web site describes the film this way:

Can dead people come back to life? Is it happening today? DEADRAISER is a captivating documentary exploring modern day resurrection stories. A true supernatural adventure, this film follows a dynamic group of spiritually empowered individuals from wide-ranging theologies, backgrounds and locations as they team up to live out the words of Jesus Christ recorded in Matthew 10:8.

The individuals profiled include:

  • Tyler Johnson, author of How to Raise the Dead and and founder of the Dead Raising Team, an organization that travels to morgues–at the request of grieving loved ones–and prays for resurrections (Johnson’s team claims to have seen 11 resurrections to date); and
  • Rodger Frievalt, the senior pastor of Victory Center Church in Madison, Wisconsin, who teaches a “One Day Supernatural Healing and Activation School,” to equip Christians to walk in supernatural power, including healing the sick and raising the dead; and
  • Jesse Birkey, author of Life Resurrected and firefighter/paramedic who claims to have seen the dead raised in the back of his ambulance; and
  • Michael Trzcienski, a self-styled “kingdom revivalist,” who travels to churches and teaches Christians how to live the “supernatural lifestyle” of healing the sick and raising the dead; and
  • Chauncey Crandall, a heart doctor who claims to have witnessed God raise one of his patients from the dead.

Dead Wrong

First, I want to be clear:  I have no problem believing that God can–and has–raised people from the dead. God can do anything He wants to do, and He still does miracles today. Thus, I think it is possible, for example, that Dr. Crandall did observe a genuine resurrection on his operating table.

But it is a far cry from claiming that a doctor saw one patient rise from the dead to claiming that all Christians should expect to see people rising from the dead on a regular basis.

The Scripture verse that the film cites in support of its teachings about raising the dead is Matthew 10:8.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay.

This verse records the instructions Jesus gave his Twelve disciples before he sent them on a mission to minister to the Israelites in Jewish Galilee. But NAR leaders see, in this verse, a command for all Jesus’ followers at all times.

The problem with this view, however, is that healing the sick and raising the dead are never depicted as normal activities of the Christian life anywhere in the New Testament. Yes, it is true that the Gospels describe Jesus healing the sick and raising the dead, as well as his disciples during special missions (Matthew 10:1-8; Luke 10:1-23). Also, in the Book of Acts, the apostles and some of their close associates performed miracles in the name of Jesus.

But this is very important: even in Acts–a book known for miracles–the apostles never taught that all Christians are supposed to work miracles. And this teaching never shows up in the epistles either–which are the books of the New Testament that most generally lend themselves to prescriptive interpretation.

So, what we see in the New Testament are descriptions of miracles that were performed by Jesus and his disciples (and their close associates), but no prescriptions that all Christians are supposed to perform miracles. It seems best, then, to understand the miracles in the Gospels and Acts as foretastes of the arrival of the full kingdom of God, when people will experience no sickness or death.

There simply is no Scripture that indicates that the normal Christian life includes raising the dead.

See my post Deadraiser: The Movie (Part 2).

— By Holly Pivec

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29 Responses to “Deadraiser: The Movie”

  1. Sherryn@thenarrowingpath Says:

    Hi Holly,

    Well, this sure looks like a blockbuster I can’t wait to order. After the three Darren Wilson films (Father of Lights, Finger of God, Furious Love), I simply hadn’t gotten enough false signs and wonders. I have had to supplement it with sermons from Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotten, and the occasional episode of Patricia King or Sid Roth. I have also been eagerly awaiting Darren’s 4th film ‘Holy Spirit’ in which he yet again travels around the world, waits for ‘God’ to ‘show up’ then of course films god at work. You know, like reality TV only about the Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth and his apparent on demand shop of party signs and wonders, which I was not aware of until Darren showed me. Anyway, this new horror, um, I mean documentary, film will no doubt give me the fix I need until Darren’s film is finally completed.

