The Assemblies of God and the NAR

Assemblies of God logoI’m often asked the question, “Are Assemblies of God churches part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement?”

It’s an important question because the Assemblies of God USA and Assemblies of God organizations around the world make up the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination–representing 65 million people. Every large city in the United States–and most small towns–have at least one Assemblies of God church.

My answer to the question about the Assemblies of God’s involvement with the NAR movement is, “It depends: are you talking about where the denomination stands, officially, “on paper” or where its churches stand in actual practice?”

On paper, the denomination has rejected key NAR teachings. But, in practice, these same teachings are being promoted in many Assemblies of God churches.

On Paper

The Assemblies of God USA has published a number of official statements taking stances against many NAR teachings. Here are some key NAR teachings that have been rejected by the denomination’s leadership.

  • The Assemblies of God has rejected the teaching that present-day apostles and prophets should govern the church (see papers titled “Endtime Revival“, “Apostles and Prophets,” and “Prophets and Personal Prophecies“)
  • The Assemblies of God has rejected the teaching that the church should work to take dominion of the earth prior to Christ’s return–a teaching known as “Kingdom Now” or “Dominion Theology” (see papers titled “Endtime Revival” and “The Kingdom of God“)
  • The Assemblies of God has rejected the teaching that the end-time church will become a victorious, militant army so it can take dominion of the earth–a teaching known as “Manifest Sons of God” or “Joel’s Army” (see paper titled “Endtime Revival“)
  • The Assemblies of God has rejected the teaching that Christians must identify a hierarchy of demonic spirits (also called “territorial spirits”) and wage battle against them for the gospel to advance–a teaching known as “strategic-level spiritual warfare” (see paper titled “Spiritual Warfare“)
  • The Assemblies of God has rejected the teaching that spiritual gifts, such as prophesying and healing people, can be imparted by church leaders through the practice of laying their hands on people (see paper titled “Imparting of Spiritual Gifts“)

In Practice

I applaud the Assemblies of God executive leaders for their biblical discernment and willingness to stand against aberrant theology.

Yet, in actual practice, these same NAR teachings are being promoted in many Assemblies of God churches.

Why is that the case? For starters, the denomination has given its assemblies great autonomy. So, the higher-ups cannot possibly have knowledge of what is being taught from every local pulpit. And, even if they did, they might be reluctant to exert a heavy hand to stop the teachings.

But I believe the local pastor is the greatest factor in determining whether or not NAR teachings are allowed into an Assemblies of God church. The pastor is the gatekeeper. So, NAR teachings will come into any church where the pastor promotes those teachings or turns a blind eye to teachings that are being promoted by members of his church.

Some Assemblies of God churches that become heavily involved in NAR teachings–such as Bethel Church in Redding, California–leave the denomination. Nonetheless, many churches that remain part of the Assemblies of God actively promote NAR teachings–even inviting NAR apostles and prophets into their churches.

So, these are my questions for you: Have you encountered NAR teachings in an Assemblies of God church? And do you know of Assemblies of God pastors who are standing against NAR teachings?

— By Holly Pivec

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75 Responses to “The Assemblies of God and the NAR”

  1. MaryM Says:

    I left my AG church (attended it for 20 yrs and worked on admin staff for 7 yrs)….one of our pastors came from the Vineyard churches, a catastrophic event happened to our pastor’s (he came out of Roman Catholicism) son which can make desperate people seek desperate measures – the church eventually  became connected with Bethel (our church hosted both Bill Johnson and Randy Clark conferences – Gordon Robertson (Pat Robertson’s son) held a ‘let’s see if you can see the angels’ meeting) and Toronto….they had long been sending our youth to IHOP.  They are full-fleged Bethelites – teaching their School of Supernatural Ministry – totally enamored by signs and wonders.  I believe it’s the ‘boredom’ from just preaching the gospel of Salvation and go seeking signs and wonders and bringing heaven to earth…If you question anything – you are patted on your head and told they will pray that the scales will come off your eyes so you can see what great works/wonders that God is doing…and if you don’t want gold teeth, they will pray that God doesn’t give them to you…I know that the church was considering leaving the AG if the AG leadership didn’t approve what they were doing – I don’t know if that has happened – I’ve been gone for 3 years and still haven’t found a church. They are either NAR or Rick Warren influenced – which I believe the 2 will come full circle and eventually become one.  Thanks to all who are getting the word out about these groups – one thing they love to say is ‘eat the meat and spit out the bones’ – but none of them tell/teach/warn/etc what the ‘bones’ are…and many are being led down the wrong path.  There is no greater work than to lead someone to the Lord Jesus Christ…

  2. Kashia Says:

    I attend an AG church although I don’t necessarily consider myself AG (I disagree with some of their major points). However, my pastor strives to preach from a Biblical standpoint and would be appalled by the teachings mentioned above pushed by the NAR. I also attended another AG church for 8 years but left because of heavily watering down the Gospel on their part. They certainly are not anywhere near the NAR and interestingly get away with avoiding the things that the AG tend to be heavy on (such as spiritual gifts). There’s a beauty about AG churches being allowed to live on their own without too much leadership breathing down their neck (such as with religious organizations such as Catholicism, etc. However, when dealing with off theologies (often heretical), it is easy for them to get passed on and that’s sad.

