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Why People Join the NAR Movement

March 2nd, 2013 | 19 Comments | Posted in Miscellaneous, Spiritual Warfare

uncle samOne of the most common questions I am asked is “Why do people join the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement?” I’ve thought about this a lot. And I believe there are at least four main reasons.

It tickles their ego. One way their ego is flattered is by someone giving them a favorable prophecy, such as “You are such a threat to Satan’s kingdom that God has assigned four new angels to go with you wherever you go.”  Another way is that you start to buy into the NAR worldview, so that you think of yourself as a spiritual secret agent. Every action you take now has supernatural significance. Before your involvement in the NAR, you might have overlooked your encounter with a fellow shopper at the grocery store. Now you view it as a divine encounter where, by speaking in tongues under your breath as you pass by the person, something mysterious happened that will bring a spiritual breakthrough in your city.

It diminishes their feelings of insecurity. When they have a supernatural experience, such as being “slain in the Spirit” or being overcome by “Holy Laughter” or receiving a divine dream, then they feel like they must be someone special to have been chosen for a personal encounter with God. (One problem with this hunger for supernatural experiences is that it feeds the never-ending need for new and bigger experiences so they will feel loved by God. But more about that in another post.)

They want blessings.  They want to be freed from the pain of a broken past or be cured of physical pain. They want prosperity and favor. In short, they want the “good life,” and they believe the NAR apostles and the prophets hold the keys.

They don’t want to miss out on all that God has for them. Many evangelical churches can be rightly accused of avoiding some uncomfortable or controversial topics in the Bible, such as the end time, the reality of demons, and spiritual gifts. NAR churches aren’t afraid to take on these unpaid bills of the evangelical church. As such, they will attract people who are hungry to hear about these topics.

These reasons are at the top of my list. Can you think of any I missed?

–By Holly Pivec


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19 Responses to “Why People Join the NAR Movement”

  1. Bob Colby Says:

    Holly you have nailed this.
    I have one you can include it is “fear of man”.
     I belong to a Christian Missionary Alliance Church(CMA) that is allowing the IHOP/YWAM “Impact  World Tour” into our local church and sponsoring activities in our community. The very first morning the young man from the organization got up it only took about 3 minutes for me to recognize NAR speak. ( I was involved in the 80’s and early 90’s in this Movement as a Pastor and did the unthinkable started to check their theology against the Word of God. My now ex-wife had one of those Song of Solomon Sexual encounters with Jesus.)
     Senior pastor was out of town so I spoke with Associate pastor for over 1.5 hours on Monday. Once senior pastor returned they discussed subject and said “since their statement of faith on salvation was close to ours we would just teach our doctrine during the discipleship follow-up. I believe their FEAR of Man and reputation in the community is causing this. Oh they will take a closer look at any more involvement with other ministries before committing to any other outreaches.   
    I contacted our Main CMA office and asked for a official response/stand on the NAR/Dominion Theology and IHOP. After a month all I got was they didn’t know anything about it and our statement of faith explained their position.  I’ve tried to explain to both groups that once this camel’s nose is under the tent you will not keep it out. I have grand kids that will be effective by this demonic theology. Short of just leaving and starting my own little church ( not going to happen),there is no place left. I am a 22 year Army Retiree and understand what a simple well placed half truth can do to a individual and a unit.
    God bless you as you continue to inform on the severity of this demonic inspired movement.

  2. SAM Says:

    They are following a different Jesus, a different gospel, false apostles, deceitful workers.
    2 Corinthians 11:4, 13-15

    They are not His sheep. 
    John 10:4,5,27

  3. A Friend Says:

    I’ve written before how I was part of this movement, but I never made a conscious decision to join the NAR movement. I was 18-20 and was fairly sheltered and naive about other spiritual movements. I guess I just thought it was another step up from my then-current Presbyterian church.

    The people seemed to be so in tune with God, and as I emulated them and read their books (instead of the Bible), I did begin having “dreams from God” of a very different quality than any other dreams I had had. I was genuinely searching to be closer to God, to do what He had called all Christians to do.

    One big item you left off your list: The NAR movement was/is exciting! We went on emotional roller coasters at every meeting: laughing, crying, feeling thrilled, feeling powerful, having a spiritual high, and feeling at peace. You are ready to fight against demons and evil one moment, cry and wail for all the lost another, and ascend to a spiritual plane the next where you have a “word of knowledge” from God. 

    The really deceitful thing about this movement is that many times I did actually have dreams from “God”, words of knowledge about people, etc. I didn’t make those up, though sometimes people do. Nowadays, I believe most of those were demonic, which was very hard to admit, even though I want nothing to do with those teachings. I still think some of those were from God, though.

