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NAR Prophets Sound Off On the Syria Crisis

Syrian flag with chemical weaponsProminent U.S. prophets–including C. Peter Wagner, James  Goll and Chuck Pierce–weighed in on the current Syria crisis. And what did these respected voices within the New Apostolic Reformation movement have to say?

Not much.

Their lackluster revelation is a bit surprising given the fact that they claim to be prophets of God on par with the Old Testament prophets. They met together and hosted “major meetings,” in their own words, “to discuss what the Lord is saying at this critical point in our nation and world.” Prophet James Goll even claims he was visited by an angel who spoke to him about the crisis.

And after all their meetings and an angelic encounter, all they could determine is that God is telling His people to pray.

Seriously? That’s it?

Here is an excerpt from the report, written by prophet Cindy Jacobs and released Tuesday as an e-mail alert by Charisma Magazine.

“The Lord is supernaturally rousing intercessors and watchmen from their sleep and giving them the charge to fulfill their calling to stand alert and serve as ‘early warning systems’ in the spirit.”

But if they are really prophets, then why don’t they tell us something truly revelatory, such as what is going to happen with the crisis?

After all, in times of crises the Old Testament prophets foretold very specific future events that were verifiable after they came to pass. For example, Jeremiah predicted Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion of Egypt (Jeremiah 43). And Daniel predicted the four-way division of Alexander the Great’s kingdom after his death (Daniel 11:3-4). And an unnamed prophet predicted that an altar used by Israel’s northern kingdom would be split apart (1 Kings 13:1-5)– which happened the very day of the prophet’s announcement.

So, why can’t the NAR prophets give us anything specific on Syria? My guess is that they don’t know more than the rest of us. But since they claim to be prophets they were feeling the pressure to put out something. And the best they could come up with is that God is telling His people to pray.

Don’t get me wrong. Calling people to prayer is a good thing.

It’s very pious. But prophetic? I don’t think so.

— By Holly Pivec

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7 Responses to “NAR Prophets Sound Off On the Syria Crisis”

  1. Craig Doriot Says:

    I think these “coin flip” prophecies seem to be the really difficult ones.  I mean, at 50/50 odds, if they get it wrong, its tough to back out of that.  Bob Jones is still smarting from calling the election for Romney, so best to play it safe with a no-call.  (Not that I’m saying God will tell every prophet every event). 

  2. Sherryn@thenarrowingpath Says:

    Aw shucks Holly, you were very restrained in this article. Bless you for your generous spirit. I personally couldn’t see a direct call to Christian prayer in the prophecy they offered up. I am not exactly sure how one acts as an ‘early warning system’ in the spirit. But knowing Cindy Jacobs, no doubt if I read the whole report, it would make even less sense than it does now.

    I, on the other hand, not being a prophetess or apostlatrix (is there such a thing, or might the term be apostatrix?), would offer this in lieu of a prophecy:

    True believers in the God of the Bible and his mighty Son Jesus Christ, also of the Bible (no, not The Message or Passion Translation…the other Bible)…I urge you to pray steadfastly for our suffering brethren in Syria, Egypt, Nigeria and the Sudan. Pray for the Governments of this world, and that God’s Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Ours is a faithful God, and he will not lose even one whose name is written in the book of life. Praise our Almighty God!

    I just have a strong feeling that this is what God would want you to do. Wait, it’s not a feeling…I’ve just found it in the Bible. Brilliant. There’s your revelation folks. Have a blessed day. 🙂

  3. M. K. Says:

    LOL I just have one teensy question. If these “watchmen” and “intercessors” that Cindy and Peter mention in their alert are truly called of God, WHY WERE THEY SLEEPING? Why are they only NOW being “roused… from their sleep” Did the events in Syria catch Jesus by surprise?????? And why NOW do they need to function as an early warning system? Umm when everybody is aware of what’s happening. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of an EARLY WARNING SYSTEM.

    End of snarky little chuckle.

    And yes, it’s always time to pray, and times of trouble can be used by God to bring the church together in prayer on an issue.

    But prophetic it ain’t! And Early Warning it ain’t.

  4. Hope Says:

    This is why I love you…  Keep it up, Sista!

  5. Holly Says:

    Thanks Hope. : )

    And, M.K., you raise a very good point:  why didn’t the NAR prophets warn us before the Syria events?


  6. steve sarago Says:

    Wow!  How many of you put your self out there and risk by stepping out in unchartered waters by praying for the sick and actually see them get healed…or hear the Lord for someone who is needing direction and it confirming the word God put in their heart…If you compare Old Testament scripture prophecy with New Testament prophetic activity that is so out of bounce…we see in part we prophesy in part ..doesnt mean that if we miss it we are a false prophet.. I know James Goll for 25 years he isnt perfect but I know that he loves God with his whole heart and has suffered more in this life time than a man should…God forgive u for your very unkind words..you may be better serve finding ways where we can agree..Your disapointed brother

  7. David Says:

    Sadly you are Deceived.Wake up and call truth truth and everything else a lie from the pt of hell.

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