    Whaaaat? Wait a minute…tell me it’s all just been a bad dream. Pleeeez? 😉

    By the way, have you noticed yet that the ‘Great Wealth Transfer’ prophecy seems like it might actually to come true? I notice your Obama is being used mightily by the god of the NAR clan to fulfill this prophecy in taking wealth from your people and giving it away to, well…who knows? It reminds me of how God used the King of Babylon to capture and enslave His chosen people in judgement for their sins. There was a great wealth transfer at that time too.
    It is fascinating to me that this prophecy is also in line with the clearly stated aims of the left-wing fascist one world government. Interesting, and eerily similar to the ‘Great Wealth Transfer’ that happened for the benefit of the Chinese people under their esteemed communist leader. Sure that didn’t go well, but no doubt Obama has taken notes and learned from history like everyone else does.
    And last, but most certainly not least, I couldn’t help but notice that the prophecy of a ‘Great Wealth Transfer’ is exactly is line with the stated goals of the elite ruling class of eugenic promoting globalists, who are just now preparing for that very transfer to occur. Will this turn out to be a fulfilled prophecy after all? All signs are pointing for a win for this false prophet. Sadly for him, he may not realize that rather than falling into the category of ‘wealth transfer recipient’ he actually is more likely to fall into the ‘wealth transfer donor’ or the ‘not required for Earth V.2’ category. Awkward, to say the least.

    Bless you sister, for again warning the flock. I am saddened to think this will lead even more astray. In Christ’s service, Sherryn

  2. Stacey Says:

    Shared this at the FP site too


    The other part of the documentary involves the “Deadraiser” team traveling about, but quite honestly they never get much done. I don’t mean to criticise, but the “ministry” aspect of the movie falls far short of Darren Wilson’s now Christian classic trilogy. And although I’m certain each of the individuals in the film are amazing men, I have never heard of any of them before. None of them have much credibility from anyone I’ve ever heard of, and there are not really any “trustworthy” names or backers for the movie. I understand the director’s desire to make a film with “Average Joes” who can do miracles and raise the dead, but the “Average Joes” don’t really do anything noteworthy in the film.

    At the end, the “Deadraiser” team comes together and the guys each share how much it has meant to them to have met each other and formed lifelong bonds. And they share how they have been blessed to see other passionate believers who are standing for God’s truth and Kingdom. It is a touching ending to the story, to be sure. But I wanted to see someone get raised from the dead in the movie! The one time they began praying for a dead guy, they never said what happened. And they only prayed for one!

    So no one actually gets raised from the dead in the film, that says it all at least to me.
    I guess the Lord missed His casting call?

  3. Scott Crowder Says:

    I ordered the DeadRaisers film and watched it with my wife after meeting the filmmakers recently.  Wow!  I was blown away by the passion of these guys and the lengths that they would go to to see people hear the good news of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  What an amazing God we serve!  He redeems the broken-hearted and sets the captives free.  A few days later I was driving home after church and saw an ambulance at a house in my neighborhood.  I parked my car and walked to the door to see if I could find out if anyone would like prayer.  A man inside saw me on his sidewalk and came out to greet me.  I told him that I am a local pastor that was driving by, noticed the ambulance, and would like to pray for him or anyone that may need it because I believe in Jesus Christ and that he heals still to this day.  He told me his mother had really low blood pressure and was going to go to the hospital and told me it would be ok to pray.  We prayed together for his mother and before I left he asked where I lived and I told him what street.  That was that.  A couple days later I had an unexpected knock at my door.  As I opened the door there was an old woman standing there who asked me if I knew a pastor on the street.  I said “that would be me.”  She began to explain to me the night the ambulance came by.  She said her blood pressure was below measurement and was about to be taken to the hospital when “suddenly” she just felt better.  The paramedics insisted she come to the hospital since they were there by way of an emergency call.  She flatly refused and signed the waiver saying she denied going to the hospital.  Her words to me “this is the second miracle of my life. The first was when I first got saved in 1984.”  She said her son walked into the room and told her in that moment a stranger had come to the door and prayed with him for her.  He wondered aloud “do you think it was an angel mom?”  Haha!  I share this story because I felt I was encouraged by the Deadraisers film and the boldness of these men to share the power of the good news – Jesus saves!  Blessings.

