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Deadraiser: The Movie (Part 2)

October 30th, 2013 | 24 Comments | Posted in Miracles/Supernatural Powers, Miscellaneous
The Deadraiser team cruises the streets of Denver, Colorado, looking for sick people to heal and dead people to raise.

The Deadraiser team cruises the streets of Colorado, looking for sick people to heal and dead people to raise.

In my last post, I examined a new documentary film, called Deadraiser, that profiles a team of men who travel around the world and seek to raise people from the dead. In this post, I want to share two personal reactions I had while watching the film.

No One Is Raised From the Dead

There is a huge, glaring problem with the film: it does not show a single person being physically healed or raised from the dead. We see the team walking around a park in Boulder, Colorado, praying for sick people–none of whom get healed. We see them traveling to a country in Southeast Asia–the Philippines?–and laying hands on a dead man’s body and praying in tongues while a grieving woman stands nearby. Is he raised? We don’t know, as the scene fades and transitions to another story. But I think I’m safe in assuming that he wasn’t raised.

And the climax of the film is not someone being raised from the dead–as one might expect in a film about raising the dead. Rather, it is the five members of the team sharing their feelings at the site where a 16-year-old previously drowned and, apparently, was not raised from the dead.

The title Deadraiser is misleading. It doesn’t deliver.

There Is Collateral Damage

I felt sad for the families of the sick and dead people. The Deadraiser team members visited the hospital room of a quadriplegic man on his wife’s birthday. They gave the couple the hope of complete physical healing, praying for the man to be “restored to way stronger than before the accident.” But they left with his status unchanged.

In another story, a team of “dead raisers” spent three days at a funeral home, praying for a person to come back to life. When the person wasn’t resurrected, they admitted their disappointment.

And another one of the “dead raisers” profiled shared a heartbreaking story of how the fervent prayers of him and his own family went unanswered in a hospital room, when they pleaded for over an hour for God to raise his 14-year-old son from the dead.

What are people to think when they are promised that God shows His love through physical healing and raising the dead, but then He doesn’t come through?

I’m all for God performing miracles whenever He decides to. But Christians get into trouble when they hold out false promises that Scripture doesn’t back up.

(See my next post on the Deadraiser film.)

— Holly Pivec

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24 Responses to “Deadraiser: The Movie (Part 2)”

  1. Tim Says:

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more with Holly.

    The scriptures are misunderstood by these types of christians. There appears to be conflict in the scriptures which seems to create to groups of christian mentalities.

    The scriptures say that greater things you will do (abbreviated) This is the scripture I believe that creates this kind of dead raising group and the false healers or prayers for healing that are never answered.

    The greater things you will do is not the miracles or healings but it is the Power of the Holy Spirit to live the christian life in Boldness and Truth. It doesn’t dismiss healings or miracles but it is not the central theme of the greater things you will do.

    Christ told the disciples before they all betrayed him and ran lilke cowards and Peter denying HIm 3 times.

    Why were they all heros after Christ was raised. They were all heros because of Acts chapter 2. When they received the Power of the 3rd person in trinity. The Holy Spirit. And Christ said to them wait until I send the Comforter who will lead you and remind you of all things I have told you.

    This is the greater thing, now the Holy Spirit moves in the body of Christ a person they never had live in them before. Now all the discples were brave and Bold unto martyerdom including Paul the great persecuter of the church save John.

    This is the balancing of scripture and rightly dividing.

    For an adulterous generation who seeks after signs and miracles will be given the sign of Jonah!!

    This type of following of Christ seeking dead raisers and healers like the benny hinns is a proclamation from Christ of Judgment and hell.

    Scary group to be a part of.


  2. Rich Kelley Says:

    You may Have come across something in watching the film.  You mention they were praying in tongues while trying to raise the dead.  I have at least six bibles on my computer, but it looks like a I have to get another, because none of mine mention Jesus, or the Disciples EVER praying in tongues for healing, raising of the dead, demons etc. They always prayed with understanding, they knew exactly what they wanted the Father to do when they asked Him, and it wasn’t to edify self. When you run from movement to movement to get “it”, you will easily fall for anything.  This makes clear how so many will be deceived in the end times and fall away from the faith.  The faith is to be in Christ, not the things of Christ.

  3. barbara Says:

    Are you saying we shouldn’t pray?

  4. Jane Says:

    The Rapture notwithstanding, the ONLY way believers can hope to get to Heaven is to die first.  Wasn’t it the apostle Paul who said, “absent from the body, present with the Lord”?  And these body raisers want to snatch people out of Heaven and away from the Lord just to return them to this sin-sick world so they can face death again?  And they really think they can bring the dead out of the pit of Hell?  Nonsense.

    It sounds like this is just a bunch of terribly misguided youth who have become so bored with life, they’d rather focus on death and dying instead.  I guess for them, obeying the Great Commission of Jesus to preach the gospel to all the world is rather hum-drum compared to the thrill of spending their lives with the sick and the dead.  I suppose for them, every day gets to be Halloween, not just today.  