  3. SAM Says:

    Glad to see this topic brought up. Believe we are all impacted in some way by AG and the connection to Bethel. As well as I agree that the two are melding into the bigger group of the false ecumenical physical church of this world…uniting together with the bond of the spirit of Antichrist.

    John 18:36

    Recommended reading The Other Side of the River, by Kevin Reeves.

  4. Lynne Says:

    I so appreciate you shining the light on this and other subjects relative to incorrect doctrine and teaching. You are correct when you say that the AG has positions regarding Dominion Theology (Latter Rain) – yet many pastors do promote these teachings. There are some AG churches that do promote Bill Johnson’s teachings and follow the NAR in our area and some that do not. It does very definitely depend upon the pastor of the church itself. I was commenting to someone today that as the shepherd leads and guides the sheep follow most of the time – unless they are very studious and discerning personally. We are living in perilous times – all churches and denominations are being infected with all sorts of spurious doctrines such as Word Faith/Dominon Theology/Purpose Driven/Emergent/Contemplative Movement and the list goes on. God help us – we are surely in the latter days.

  5. Jack Says:

    Hi…yes true that AOG pastors are being influenced with NAR.   A CHURCH I ATTENDED FOR SEVERAL YEARS HAS OPENED IT’S DOORS TO APOSTLES/PROPHETS..LINKED TO..BILL in Florida.  Breaks my heart..I have been in prayer knowing I can not go back to this church ever.  To even sit down with the pastor regarding this would be futile.  This is recent within 2 months.  Shocking to say the least..for 2 days I wept.cried out to God to show the pastor the deception.  I continue to be concerned..and I am warning ones regarding this false teaching.  It became personal 2008 when family members revealed their envolmnt.  Appointed apostle to appointed niece divorced remarried and is also preaching in their group in Jacsonville, Fl.  My sister who is emotionaly and mentally a mess already has only gotten worse.  I cried on my face before The Lord..from early am to late pm..for almost 3 weeks as The Lord revealed the deception one this movement.   Many preachers..Kilpatrick..was pastor of Brownsville AoG…Carl and Steve Strader..was Carpenter church..Lakeland,Fl..also total envolment in the TODD BENTLEY MESS IN LAKELAND,FL.   All still have heir AOG license as far as we know.  Then AOG. GENERAL COUNCIL. …AUGUST 5-9–2013…had RUTH HALEY BARTON speak.  I attended 2 night meetings…I did not go to her meeting.  This is so sad. I believe that the AOG will eventually divide due to this..and the sad thing is..this is the agenda of NAR…JESUS HELP US TO SEEK GUIDANCE AND SOUND TEACHING.

  6. M. K. Says:

    When we moved from the city where our former church excommunicated us (NAR, Latter Rain, Vineyard laughter etc) we looked into the local PAOC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) which is an Assembly of God Canadian version. Summer of 1999.

    I had a quick talk with the very enthused youth pastor who spouted all the same stuff and realized we weren’t going there. We ended up in a Baptist church where the pastors try hard to keep things clean but every once in a while some stuff floats in under the radar. I’ve warned my pastor and he deals with it fast. I’m not the only one looking out for this church though which helps.

    There is such a flood tide of garbage though, it’s hard to stay ahead of it all. Until 2 years ago I hadn’t a clue what Emergent meant, and when I heard the term “missional” I thought “how nice, some enthusiasm for missions work again” Boy was I clueless!

  7. J Says:

    I don’t see how the last bullet point “On Paper” is wrong.

  8. Holly Says:


    I’m not quite sure I’m following your statement/question. Are you asking if the NAR teaching about spiritual gifts being transferred through the laying on of hands is unbiblical?


  9. Matthew Says:

    With every true move of God there will always be a counterfeit move. 

    There is a valid move of God upon the earth referred to by many as the ‘Apostolic Reformation’. It involves the restoration of the church to its original biblical position. We do not agree with all of the above mentioned NAR points but however we do believe in the operation of Apostles and Prophets.

    Acts 2:24 says “..they continued in Apostles doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayers.”
    Doctrine is established by Apostles, who pick the frequency of what God is saying and communicate it to His church. The biblical pattern for church leadership is not having some board or committee establish doctrine, but apostles and prophets.

    Please visit to find out more.

    God Bless,

    Twitter: @Kingdom_Son

  10. Holly Says:


    Present-day apostles do not establish doctrine, nor do any other church boards or leaders. Doctrine is established by the written Word of God. Jude contended for “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3). This means that by the time Jude wrote his letter, the Christian faith had already been established through the teachings of the apostles. At this point, no new doctrines were needed; rather, the faith was fixed and only needed defended.