  4. John Frederick Clark Says:

    Interesting portrayal of the movie, but I challenge the writer Holly Pivec to ANSWER HONESTLY – have you actually SEEN the movie you are judging and commenting on so freely?

  5. Brian Thompson Says:

    I agree that a huge error has been made here! 

    However I do believe the error has been made on the part of the author Holly Pivec. Its one thing to believe in a God as his existence. Its another thing to believe in the promises of God as they are stated. I know personally that Matthew 10:8 does happen today and everyday. Myself and others that I know from various cities are not afraid to lay on hands and heal people, cleanse the leper or raise the dead. If Christ commanded it and to be christian is to be like Christ and do the things he did and taught well then…

    I have seen Deadraiser and the film itself is thought provoking, biblical and exhorting.  I would encourage you Holly to rethink your position. If you are not currently healing people or raising the dead it does not mean that you never will or that God is not in it.

  6. Reyna Says:

    I too believe God will do and can do what He wants to do and when He wants to do it. Saying He won’t use all Christians to do what He wants (like raise the dead) to me is rooted in fear. Fear of failure. When it’s simple to just step out, pray and believe the results will be what God wants thems to be. The Holy Spirit will use a willing vessel anytime any place!  After seeing deadraiser and spending some time with the team, the Lord has been setting me more and more free of fear!!  Fear of what people think mostly. All I know is when He calls (whatever it is) I want to answer. To Jesus be all the honor and glory forever and ever!!

  7. Asia Wall Says:

    I have to add something real quick here.  In John 14:12 Jesus said that EVERYONE who believes in him will do the works that he has been doing, and even GREATER than these, because he was going to the Father.  So these miraculous works were obviously not reserved for the apostles only.  Also, in 1 Corinthians 12, Paul lists all of the spiritual gifts that were in operation in the body of Corinth, and the included healing, prophesy and working of miracles.  So your premise that these things were not in operation outside of the elite few is not scriptural.  

    I have seen deaf ears healed, I have seen the lame walk, I have seen people delivered from demons.  I worked with Darren on “Holy Ghost” in Salt Lake City and I saw God show up in amazing ways.  I have not personally seen someone raised for the dead, but of course it can happen, because NOWHERE in the Bible does it ever say that this miracle will cease until Jesus returns.  Let’s let go of doubt, just because you haven’t seen something with your own eyes, and embrace childlike faith.  God is so much bigger and better than we think!


    Holy I pray that the LORD would touch you in a tangible way in which the veil would be torn from your eyes and ears and that HE would give you a hunger and a thirst for HIM. I have not seen the movie but we are scheduled for our premiere on Nov 8 and we are so pumped for this. Romans 8:19- FOR THE EARNEST EXPECTATION OF THE CREATURE WAITS FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD. WE ARE PROMISED TO DO GREATER THEN HE DID. HALLELUHIA !!!! ROMANS 8:22 – FOR WE KNOW THAT THE WHOLE CREATION GROANETH AND TRAVAILETH IN PAIN TOGETHER UNTIL NOW !!!!! The LORDS got this with faith ALL things are possible so I expect to raise the dead. Holy I decree GOD is going to radically change your perception of this topic , cant wait to hear your testimony SISTER !!!! PRAISE THE LIVING GOD WE SERVE !!!! FUEGO !! FUEGO !!!! ( FIRE FIRE) AS PER DAVID HOGAN) PS JUST WATCHING A FEW SHORT TEACHINGS FROM THIS MAN ABOUT RAISING THE DEAD WILL TRANSFORM YOU CHECK HIM OUT I DARE YA LOL BE BLESSED HOLY. 🙂

  9. Jennifer Ochmanski Says:

    “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe All things whatsoever I have commanded you: And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world” Matt. 28:18-20

  10. Laurie Hilgers Says:

    Only believe, and you will see the glory of God!

  11. Tom Teoli Says:

    In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus says to His disciples, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

    When Jesus says to teach “them” (disciples of all nations; i.e., us) to observe (adhere to, comply with, conform to) all (the whole amount or entirety) that He commanded (ordered, instructed, declared), does this not include the commands He gave to the disciples in Matthew 10?

