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How to Be More Discerning

Even if you don't have a special gift for discernment, you can learn how to be more discerning. Indeed, you must--if you don't want to be easy prey for false teachers.
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Brain Stopper No. 4: ‘God Won’t Let You Be Deceived’

Do you think God won’t allow you to be deceived? Think again.

Brain Stopper No. 3: ‘What False Prophets?’

Many of the prophets in the NAR movement are actually telling their followers that they don’t need to worry about false prophets.

Satan’s ‘Nigerian’ E-mail Scam

Maybe you are too smart to fall for an e-mail scam. But you should know that Satan is running his own, much subtler, version of the same scam.

The Bible Says It, I Believe It…But That Doesn’t Settle It

Have you ever heard someone say, “The Bible says it. I believe it. That settles it!”?

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