  11. Matthew Says:

    Dear Holly,
    There are many kinds of doctrines. Eg: The doctrine of Devils (1 Tim 4:1) and the doctrine of men (Eph 4:14), to name but a few.
    Established doctrine is not necessarily the written Word of God. Our Doctrine is Christ (2 Jn 1:9), who is the Word (Logos).  Doctrine is established on the revelation of Christ that we receive from the Word of God. This revelation is not just given to men, but has to be searched out. God has hidden Himself in scripture:
    Pro 25:2  It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.  
    Scripture isn’t doctrine, but it is profitable for doctrine.
    2 Tim 3:16  All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,
    In Romans 6, Paul says: “…yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered.” This verse proves that doctrine is established by men of God who receive a revelation of Christ (Who is our doctrine) by the Spirit of God. 
    1st John 4:17As He is so are we…”. It does not say: “as He was” or  ”as He will be”. Apostles bring a fresh revelation of who Christ is to the church.  The principles of God haven’t changed, but the structure of that which houses these principles is always changing (seasons in God). As the church matures in the earth, God can deal with us in a new, deeper, and more intimate way. How sad it would be if God’s plan for the church was for it to remain the same for the past 2000 years? The church is not stagnant – It is in the process of being restored to how God originally wanted it to function and mature into the full representation of Christ in the earth.
    1 Tim_5:17  Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine.
    Doctrine is “labored in” – this shows that God reveals truth to men. God is continually speaking to us from the Logos, therefore apostles are needed to bring forth the current speakings of God to the Body of Christ, just as they were needed in the early church. Why should we change the pattern set for us in scripture? Apostles of old established doctrine based on what God was saying through the Logos (Christ) – God is still speaking to us today from the Logos, therefore the office of apostle is still relevant and needed in the church today. 
    Matt_4:4  But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘MAN SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE, BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD.’ “
    The Word of God remains unchanged, but a fresh revelation of it is continually needed (proceeding Word). We need what God is currently saying – He is always speaking.
    Sadly, many church groups have created positions out of grace giftings. ‘Apostle’ is not a title that one holds, but an office that God has graced one to function in. Apostles are appointed by God, not men. Today we have many apostles of churches and networks, but very few ‘Apostles of Christ’, as Paul puts it.

    I encourage you: In your pursuit to expose that which is false, do not label that which is authentic as ‘erroneous’. Some of the men you blog about might be misrepresenting the office of the apostle – that does not mean that there isn’t a true, God-ordained expression of this office.              

  12. Ray Says:

    The Word of God remains unchanged, but a fresh revelation of it is continually needed (proceeding Word). We need what God is currently saying – He is always speaking.

    Sadly, many church groups have created positions out of grace giftings. ‘Apostle’ is not a title that one holds, but an office that God has graced one to function in. Apostles are appointed by God, not men. Today we have many apostles of churches and networks, but very few ‘Apostles of Christ’, as Paul puts it.
    I encourage you: In your pursuit to expose that which is false, do not label that which is authentic as ‘erroneous’. Some of the men you blog about might be misrepresenting the office of the apostle – that does not mean that there isn’t a true, God-ordained expression of this office.

    I copied and pasted this to be in total Agreement  with matthew in his comments above.

  13. Jacque Says:

    My heart breaks as an Assembly of God pastor who I really respected as a preacher with discernment opened his doors to NAR.  Bill Hamon who is very big in East Coast of Florida.  Statement made was there are many teachings and one he has excepted isn’t linked with C.Peter Wagner and rest of the clan out of Colorado.  I continue to pray with many tears, as this is where the Holy Spirit opens blinded eyes and death ears of deception.  It is through the Holy Spirit.

  14. Jewel Grewe Says:

    So delighted to see the wonderful work that is being done to remind the Church that it is the simplicity of the Gospel that takes hungry souls to the foot of the Cross.  May we all encourage one another in the faith that was “once delivered to the saints” and give forth the beauty of our Saviour.

  15. Aaron Says:

    i am a lifelong member of the Assemblies of God.  The teachings of the NAR have already been denounced by the AG back in the late 1940s.  The teachings of the NAR go directly against Assemblies of God doctrine, but unfortunately, many AG churches are caught up in this junk.

  16. Alexandra Says:

    Umm… I have a question. I am Pentecostal, I grew up that way, fell away, and came back, and now am fully invested in my church HOWEVER, I DON’T agree with the NRA from what I’ve read of them (basically your articles) although I do believe that through prayer the Lord can heal someone, to elaborate if someone’s sick or something and your friends or family pray for your healing and sure maybe they put their hands on you but they are praying that God might heal you… does that mean that I’m associated with the NRA, because I don’t think I am, but now I am very much confused, please help!

  17. Holly Says:


    To answer your question, no, your belief that God heals in response to prayer does not make you part of NAR. What makes someone NAR is a belief in the present-day offices (not the gifts) of apostle and prophet. Is that answer helpful for you?


  18. kadri-liisa Says:

    Thanks Holly for making it public how AoG organization relates to NAR. Here in my country i do not know how many AoG churches are believing the NAR stuff. Rather they are sceptical towards biblical five fold ministry teaching enough several believers pentecostals and free churchers had understood already that this model pastor only do not work and it is not meant o work because it is against the Bible.

    Anyway it makes things clear for me -enough AoG churches may be good i do not go into there because time of pastoral model in my life is over.