    But you say that scripture must be read in it’s proper context, and you are correct.  What you forget is that in Matthew 10:16-23 Jesus extends His earlier commands into prophetic declarations about the future, assuming that the model He laid out for sending out His disciples would be carried out in future missions, because the prophesies He declared did not come to pass in that single instance of sending out those disciples.  Those events took place after His resurrection and happened to people who were not present when He gave those commands.  Indeed they are still happening, and some have yet to occur.

    And yet you say that neither Jesus, nor the Apostles, ever taught that performing miracles, signs, and wonders should normal activities of the Christian Life.  Apparently your New Testament does not include the last chapter of Mark (chapter 16) Where Jesus says in verses 17 and 18, “These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”  

    Neither does your New Testament include 1 Corinthians 12 where Paul lays out a whole assortment of spiritual gifts that are given to Christians of every rank and file. in verse 7 He says, “But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” and in 11 He says, ” But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually just as He wills.”

    It is by the Holy Spirit that gifts of “healing,” and, “the effecting of miracles,” and, “prophecy,” are distributed to each one individually just as He wills.”  Notice how he says “to each one” and not “to a select and special few.”

    Jesus also said one sentence that makes the entire point of this article false.  He says in John 14:12 – “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”

    What works did Jesus do?  He healed the sick, cast out demons, healed blind eyes, made the lame walk, and He raised the dead back to life.  Jesus said we who believed would do greater works than that, and yet you say we can’t even do the things that Jesus Himself did.  No offense, but I think I’m going to believe what Jesus says over someone who makes inaccurate claims about what Jesus and the Apostles said in the New Testament.

    Part of the problem is that those who preach against the working of the Holy Spirit in the world have never encountered or received the Holy Spirit; therefore, they fear what they do not know and seek to thwart the very gospel they claim to believe.  The problem is that their gospel is a religious gospel watered down by the doctrines of man, holding to a form of godliness but denying its power.  1 Corinthians 4:20 – For the kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power.    

    There is a whole nation of “unbelieving believers” who have denied the power of God by grieving, quenching, and not receiving the Holy Spirit.  Paul described these as “ungifted men.”  He says in 1 Corinthians 14:24, “But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an ungifted man enters, he is convicted by all, he is called to account by all.”  Notice that there is a difference between unbelievers and ungifted men.  Ungifted men are those that believe in Jesus, but have not received the Holy Spirit, therefore they are unable to understand Him and His ways. Paul explains this in 1 Corinthians 2:14 – “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.”

    Stop criticizing those who are boldly following Christ and attempting the impossible because they have a radical trust in an all powerful God whose name is Love, who said that “all things are possible to him who believes.”   Miracles are to display both the power and love of God.  He wants to bring His children home.  Don’t you see you are working against people who are trying to rescue the lost?  I hope you can come around to see that God’s plan for salvation didn’t change when Jesus died.  He is still healing and saving and raising the dead through those who believe in and follow Jesus Christ.

  12. Jesse A Says:

    Holly and others who read this website,

    Bless you guys!  May the living God pour His love and Spirit over you without measure (as promised of course :). )  May love and the fruits and gifts of the Spirit flow fromyou everywhere you go.  Father baptize them in your love and show them your glory!  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you God for your Holy Spirit!  

    I hope you all actually watch Deadraiser and I don’t say that to be confrontational……I say it out of love and knowing that you will appreciate seeing the hearts of these guys that are after Jesus at any cost (yes the true Jesus…Yeshua).  The movie is about a lot more than raising the dead……it’s about knowing Jesus…..intimacy….and watching impossibilities bow to Jesus for His glory!  After meeting these guys at a small conference I was amazed at their hearts after Jesus and boldness to walk as Jesus instructed knowing the criticism they would recieve and shots they would take from their own family In Christ!  Their hearts are relentless to see people know and experience Jesus.  At this couple day conference it was a flury of activity as people from and supporting the movie were showing up from all over….flying in….and soon back out to the next place God called them….across the country or world.  One of the guys was rushing between sessions to pack a whole suitcase full of bibles to an undisclosed nation…..these are radical lovers of Jesus who go whereever God calls and walking in true humility and adoration of the King!  

