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Third Day: Don’t You Know?

Third Day album cove rartThere is another sign that the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement is becoming mainstreamed. Christian rock band Third Day has agreed to lead worship at the 2013 “Voice of the Apostles” conference –an NAR event–to be held in Orlando, Florida, next month.

Voice of the Apostles is sponsored by apostle Randy Clark’s organization, Global Awakening. The other apostles featured at this year’s conference will include Bill Johnson (Bethel Church in Redding, California), Rolland and Heidi Baker (Iris Ministries), Che Ahn (Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California), and Georgian Banov (Global Celebration).

But Third Day’s appearance at the conference is especially significant because the radio hit-making, Grammy Award winning group has a huge following among mainstream evangelicals. By taking part in this NAR event, Third Day will join the ranks of a growing number of high-profile evangelicals who have lent their good names to one of most theologically unsound movements challenging the church today.

As a long-time fan of Third Day’s music, I am saddened personally by this development. I wonder if the band members know that Voice of the Apostles is an NAR event and if they understand what the NAR movement teaches. Perhaps they have been fooled by the participation of Pentecostal-charismatic leaders Jack Hayford and Reinhard Bonnke–not realizing that these two men have thrown in their support to the NAR movement.

So, if I could speak to the band members, here are the three heart-felt questions I would ask them: Don’t you realize that this is an NAR event? And don’t you know that the NAR movement promotes a number of teachings that fall outside the boundary lines of historic, biblical Christianity? And, most importantly, don’t you understand that, by taking part in this event, you will cause many of your fans to think that NAR teachings must be OK?

Some of the heterodox, NAR teachings include:

  • The teaching that the governing offices of apostle and prophet have been restored to the church. In other words, NAR leaders teach that all churches and Christians must submit to the authority of NAR apostles and prophets.
  • The teaching that NAR apostles and prophets are revealing “new truths”  for the universal church that all Christians must receive. Many of these “new truths” are keys for developing supernatural, miraculous powers.
  • The teaching that Christians–under the leadership of NAR apostles and prophets–have been tasked with taking dominion of the earth–that is, taking social and political control over all cities and nations (a teaching known as “dominionism”). NAR leaders teach that this feat will be accomplished through a combination of political action and supernatural, miraculous powers.

My hope is that Third Day will learn about these troubling teachings and reconsider their appearance at this NAR event. If they did decide to pull their participation, then they would send a loud signal to their many fans that–contrary to our postmodern, anything-goes culture–doctrine is important and certain theological boundary lines are worth preserving.

— By Holly Pivec

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10 Responses to “Third Day: Don’t You Know?”

  1. Hope Says:

    Seems like born again, blood bought Christians are becoming more and more separated everyday.  Thank you for letting us know.  I too, will miss Third Day, but I will not apologize for hearing, standing for, and obeying God’s written word.

  2. Diane1611 Says:

    I used to like Third Day, but I just couldn’t get into the CD pictured.  Not enough mentions of Jesus for me.  One way to find out the interests of your favorite Christian artist is to find them on Twitter and see who they follow.  Mac Powell (TD lead singer) follows Joyce Meyer, Mark Driscoll, Marie Osmond (?), Jentezen Franklin, and Bart Millard, among others.  It turned me off to their music.

  3. Hope Says:

    Sad to see deception become the new norm.

  4. Holly Says:


    Interesting tip about seeing who Christian leaders follow on Twitter. You probably could gain some insights into a person with this method. Though please don’t judge me by the people I follow because I follow a lot of NAR leaders (not because I’m a fan, but because I want to see what they are teaching people)! : )


  5. Jonathan Says:

    This is not the first major act Randy Clark has had at his events. Michael W. Smith was the headliner at the last VOP, held here in Lancaster PA last October. Smitty and Third Day are label mates, so they might know what they are getting into.

  6. Holly Says:

    Interesting information, Jonathan. I did not know that Michael W. Smith appeared at a Voice of the Prophets conference (for those who don’t know, this is the counterpart to the Voice of the Apostles conference).


  7. Riles Says:

    Add Frances Chan and Matt Redman at the One Thing Conference January at IHOP.  Sad.

  8. Holly Says:


    Yes, I am very sad to hear of their participation at the upcoming IHOP conference in December 2013. Thanks for informing me of this.


  9. Emily Says:

    YOu know when I read this it made me think how religion has left scars in my whole family. Not long ago during a time I was going through a long desert my own mother said God revealed my complete failure if I do not become member of her church, she said God had cursed me.   Ever since I have been praying for God to bless me in such a way financially so I can move out from my mother’s house. I still Go to church hidden knowing since she is not set free, she could attack me with her deadly words at any time. My most urgent prayer be away from here soon.

  10. le femme Says:

    Emily, that is sad. As soon as I had read this, I recalled how my extended family is separated by religion. I am pretty sure that it is dominionist. I could not figure out though how one of my roomates has been urging me to go to H Rock, and avoid those other liberal churches. No, no, no- sounds too much like a cult led by a false prophet. Keep your prayers up and continue to be faithful!

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