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Apostle Brian Simmons’ Underhanded Ways

The underhanded tactics used by leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation movement–such as those used this week by apostle Brian Simmons–never cease to amaze me.

My readers will recall my last post, where I challenged Brian Simmons’ claim that he does not refer to himself as an apostle. To show that he actually does refer to himself as an apostle–or at least that he considers himself to be one and leads others to believe that he is one–I included a link to his LinkedIn Profile, where he said that he is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles. I also included links to three separate church Web sites that advertise him as an apostle.

Well, since I wrote my post, he has removed his LinkedIn Profile. See it now. Fortunately, I took a screen capture before he did so. See it below.


Brian Simmons' Linked In Profile


Notice that, in the section titled “Brian Simmons’ Additional Information” his profile states that he is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA). Since it may be a little too small to see on your screen, here is close-up version of that section of his profile.

Simmons Close-Up on Profile






I can only assume he did this because his LinkedIn Profile was clear proof that he does, indeed, consider himself to be an apostle, but he didn’t want some people to know. It seems that we caught him on that point.

What’s even more telling is that, earlier today, Simmons also deleted his lengthy response to a critical review  I wrote of his New Apostolic Reformation Bible–the Passion Translation–over at Amazon.com. Here is the Amazon discussion thread after he removed his response. Notice the section that now stands empty except for the words “Deleted by the author 1 hour ago.”

Simmons Deleted Response No. 1


And he also removed his response to another critical review written by Craig from CrossWise.

Simmons Deleted Reponse No. 2


Apparently, the responses posted by Craig and myself were so on the mark that Simmons didn’t think his response could withstand scrutiny. Rather than answering the questions I posed directly to him, he decided to just delete his original response.

Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight to take a screen capture of his Amazon responses. Though I thought Simmons might remove his LinkedIn profile, it never crossed my mind that he would remove those, too. After all, he claims to be a scholar, and this type of behavior–that is, trying to cover up what one said in a public debate–is so foreign to true Christian scholarship.

Yet, I shouldn’t have been surprised that he would do something like this. By removing his LinkedIn profile and his Amazon responses, Simmons is demonstrating the type of deceptive practices that the Bible says characterize false apostles. In contrast to false apostles, the apostle Paul told the Christians in Corinth that he and his colleagues refused to engage in shady methods of ministry. In contrast, they acted with transparency and integrity.

But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways. We refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God’s word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God. 2 Corinthians 4:2

If anyone knows how to retrieve a cached copy of Simmons’ original Amazon responses, I would be grateful if you could send me the images to post on my blog. Here is a link to the page on Amazon where they were posted until he removed them earlier today.

I hate to assume the worst about someone, but given the actions he has already taken I suspect he might repost his original responses with some substantial changes included to make himself look better.

— By Holly Pivec

** Update: One of my readers was able to obtain an image of Simmons’ response to my critical review, as it looked before he deleted it. See it below, and click on the image to enlarge it for easier reading. Thank you, Jeremy!**

Brian Simmons Response smaller

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13 Responses to “Apostle Brian Simmons’ Underhanded Ways”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I have copy of the amazon responses, Where would you like me to send them?


  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Jeremy! I really appreciate your help. I sent you an e-mail message.


  3. Lindsay Says:

    It is disgraceful that Simmons calls himself a translator and links himself with former giants of the faith – Tyndale, Wycliffe, etc.  These men were true translators who faithfully fulfilled the task of making the Word of God available to ordinary English speakers.  Show me where they tried to put their own words into the Word of God.  Dr S is playing a very dangerous game with his tampering with Scripture, but to call himself a translator is just presumptuous humbug.

  4. Holly Says:


    You’re correct: it is disgraceful. NAR leaders, such as Simmons, often try to associate themselves with historical giants of the faith, such as Martin Luther. It is a tactic used to try to make themselves appear orthodox.