  5. Tim Says:


    It’s not that we shouldn’t pray. It’s how we pray. Jesus gave us a model, and that is His will be done.

    Clearly using God’s name to raise the dead is not in God’s will according to scripture, but it is using His name in “vain”  which also means rendering the name of God useless which these misguided zealots sorry to say are doing.

    Now, they are showing the power of God is not so powerful.

  6. Rich Kelley Says:

    Barbra, I’m saying there isn’t one single example of anyone in the New Testament praying in tongues to heal people, raise them from the dead, or cast out demons, NOT ONE EXAMPLE, so why these people think that should be the procedure is beyond me.  If you want to follow in the footsteps of the New Testament believers, read how they did it and proceed, don’t make up your own stuff to “appear” more spiritual. 

  7. barbara Says:

    I think it says they will know us by our love for one another. What are we afraid of?

  8. Tim smith Says:


    If you read the word it days because of their lack of Love for the truth God will send them a delusion so that they would believe a lie.

    That is your answer Barbra.

    love for one another has nothing to do with God’s rejection of those who don’t love the truth. Nothing about security in The Lord about our love for one  another if our love is first not  in the unity of love for the truth .

    Again, properly dividing the word of truth.

  9. Jenna Says:

    Thank you for exposing this, Holly. How dangerous. How sad. My biggest issue with movies like this, and youtube “healing” videos is… WHY IN THE WORLD are they trying to “show off” what they are doing? I don’t get it. To get recognition? They have received their reward in full. When we pray, we are to do it behind closed doors. If we do pray for someone, do we need to immediately go tell everyone, or better yet- make sure a camera is rolling? I just don’t understand this. It is so sad to me. 

    And the first thing I thought of when I read about this movie was: 

    21“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.22“Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’ -Matthew 7

  10. Jennifer Ochmanski Says:

    Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. When we see miracles happen, it is a manifestation of what was hoped for, when we haven’t seen it manifest yet, we should just keep having faith and hope, do not turn to doubt or you lose hope.

  11. Tim Smith Says:


    Remember, Jesus said if you just have the faith of a mustard seed.

    The point here I believe is very simple. Most confuse this to mean that it is our faith that moves God’s hand.

    The point simply is this, if one believes it takes great faith then that person gets the “glory” for moving God’s hand.

    It takes the faith of the mustard seed because then God receives the glory not you, not me, not anybody.

    It’s all about Jesus and how He moves in his childrens lives, not about our great faith so everyone around can look at us, or worse how great we think we are because of our great faith.

    Just look at those who love Jesus who are still blind, lame, and deaf and with many infirmities. Is it because of their lack of faith!!??

    This example should be proof text that it is not man’s faith we look to for things hoped for.  Our faith is our hope in a risen saviour who gives us a living relationship. This hope speaks of a person who is Jesus Christ who is The HOPE of Glory!!

    This HOPE is a person not a thing.

  12. Tim Smith Says:

    To clarify faith, one must walk in biblical faith. These groups are not walking in biblical faith but some “other” faith disguised as biblical faith.

    We can hope till we turn blue in the face.

    There is only one way to strengthen faith, and the it is written. Faith comes by hearing and heaing by the WORD OF GOD.

    One is approved as a steward of God’s word only through disciplined STUDY in the word of God. This promise is given to those christians who STUDY, not just read and then read with error like these wayward, misdirected, loose cannons, who are exercising great faith in a false understanding of the word of God because they are not approved and they are not discipled either.

    They are disobedient children with a loaded spiritual handgun, and this is destructive faith based on their own imaginations.

  13. Tim Smith Says:

    Only an adulterous seeks manifestations.

    A true Love for Jesus seeks His character and the fruit of the Spirit. The greatest manifesation took place 2000 years ago on the cross and a risen Lord.

    If one desires furthre manifestations, God speaks clearly that they are adulterous and hell bound. Just read the simple warnings Jesus gives for He knew there are folks who are more intersted in a circus act than a walk called to suffer and sacrifice for a Christ who died for you before you even knew you were bound to a hell eternal.

    Those who seek the heart of the Lord are His, and those who seek what they can get from the hand of the Lord are spurned by Jesus Himself.

    Make sure your desires line up with HIs desires.

  14. Nevin Says:

    What good is comment thread if you only allow postings that agree with your theological view? Tim, and oh yeah Tim….

  15. CG Says:

    @Nevin, I guess you didn’t read the comments on part 1.
    @Tim, thank you

  16. Ann Says:

    They want attention and money. That’s why they made a movie AND that they wear shirts with “Deadraiser” printed on  them.

  17. Holly Says:


    No, I am not saying that people shouldn’t pray. I am saying that people shouldn’t misrepresent God’s Word and say that Christ commissioned all his followers to heal the sick and raise the dead and that He has promised He will heal or resurrect anyone we pray for.