    I grew up in “the church” but walked away a prodigal because of all the nasty nasty stuff I saw people doing to each other…..and a lack of genuineness in lives that didn’t look anything like what Jesus modeled or taught……I judged some people…yep I did
    I was seeking God on my own a lot and one night He supernaturally encountered me….I didnt know what to pray anymore (yeah like in the book of Romans)  I began praying in tongues and couldn’t stop for 2 hours (I didn’t believe in toungues….I thought it was a crock in the modern day).  Soon after I began to seek people who were so radically in love with Jesus and I found some people who loved and modeled Jesus like I had never seen…..your dear friends Georgian Banov and Heidi Baker …… Jesus said feed my sheep…and they did….He said whatever you have done for the least of these you have done for me….so they sought those the world counted least and poured out extravagant love.  I got to hang out with both of them and saw a love for Jesus that was intense and miracles signs and wonders to follow.  I didn’t believe that the Spirit would knock you over……because I had seen people pushed.  I didnt believe all this healing was real today…..until I saw it……at my own hands even I have seen a deaf ear opened…intestinal worms disappear….crippled legs straighten out…..a twenty year back problem involving a slipped disc and no longer being able to lay down or sleep for more than 3hours completely healed…..and many other things…..but I had to believe first….and pray for it to actually happen.
    There are probably fakes out there ….. But I’m not worried about that…..I’m too busy pursuing Jesus!
    We need unity……Jesus prayed this to our Father in John 17 that we would be one …. As they are one (trinity)
    We don’t need more accusation or friendly fire ….. Jesus is truth
    We don’t need to label each other and call names …… we need to be more Jesus minded and less correction minded…..
    again in John……. Disciples arguing over who is better and more right……Jesus says be like this child
    Diciples say they are casting out demons in your name but are not with us …… Jesus says if they are not against us they are for us
    Jesus also says they will know you are mine (my disciples) by your love
    There is a difference between correction in love and gossip/ranting

    Holly I’m also quite confused about how you say ….paraphrased….healing is for today….but not like this….not through just anyone.  This is contradictory to a bunch of scriptural principles and what Jesus told all to do….and Jesus said You look to the scriptures but here I am right in front of you…..paraphrased of course.  Of course He taught the disciples….they were with Him……but like everything He taught them…..He showed by example and demonstration and said GO tell them the Kingdom is at hand.
    Salvation wasn’t only for the disciples but it was first taught to them….to bring to others
    and you bring up Paul’s letters…..they are just that….letters to a number of early churches addressing certain things.  Some people have continued to walk in miracles,signs,and wonders since the early church.

    Religion is what’s left when the Spirit leaves the building.  -Bono

    Just a heads up I don’t have time to respond to any further comments….too many people out there to love to spend my time on a blog.

    Love you guys!

  13. Rich Kelley Says:

    Why would you watch a move that shows nothing of what is claimed? 

  14. Brenda Schley Says:

    I agree, God can do whatever He wants.  The problem is people chasing after these experiences. The Church is basically a mess. Most believers don’t bother to share their faith, and probably most haven’t bothered to even try, take a course, memorize some salvation scriptures. Now this. 

  15. rowi Says:

    We are watching the movie tonight and will judge for ourselves.  I have to admit, it sure has made me think about what Jesus did and what I could potentially do as one who has “Christ in me the hope of glory.  Blessings!

  16. Shawn Niles Says:

    PLEASE church – we are all a part of the same body. It’s ok to disagree on method as long as we all agree that we are saved by nothing but the blood of Jesus. There are too many who don’t know Christ that we need to be pursuing rather than arguing about who is right or wrong when it comes to methodology. If you are content to believe that miracles have ceased: go preach Jesus! And if you believe that miracles are still taking place: go preach Jesus! But let’s please quit entertaining the enemy by tearing each other down.

