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‘Crazy’ Does Not Equal ‘Prophet’


Kim Clement

Is being crazy the mark of a true prophet?

That’s what Kim Clement — one of today’s so-called prophets — would have you think. When he and his fellow “prophets” come under fire for their bizarre prophecies, they defend themselves by saying that the Bible prophets were also viewed as crazy.

In his book Call Me Crazy But I’m Hearing God, Clement says:

You may call me crazy, my own family and friends may call me crazy, and I may even call myself crazy at times. … It’s all crazy; hearing from God has been crazy for thousands of years.

Those ‘Crazy’ Bible Prophets

He’s got a point: the Old Testament prophets did some unusual things. Just look at Ezekiel. Lying on one’s side for 390 days, as he did, is definitely odd. And don’t forget Isaiah who prophesied naked.

That’s weird.

But just because the Bible prophets did some crazy things doesn’t mean that all crazy people are prophets. Said another way: All apples are fruits, but not all fruits are apples.

Yet — taking inspiration from the strange behaviors of these Bible prophets — Clement wears his wackiness as a badge of honor. In his book, he says that many people who are honored today were once viewed as “off their rocker” because they attempted seemingly impossible feats — people like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Joan of Arc. He, apparently, includes himself among this distinguished crowd of “crazy” people.

But now let’s think about a different type of “crazies” — people who are are truly off kilter — like Octomom, the late Wacko Jacko, and the parents of the “Balloon Boy.” These people are crazy, too.

So, what’s the difference between prophets who do crazy things and run-of-the-mill crazy people?

The difference is in their message. Throughout the Bible, we see real prophets making predictions that are specific, come true and are consistent with other Scripture. Run-of-the-mill crazy people who pose as prophets, on the other hand, give prophecies that are vague, don’t come true and contradict Scripture. Let’s look at a few examples of truly crazy prophecies from Clement.

The ‘Big E’

An example of a vague prediction is his well-known “Big E” prophecy. For a number of years, Clement has prophesied that a new form of energy is about to be discovered, which he calls the “Big E.” He claims it will end America’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Back on May 22, 2005, he told a church in Whittier, California:

“But He [God] tells me there’s something other than petroleum or gas or whatever you call it, oil, that’s coming forth that’s going to be used. ‘Invest in it for it will bring some of you millions of dollars within a 14 month period’ says the Lord. It begins with an ‘e'” … (Read the full prophecy here.)

This prophecy is so nebulous that the “Big E” could refer to almost anything and everything that starts with the letter E. Indeed, his followers have interpreted it numerous different ways, as you can see from a discussion of his prophecy here. The kicker is that some of them — based solely on Clement’s vague prophecy — have invested money into companies that are experimenting with new energy forms that start with the letter E.

Five years have passed since that “Big E” prophecy was given and his followers are still waiting for the new energy to materialize. Earlier this month, Clement gave another prophecy about it. See it here.

Bin Laden, Aborted Babies and Other Bizarre Prophecies

An example of an inaccurate prediction is Clement’s infamous prophecy about Osama Bin Laden. In short, he prophesied that Bin Laden would be captured within a specific number of days. Yet, when it didn’t happen by that date, he offered a series of ridiculous explanations to hide his mistake. To learn more about his attempted cover up, check out the link here.

An example of a prophecy that contradicts Scripture was given on the same night as his “Big E” prophecy in Whittier, California. Clement claimed God told him that babies who had been aborted would get a second chance at life — they would be reborn in the wombs of other women. See it here. Yet the Bible teaches that it is appointed for people to die just once (Hebrews 9:27).

The bottom line: crazy does not necessarily equal prophet. Sometimes it just equals crazy.

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9 Responses to “‘Crazy’ Does Not Equal ‘Prophet’”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    Oh my….do believers really follow this man and his “riddles?”  No wonder he has to offer a CD entitled “How to Understand Prophetic Riddles.”  How shameful….

  2. Simon Says:

    We can call this guy crazy all we want, but its our prayer which moves God’s hand. So lets acknowledge that his teaching is, from what I can see, dangerously wrong in some areas, start praying the apostolic prayers that he would have the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know Jesus in all fullness, but lets not start cracking wink-wink jokes between all of us ‘honorable christians’ who have flawless character and perfect expression of the gifts God has given us. If the guy is off course, fast and pray him back on course, and if he is not a part of the sphere of influence that God has given you, then lets leave our comments to those who do have that responsibility.

    In the bible, it was the apostolic leadership that confronted apostolic leadership, not just anyone who had an opinion to voice who could post on the internet. God still raises us leaders to guide the church, and it is their responsibility to challenge other leaders who are leading the flock astray. My gift is teaching, I can teach about why some of his teachings are not biblical, but it is not my place to challenge his ministry. I trust that God will take care of that, either through the appropriate person, or by his own direct intervention. God doesn’t always act when I wish he would, but it’s his glory. He says when.