  19. Amy Says:

    i put my feet in the A/G as a credentialed minister at one time in my history.  I also have experienced the prophetic movement.  I have had great pain in relationship with the politics of both.  It’s only the Holy Spirit and the Word that has kept me.  Being a woman in ministry was not easy.  I remember the stories of my Grandmother from the 1930’s.  She founded the assemblies with others.  She spoke of alter experiences of being slain in the Spirit and not speaking English for four days.  She was touched by the Holy Spirit.  The Assemblies somewhere in time has forgotten it’s roots And exchanged it for “Proper Behavior”.  So, some A/G churches want to go back to the outpourings in the camp meetings of the 1930’s or perhaps “what is God doing next?”  Some people in the prophetic movement feel that the A/G is committed to the old way and God is doing something new.  Talk to any old person in the A/G over the age of 80 and they will tell you what went on.  They are thirsty for wht they used to experience in the early times of the AG.   I also notice that the A/G has sealed itself off from pastors in the prophetic movement as if they were infected with a disease.  No community relations.  Spirit filled nondenominational pastors in a town will get together with the noticeable absence of the local A/G pastor.

  20. William Says:


    Here’s the thing. You can’t toss out the offices because of the abuse. 
    I walk in an office, I am far from these people and directly speak against them and prove the error they speak. to discount me would be in error. 
    The trouble is that people are following doctrines of demons. 

    For instance I just posted a video destroying the spiritual warfare circus that has gone on these many years. There is such a circus, the truth is not in them, that doesn’t mean you are correct in your perspective. God did not cease anything. He however is going to deal with these people. they do not represent the living Christ and God has a great deal more like me trained of Him to deal with them. You folks don’t seem to trust that God is able to defend His children and Will, more importantly. 

    People who say God speaks in seasons, it is o.k. if we are at least 60 percent right, etc. These are total liars not revelators. They say they get new revelation. No. God doesn’t speak that way he exalts His word above his name and if He speaks today It is ALWAYs backed up in His word. Always In line with His word. 
    The problem is people are appealed to in the vanity of their hearts. it is nothing more than a demonic attack that God Himself will answer. 

    Please don’t be so silly as to say if you are an apostle or a prophet you are nar. oh no I am not. And neither are the ones who are coming soon to deal with these deceptions. 
    The AOG operated rightly and made clear distinction based on the biblical standards we know. However, you in one hand are speaking against the bad stuff and at the same time tossing the baby out. That sis is not right. Jesus is the one who gives the gifts and He never changes. Until He comes we will have them. He also is the one who we are to focus on and not make an open mockery of Him as these folks love to do.
    The agenda is not hidden though they have tried. It is in news and a lot of sites like this. These people see it as proof they are doing good. they are “attacked” what is really going to happen is they will be dealt with. Don’t discount the truth but be on guard against deception.

    Here is a piece of wisdom for anyone who may read this. Firstly if it is not founded solidly in the word of God, you don’t buy what is being sold. Second if God speaks a word, ask Him to confirm it. If you receive a word over your life, ask Him to confirm it, here is how I do it. father if this is your word please confirm the word, word for word, through at least 2 people who don’t know me, know the word, or the situation you are speaking to.
    God wants us to be able to trust Him and focus on Him not doctrines and whoopy whoo circus shows. Which, unfortunately is what goes on.

    They say they get all this revelation and God proves over and over and over he is not with them. The veil is what has to come off and that is only going to happen with the truth shining on the deception. We are commanded to adhere to sound doctrine. But, it is also as much in error to say what you have in response to the person above who asked if praying for healing made them NAR. Please don’t be so silly to think that. God is in the business of remaining the same, trustworthy, reliable and ultimately proving Himself. The gifts are much different than the office.

    I highly doubt there are as many as are represented, it is certainly not a glorified governmental position. These are things taught and again appeal to the flesh and vanity of the heart. a true prophet lives a life of strict obedience and is not popular. They are unconcerned with the praise of man they are consumed with doing the father’s will. Apostles mean special messenger. they led the evangelistic charge not ruled the people. Paul is a very good example of this. He bore the obedience physically and still carried on. he had to address things in the body because he also had led them to the Lord and was responsible for them. It is not a hierarchy as is presented. prophets exist today. Apostles exist today. but they aren’t anything to do with this nonsense, they as you will see will completely and totally stand against these things and liars in the name and power of the Lord God of Israel. 
    I was actually just searching to see if others were also beginning to stand as there is an entire company of people God has kept for Himself to deal with these things. I came across this and I am glad I did. you have to understand God doesn’t change. His word doesn’t change. What He did in the beginning He does today. 
    This is truth and if you blanket statement you are in error. 

    You either believe the word of God in it’s entirety or you don’t believe it at all. It is not given for us to pick and choose. The word of the Lord is very precious, however, I am posting because you are giving an inaccurate answer. You could not stand before the Lord and say His calling on my life is not real. In fact. God saved my life physically because I believed Him. I shouldn’t even be here writing this, but here I am thanks to God.
    There has to be a balance in your perspective presented sis. Otherwise, you are speaking a deception which is what you are trying to expose. that is not acceptable.

    I mean it is not a fun thing to be called. People are going to rise against me, ask me to leave, try and kill me, oh yeah this is the reality of what I am called to. Please, don’t discount the truth of the Lord. you don’t get to pick and choose. Offices exist, otherwise you have to rule out, pastor teacher and evangelist. don’t be so silly. repent for that and let the truth be what it is. the truth. It is more than enough. God has warned and warned and warned and now He is going to deal with it, don’t mistake His longsuffering as inaction or endorsement. He is Himself going to defend His people but we are just as responsible for allowing it in the first place. there will be much weeping and repentance. 

