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So, Brian Simmons: Are You An Apostle Or Not?

Brian Simmons and his wife, Candace

Brian Simmons and his wife, Candace

The following post features the first part of an exchange between me and Apostle Brian Simmons. See Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

Apostle Brian Simmons actually responded to a review I wrote of his new translation of the Bible, the Passion Translation. Yet, as you will see, his response shows poor reasoning, shoddy scholarship, and even apparent deception.

But first let me provide some brief background to my exchange with Simmons. I recently wrote a four-part series on my blog, critiquing the Passion Translation, produced by New Apostolic Reformation apostle Brian Simmons. In addition to my posts, I also wrote a critical review of Simmons’ latest installment of The Passion Translation–which he titled Letters From Heaven by the Apostle Paul–over at Amazon.com.

To my surprise, Simmons responded to my Amazon review. Yet, he failed to adequately address even one of the five critiques I raised. In fact, I thought his response was so inadequate that I felt it was important to reply to it not only in the Amazon discussion thread, but also to share my reply with my readers here at Spirit of Error.

Since my reply to his response is lengthy, I will break it up into bite-sized pieces in a series of posts. Here is my Critique No. 1., which I conclude with some questions directed personally to Brian Simmons.

Critique No. 1 of The Passion Translation

In my Amazon.com review, I pointed out that Simmons calls himself an apostle and is associated with the New Apostolic Reformation movement. In his response, Simmons said that he does not refer to himself as an apostle.

But this response seems disingenuous at best. Perhaps Simmons does not directly refer to himself as an apostle.  Yet he sure seems to believe he is one—and he has led others to believe the same.

In his personal profile posted on Linked In, he states that he is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA). View his current profile. The members of the ICA are all identified as apostles. See the requirements for ICA membership.

Also, multiple advertisements for Simmons’ speaking engagements refer to him as “Apostle Brian Simmons.” For example, see this advertisement for an event he did less than a few weeks ago at Glory City Church in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. And see this advertisement for another event in April at Saginaw Valley Community Church in Michigan. And here is another advertisement for an event last October at Regeneration Church in Bethpage, New York. Notice that they all refer to him as “Apostle Brian Simmons.”

So, the questions I address directly to you, Mr. Simmons, are these: “Are you an apostle or not? If you are an apostle, then you should not play word games and seek to mislead people in your response to my review. And if you are not, then why did you accept membership in the ICA? Also, if you are not an apostle, then why do you allow others to refer to you as an apostle?”

(Author’s comment added on June 18, 2013: Notice that since I wrote this post last week, Brian Simmons deleted his profile at LinkedIn, which showed that he is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles. He also deleted his response to my critical review of his Passion Translation at Amazon.com. I can only assume that my critiques hit the mark. See my post about his actions here.)

— By Holly Pivec

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17 Responses to “So, Brian Simmons: Are You An Apostle Or Not?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Thank you so much, Holly, for asking the necessary questions in a spirit of love and truth.  You are not harsh or condemning in your posts, just honest.  Keep asking the questions.  Perhaps those who are themselves deceived will will begin to see what they are doing.

  2. Holly Says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words, Michelle!


  3. Shane Says:

    Well done holly, ‘mark these people & avoid them’ keep your face as hard as flint & discerning heart. These are dark days indeed. For us who hold on to ‘the faith’ stored up for us are ‘good & faithfull servant’
    See you up there friends..!

  4. D. Says:

    2 Corinthians 11:13

  5. Holly Says:


    I think the verse you cited is dead on.


