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The NAR Movement Worldwide


It’s always a bit shocking to me that more people haven’t heard of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement.

It’s huge–not just in the United States, but worldwide.

The NAR movement accounts for much of the phenomenal growth of Christianity taking place in the Global South—that is, Africa, Asia and Latin America, according to data from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. In fact, the NAR movement is part of the fastest-growing segment of non-Catholic Christianity worldwide—a segment these researchers call the “Independent” or “Postdenominational” segment—with more than 369 million participants.

Surprised by these numbers? I sure was when I first saw them.

I’ve also learned that the NAR movement is making inroads in several countries of the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine. To counter this trend, a influential apologetics ministry in Russia recently translated an article I wrote to warn over 1,500 Russian ministers and activists about the unbiblical teachings. See it here.

So, how is it that a movement of such magnitude has been able to fly under the radar unnoticed?

I think one answer could be the frequent practice of equivocation by NAR leaders. I wrote about this in another post called “Evangelicals and the NAR: What Gives?

But what do you think?

— By Holly Pivec


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6 Responses to “The NAR Movement Worldwide”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Out here in Australia I believe it has ‘flown under the radar’ because of a combination of factors: a) apathy, b) ignorance, and c) blind obedience to leaders.  Anything that sounds colourful and exciting and is somewhat Christian in nature is bound to attract those hungering for ‘more.’  Unfortunately many turn to NAR-type Churches instead of to the true-to-the-Bible Churches and preachers, which are now few and far between.

  2. Azaryahu Says:

    NAR has influenced a lot of churches in Sweden also. Their leaders are often invited to speak at conferences an so on. One organisation that is called New Wine who has anglican roots are quite responsible for this. Apathy and ignorance, lack of biblical knowledge and discernment, immaturity and a longing after healing and wonders are some of the reasons for this. The Word of Faith movement have also a strong influence in a lot of churches which is quite worrying and a reason for the NAR movements popularity.

  3. M. K. Says:

    This business of dual meanings of words. Equivocation you called it. It’s true. It isn’t just words. I was STUNNED to find out that my ex church called itself Trinitarian, but they worded it in such a deceptive way that they allowed Oneness doctrine to co exist in the same church.

    Tricky and deceptive. Say one thing that sounds good to the person listening, that has a different meaning to the one saying it. On purpose.

    Somebody called it trying to nail Jello to the wall to get these people to agree on terminology and theology.

    introducing Doubt is another technique. “Did the Bible REALLY say? Did God REALLY Say? Does the Bible REALLY mean that or could it be??????”

    In teaching I watched as they routinely twist a scripture to mean something else when another scripture is readily available to back up the concept being taught.Over the years, people get used to twisted scriptures and obscure meanings so they stop looking it up, and that is when the teachers of false doctrine really begin to introduce heresy.

  4. Trina Says:

    Hi Holly

    Thank you for the time you are taking to share the truth. I just left a church that has incorporated the Bethel church model. What makes my heart heavy is the young people coming up with not know the Holy Spirit. What these churches are unleashing is not of God. The next group of “Christians” and I say that loosely will be a hybrid religion of mysticism and Christianity. The Holy Spirit will not be in this, I have encountered the Devil in my past church. Make no mistake, God will leave if he has not already left these churches and unless people wake up they will be deceived. If it is not already a challenge to be a Christian, this opens up a huge can of worms. As those who know the truth grow old and pass away, unless the next generation be shown the truth, Christianity as God designed it will be no more. Thank God he is in control, he has a plan and all of what is happening is part of it. It just hurts my heart to know how many are going to be lost. I can only imagine how God feels. He gave his Son to die for us, the ultimate sacrifice. What a mess man has made…..

  5. Holly Says:


    Yes, I share your concerns about how Christianity is being redefined for so many people, especially in the younger generations. These people may never know the true Christianity. But we can be encouraged by the promise of Christ that he is building his church and the gates of hell won’t prevail against it (Matthew 16:17-19).


  6. kadri-liisa Says:

    Thank you Holly for sharing the numbers of spreading the NAR.
    Here in East Europe, in Estonia, as much i know there is only one or two NAR churches in Tallinn-one C.Pierce and other Apostle Maxwell Ramashia& Thamo Naidoo & Dr Stephen Everett branch.
    In Finland instead is 11 NAR churches started by Johanna Tunturipuro  who is ordained by Peter Wagner.
    In Germany i know that in Berlin is two Glory of Zion Int “houses of Zion”- one is Crazy christians ministry in Berlin Spandau and other is European Initiative who does missions in Berlin.

    However in Tallinn and in Estonia believers are looking for difference as charismatic and pentecostal movement had lived its time away and there is thirst for the new because there is promises about coming new move of God wtc. And if to be honest in pastoral model churches, believers are not trained enough to enter and to fulfill their personal calling from God so that they can be strong in the Lord when troubles are coming as we see example of strong believers who even being scattered spreaded the good message (in Acts 4- 8).  But those pastoral type of churches are lost their freshness and people are looking for resolutions in their spiritual life what may work and offer long lasting results.also people want to be aligned properly and live finally biblically.
    Why i moved in past to NAR and got aligned with apostle C. Pierce was that Lord said to me to do so as i wanted to maintain my prophetic training what i had experienced in 2006-2009. 
    What had concerned me is NAR movement eschatological theology or rather lack of it.

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