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Brain Stopper No. 2: ‘Human Logic’ is Bad


Is being logical unspiritual? That’s what modern “apostles” and “prophets” want you to think.

In fact, it’s not just unspiritual — it’s a sin to be repented of, according to Paul Cox, founder of Aslan’s Place in Hesperia, Calif. His suggested prayer urges Christians to repent of “all intellectualism, ungodly reasoning, logic and humanism.”

Huh? When did logic become an evil comparable to “ungodly reasoning” and “humanism”?

I want to show that logic isn’t bad — it’s a gift from God, and it protects us from harmful beliefs.

Human Logic vs. Heavenly Logic

“Apostles” and “prophets,” like Cox, often claim that there are two types of logic: “human logic” and “heavenly logic.” Human logic — they say — is unspiritual, evil, bad. Another example of the “human logic is bad” teaching can be found in “apostle/prophet” Rick Joyner’s prophecy titled Civil War in the Church.

Back in 1996, Joyner prophesied that an end-time battle will be fought in the church between two types of Christians — the “grey coats” and the “blue coats.” The grey coats — who represent the bad guys in Joyner’s prophecy — are Christians who use their “natural minds” and “human wisdom” to evaluate teachings in the church. The grey color of their coats represents “grey matter” — which, Joyner points out, is a slang expression for “the brain.”

But the blue coats — the good guys — don’t rely on their brains to evaluate teachings. They’re “heavenly minded” and “follow the Holy Spirit,” according to Joyner.

See other recent examples of the “human logic is bad” teaching by Kathi Pelton and John Mark Pool.

The problem with their statements is that the Bible doesn’t teach that there are two types of logic, and it doesn’t teach that human logic is bad. Let’s look at two Bible verses that have been misused by “apostles” and “prophets” to support these teachings.

1 Corinthians 1:21 and 3:19

In his first letter to the Corinthian church, the Apostle Paul says that the “wisdom of this world” is foolishness to God (1 Corinthians 3:19), and that God’s plan of salvation seems like “foolishness” to humankind (1 Corinthians 1:21).

So, the Apostle Paul believed that “human logic”  is bad, right?

Wrong. Confusion occurs because so-called prophets like Joyner teach that “worldly wisdom” and “human logic” are the same thing. They’re not. They’re very different.

When Paul talked about worldly wisdom, he was talking about the things that are valued by people who are separated from God — things like power, fame and money.  These things are the opposite of the things God values. That’s why Paul says that God’s plan of salvation — through a crucified Christ — appears like “foolishness” to worldly people.

Paul’s description of “worldly” wisdom matches James’ description of “earthly” wisdom in James chapter 3 — it’s jealous, covetous and self-seeking (James 3:3-18).

So, it’s selfish ambition that Paul and James are bashing — not “human logic,” as Joyner asserts.

Human Logic

Logic is the science of correct thinking. We use it to determine if our beliefs are sound or not. We use it everyday.

Not sure of this? Let me show you.

One of the rules of logic is called the “law of non-contradiction.” This rule may sound complicated, but bear with me.  In simple terms, it means that if two things contradict each other, then they can’t both be true. For example, a moving car can’t be both in the street and not in the street at the same time. It’s either in the street or not in the street.

We use the law of non-contradiction when we decide if it’s safe to cross the street. We use other laws of logic, too — whether we know their names or not. And we have places for people who don’t use them — they’re called mental hospitals.

That’s because the opposite of being logical is being illogical. And being illogical isn’t being spiritual — no matter what teachers like Joyner or Cox want us to think.

Logic Glorifies God

God made our minds, and it glorifies Him when we use them. We were created in His image and that includes our ability to reason.

In fact, Jesus, Himself, is called “the Logic” in Scripture. Where? In John 1:1 — where He’s called “the Word.” The Greek word for “Word” is logos — which is where we get our English word for “logic.”

In other words, Jesus is the Supreme Rational Being who governs all things. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that the Greatest Commandment includes an admonition for us to love God with all of our minds (Matthew 22:36-38).