    I think one important thing to remember is that these people don’t always call themselves New Apostolic Reformers, et al. I didn’t have any labels for this stuff ten years ago.

  4. Dave, South Africa Says:

    Sam, you have it right! I would even narrow this down to “another Jesus”, because without Him we are nothing and have nothing.

    The common denominator of all false prophets and false teachers is the removal of the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, our Messiah, as our Way. our Truth and our Life, as the One Whom we are to keep our focus on – the originator and completer of the faith. In their false gospels, He gets subtly pushed aside as we are brainwashed into believing that we have, or need, more of something or someone else to live a “victorious” life.

    These false teachers – and all the others from the Apostles time to our present – will tell us that there is another mediator between God and man other than Christ Jesus.

    They will tell us that we do need others to teach us and that we do not have an anointing from the Holy One.

    They will say, “Come unto me —” and “come follow me—“, whereas it was Jesus who said that to His people and to us who have been grafted in.

    As in Christ believers really have no excuse. We forgot our first love! If we get caught up in this heretical nonsense, as I was, [thank God for only for a short while], we need to get out now!
    Remember that He is waiting for us to repent and return to Him. Even when we are faithless, He remains faithful because He cannot deny Himself.

    Its better to start afresh only with the only Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of the living God, while we still have the opportunity.

  5. Ron Glynn Says:

    Some people are attracted to the excitement of being part of something happening! The meetings become like some kind of spiritual dope where the people are always wanting more. Also, some people like feeling a sense of power that they believe ordinary Christians do not have. Another hooker is the pride of belonging to some very special. Of course, this is the deception that the Lord Jesus Christ warned about and that the Apostle Paul wrote about in the Bible.

  6. AJ Says:

    I got caught up in some NAR teachings after I was hurt in a Word-Faith church.  I was looking for justification. A “prophet” spoke a huge “word” over us that made me cry–yes we were rejected, but God was going to use us to do BIG things!!  This soothed my ego for a while, but over time, my love for the written Word waned.  This resulted in my not trusting Christ in Me the Hope of Glory.  Disconnected from the Head, I had to seek the next external “high”.  

    The people I got to know personally in this movement weren’t able to receive words that could “wash their feet”:  they were not interested in personal holiness and death to self.  Preoccupied with taking dominion over their surroundings, they were not masters of their own souls.

    So my caution to anyone who was hurt in church:  get in the Word.  Find out that apart from Christ you can do nothing and cling to the cross.  There is your redemption: not God’s BIG plan for your life!  The BIG plan message puts the focus is back on YOU and that is depressing indeed!

  7. SAM Says:

    Probably all of us who’ve been born again of His Spirit, John 1:12,13 can say that we’ve found ourselves sitting under false teachers at some point in our walk. 
    The point is that He, Jesus Christ, is Our Shepherd. He is careful to draw us out from under these wolves. We will not be a contented, satisfied sheep unless receiving sustenance from His Word. A true sheep cannot stay under the false teacher forever, as the sheep doesn’t recognize the voice of this false shepherd. HE is the Faithful One.
    The term “spiritual dope” is a good one. These false professing believers thrive on the ‘signs’ and ‘wonders’ instead of walking by faith. If we are born again of His Spirit, we ARE walking by faith…His Faith through His Spirit within, Galatians 5:22,23. The Fruit of His Spirit.

  8. Joe uk Says:

    I was going through a Personal and family crises due to a number of chronic illness & fatal tragedies,which left me physically, mentally and emotionally depleted.I truly was at  point where i needed Christian support while i regained my composure .The local church had a reputation for being in  the authentic faith. after six months I left the church because  of the theology’s  that was been  promoted was linked to doctrines  such as the G12 movement, word of faith, Alpha course, Toronto blessing, latter rain etc, etc ,etc….What I experience was that such churches prey upon true believer`s that are in a weak and vulnerable position instilling doubt, fear, guilt and shame in the most insidious form of social benevolent.

    John 10:5 Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.” John 10:27   My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. 28 And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. 29 My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand. 30 I and My Father are one.”

    It is so important to read the bible for ourselves so that we can  know the masters voice.

    Thank you for the article and various comments.
    Take care all…Lord Bless

  9. A Friend Says:

    Joe, What is the “G12” movement?

    My spouse and I were also in a very weak and vulnerable position with the bad health of our first child. We had already been with a group that focused on such things for about a year, but when Elizabeth was diagnosed with heart defects during the pregnancy, we dove into the movement in an effort to have God heal her. When He did not, and the baby died, I had a LOT of spiritual baggage to deal with. And a lot of regrets. I know now that God did not fail us, these false teachings did. I get so angry when I see others in vulnerable positions preyed upon by such false teachers.