    God bless you as you continue to seek Him. Hold fast to the truth, just make sure it is all the truth. You know what is so sad? These liars say they have authority, and at that authority over entire regions, except they don’t , if they did , why don’t they go stand against the terrorists killing us. They don’t because they can’t. God is going to deal with this. but we have to let Him, well it doesn’t matter whether we let Him or not He will but let’s not try and discount the ones He is going to use because that is something that will be accounted for. I say this in all love and I truly hope you can see what is being said here. 
    My very life is on the line to fulfill the calling. please don’t undermine that. Thanks for reading this.

  21. William Says:

    The apostles are only 12 (Paul replaced Judas).  The same set of 12 still rules over the Church.
    All two thousand years of church is one body, at the same time, with Christ and the 12 apostle as the leaders.  The part of the church that is in heaven and the part of the church that is on earth are one.  Hebrews 12:22-23 tells us that the Church includes the people in heaven.
    All “new apostles” are false, even if they aren’t abusive.
    The apostles wrote the New Testament.
    The prophets wrote the Old Testament (Moses, Samuel, David, Isaiah till Malachi)
    Upon these apostles and these prophets is the church founded.  Transport yourself to the first century and read Ephesians 4:12, and you know what is meant by the apostles and the prophets.

  22. kadri-liisa Says:

    Hi William, how you think that first century apostles can make from Heaven what is said in Eph 4:12? It is not possible. 
    Do not throw out baby with throwing out water.

  23. J Says:

    Hebrew 10:26-31 talks about backsliding. Yes you can lose your salvation.

  24. Linda Owens Says:


    Thank you, for you’re wonderful explanation!  I couldn’t improve on it one iota.  I’ve been concerned with this movement for quite sometime.  It has caused great confusion in the body of Christ.  I have friends who have left our church in the last 10 years for various reasons, they are gathered all over the city in various churches  Now we hired a new Pastor who gave us all the right answers after we grilled him for hours.  Now after a year his real belief system has come out and teaching doctrines never heard or taught before.  I have left the church unofficially, after 64 years, however my husband still attends he is on two boards and the treasurer of the Mission board.  Just saying, how much the churches are being effected by these strange new doctrines.  Our church originally independent AoG type.  Thank you for listening to my rantings.  God bless everyone here with wisdom, discernment in these last days.

  25. Cross Covenant Ministries Says:

    Some look good on paper-the message proclaimed tells the real story.  Thanks, Aaron

  26. Tom Torbeyns Says:

    I am not aware of any NAR teaching in AoG churches. It is not very knozn here (in Belgium) but I haven’t seen any practice that go against the healthy form of Pentecostalism (by that i mean: not one sectarian prophet ruling all and asking all to eat grass or give all their money or other crazy stuff like that).

  27. Dan Long Says:

    Hi Holly,
    Someone sent me this link and I thank you for a fair assessment. The RT crowd has been running with some sort of NAR invasion in the AG which has baffled me. I have yet to see it (hopefully not). pointed out elsewhere some Miami AG church married Kim Kardashian and Kayne West calling them Christians, so the problem is local and we all know full well that in these times the delusion will run rampant across the board, no matter what doctrine is held.

    God Bless,

  28. Roger Says:

    Its so sad that in these enlightened times we still battling with issues of divisions, is Christ divided? There is ONE Body and we are members of that body, one family, ONE FATHER. we are not Pentecostals, or charismatics or catholic or apostolic. we are Sons of God.

    as it is, the Church is Apostolic, as Christ is the Chief Apostle. the idea of cessation that these offices have ceased is incorrect, it is based on the premise that the Apostles and Prophets laid the foundations and now have ceased. If they “Apostles and Prophets” are workmen who laid the foundation, how can they be considered as part of the “Building”.

    the five fold ministry as it were is that Christ gave of Himself some to be Apostles, Prophets, etc for the perfecting of the saints …. Ephesians 4, and until we see the full manifestation of what was recorded in scripture, then we can talk of cessation.

  29. kadri liisa Says:

    I discovered that here in my town are some AG missioners Nick and Olivia Puccini and Shannon Huett who work together with pentecostal church by founding there new church called Focud church. I have been there and they do good stuff i believe but still i do not understand how AG is  different from Pentecostalism.
    And i am not sure if i want to try this pastoral church model again enough in general AG admits that church founders are apostles or something.

  30. Rosetta Evans Says:

    I just wonder what you would have done with Paul .Who believed the transference of gifts were stirred up through the laying on of hands. He was an Apostle that went to heaven . Jesus too….what would you have done with Jesus Christ. He preached to his disciples that the Kingdom of heaven was at hand. I am not quite sure why you are coming against Bethel music . It is worship to God and bringing the sounds of heaven to earth.  I don’t believe any one demonations has it all tightly wrapped up in a package. Kinda reminds me of the Phairises  in the Bible. Who condeemed Jesus for healing a man on the Sabbath.