  6. Tony Rypma Says:

    What’s the big deal if he’s an apostle or a teacher? ,Evangelist, prophet? Most definately he is a man of God no matter how you look at it. On inspection do you want to attack any one of the people in the Bible who’s sins are exposed? We know Brian Simmons is expanding the kingdom of God here on earth, right? the disciples noticed others preaching in Jesus name ….so let’s love one another not attack. Love you,sis
    kindest regards,

    Tony Rypma

  7. Steve Says:

    Tony, any tampering with Scripture is A BIG DEAL. Whether Simmons takes on the title of apostle or not is not the point. The point is openness, honesty, and transparency when addressing such a serious issue. 2Tim 2:15 Paul charges Timothy to “correctly handle the word of truth.” there is a lot at stake here. I don’t think Holly is “attacking” Simmons at all, seems to me she is just pursuing the truth. Even if it could be said that she is attacking Simmons for adding to the gospel, seems like she is in good company … the Apostle Paul DID attack the Judaisers for adding to the gospel by pressuring the Galatian Christians to be circumcised, “as for those agitators, I wish they would go all the way and emasculate themselves!” 
    Now that’s harsh! Or is it?


  8. Karen Schultz Says:

    The only spirit of error here is the one whose comment makes that translation a possible stumbling block to a child of God. The last preaching I heard from Brian so lifted up Christ’s love for the sinner, I fell in love with Jesus all over again. Ditto for his Bible. Judgments made against the Passion translation should be reserved for just that, judgment day when the fire itself will test the quality of the work. Let us join together to save souls. The Passion translation is a bible which brings to light many insights which have been lost over the years through numerous other translations. What really is happening here is exactly the same criticisms which occured when the King James was translated into other versions. 

  9. Pam Vail-Heathcote Says:

    Dear Holly:

    After reading your message…I in turn have a question for you. Have you ever sat in Brian’s company? Have you been in attendance at service where he ministers? After meeting him (and his wonderful wife Candace), listening to him and reading the Passion Translation ~~ I found myself in a place with the Lord I had not previously known. Incredible growth that only the Lord can bring. One plants, one waters but the Lord brings the increase.

    Brian is one of the most humble and yet amazingly anointed people on our planet. And I dare say if you had been in his immediate presence you would not have made the comments above or care about a “title”. All the glory from any true servant belongs to our Lord Jesus anyway.

    Jesus made a fitting comment for you to consider….whether Brian is gathering people into the Kingdom? Or whether he is against Jesus? I cannot find evidence in the Passion Translation that remotely suggests Brian is someone you should turn away from as “evil” or be considered an agitator. Those comments grossly misjudge the man.

    Dear Holly, I hope you have the opportunity to meet Brian in person. And I hope the Lord will open your eyes to see as He sees. On that day….you will change your thinking.

  10. Pam Vail-Heathcote Says:

    Good day to you Holly:

    I hope this message finds you seeking the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul. You were a topic of discussion during prayer with the Lord this morning. As such, I ask of you….where does your authority come from? Did Jesus commission you to judge Brian?

    As I understand it, your degree is meant to provide a basis for reasoning with people in defense of Christianity and ultimately to lead one into faith not turn someone from it, am I correct? How then, would you set yourself against those of the New Apostolic Reformation?

    Because we are destined to have one faith among the brethren (Ephesians 4), I humbly request that you read Peter Wagner’s account of the NAR moniker and the steps taken by the media to discredit people associated with a blessing sent by Father God through our Lord which caused salvation and great joy. http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/31851-the-new-apostolic-reformation-is-not-a-cult Further and to this point, I hope you will reconsider your position…that you would not build a wall of division among us.

  11. Sue Says:

    Thank you Pam ♡
    I find the Passion Translation helpful in my walk. It speaks to the Love God has for me and that is helping me love him in return. I can’t see the error in that. The PT is not my primary source of Truth but I find it to be a lovely supplement to my library of bibles and study materials.