  10. Marie Says:

    Thank-You Holly for this piece as I believe you are 100% correct in your assessments. I was a part of this “new thing” as this religious institution called it and it certainly is addictive. I began with the “slain in the spirit” and “drunk in the spirit” experiences at a local charismatic church with the pastor(on his second, some say third marriage) promoting these demonic practices as well as him receiving “personal words” from god (out of respect for our Father God in heaven I will not capitalize His name when refering to these false teachers and false prophets as they are receiving revelation from a false god) to speak over individuals. After having these experiences, I desired more in the form of visions and dreams; my husband even ascribed to these “hearing words from god” and using them to manipulate people in the church system of man. It fed our egos and we considered ourselves some of the elite….and those we shared these experiences with patted us on the back and considered us now to be a part of their “special inner circle” which by the way reeks of every sin imaginable. I later learned that many within the leadership church system including the Nicolation pastor attended the “Toronto Blessing.” After having done extensive research and comparing everything to the Holy Scriptures, God, the Holy Spirit, literally delivered me out of this system of lies, manipulation, and bondage. I can only humbly praise Jesus for this as I have suffered greatly from these so called “spiritual mothers and fathers,” they are following another god and promoting another Jesus,, not the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit from our Bibles. The greatest persecution a follower of Jesus Christ will ever encounter on this earth  will come from those who attend the church system who believe they “know more than you and twist the Scriptures to manipulate and control a person into their submission and their agendas.” They will hate those who have come out of this harlot religious system and will use fleshly means to destroy those who read their Bibles and allow God, the Holy Spirit to teach them.”

    God knows who are the sheep and who are the goats….and man may fool another man, but none of us can fool Almighty God. To anyone who is still involved in this occultic system, please get out now and read, study, and meditate upon the Words of the Bible yourself as Jesus is calling you to His home.

  11. Joe uk Says:

    Hello A Friend,

    My deepest sympathy for your bereavement. These movement justly move us to a holy anger which in our political correct climate is discouraged.However, the Lord will bring a day of his reckoning.

    The G12 movement was founded by Pastor César Castellanos from Mision Carismatica Internacional Church in Bogota, Colombia,had a  revelation that he received from God  — that God had given him a vision which would increase the number of Christian believers and help him to care for the growing numbers of people in preparation of the End times.

    the G12 movement
    “Ladder of Success” is used to describe the main steps of the G12 Vision. 1)Win, Evangelism aiming to win people to a new belief in Christ 2) Consolidate: This stage involves attending an Encounter weekend retreat, where a new believer is “consolidated” in the faith by prayer, exposing of generational curses, casting out of demons and deep repentance.3) Disciple: At this stage, individuals enroll in the School of Leaders, which will begin to train the believer to recruit new disciples 4) Send: Leaders are ‘sent’ to do the work by establishing a new cell group of 12 men or 12 women depending on the gender of the leader.

    Let us Reason Ministries and Got a Questions.org have some detail  articles on this movement, as with error it is always seem to be compose of many elements.

    I hope that these internet ministries are of some help to you.

    Numbers 6: 24-26
    “The Lord bless you and keep you;
    25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,
    And be gracious to you;
    26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.”’

    Kind regards


  12. admin Says:

    It is interesting to see how many of you were attracted to the NAR movement because it offered excitement and spiritual thrills. I also noticed more than one of you comparing NAR practices to a spiritual drug and describing them as “addictive.” Thank you, all, for sharing your stories with myself and others. I believe it is helpful for other people to see that they are not alone.