  31. Ian Francis Says:

         Five years ago I was attending Monday night IMPACT meetings at an A/G church in Ann Arbor, MI.  This was a united prayer and worship initiative in the county, i.e., “intercessor mission, pastors alliance for county transformation” (IMPACT)   Anyone could take a one-hour slot, and the goal was 24/7 prayer and worship held at a small A/G church building here.  Looking back, I now realize how thoroughly immersed it was in the NAR.  There were workbooks and literature in the foray from IHOP, and they had the harp & bowl on the alter.  One A/G pastor (from another church) who would sometimes attend mentioned to me that he had received gold tooth from the so-called “Toronto-Pensacola revival wave”.  If I could go back, I’d have asked to see it.  Though I was never caught up in the Toronto blessing move, I was quite aware of it, and at the time, took a Gamaliel position. 
           Incidentally, the AG church that sponsored the IMPACT meetings has NOT experienced revival since, and I don’t see it in the city at large either. Now I know why.  They were promoting something that was of the spirit of error, with idolatry and much sin in the camp.  How could God bless that with His Holy Spirit and genuine manifestations of His Holy Spirit in terms of signs and wonders?  It was mostly counterfeit.

  32. Graham Boulden Says:

    Has the NAR influence extended to any churches in the UK – AOG or any other charismatic/Pentecostal churches?

  33. Dan Irving Says:

    When a denomination abdicates upon its principle purpose of preserving sound doctrine, it begins to become irrelevant, or worse.  Founded upon the principle of the Initial Evidence doctrine and standing firm on the issue for many decades, the AOG allowed their articles of faith to become optional in many of its pulpits.  Pastoral authority should include authority to reject foundational doctrine defining their denomination.  There was a time the AOG was a reliable brand.  BTW, there is much more heretical teachings that are the common to the NAR than those listed above.

  34. Dan Irving Says:

    CORRECTION:  Pastoral authority should NOT include authority to reject foundation doctrine defining the denomination.

  35. Gene Says:

    Hello Friends,

    While there is a lot of “official distancing” by the Assemblies of God from the NAR, their doctrines, and the leadership of Bethel church in Redding, CA, there is also a great degree of “unofficial endorsement and fellowship” going on.  You only have to look one place to see it:  Empowered21

    It is a place where they ALL come together to “lead the 21st century move of the Holy Spirit.”  George Woods just happens to be the top dog.  He’s on the same page as Bill Johnson despite the Assemblies supposed distancing from Bethel.

    I pray this information proves useful to you.


  36. Aaron Easton Says:

    Seems a bit odd when, after reading these posts/replies, that the people have better sense than the leadership(so-called).

  37. Kathy Says:

    Hey Gene,
      I found the ’empowered21′ info just as you said and was so disappointed to see AGs gen. superintendent George Wood in association with the NAR leaders.

      I’ve been in the AG all my life 60 years.  I’ve worked at my AG church office for 22 years.  We recently were briefly associated with a 5 fold ministry and an inner healing group in attempts for community outreach. When practices and doctrinal differences began surfacing we began vetting the training references of those ministry leaders.  None of our church leaders knew about NAR or SOZO prayer, soaking prayer and music, fire tunnels or all the unusual practices we discovered with strategic spiritual warfare deliverance.  The term New Apostolic Reform was never spoken, but only the 5 fold ministry which we so blindly interpreted as the same basis for the AGs doctrine based on the new testament apostolic church.  This group we were involved with was rooted from Bill Johnson and Bethel, Healing Rooms etc. etc. etc. Our churches association with their ministry for our church outreach was abruptly terminated.  What an eye opener to discover this NAR movement is already 30 years old and so widely infiltrated into Mainstream evangelical circles.  It’s easy to understand why. We were deceived by the christian label and ‘trusted’ our association with them, for they are good people I truly believe.  The separation has not been without it’s heartbreak for the relationships lost. We loved them, but they are on a different path we cannot abide as Biblical. 
      Now I’ve learned about the P.E.A.C.E movement of Rick Warren to merge all the worlds religions and that HE is scheduled as a keynote speaker for the AG general council to be held in a few weeks in August 2017 in Anaheim, CA.  I don’t know what to think!  But that we are in the last days and the apostate church is here with all it’s eastern religion’s mysticism practices with contemplative prayer and so called christian yoga.
      I’m concerned for where the AG, the largest Pentecostal denomination in the world is headed and it’s leadership being deceived. –Matt. 24:24 For there shall arise false christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible , they shall deceive the very elect.
      It makes me sick to realize the denomination my parents loved and I’ve loved my whole life is taking this turn and could play a key role in ushering in the religion of antichrist.  However, I do so look for Christ’s return at any moment with joyful anticipation.  The NAR think they have the task of setting up the kingdom before He can return, so they aren’t looking for Him!

    Keep up the good fight, till He returns for His own.

  38. Holly Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Kathy. Good for your church leaders for looking into the training references of the ministry leaders!

  39. Aaron Easton Says:

    I for one, having been raised & partly educated in the AOG, observe a great difference between the leadership of a ‘fellowship’ [till the 1950’s+-] to a denomination until the present. While our forefathers rejected the Latter Rain then it has renewed its leaven through many new names i.e., Brownsville / Pensacola, Bethel etc. When voting to the third ballot bring claim to God’s directive it is obvious to me there is no leadership, at least as for as Christ being the Head.