  18. Laura Hope Says:

    Holly, I just pray right now, that the Holy Spirit would move in your heart and bring new revelation of His existence and burning desire to move freely throughout your life. I pray, in Jesus’ name, that all obstacles and false things would be broken away from your heart and that the Holy Spirit would have absolute reign in your heart and mind. I release total freedom over you to believe the impossible things that God wants to do and is YEARNING to do in bringing His Kingdom to the earth and to YOUR life. I bless you in your journey seeking the face of Jesus Christ and pray a fresh anointing of that revelation in His mighty name. May you be filled with His love and glory.

  19. Eddie B Says:

    There’s talk of the film coming here to the UK, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    To me the key scripture is Matt 11:2-6.  Raising of the dead was among the miracles attesting to the authenticity of the Messiah, and I believe remains a hallmark of the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I have no problem believing that the dead were raised during the time of the early church (Acts 20) through into modern times. Not commonplace, especially in the modern Western church, but not totally unknown.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but to the best of my knowledge raising the dead has never been among the counterfeit works of false religions and deceiving spirits.  Of course, there remains a place for healthy skepticism over whether a miracle has actually taken place, or merely a resuscitation.

    Whether it’s a godly thing for a group of young guys to focus on such ministry, or make a film based on their exploits, I’m not prepared to pre-judge.

  20. CG Says:

    Laura, I sort of wonder why you are “praying” in a post on a message board? It’s not praying by the way. A few points from what I gathered out of the text: “… the Holy Spirit…bring new revelation of His existence…” What ar you trying to say here? That Holly doesn’t believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit and therefore needs NEW REVELATION that He exists? What is this “burning desire” the Holy Spirit (according to you) has to “…move freely throughout your life…” What does that even mean? Can you explain these two points from scripture? It seems that you believe that Holly has some “obstacles” and “false things” in her heart. Judging from your language, you seem to be an N.A.R. advocate, or at the very least on the fringe of the signs and wonders crowd. But what really troubles me is this statement ” ‘I’ release” right out of the ihop playbook, where is your scriptural authority to ‘release’ anything over a believer? Does God need your permission, your ‘releasing’ o act in a believer’s life? Apparently Holly can’t believe in the “impossible” Or is it actually that she saw these ‘film-makers’ for what they really are, a group of yahoos who decided they needed to go out and get some signs and wonders. God most assuredly did not send them, or there would have been a resurrection or two. What they did was, rather than moving in faith as a response to God, they went out and demanded God respond to there hunger for miracles. Ending up looking ridiculous and causing the heathen to mock. Most of us who are believers, are quite positive that God indeed raises from the dead, and being God can do and does all sorts of miraculous things. But if God did not tell them to go and do something and they took it upon themselves to satisfy their own lust for ‘exciting miracles’ should we be surprised that God does not cater to them? Rather than ‘disbelief’ in God, I am upset that these men would go out and make a mockery of God and His people by following their own lusts. I am chagrined that you would couch a ‘prayer’ in such ambiguous language, feigning kindness, concern and goodwill, that it hides your actual intent to point out what you deem as unbelief. That you would arrogantly put yourself in the place of God to even think that you have the power to ‘release’ anything.

  21. Jerry Dodson Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to review and summarize the movie. I’m linking this on Facebook in hopes that it helps others.

  22. Richard Gault Says:

    “I’m all for God performing miracles whenever He decides to. But Christians get into trouble when they hold out false promises that Scripture doesn’t back up.”                                                                   I marveled at hearing the Bible answer man say he believed in the perpetuity of spiritual gifts, but at the same time in 6 years of listening not one single instance of supernatural activity. I feel the same with you Holly. You say you believe that God could do it if He wanted to ? That is not Biblical faith though. James says we should pray the prayer of faith for the sick. That means we believe God will raise him up.

  23. Caramel12345 Says:

    The bible says raise the dead, not pray.  Jesus prayed and then he acted. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit that raises the dead. The power of the Holy Spirit will heal any sickness and raise any dead person as it did Jesus and the people that walked out of their graves when Jesus died on the cross. You have to involve the Holy Spirit folks. Their heart is in the right place but they must seek after being empowered first by the Holy Spirit and actually use it. Speak in tongues daily and together and the Holy Spirit rises up and heals and raises the dead.

  24. Nicholas Says:

    i agree with Caramel 12345
    and God makes the appointments, not our flesh 
    First you need to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, 
    most don’t even ask God for this 
    Acts 10, 44- 48 they the (two baptisms) can happen in ever order too or at once,
    you could say the two are one like our tri union God and husband and wife are one 
    ive heard of a baptism of love from one disciple which I’m exploring as I’d like to receive it,
    You can see the fruit in his life from it away from his “religious” life.
    and yes someone said above we should be known by the love we have for each other 
    back to dead raising and healing it happens and I’ve seen healing and you only have to listen to Brother David here to see it often happens when we least expect it, but are you willing to pray, it’s easier to run with fear and not pray, faith in Jesus is incomfortable at times as we get stretched we grow as disciples 
    the real church is not on Sundays it walking and learning to hear the Lord in the way he talks to us and being obedient when he asks or leds us to do something, ie pray for healing or raise the dead


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