  3. Lafe Says:

    Simon:  You are in error.  Any born again believer can learn the Word of God and confront error and evil at any time and at any place. God allows Davids to confront Goliaths all the time.
    You do not need God’s permission to vouch for His Word. There are no “levels” of Christians who can only speak to certain errors and others can only speak to other errors.
    You will not find that concept anywhere in the N.T. church. Your gift of teaching is not limited to
    simply passing on correct orthodox doctrine. It includes correction.
    The admonition in Timothy regarding how the Word of God is used speaks of correction…it does not give subsets as to who can do that correction.
    If you spot error, you do not need to seek out someone else to go in your place…you go.
    Yes, it is your place to challenge ministry that is in error.
    That is akin to stating I am a janitorial worker in a grocery store and I only do cleanups in aisle 5 and not in aisle 3.

  4. Lafe Says:

    People: When you review the utter nonsense of Kim Clement, no one should consider him other than a false prophet. Kim Clement has been wrong so many times, it is laughable. Why would anyone remotely listen to his gibberish is beyond reason. The prophets of the O.T. were not considered crazy.
    God sent his word in understandable ways and means and not to be discounted as being the product of a “crazy” person.
    This craziness spiel of Kim Clement is his way of trying to justify his nonsense. Kim enjoys his
    nonsense since he apparently refuses to submit to Godly counsel regarding his ranting and ravings about matters that do not come to pass. According to the Word of God, that makes Kim
    a false prophet and as such he should not be given an audience. DO NOT BE THAT AUDIENCE FOR HIM. RUN FROM HIM.

  5. Paul Says:

    Clement is crazy, alright – crazy like a fox ! His operation is nothing more than a money making machine, like all word of faith heresy frauds.
    It’s amazing to me that anyone would send money to a self proclaimed ” Prophet “, who couldn’t even predict that the sun will rise in the east, accurately.

  6. deepsquatter Says:

    Typos corrected:
    If the Elijah was here,  Kim Clement and those adulteresses of the spirit of Jezebel would probably be  finding themselves at the business endof a sword.

    See a real prophet  truly commissioned would come and take out the trash!!

    Jesus akaYeshua is NOT Kim Clement’s and likewise  friend and buddy who can be easily persuaded.
     He is the WORD OF GOD.
    He is  The King of Kings and Lord of Lords of Revelations 19,
     and he ain’t playing games!!
     I fear for any false  prophet as they will be  ’put on a bed of suffering” as stated buy their buddy’ Jesus stated, and HE “will fight againist them with sword which comes out of HIS mouth”.
    I am not sure what Bible those bozos are reading  BUT being a prophet is NOT something to wished for. Most of the real prophet’s didn’t understand, like or struggled with their job.
    Sometimes they were told and did crazy things but that is the exception not the rule.

    A tree is known by its fruit 

    A prophet (OT style) is a life of being misunderstood, rejected ,isolated and alone NOT a life of  books,tapes and conferences.

    Our LORD was a man of suffering and acquainted with grief. 

    No servant is greater than his Master.
    Jesus did not have a website ora  parchment flier.
    He didn’t even charge a conference fee.

    HE did say He will the bring a sword and will bring fire as He returns…

  7. Doug Says:

    On TBN years ago Clement got on with some of the Crouch family, I think it was a Behind the Scenes or something show.   Regardless, they were standing around and talking.  Clement himself bluntly admitted, on camera, that he has had prophecies not come true. But then went on making stuff up to explain why that doesn’t matter.  I basically stopped listening after that but I believe the Crouch family kept defending him.  The Bible says that accuracy does matter, one has to be accurate 100% of the time to be a prophet of God.

    This should have been the end of Clement on TBN if they would follow what the Bible says. 

  8. Stacey Says:

    Anytime there is a plea for money related to any so called prophetic word- it should serve as a giant red flag to all. What does a new source of energy have to do with our spiritual walk with the Lord? Absolutely nothing! Why anyone gives these people the time of day is beyond me- READ the Bible, LIVE the word of God daily and you will  not be deceived-study and  know the truth for yourself so you can discern what is false. Don’t follow men- follow Jesus!

  9. Brian Adamz Says:

    But just because the Bible prophets did some crazy things doesn’t mean that all crazy people are prophets. Said another way: All apples are fruits, but not all fruits are apples.

    This commment you made in the beggining of your writing has me concerned. he never said all crazies are Prophets. he simply stated that in thew world – if you say you hear God – you are considered CRAZY.

    Believe me when I mentioned in my work place that god once spoke to me…. whoa… i was and am considered crazy.

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