Likewise, the original apostles never discouraged people from using their minds. In fact, they had harsh words for false teachers who didn’t base their teachings on sound beliefs, but instead promoted a secret knowledge — or  “heavenly” knowledge, as Joyner would prefer to call it. Peter called these false teachers “unreasoning animals” (2 Peter 2:12).

So by not using their God-given abilities to reason — through applying the rules of logic — these false teachers are being unspiritual.

Why would they go to so much trouble to urge people to shut off their brains? So their followers won’t scrutinize the teachings of these so-called prophets and apostles. If they did, they’d detect the error.

Think about it.

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13 Responses to “Brain Stopper No. 2: ‘Human Logic’ is Bad”

  1. Corwin Says:

    Holly I absolutely LOVE this article. I’ve been struggling personally with this for some time now! I want to base my beliefs on “sound” teaching by the grace God has given me to understand! But I want you to address (maybe in a followup?) about how the only way to understand God’s Word is through seeking HIS wisdom through the Holy Spirit who Christ has placed in our hearts!

    For instance, what if my beliefs, what I truly think about God’s truth, is FALSE? What if I have a false chain of ideas in my mind. They may be logical, but equally WRONG! For instance it is logical to think: “I had this terrible experience. God allows all things in His sovereignty. God must be upset with me.”

    These beliefs (taken by themselves) are logically sound, but not TRUTH. The Word refutes these things. So our logic is only useful when we use it IN CONCERT with the Holy Spirit and with the Truth of God’s Word being revealed to our hearts!

    In this way we must take every THOUGHT captive to Christ! Not take Christ captive to our thoughts!!! Especially when our beliefs are so wrong!

    What do you think??

  2. JessIAm Says:

    Holly, thanks for this article.  I’ve often wondered why people who live by logic every day think that logic is wrong.  When a prudent driver stops at a stop sign or a red light, there’s a thought process behind it: “If I don’t stop, a car might hit me.”  That’s just reasoning.
    I agree with you and Corwin, that human reasoning is limited, but God centered reasoning is quite Biblical.  The Psalms include many references to Meditating on God’s Law.  What is meditation but reasoning?
    God gave Adam and Eve logical, reasoning minds.  Logic and reasoning are the foundation of language, and Adam and Eve could talk.  Of course, I’m using a logical argument to infer Adam and Eve were logical 😉
    For me, it comes down to this question: does my reasoning help me trust and submit to God, or not?  If not, then it’s “worldly”.

  3. Vince Says:

    The only way they can get away with their twisted scripture is to get people to stop thinking! How else could a person go to the Elijah List and give them the time of day after seeing their sale of such items as THIRD HEAVEN VISION OIL!!! If that is not a lack of logic I dont know what is!

  4. A_Disciple Says:

    One can be intelligent, or quite stupid, but carnal thinking, the thinking of the natural mind, is not a quality of intellect, it is the orientation of the mind. The mind set on the flesh is death, the mind set on the Spirit, which is revealing Christ, takes every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and by faith personally rests in and trusts in that revelation. Both the wise and simple are both to guard, that lest as the serpent deceived Eve, their minds should be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.

  5. Robin Says:

    Back when I was a young Bible College student, one of those vague “no-no’s” was to be an intellectual.   I guess it was somehow the same as being a liberal, commie skeptic.

    Anyway, what was EVEN worse, was being a woman AND an intellectual.

    Cheers gal,


  6. Stacey Says:

    My husband was vilified by the other leadership in our former church because of his intelligence and logical way of approaching things. He was accused of sin and removed from his ministry by men in leadership who cannot distinguish the difference between Godly wisdom and worldly wisdom. I completely agree with you, and would add that there is a reason they cannot discern the difference, I think it stems from spiritual immaturity for some and for others- that they do not really have a relationship with Jesus Christ in the first place.


  7. Bob Evans Says:

    The only consistent way to prove out God’s Word as non-contradictory and true is to read it in accordance with the normative rules of language, context and logic. There is no other means by which the bible proves itself out as reliable. There are numerous references to using ones mind to determine the valdity of ones faith. If ones mind was supposed to be set aside for some etheral / heavenly message; then these passages are flawed. The key test to those who espouse the idea of not using the mind logically to determine what God’s Word is saying is their own inconsistency and demand that you never question their point of view.