  40. william p Says:

    where can I get info as I believe my family is in a nar church.


  41. Gene Says:

    Hello William,

    There are many good sources of information about the Charismatic Movement and their enmeshed associations with NAR, the 7 Mountains Mandate, Joel’s Army, Latter Rain, Dominion Theology, etc.  It’s all a huge end-time mess that, of course, has been spoken of since the beginning of the true Gospel given once and for all in the Bible.  You can simply google any one of the above mentioned items and find more information than you likely ever want to know.  Be forewarned, it’s like the Matrix or Alice in Wonderland in some respects, you can really get lost in it all and worked up in your spirit if you are not cautious.  

    I recently read a great book that is helping me get my own doctrinal understanding back in order after having been involved in the Charismatic movement 20 years.  Coming out of that mess has been mind bending to say the least.

    Here’s a link to the book:

    If this comment section doesn’t allow links, simply go to Amazon dot com and search for The Charismatic Phenomenon.  You can get a copy for just a few dollars.  I am not in any association with the authors.

    Thanks & blessings,

  42. Warren Says:

    NAR teaching has reached Quebec.  Thank you for clarifying the issue and pointing out the strategic points where NAR goes off into heresy.  Our extended family has been affected by this and our country church (where we worship when at our cottage) has suffered division and loss of members due to the struggle to come to grips with just what NAR is all about.

  43. Gene Says:

    Here is a link I recommend all to read.  It is the testimony of a brother who came out of NAR-related mess.  He does a very good job of summarizing and describing many of the errors involved:

    Thanks always,

  44. Pastor Barnett Says:

    In Australia the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) spear headed by Brian Houston’s Hillsong mega church are welcoming Apostolic teachings under the auspices of “certificate of fellowship”

    We have a prophetess who spiritually guides our naive pastor and visiting Prophets who prophecy without need for tongues interpretation. Some visiting prophets practice “deliverance” of oppressive demons. A tenent that teachers that evil spirits can control ungodly habits.As if we haven’t already been delivered when being born-again! This is Devil worship.
    It seems to some so named Christians that having a title of Apostle or profit gives them special God given powers. Heaven help the 1,100 ACC churches of Australia who are by true definition – NOT AoG!! Note: Brain Houston is an apostle in cogneto as was his father Frank Houston who founded the ACC.
    More? read (article)

  45. Morris B Says:

    It’s sad that the emergent, new age (synagogue of Satan) Christian in name only Churches are arising, but IT DOES prove the prophecy of the Bible to be true. That people are pursuing deceiving doctrines of demons, over the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I grew up in the Mormon Church so I’m particularly sensitive to the occult crap the emergent Church preaches. During a hard moment in my life (which I won’t get into in too much detail here, I don’t want this to end up being longer than your blog post) I pursued the faith in Christ I found in my later life.

    So I listened to some sermons from local Churches, and found most of them in this area (suburb of Seattle) are all hyper liberal, except for one larger Church in the suburbs, in Issaquah – Eastridge. He preached against the moral relativism, and did so with Biblical literalism, including belief that Adam was a literal man, that lived about 6,000 years ago.

    Considering how far off other Churches were, His sermons were a breath of fresh air.

    As time went on, I grew with the Lord, and as I did I begin to see problems. Many of the things He said rubbed me as prosperity light. Some of the assistant Pastors also had some odd moments, for instance when He mentioned, “putting your apron on” – The Holy Spirit WARNED me, this was a connection to Masonry and I knew it but ignored it.

    Time went on and this year for their “inspire conference” they are brining the Jesus Culture experience to the Church. For those of you that don’t know, Jesus Culture is the sanitized Bethel experience. This totally awakened me, and maybe it’s also because I’m closer to the Lord today than I was two years ago.

    The sermon He preached that day was also not prosperity light, it was full on prosperity, we need more money to make this building bigger. He even said during it, “I am not ashamed to preach for prosperity”

    So that evening I REALLY started researching Jesus Culture and Bethel. What I found ABSOLUTELY shocked me. It shocked me how far gone the Church really was, and it shocked me that a Pastor I USED TO trust would get involved with this.

    So I went back to a sermon from 2 years ago and re-listened to it. I then realized that nothing within Him had changed, what had changed was within me. That I pursue righteousness and godliness and this Pastor is pursuing the things of this world through the Bible.

  46. Tim ODell Says:

    I found this site when doing some searching on “The Passion Translation.” I was appalled at what the author of the translation said on the Sid Roth telecast about Jesus and John 22. What was even more frightening was that Sid Roth and the audience applauded what Brian Simmons was saying as truth. It would appear that the five-fold ministry, and especially pastors, have put aside their responsibility to protect and feed the flock and are following after ever wind of doctrine. The most pressing problem I see is that systematic theology has been removed from the church and people have no idea what the Bible says. Or if they do, they either choose to not let the Bible get in the way of what they believe or don’t even search the scripture daily to see if these things being said are true. I think that judgement will fall on both the ministers who have left the word of God for another gospel; but I believe that the people in the congregation will be held accountable for not study to show themselves approved unto God, rightly dividing the word.