  5. Craig Says:

    Yes, it IS telling that Simmons would delete all his comments on Amazon and his LinkedIn page.

    I note that Lindsay above very charitably refers to Simmons as “Dr S” (no disrespect meant to Lindsay).  I won’t grant him that courtesy, since his “doctorate” is from the [C. Peter] Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI), which is NOT accredited and only merely signifies that he is part of the NAR.  But then, maybe I’m just not charitable enough.

    There’s also something very odd about Simmons’ (now deleted) LinkedIn page: There’s a link to Rolland Baker, yet Baker’s first name is spelled incorrectly as “Roland”.  It seems difficult to believe that Baker himself would misspell his own name.

  6. Craig Says:

    OK, nevermind; it’s a different Roland Baker from the Rolland Baker of Iris Ministries…

  7. Tracey Says:

    I have been trying to find out who Pastor Simmons’ “five different professional editors” are, as he states on his website that his wife is one of his editors and there are four others.

  8. ferne Says:

    Through all these discussions on the Passion Bible, I would ask Brian Simmons why on earth we need a new translation in the first place?  Are we uneducated heathen?  Are we such spiritual idiots and/or gluttons that we can’t glean any truth of the  Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Amplified, NAS, NKJ, or NIV or from the huge selection of other translations?

  9. Tom Howard Says:

    Really another translation! Just started to read it and found a great error from the start; In his translation of Colossians 1:23 “Continue to advance in the faith, assured of a firm foundation to grow upon. Never be shaken from the hope of the gospel you have believed in…..”
    Now read King James same scripture,”If ye continue in the faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel, which ye have heard,…”
    Quite a difference! One is more of a warning, can you tell which one?
    And thats just from reading it a bit, not that I would now trust this guy any further.

  10. Samuel butler Says:

    Hi everyone, 

    I’ve just visited my home town to see my elderly father and my brother was raving about this awesome guy from America called Brian Simmons. I was vary from the start not just because I knew anything about Brian but because a self proclaimed prophet with no connection to NAR by the name David McDonald who founded a church in Toowoomba Queensland just decided to up and leave with the only excuse for it being that he only founded a church because he needed an income. It knocked about 300-400 Christians for a six (Australian cricket term for a slam that clears the ball park) two of which were my older siblings. I only mention that because I see the same thing beginning to form in Wellington nsw which is just located just outside dubbo in Australia. The vulnerable gentle Pentecostal folk there think Brian Simmons is the real deal and I didn’t notice any merchandise other then Brian’s for sale. Oh yes I almost forgot to share his latest revelation from God directly of course. People are now going to begin living to 147 years of age. God appears to have changed his mind since genesis 6:3. Cheers for the update Brian. To be honest this doesn’t annoy me as much as what the Prince Charming effect has on the local church. Sweeps us off our feet and that’s where we stay. I love what Col Stringer (a true man of God) says….”If God has a message for you, it will be through your local pastor”. A visiting prophet should only confirm this and will never use their “awesomeness” to surplant. I remember a vivid dream in which some particular evil was attacking me when to my astonishment my senior pastor appeared and rebuked it. A local pastor with a proven track record and sound doctrine is where the goods are. Go the Bereans!

  11. parishioner Says:

    sometimes i think it is far too astounding to me that these guys are so deceptive, and so lacking in integrity.  their character is appalling, and when confronted, they do not repent, but attempt to hide or deflect their exposed deception with ad hominem attacks.  when I happened upon the “raised by narcissists” network on reddit, I recognized the commonalities of these predators.  that community is expert on these types, though most suffered child abuse rather than spiritual abuse.

    some verses which I’ve found helpful and comforting are matt. 7:21-23.  “not everyone who says to me, ‘lord, lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my father who is in heaven.  many will say to me on that day, ‘lord, lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ then i will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you.  away from me, you evildoers!'”