  17. James Foard Says:

    Excellent article. To those “raise the dead” guys and their defenders. I just spent a couple of days in a large Veteran’s hospital in Portland Oregon. There’s a lot of these old guys, patriots who gave their all for their country, sitting in wheel chairs, with walkers, with canes; some of the the younger ones from Iraq and Afghanistan missing limbs, with severe head trauma. Heroic doctors and caregivers attending to their every need, trying to heal them and love them physically, emotionally and spiritually.
    So why don’t you come with your team to this hospital and do some good? You might find out that there are many ways to heal, not all of them by some miraculous physical healing, but by caring, loving and sharing and listening. By giving of time and talents.
    I’m kind of glad you don’t show up with your miracle prayer team claiming to raise people from the dead. Your misled and horribly misguided and your misleading others and giving them false hope. You see, any kind of “resurrection” you might perform will only be temporary anyhow, since sin, sickness and death will be with us until the resurrection of the saints, when we get our new bodies and will never die. Now, THAT’S what I’m looking forward to, not some phoney gimmick started by someone who couldn’t accept the fact that his father is in fact “in a better place” if he was a believer.
    Many of these old and sick veterans are on their way out; their bodies are old and tired, and the best thing for them is to come to know Jesus so that they can have a REAL HOPE when HE COMES AGAIN and truely, finally and forever RAISES THE DEAD INCORRUPTIBLE forever, Hallellujah! Praise the Lord! Jesus is Lord!

  18. Brenda Schley Says:

    I hear what you are saying Shawn, and I was trying to make that point. Our neighbours are going to hell.  and there are huge problems in the Churches. I don’t think this is tearing people down. I know people constantly chasing signs and wonders, and the signs and wonders movement has done damage. I say wake up church. I wonder if some of these people are even saved. There are so so many following false teachers and false prophets and naming the name of Christ. Spurgeon said that if you aren’t concerned about the salvation of others, then you probably aren’t saved yourself.  Get some discernment. It is not fighting with other Christians when something is systemically wrong and we see it. We can lovingly point things out, and look at Paul, he pointed out false teachers and named them.

  19. Rich Kelley Says:

    The issue is our salvation, not everyone else.  God does the calling, if you hear and decide to go through the narrow gate and walk the path, our example will speak volumes to those around us.  The look of the christian in America looks no different than our pagan unsaved neighbor.  The problem isn’t what hasn’t been said to the “Unsaved” person, the problem is the messenger looks no different than anyone else in the world.  Threads and conversations that look heated mean nothing to the unsaved, most never see these threads anyway, so calling for some “why can’t we all just get along” solution, is one of the major causes for the existance of the problem in the first place.  It is in the living part that light is produced, not the saying part.  Let God do the calling, and we do the living as an example and sit back and watch the results.  The last 100 year is proof that the run them down and preach to them doesn’t work.  The last 30 years of build it bigger, better, give them what they want hasn’t worked.  Most every system man can dream up hasn’t worked, go figure, time to start living the life instead of talking it.  This film is the perfect example, all talk and no results.  That is what happens when you live a lie fabricated out of the hearts of men. The fact that it is a lie needs to be pointed out because the believer needs road signs along the way that will help to keep them on the narrow path and off the broad one that is leading to their distruction.

  20. basil Says:

    Raise the dead for what? if it is so that the deceased has a chance of salvation or can continue being a provider if the family were to be left destitute if the deceased were to remain that way then cool but otherwise we all have to die someday if the Lord does not come before then.I am reminded of what Father Abraham said to the rich man, “they have Moses and the prophets, how will they believe even if one were to be raised from the dead.

  21. Tanah Says:

    Holly, have you read the Gospels about Jesus Christ. He commanded his followers and all believers to heal the sick and raise the dead. It shoes faith, dominion and spiritual authority thru the “finger of God”. David Hogan’s ministry have raised over 450 people from the dead. Gen 17 says God is the “Almighty”. Look up with almighty means and the whole purpose of Jesus coming is to destroy works of devil (acts 10:38) including raising people from dead who prematurely were taken away. Psalm 91 says He satisfies you with long life. A 10 yr dying has not been satisfied w long life is premature death (John 10:10). Gods will to heal, restore and raise the dead is always Gods will. devil has done a good job in deceiving believers into believing God’s will is a mystery. Luke 17 talks Abt kid that disciples couldn’t get healed cause unbelief. But Jesus healed quickly as it was his will all along. W humans czine size things we don’t understand. Look at Pharisees.  Look at True Gospel of Jesus. Many false gospels out there. Blessings to you!

