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How to Do God’s Work and Get Filthy Rich

money_bags“It’s Your Time for Wealth.”

Those enticing words are featured in an advertisement for the “Transference of Wealth 2010 Conference,” to be held in Oklahoma City, Okla., on Sept. 9-12. See the ad here.

The conference promises to teach attendees how to “position” themselves to receive billions of dollars that God is, supposedly, transferring from Satan’s kingdom to God’s kingdom. The purpose for the transfer is to fund the building of God’s kingdom on earth, under the direction of so-called apostles and prophets — including those featured at the conference.

“Kingdom Wealth is vital to establishing God’s covenant!” the ad declares. Yet, God certainly doesn’t mind if the followers of these so-called apostles and prophets benefit personally from the transfer and enlarge their own bank accounts.

People are urged to send in their $50 registration fee so they can “Receive the spoils of war!”

With such pocket-lining promises, it’s no wonder the “transference of wealth” teaching has gained a large following in the apostolic-prophetic movement. I wrote an article showing how the entire teaching is based on just a few Scripture verses that are misquoted and ripped out of context. It must have hit a sore spot because it’s the most viewed article on my blog. See it here.

Unfortunately, the teaching is still going strong — as evidenced by the upcoming conference in Oklahoma. The advertisement misuses yet another Bible verse to support its agenda, Genesis 2:10:

A river watering the garden flowed from Eden; from there it was separated into four headwaters.

In context, this verse is referring to an actual river and streams that flowed from the Garden of Eden. But the author of the advertisement applies it to the conference’s teaching on wealth, saying:

The Lord showed me that in 2010, He would release several different income streams, and that it would be likened unto Genesis 2:10.

It should go without saying that one cannot take a Bible verse, like this one, and make it refer to anything he wants it to — like “income streams.” Unfortunately, the practice of “spiritualizing” Bible verses — that is, giving a meaning to them other than their plain meaning — is a common and misleading practice in the apostolic-prophetic movement.

Featured speakers at the conference include Pat Francis (Kingdom Covenant Ministries in Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Hank Kunneman (Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska), Lidia Zapico (Jesus Vive Hoy), Judy Jacobs (host of the television program, “Judy Jacobs Now!“), Rabbi Curt Landry (House of David Ministries in Grove, Oklahoma), John Benefiel (Oklahoma Apostolic Prayer Network), Bishop Tony Miller (Destiny World Outreach in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) and Trent Cory (singer and songwriter).

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16 Responses to “How to Do God’s Work and Get Filthy Rich”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    They wouldn’t continue this deception if  it wasn’t “working” for them.  They are like those at the top of the pyramid scheme who benefit from all those who want in on the financial promises.  The only “kingdom” that’s being funded and built is theirs not God’s.  And imho the way they are using the Word of God to further that kingdom borders blasphemy.

    “…..where their treasure is, that’s where their heart is as well….”

  2. Mary Ann Says:

    Those sponsoring this event must be whats called a “Workplace Apostle” as money seems to be the focus for that type:

    Special Characteristics of Workplace Apostles


    A major criterion for respect in the workplace is access to resources, particularly financial resources. Money commands respect, builds credibility, and confers authority more in the workplace than it might in the nuclear church. Money, however, is never the focus; it is regarded only as a necessary tool. Workplace apostles who are financially independent have an advantage over those who are dependent on others for their income. ”


  3. Barbara Chalker Brown Says:

    Unfortunately there appears to be a growth in this sort of message.
    The Lord will provide the finances for whatever He has you to do, not to make you wealthy so that you need Him less.
    What is faith if not a complete trust in Him for ALL things.
    Their are millions of God’s people living in dire poverty-if everyone of God’s children be wealthy what about these poor ones.
    But they are wealthy indeed in all that matters God and their love of Him.
    Please do not become as the world, remember The Lord is your total supply.
    Stay in His presence to see the path ahead, His total care and love for you.

  4. RUKEAL Says:

    Sounds a bit like the Nigerian scam: Send $8000 to relaese my uncle’s millions and we’ll give you a cut of the total!! Yeah right

  5. JessIAm Says:

    1 Tim 6:6 But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment.

    I’m grateful God showed me that spiritual riches equate  contentment with His will and provision.  To misquote a popular song:

    “It isn’t getting God to give you what you want.  It’s wanting what God gives you.”

  6. Angelis Says:

    Charles Manson used the bible to persuade his followers as well.

  7. Doug Geivett Says:

    It’s great and totally appropriate that you’ve included the names of scheduled speakers for this event. People need to know specifically who to watch out for.

  8. Hogan Says:

    Who do you fault here? Wolf or the blind sheep?

  9. Mangum Says:

    Love is the key.

  10. Mangum Says:

    Thank you for openning my eyes to the fact that I have been very unbiblical.  God has commanded us, Christians, in the NT to seek spiritual things and in partular the gift of prohecy, which is the manifistation of God in the person of the Holy Spirit.

  11. Garen Plunk Says:

    While I cannot speak for many of those who are “ministering” at this conference, I have met and seen Rabbi Curt Landry (who is listed here) many times.  He is personal friends of our church and my pastor.  I know where HIS money goes and I have no issues of sowing into his  ministry because of who he helps and what he spends it on.  His money does not fund a greedy lifestyle but rather those in need in Israel and elsewhere.

  12. Riley Says:

    I recently for the first time listened to some Hank Kunemann’s prophecies.  His life story was compelling…needing a real father, finding God, etc., experiencing deliverance from harm, all good.
    Then the flashiness of the numerous commercial breaks for his products hit me….if he indeed carries the prophetic gift and anointing, they are not to be merchandised for sale.  Also, a prophecy is to be confirmed by two or three witnessnes, not so with this guy.  A man’s heart and intentions are known only to God.  It is the outward methods we are to judge.

  13. J Says:

    Is this same kind of conference like those of the apolistic-prophetic movement?


  14. Holly Says:


    Yes, the conference you linked to is part of the apostolic-prophetic movement a.k.a. New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). The prophet Bill Hamon, who founded Christian International Ministries, is a major leader in the NAR.

  15. Dennis Says:

    Curt Landry just conned  5 family’s to leave our church wih our pastor all these people have money I do believe in giving we need plant seed into our church 10% if you can and I do believe God meets our need according to his reaches and glory not by mans scams God help him  

    PS after they left that day we got all and more famly

  16. David Brown Says:

    Many who have responded here do not have an understanding of what God has said in His word. God does not have a problem with money…his roads are made of gold, not paved. His throne is composed of precious stones. Read what the priests were to wear. Read how wealthy Abraham was. King David gave what today would be $2 billion of his own money toward the temple. Jesus traveled with 12 men and multitudes and needed a treasurer to carry the funds for that. Most Christians SHOULDN’T be wealthy because they are too carnal and don’t even tithe, which is not optional and not theirs, according to scripture. Before you go cursing ministries like Curt Landry’s which supports 400 Holocaust survivors in Israel and 12,000 orphans in Israel. You think that doesn’t cost? Jesus said it was the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy. However, in many churches, his work is done by those claiming to be Christians.

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