  12. Felicia Says:

    well if tampering with scripture is to be condemned , Then why isn’t the king james version being condemned. I allow the Holy Spirit to give discernment to me and apparently the Holy Spirit moved Brian Simmons as well the Power of the Holy Spirit allowed men and women of the Bible and even today to write the Words of God to us. He Who Is without sin cast The 1st stone. Only by The Power of The Holy Spirit of the Living God could place such brilliant rewording so Todays generation can have a better understanding of Scripture. If a person isn’t filled with The Holy Spirit of God in their lives and heart could pin nothing. Only God can elevate or tear down this man whom I do not know but by the Spirit of the Living God allowed me to come across his works. The are God inspired and filled and penned by The Holy Spirit of God. I always test to see by the Holy Spirit’s guiding on what I should read see or do. If you knew my life’s story you’d see and know that God and The Holy Spirit which was promised to my by my Lord and Savior Christ hand is all over my life from 4yrs of age to the present. I don’t look like what I’ve been through. I was told it was medically impossible for me to be alive and here I stand by God’s Grace, Mercy and Power. I never respond to pages like this, but I see this as a pile of hypocrisy I’ve seen. Yes false prophets and teachings should be exposed, even in the Bible hard none of its authors were educated so this is so wrong of you. Again… He who is without sin cast the 1st stone

  13. Randall Says:

    I am so surprised that satan has been so effective in undercutting the foundations away for the younger generation who have been taught by him to “go by the Holy Spirit’s leading” which supercedes all other authority.  This is clever demonic teaching, for how can a person even know anything, unless they first be taught, and how can they be taught unless it is by words? satan just insists that we humans go by the first impulse that comes along.

    What is worse, is that we swallow satan’s spiritual pride too, and we become our own gods in deciding who is speaking truth or error according to our own internal standards.

    Since that younger generation has no landmarks, any false teaching will apparently do and so they are tossed about by every wind of doctrine and every cunning teaching of men and demons, just as Paul declared.

    Where is the fear of God today?  Where are people calling us to repent?  My own nation is probably the most wicked nation on the face of the earth today, but why are we still ignoring all this evil?  Due to our lack of respect to God’s word and fear of God Himself, we have slipped into almost hell itself.  God is weeping and crying over America today, but all we want is “fire and love” from God.  How sad.  May we repent from our spiritual blindness!

  14. David A. Says:

    Thanks Holly,

    I appreciate your even demeanor, keen focus on the meat of the issue, and avoidance of personal attacks.  Mr. Simmons response leaves much to be desired and rather telling that he seems to be undertaking a  Bible translating task which far outweighs his skill set.   Keep up the wonderful work!

  15. Holly Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words, David A.

  16. Daniel Bussey Says:

    I don’t know how you do it Holly, reading the responses to your clear articles is enough to discourage anyone’s hope for the future of the church. I’ve noticed that all false teaching is covered over by 3 or 4 excuses:

    1. They love Jesus, why can’t you see that? I’ve met them and they are kind, gentle, sweet, and godly people, how dare you say anything negative about them.

    2.You don’t have the authority to judge anything, that’s not your place. Let this teaching go on unchecked because we won’t know until judgement day if it is wrong.

    3. Have you ever met with them before and shared your issues with them privately? Remember Matthew 18. You’ve ignored that passage.

    4. Just look at the wonderful fruit of their ministry! They are leading people to the Lord and helping to encourage the church. They even strengthened my walk. How could anything they do be wrong?

    None of these are even close to valid arguments. I commend you Holly for contending concerning the faith once given to the saints. Keep defending the truth out of love, even for love for those who can’t recognize it.

    P.S. And for those who think there isn’t a problem with this “translation”, I leave you with a Bible verse,

    “Do not add to His words, lest He rebuke you and you be found a liar.” (Proverbs 30:6 ESV)

  17. Joy Neimeyer Says:

    If you read Dr. Simmons remarks on Revelation, your eyes will be opened. God’s judgement on this world system is NOT what Dr. Simons is portraying in his remarks. The Beast that Revelations tells us is not the beast in us. Read all his remarks and have your eyes openeed.
    God gave us Revelations as a wake up call. PLease, please don’t be deceived.

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