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Deception-Proof Yourself: Buy a Good Study Bible

We are all susceptible to spiritual deception. But there are steps you can take to guard yourself against deception.

One important step you can take is to make sure you are reading Scripture in its correct context. A good tool to help you get the context is a study Bible.

Of course, the commentators’ notes are not inspired. But a good study Bible will help explain the historical and cultural context behind the books of the Bible. And knowing the context is a key to the proper interpretation and application of Scripture.

The study Bible I use is the ESV Study Bible, published by Crossway Bibles. I highly recommend it. The contributors are top-notch, biblical scholars. While I don’t agree with everything they say, I find their knowledge very helpful for my own understanding of Scripture.

One of my favorite features of the ESV Study Bible is the extensive introductions to each book. I also enjoy the focus on the “themes in the history of salvation”–which show how each book fits into God’s overarching plan to unite all things under Christ and how Christ’s work on the cross is the climax of history.

The ESV Study Bible also includes very helpful articles such as “Interpreting the Bible,” “Reading the Bible for Personal Application,” and “The Bible and Religious Cults.”

Consider buying this Bible for yourself or for someone else–maybe for an Easter gift.

And if you do buy it, let me know what you think!

FYI: I am not getting paid for endorsing this Bible. But if you do buy it using the above link to Amazon, I will get a small percentage of the sale, which will help support this ministry.

— By Holly Pivec


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2 Responses to “Deception-Proof Yourself: Buy a Good Study Bible”

  1. M. K. Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. And Amazon’s Kindle means I’ve been able to download serious tonnage of good books for less $ and space on the bookshelves.

    I struggled a great deal with my health over the last few years, and having a kindle or other e reader means that if you are too weak or sore to hold a heavy book, it’s all there for you in a light little kindle.

    One of the things I’ve adored is The MacArthur Daily Bible which clicks me right into a daily bible reading that gives me a bit of the OT, NT, Psalms and Proverbs each day. It takes you thru the Bible in a year, but no flipping back and forth to find your place, just click, read and click. I don’t advise that as the primary Bible, but it’s a wonderful second Bible if you want to get thru the whole Bible in a year.

    J Vernon McGee’s 5 volume set of commentaries on each book of the Bible is a marvelous resource. It’s called Thru the Bible Commentary and it’s a lovely set of books. He had the comment that you should keep the cookies on the bottom shelf, meaning that if it’s simple and easy to read even children can grasp the good stuff. I used to use it when teaching the ladies Bible Study at our current church.

    For anyone struggling after leaving an abusive church, or one with bad doctrine, the best antidote is the Bible, pure and simple.

    I also found dipping into safe commentaries like the MacGee set, or books written by conservative older Christians that have been tested by time such as Lewis Sperry Chafer, Dave Hunt, John Walvoord, Dwight Pentecost,  or some more modern authors like John MacArthur, Josh McDowell, James Jacob Prasch, Ray Yungen, Warren B Smith or Zola Levitt, are a good antidote to much of the strange teaching that goes on in Latter Rain, Word of Faith, River anointing, or NAR influenced churches.

  2. J Says:

    Is this CEV is good translation in your opinion? I want to get to the ESV but I looked it up and found that the CEV is a newer version, though I am not sure if it newer version of the ESV.

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