  22. Swise Says:

    Even the devil can raise people from the dead. I think the underlying issue is this…is it God’s will or is it man’s will? I do not deny that people can be raised from the dead, if it IS God’s will. Jesus did all of his healings and miracles…via God’s will, not of his own will. He taught us by his example of true obedience, even death on a cross, according to his father’s will. That is why Christ is King, resurrected from the dead and sits at the right hand of his father on the throne…conquered death, reconciled us to our Father so that we may be joint heirs with Jesus! Lazarus was raised from the dead…guess what, he died again. Those of you who have commented in support of this movie and what it represents…what if you don’t raise someone from the dead? Then what? Was your faith not strong enough? Every prophet/apostle didn’t approach God and say “I am going to do this in Your Name” quite the opposite…God came to each one and said…”This is what I want you to say and/or do in my name”. I never want to think I am above reproach, and especially not above God himself. I am a servant…not a seeker for a supernatural experience…as by coming to know Christ is the only “supernatural” experience that I will ever need and the only one that matters. If you think you need more than that…then you may be sadly mistaken…Christ alone is more than enough!

  23. Rich Kelley Says:

    Mar 3:13-15

    And He went up on the mountain and called to Him those He Himself wanted. And they came to HimThen He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach, and to have power to heal sicknesses and to cast out demons:

    Above is scripture that lets you know that it was not ALL that Christ called, only twelve.  That doesn’t mean He didn’t call you if you were not one of the twelve.  Read the scripture, don’t read into it to suit your flesh, or the flesh of those you have choosen to follow.

  24. Mike S Says:

    I personally was disappointed with the film because they didn’t interview anyone who has seen a lot of dead raisings in their ministry.

    But I do have this question of the author of this article. If you are so certain that signs and wonders are not supposed to follow average Christians, how do you explain all the healings that take place in so many ministries around the world? They are done in the Name of Jesus. God is given the glory and many many people accept Christ as a result. I have personally seen this happen. I have personally seen people healed instantly when I just asked Jesus to come and heal them. They gave God the Glory.
    Is not a dangerous position to take to imply that this is the work of the Enemy? If it is God would that not be blasphemy? How is your position any different than that of the Pharisees who were ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that Jesus could not be the fulfillment of the scriptures that they were the experts in?

    Is it possible that you are wrong? Are you sure there are no scriptures that support Christians praying for the sick or raising the dead? Have you read any of the opposing arguments from people who see this stuff happening all the time?

    Does it logically make sense to you that Jesus would spend all that time healing the sick, casting out devils etc only to turn around and say once the apostles were all dead, “ok, now it’s the Devil’s turn. He is the only one who can heal or do any signs and wonders now” See, to me that just doesn’t make sense. He either gave us victory or He didn’t. Not a bit of both.

  25. Richard M Says:


    I am so glad that I believe that God is still alive and raises the dead. I have a Masters of Divinity, a PhD. and am an ordained Baptist Pastor. I began to believe that the same things Jesus taught his disciples who were in their teens and twenties and were totally ordinary, he could do today. Then one day my own son died in my arms. I was at a hospital and the doctors can verify what I am telling you and I have signed medical records. He was dead for 40-Minutes while I prayed over him. Now he is almost 8 years old and I’m so glad that I left a dead theology of a God who no longer does what He used to do and began to study every passage on healing and every passage where it talks about someone raising the dead. God did it in the Old Testament and in the New. It wasn’t just Jesus who raised the dead or raised from the dead. I’ve prayed two times for the dead to be raised and have two testimonies to share. If I had a theology where God doesn’t do that I would have none.

  26. Richard Deja Vu Says:

    I would like to converse with you privately on this… via email. I have some very disturbing things I found out about this group.

  27. Pastor Don Says:

    Holly, while I agree with much of what you have written about the NAR and many of the doctrinal concerns raised in your book, this post raises some concerns.