  47. VWB Says:

    Holly – I’m not sure if you will be seeing this reply, but I was just informed that the current (2018) district supr. of the N. Cal/NV AoG apologized on behalf of the district to Johnson and Bethel. Part of the motivation was to ‘honor’ (value) the contributions of Johnson’s father – but ignoring the heretical teaching Johnson has since brought forward. I expect much of the district who’ve been flying under the radar teaching NAR weasel worded teachings to become much more open now.

  48. Holly Says:

    VWB, can you refer me to any documentation of the apology?

  49. VWB Says:

    Sorry Holly, no paper trail that I’ve seen. Our pastor (who has nar/Bethel inclinations) stated that last week during a pastors retreat/meeting the Dist Supr brought this issue up. I’ve not seen anything in writing other than the story that he presented to us in a team meeting last sunday (11-4-18).

    The dist supr tried several times to contact Johnson – who wouldn’t respond

    Distr supr contacted Johnson through a mutual friend and arranged a meeting where he apologized for how the AofG district (and the supr at the time – Rev Braddy) treated them. I’ll keep my ears open, but at this stage I’m reevaluating both my attendance at this church and staying in AoG in NCa/NV

  50. Pastor.Leslie Barnett Says:

    Drear brethren, much has been said about the merging of the NAR into AoG. But very little has been said of the impact that the NAR is having on the gifts of the Spirit.
    For example: NAR believe that one can be a profit and prophecy without need for a tongues interpretation. Hence, a witness to a prophetic message from God is not established. (1 Cor 14:27). This is why there is a decline in the gift of lounges interpretation and discernment in the body of Christ. This same situation happened in the 2nd century Montanist movement when prophets and prophetess were prophesying presumptuously.
    Let’s make it clear here: Prophesying is conveying God’s WORD via music, or in deed. BUT prophecy is only via tongues- interpretation.
    The Bible is the witness to His prophecy as being events foretold. AND prophecy is witnessed by a tongue. What worries me is that the AoG has left themselves wide open to the NAR by saying the following: “While we do not understand it to be necessary, some church bodies may in good faith and careful biblical definition choose to name certain leaders apostles” Pg 10 Ph 2 Presbytery of the AoG Aug 2001. And that is why Brian Houston formally of the ACC regards himself as an apostle. Source: ‘Tongues on Fire’

  51. Di Says:

    I’ve attended AG churches my whole life and graduated from one of their Bible colleges. My family knows Dr. George Wood personally, has always been involved in ministry, and just about everyone in my life is AG, so it was with much sorrow and confusion that I had to leave based on the things I’ve only just recently seen and experienced in my now former AG church. Just about every heresy out there today is gaining steam in the organization and I don’t see it slowing down or stopping. To think that the denomination in which I was saved, taught to study, love, and memorize God’s Word, taught to be passionate about missions, and discipled to be a follower of Jesus is now looking like it’ll be part of the one world religion, is heart breaking, and most people are either turning a blind eye or embracing it all fully and unquestioningly. I hope that as things come to a head at the end of this age, lines in the sand will be clearly drawn and God will call out all His true children before it’s too late. As of now, the concerns I’ve voiced have fallen on deaf ears, even within my own family. There is much deception in the AG right now.

  52. Lance Wonders Says:

    Is this Holly writing here? If so, I urge you to be careful about making assumptions about a “one world religion” taking over the earth or Christianity. The Scripture does not say that that is what will happen as a result of apostasy or the coming “final conflict”: rather, it warns of a False Prophet which will convince people to give worship to the coming political Anti-Christ. But as in the days of ancient Rome, emperor-worship coincided with regional religions across Rome’s vast empire. The people had to “honor the spirit of Rome” as “incarnate” in the emperor, but otherwise they were left to continue observing their own indigenous religions. The skewing of Christianity away from its true biblical moorings is indeed an issue and problem — but error has been mixed in ever since Constantine, ever since Origen and Augustine and John Chrysostom influenced public forms of the Faith to veer away from our Jewish roots. Jesus promised, however, to be with us until the end of the age (Matt. 28:18-20), leading us into all truth –and of course, “Thy Word is Truth” (Jn. 17). When the Lord returns, He WILL NOT find us to be a pure and spotless — or even doctrinally “pure”! — Bride, however: we see in a glass darkly, a mirror dimly (I Cor. 13), and not yet with total wisdom. But most in the AG are in fact clinging to the real Jesus, and so continue to be a part of the true (though imperfect) Body of Christ on earth. Division can come from the Lord when His own role as Messiah and Savior is at stake (Luke 12), but all too often the Divider himself is trying to set us over against one another in what can only be characterized as “over-reactions”. Unless a person denies Christ Himself, he or she is still our brother or sister in the Lord. Holly (or whoever wrote this last installment), I know you know this — so take courage, and do not give up hope in the Spirit’s own illumining, cleansing, and reforming power among His own!

  53. Di Says:

    Hello Lance, and no this isn’t Holly writing. Thank you for that encouragement. I truly needed it. I’ve just seen much lately that is deeply saddening and I’ve had to work through the confusion. I really appreciate your response!


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