  13. Julie McArthur Says:

    All I can say is MYSTERY WHORE OF BABYLON….all roads lead to Rome other than the narrow path to the true and living GOD. I AM still devastated by these insidious false prophets/wolves in sheep clothing apostates and somewhat angry at the havoc they are currently wreaking on the body of CHRIST.I pray fervently that part of my family will be delivered from the LATTER RAIN/KINGDOM NOW/MANIFEST SONS OF GOD /NAR MOVEMENT. As baby Christians, my family started a small outreach to feed and clothe the poor until we were inundated with NAR literature and became thrilled….but we truly were attacked by witches and warlocks and I got hurt and in my bitterness went into the underground resurfacing as a tattoo artist. Rising quickly into the best shop in our city. My family, however stopped the outreach and changed the name to ATLANTA REVIVAL CENTER and moved directly across the street from the temple i was working in. I could not  believe this but as my ego swelled to the size of a hot air balloon…my daughter became sick and I was forced to leave this place and step down to a street shop where my life spanned out of control..hitting rock bottom and nearly losing my life. I reached back out to my family..who by this time had blossomed into a fairly large congregation with at least 3 orphanages around the world. They welcomed me back with open arms. My sisters husband is the pastor and my younger sister and her husband did Childrens church and worship…I ran the coffee shop and was becoming active in plays and missions. IT CAME IN LIKE A FLOOD-my bro-in-law pastor was given an RV and hit the road leaving the door wide open to strange teachers coming in and bringing new things and books and Impartations and signs and wonders.Every week it was some new wind of teaching…causing many to struggle as we were nondenominational. Divisions spread thoughout and our pastor had to return but we started adapting all sorts of things such as Shofar blowing, waving banners, laying hands on everyone,prophetic booths, healing rooms,cell groups, etc. and were running to every convention all over the u.s. continually chasing down the anointing and were all having dreams/visions, meditation,soaking,harp and bowl worship.even gold dust and feathers. I  was so knee deep that i took off down to Florida for the great outpouring but was shocked to see some of the manifestations that i thought were un-biblical and that is where i began to become like a Berean. I  had a lot of baggage still from before and now my emotions were getting nuttier on top of quite a few of my new friends at church were coming under serious mind and physical torment. Suicidal thoughts and illness….even comatose unless u were higher up. I came home so disturbed and sickly, It made me start questioning why why why if i am  a super duper warrior for JESUS is this happening. I started reading my bible non-stop and one night fell asleep only to be woke up by THE HOLY SPIRIT telling me to repent of elitism. It literally shook me to the core and then by way of internet GOD took me on a word search and connected all the dots to all the false teachers and doctrines of demons I HAD BEEN UNDER. It was terrifying and then my younger sister and her husband began to become exhausted when GOD revealed to them that this was against GOD during a guest singer performance who was banging on the piano shouting new age PORTALS opening up over this church and that was the straw that broke the camels back for them. It has taken almost 3 years of the word for me to get free and still battle word of faith/prosperity/ and tickle my ears prophetic/indoctrination as well but the rhetoric of Joels  ARMY is still a stench in my nostrils. Me and my little sister have tried to confront my other sister/bro-in-law pastor in love but have been ridiculed w the Jezebel/Religious spirit or completely ostracized by others and it has caused a rift in our family that is growing deeper. IT GRIEVES ME and I pray for strength and try to warn as many people I can because these LATTER RAIN teachings have invaded all of Christianity especially the Charismania/Pentecostal sects.WE DID NOT TEST THE SPIRITS.or HERE HE IS THERE HE IS…AND ALL THESE REVIVALISTS ARE PAGANS mostly, even some lying on top of graves for mantles. And the new breed teachers are either militant or are charlatans. Thank You for this article and I plan on trying to figure out a way to stand against these spots and blemishes…as i am no longer afraid of DO NOT TOUCH GODS ANOINTED or IF U COME NEAR U WILL DIE garbage and I THANK GOD HE LET ME COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM… my heart breaks and I PRAY that the KING OF KINGS will bring them out of the delusion.. the one that is deceiving the very elect…the GREAT FALLING AWAY ….from the word of GOD to story time and bragging…with all false signs and wonders of the Antichrist kingdom being ushered in. I finally have PEACE and will be watching for JESUS to return in the clouds and sincerely hope i will be considered worthy to stand before him and his wondrous kingdom someday. GOD BLESS YOU for sounding the alarm and may his GRACE abound.

  14. mema Says:

    My own local community baptist church has began a long slide into heresy and unbiblical actions by listening to a very mixed up NAR/wordfaith/demon-behind-every-corner-only she can dominate?…..pastrix who has dominated the elders and even the current new pastor into this false teaching. 


    As another motivating reason this NAR heresy is being pushed.


    In order to command attention. The last post was right. It is all about “secrets” and potential to have some revelation/attention come your way. As the pastors are promising.

    The church now has people salting properties and marching in squares around fences murmuring special words to CLAIM AGAINST DARK POWERS???….all this in front of non-christian neighbors!

    People have left by the hundreds;  meanwhile hundreds more are being conned on in. By being promised NEW EXPERIENCES…becoming special warrior status they never has had old regular born again christian’s, and being taught they are the only resource for battering down the nearby demons in the area ect. ect. ect. Sadly the lies are growing every day.

    I mean how can people sell books and NAR/demon domination costly studies unless they get more converts? The new head pastor has opened a PASTORS conference selling NAR/charismatic chaos/ecumenical error/razzle dazzle agenda as his  money maker.