    While you may or may not be a subscribing cessationist, many of the statements you make in this post give rise to what might be called ‘defacto cessationism’ for want of a better term.
    There is so much in the post to interact with that I could literally take many pages to respond. So allow me to pick out one salient point.
    You wrote: “But this is very important: even in Acts–a book known for miracles–the apostles never taught that all Christians are supposed to work miracles. And this teaching never shows up in the epistles either–which are the books of the New Testament that most generally lend themselves to prescriptive interpretation.”

    Let’s examine the first premise: “Even in Acts–a book known for miracles–the apostles never taught that all Christians are supposed to work miracles.”
    True, so far as it goes. But there’s a simple reason for this. Hermeneutic. The Book of Acts is a narrative. And as such, it is not didactic in nature. What ‘teaching’ we DO find in Acts is only there because it is part of the narrative. That teaching would, of course, be authoritative. However, it is only incidental to the larger purpose, which is to relate a narrative history.

    Let’s now examine the second premise: “And this teaching never shows up in the epistles either…” Patently false. In fact, in Paul’s exposition of what a New Testament church meeting should look like, he fully anticipates the works of the Holy Spirit among them. In his understanding of The Body of Christ and how it works, Paul uses the various Gifts of The Spirit as a template. And those various gifts – given to all members of the Body for the edification of all – conspicuously include ‘miracles’ and ‘healing’. So much for this “only The Apostles” idea. All believers were expected to be participants in the spiritual life of The Body, which included the exercise of the spiritual gifts as well as their discernment (“to be heard by all and judged by all”). In fact, the entire New Testament presupposes the actions of a Supernatural God who is pleased to allow His power to be expressed through weak human vessels with feet of clay.

    Ironically, it seems to me that your interpretation falls much closer to the NAR leaders themselves with their elitist ‘only The Apostles can usher this in’ teaching…albeit with the caveat that there are no more apostles today. Hence my use of the term ‘defacto cessationism’.

    My premise is that God still works today just as He did in the New Testament era. The mere fact that so much false teaching and counterfeit spirituality abounds today does not in any way invalidate that premise. In fact, if you were Satan, wouldn’t you promote a false spirituality if only to the end that it frightened Christians and kept them from experiencing the genuine article? That, in my opinion, is his most effective strategy. Surround the doctrine of the blessed Holy Spirit with so much error and confusion that many Christians will scarcely mention The Holy Spirit, much less experience His working in their lives.

    Having said all of that, I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for attempting to shine a light of Biblical discernment on what I feel can only be described as a new Christian mysticism sweeping the church…a mysticism that often has little foundation in Scripture.

  28. Pastor Harry Says:

    dead raiser was silly. It wasn’t encouraging or Biblical. Let’s stop teaching young people, who are in the best of health, living off mom and dads wealth, that they know how life works. Preach the Gospel. God is generous and loving and kind and just and righteous. This world is not our home. This life and it’s struggles are not be compared to what is to come! This world is corrupt, fallen and according to Romans already feeling the effects of judgement. So, let’s tell people the good news, in the midst of all this suffering, God will make things right. Jesus didn’t heal everybody, what He did was to show Who He was. Anyhow, I’ll speak against the NAR as much as possible and I’m a Pentecostal preacher. NAR is nonsense plain and simple.

  29. mark scott Says:

    Many Christian groups have believed in divine healing. The NAR is an association and they have diverse views. Although I believe that raising from the dead is biblical it is very uncommon and happens under a very strong anointing. Ambulance chasing to raise corpses is strange, weird and not a faith issue but a lack of common sense. I believe in the integrity of God’s Word and have faith to see miracles. What this is is a hit and miss going after any corpse in hoping to find a stiff that will come back to life. If this was a God thing, God would lead and the success rate of raising stiffs would be very high. Although I admire the zeal this type of body snatching is. Although many of the individuals that are promoted through this film maker are wonderfully dynamic believers ,some of the people that have been promoted by these films are either not sound in the Word of God and some are wolves. It is a shame that the pastors in the independant Charismatic or Revivalists movement have not had the courage to push back on these abuses

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