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A New NAR Bible (Part 1) — ‘The Passion Translation’

passion translationBeware: An NAR apostle has come out with his own NAR translation of the Bible, called “The Passion Translation.”

Apostle Brian Simmons, of Stairway Ministries, is the lone translator of this “groundbreaking” project. To date, he has released four installments of his new translation:

Next in line is Proverbs, Wisdom From Above, due out in Fall 2013.

Simmons’ translation is endorsed by influential NAR leaders including apostle Che Ahn (Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, USA), prophet James Goll (Encounters Network) and apostle Katherine Ruonala (Glory City Church in Brisbane, Australia).

Simmons claims he undertook this work because he saw a need for a more emotionally passionate translation of the Bible that speaks to the heart. He believes the leading translations of the Bible speak mainly to the mind and don’t adequately capture God’s passion. He describes his translation like this:

The Passion Translation Project is a groundbreaking attempt to re-introduce the passion and fire of the Bible to the English reader. God longs to have His Word expressed in every language in a way that would unlock the ‘passion’ of His heart. The goal of this work is to trigger inside of every English speaker an overwhelming response to the truth of the Bible as it is unfiltered by religious jargon – unfolding the deep mysteries of the Scriptures in the language of love, the language of the heart. Accurate to the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts, but passionately powerful in a contemporary form.

So, what’s the problem with his “passionately powerful” translation?

Simmons has taken verses of Scripture that have nothing to do with NAR teachings or practices and reworded them so they appear to support those very teachings and practices , such as  “prophetic singing,” the “transference of an anointing,”  and the issuing of “apostolic decrees.” In other words, despite his claim to unveil the truth of the Bible “unfiltered by religious jargon,” he’s actually exploiting his audience’s ignorance of sound textual criticism to smuggle in a heterodox theology along with a good measure of NAR jargon.

The bottom line? He’s changing God’s Word–a serious offense to God. I will look at specific verses he has changed in my next post.

But, for now, I want to point out that this translation is potentially one of the most disturbing developments in the NAR movement. Simmons is following in the footsteps of the major cults of Christianity who have released their own translations of the Bible, including the New World Translation used by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Joseph Smith Translation used by some groups of Mormons.

By creating a new NAR translation of the Bible, Simmons is shaping the way a generation of NAR followers will read and understand Scripture–and also creating a divide between those who use the NAR translation and those who don’t.

It remains to be seen how many NAR people will make the switch to this NAR translation of the Bible. If a lot of them do switch Bibles, then The Passion Translation could truly–as its advertisements say–“impact the Church for years to come.”

Heaven forbid.

— By Holly Pivec

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61 Responses to “A New NAR Bible (Part 1) — ‘The Passion Translation’”

  1. Todd Tomasella Says:

    Another $cam version.
    It’s real simple: We have the preserved Word of God in the Authorized, the King James Bible.
    All other English Bibles are unnecessary and in most cases if not all, diabolical counterfeits.

    The NAR movement is new age and not Christian and those who conduct this witchcraft over the biblically-illiterate audience are warlocks who pose as Christ’s representatives.

    Every month or two there’s yet another $cam version of the Bible that comes out from some person or committee that pretends and puts themselves up as having authority. Could all these versions possibly be divinely inspired and yet all different?

  2. Holly Says:


    This article written by one of today’s most respected textual critics, Dr. Dan Wallace at Dallas Theological Seminary, shows why the King James Bible is not the best translation and why the King James Only position is seriously flawed: https://bible.org/article/why-i-do-not-think-king-james-bible-best-translation-available-today

  3. Candace l Todd Says:

    Your acting exactly like the religious Pharisees that Jesus was speaking to all through out Matthew.

  4. Holly Says:

    Candace, how, exactly, did I act like the Pharisees in this post I wrote? I’m not seeing it.

  5. Kathy A Says:


    I have been researching the Bible for 5 years back to Constantine, Tischendorf, Westcott and Hort and the so called higher and /or textual critics. Dan Wallace says that “We don’t know exactly what Jesus said because men just wrote the jest of His sayings. In truth, though red-letter editions of the Bible may give comfort to believers that they have the very words of Jesus in every instance, this is a false comfort.”
    Then why do we follow the writings of man if they are not Jesus ‘ words or doctrines.How will that get you into heaven? Higher and textual critics and paleography were invented by the catholic church, which tells us a lot of who is behind the corruption of our bibles. Study it and find out for yourselves.  Some people think Jesus is some ignorant being who can’t win over the devil. Jesus can do anything and everthing, Praise His Name.

  6. John Campbell Says:

    Love your site Holly! How did your recent presentation  go while sharing the same platform as some NAR folks? Did you get an opportunity to fellowship or share your concerns with James Goll..?

  7. Sheri Says:

    Sorry, I have to say Todd’s statement is correct. I just bought two of your books but one must research the Harper Collins publishers which expose Satanic Bibles, NIV Illuminati watered down versions, Vatican’s watered down versions, Queen James Gay Bible, boy the list goes on and on. The Holy Spirit can you a donkey well the Holy Spirit used a homeless man to show me that the KJV 1611 was the Bible we should be using. This does not make one a Pharisee. We are all open for correction and reproof. Please let no one get prideful and research the Bible version they are using. The Link he gave was outstanding. We must all take this to Jesus/Abba Father in prayer. The truth offends and one gets prideful. They hated Jesus and they called him names and said he was demon possessed, etc. I ask you Holly to pray about this before calling him a Pharisee. I have a Harvard Degree and I don’t go around calling people Pharisees because I don’t agree w/their truth. The truth offends and let it be if we both offended you. Let it rub you the right way. You were given a gift to expose the NAR not to defend the watered down version of the one and only true Bible we should be following KJV only. A Sister in Christ God bless you in Jesus name.

  8. Holly Says:

    Sheri, I didn’t call anyone a Pharisee. You did not read the comments carefully enough. Someone else accused me of being a Pharisee, and I responded by asking them in what way I was being a Pharisee. I don’t see what having a Harvard degree has to do with this discussion.

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