    you would be hard pressed to find a more pertinent warning to the nar.  I don’t know biblical Greek, but i heard an interesting comment on this passage by Derek prince.  (mind you, I have a lot of problems with some of the things he said and did, so trust me, any of his errors anyone wants to remind me of will be just that – reminders – I’m well aware.)  on this passage his said the Greek word translated “evildoers” is “anomia,” which translates as “lawbreakers” or, “those who practice lawlessness.”  this is his comment which I recorded:  “what is lawlessness?  [in this context], it is an arrogant assumption that god’s moral and ethical standards no longer apply to those who exercise gifts of supernatural power.”  I think prince made a mistake in assuming they were exercising gifts of the holy spirit, when Jesus’ words demonstrate they were actually engaging in the counterfeit signs (“pseudo”) of the antichrist Paul warned about in his letter to the Thessalonians. 

    wake up, church.  read your bible, and believe it.

  12. parishioner Says:

    I wish to clarify something I said in my last comment, lest anyone misunderstand.

    Jesus’ rebuke in matt 7:21-23 is for people who call him lord, yet do not know him.  they are not allowed to enter heaven, and did not do the will of god the father while they were on earth.  Jesus addresses them “evildoers,” or “you who practice lawlessness.”

    their response?  they start listing their activities while on earth, as if Jesus needs a reminder, or a copy of their CV/ résumé.  this in itself is telling.  at the very least, these people do not understand two things which are basic to Christianity: 1) Jesus is judge of all mankind, knows what is within the human heart, and judges with equity; 2) salvation is based on grace, not works. 

    is it any wonder that he says they do not know him?  they demonstrate a rejection of some of the essential truths about god.  you don’t approach god with a list of your accomplishments or credentials;  you do that with a stranger.  god already knows all about you.  you don’t try to get into heaven by doing what you think are good works, unless you have rejected the gospel message.

    Jesus’ response to their list of “works” of miracles, deliverance, and prophecy offers no commentary on these activities themselves.  so whether you view those activities as gifts of the holy spirit (which paul clearly states they are, and i am not a cessationist), or whether these people are operating under the influence of a spirit of witchcraft and doing the signs and wonders of the antichrist, the warning applies to both.   we can safely conclude from jesus’ response that it is possible to do all three (miracles, deliverance, prophecy) and not be doing the will of god our heavenly father, not be in relationship with jesus, and behaving as those he would call evildoers.

    scripture tells us the gifts of the holy spirit are real, and scripture tells us they can be counterfeited.  so “signs and wonders” are not the evidence.  the goal of the Antichrist is to make the supernatural demonstrations the evidence.  if you don’t believe that, re-read the book of revelation and 2 Thessalonians.  we’re not to allow anyone to deceive us by ANY demonstrations into rejecting the truth of the gospel.

    like I said in my last comment, you would be hard-pressed to find a more pertinent warning to the nar than matt. 7:22-23.  they reject the gospel message of the ministry of reconciliation.  Jesus’ death and resurrection are not preached so that the sinners may take responsibility for behavior and acknowledge Jesus died their death, and so they die to themselves and live unto him.  no, it is preached as a way to personal power.  confession and repentance are strangers to this false gospel and “different Jesus,” and supernatural manifestations are lusted after and exalted, with occult practices the norm.  the nar point to the supernatural as evidence, same as those in matt 7.  

    woe to anyone who thinks Jesus needs help evaluating their character or needs persuation for their entrance into heaven.  the gifts of the holy spirit are given for the body of christ, for care for his bride.  their counterfeit is neither to be embraced by the bride who must guard herself against deceit, nor to be regarded as evidence for obeisance to anyone exhibiting them.

    church, are you recognizing the spirit of the Antichrist, with the help of people like holly?  or are you rejecting the antichrist even exists, as some in nar are falsely teaching?

  13. AWT Says:

    So, this Global Legacy bio contains a reference to his membership in the International Coalition of Apostles, even though he removed it from LinkedIn:


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