    The false teachers, authors of error,  and quasi-sooth saying new age speakers have flocked in and are delighted to attend..and then even more pastors are taking this back to innocent congregations and infesting a new group into more error. Bible teaching? OUT!

    The con grows and goes on…. ~ sigh

  15. mema Says:

    I forgot to add that all new ways to PRAY! Have become even more important to focus on by the church leadership and this really hooks the innocent into following the unbiblical lies. They are told their old prayers were a WASTE!

    That the new prayer formulas, (made up/added to daily)…. propose this will now get them direct access to being able to order the Holy Spirit around. That the new prayers will gain you even further access to these new messages from JESUS himself? Is what today’s church should really be seeking! In fact the teachings of special access to the Holy Spirit and Jesus dominate most of the church actions these days. This of course sells books. You gotta get the SECRET!

    The very pathetic aspect of all this, is that people do not stop to think of the many past Bible preaching pastors and their congregations that seemed to just preach The Bible and then pray a simple prayer. And grew the Gospel Message and never knew that their whole past ministry would be DISMISSED AS LESS THAN… that the all new contemplative/gnostic /charismatic-chaos made up new age pray programs being taught today as way, way MOBETTA is really what the whole world need now!

    If you are not seeking these various false visions,dreams, or babbling away in a trance, agreeing with all this false teaching? You are then taught anyone questioning these false doctrines are now “hindering” the pastors. And very unwanted. This adds to the false pastors status as they preach PEOPLE ARE CRITICIZING ME THERE IS THE PROOF I AM SUPER SPIRITUAL STATUS….

    The Bereans would of course pointed out this is all just a mixed up mcmessage and totally false. And  that these pastors & pastrix are leading the congregation into new age error.

  16. Kadri Liisa Says:

    Hi Holly, Thanx for your analyze of NAR movement.  it is really interesting to read what outsiders of NAR movement are thinking of it what is for me biblical truth almost five years.

    I started webcast  NAR movement church live services in 2009 because God said to me to start to listen church services where is  following biblical model of the Church described in Eph 4:11-16 & Eph 2:20 when I was in critical point in my prophetic growth.
    I am still following them and enough sort of several things had began repeating themselves in their teachings, i know that it is only true biblical way to live my christian life. I have been in other christian movements and honestly  I do not want to go back man-made church tradition what had not helped me so much as it had happened while being member in NAR movement church.
    Anyway all NAR churches are not so wrong as you tried to describe.

  17. kadri liisa Says:

    And i wanted to add that i agree with all of those points represented here. And maybe it is also this that christians want to live biblically properly aligned life in their spiritual life according to those revelations they had gotten from word of God.
    And i think enough it came becoming very ego lifting all those things when i recall what those intercessiors do in gzi services. But it is not tickling someone’s ego when he or she gets about his or her personal calling in christ and starts to fulfill it better as prophetic ie inspired by God artist,intercessor,writer,dream intepreter, secular worker etc.

  18. Don Kirk Says:

    In Redding, CA, unofficial NAR leader Bill Johnson has Bethel Church and it’s School of Supernatural Healing Ministry.  Most people do not realize the fact that NAR churches have a goal of taking over their cities and Bringing Heaven To Earth (or they think they will).  We have a group in Redding, that I am somewhat one of the leaders of, with a Facebook Page “Citizens Concerned About Bethel Church”.  NAR is a worldwide movement; and needs to be stopped from taking over.  Their goal is a “One World Church”; and they claim that regardless of belief’s, that we all pray to the same god.  I personally pray to God.  We feel that with so many NAR Mega-Churches out there, we need to form an international fight group to stop NAR expansion.  A couple of us have already received threats; and as we expand, we will be getting not just threats, but probably attempts on us.  A private international FB group page to fight NAR movements will be formed by morning; and we hope that people from all over jon in the fight with us.  A nonprofit also is being set-up to raise funds as Bethel last Nov got one of it’s members elected to the Redding, CA City Council; and we expect with 3 seats up for re-election in 2018, they will try to get 2 more (that would give them 3 of 5 seats on the council).  Please come join with us.  The international group I’ll be starting tonight will be called “Citizens Against NAR”.  Thank you.  Please feel free to join the group.

  19. mike Says:

    They equate feelings and seeing supernatural things with knowing God. They think that if they are seeing things that that is proof they are born again believers and therefore if others are not then they are not saved. They want to ascend to higher levels of Christianity. They do not hold the world of God as authoritative. They listen to men they think are “of God” and take their teachings and opinions as new revelation and hold that up higher than the word of God. These are the reasons I’ve seen. It is a supernatural blindness that happens to anyone that prefers man’s opinions and lies over the truth. I’ve seen so much confusion in people I know over these things in just the last couple years.

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