  8. Kandi Says:

    Holly, you are speaking the truth and explaining this beautifully!  In the course of researching this subjct myself, I had the opportunity to meet Paul Cox and Steve Schultz from the Elijah List in person and have witnessed them both teaching and ministering.  I can confirm that their thinking was seriously convoluted and illogical.  The only way that people could accept what was happening in these meetings was to turn off their minds.  So very sad!  The delusion they are under is demonically inspired and opens the door wide to demonic spiritual activity in their meetings.  If I had not seen this for myself, I would have trouble believing that this sort of thing was being passed off as Christianity.  Please continue the work you are doing.  It is vital to the body of Christ.

  9. Tom Clark Says:

    Holly,  thanks for your excellent work in apologetics.   I have studied Apologetics for a long time.   I am absolutely convinced that God wants use to love him with our mind as well as our affections.    Anyone who suggests that we should just emote instead of think is a serious hinderance to the work of God.   One of my choice Christian Philosphers was Gordon H. Clark along with many who he taught.
    Thanks also for your continuation of your father work on http://www.Fulfilledprophecy.com
    In the last 20 or more years it seems like there has been a great dearth of prophecy teaching and in particular End-Times prophecy teaching.
    Tom Clark – Phil. 3:14

  10. Kathi Pelton Says:

    Dear Spirit of Error,

    I find it very sad that you search so hard for error in anyone who writes articles for The Elijah List.  First, I would never publish an article about you (using your name) without first contacting you and hearing your heart or having a discussion regarding what you feel the error is.  Second, I believe that you have completely taken my example of “human logic” out of the context of the article.  There are times that our human or earthly understanding conflicts with the truth of the Lord and His Word.  Many times God asks people to do things that do not fit into human logic such as when He asked Peter to walk to Him on the water…I guarantee you that Peter’s mind and logic were saying, “No way, I’ll sink!”  But God called Him to put aside that reasoning and to listen to His voice.  I, in no way, suggested that we are to put aside all human logic.  I merely was saying that sometimes the Holy Spirit asks us to do things or believe things that go against the grain of what earthly wisdom has taught us. 

    I think that maybe you should get to know those people that you call false prophets since I have never called myself a prophet (although I believe that all believers can prophesy).  I just feel that unity and love between the body is very important and would hope that you would honor others by showing enough respect to contact us prior to writing such negative things about me. 

    Kathi Pelton

  11. Kandi Says:

    Hello Kathi,
    I will leave the main point of your letter for the author of this blog to respond to, but I would like to comment upon your assertion that “sometimes the Holy Spirit asks us to do things or believe things that go against the grain of what earthly wisdom has taught us.”  That type of statement needs clarification in light of some of the questionable behavior within the church that is represented as being of the Holy Spirit.  In the example of Peter walking on the water, it is Jesus himself who is encouraging Peter to step out of the boat.  There is a big difference between the Lord himself being physically present and hearing his actual voice speaking, and hearing the “voice of the Spirit” instructing us to do something.  The latter type of hearing requires discernment and wisdom, which are gained first and foremost through knowing the written word of God.  Scripture instructs us to test the spirits lest we fall into deception.
    I believe we would both agree that Scripture teaches that we are to have the mind of Christ and that we should seek the wisdom that is from above rather than earthly wisdom.  Part of the problem is that people have different interpretations of what this means depending upon their church background and exposure to various charismatic teachings.  Sadly, many of these teachings are not founded upon the solid truths of scripture.  Having been exposed to the charismatic church culture and its teachings for many years, I have consistently seen an emphasis placed on what is believed to be the movement of the Holy Spirit over and above the written word of God.  Not all supernatural activity originates with God, and elevating it over the revealed word of God is dangerous and out of order. As a result, many have accepted as legitimate, spiritual activity that does not line up with the true spirit and nature of God as he has revealed himself through his written word and the person of Jesus Christ.  A gross lack of discernment has caused great confusion and has propagated a spirit of error among sincere and unsuspecting believers throughout the body of Christ. 
    For example, a few years ago one person wrote to Elijah List encouraging people to roar like a lion in order to tear down principalities and release the spirit.  An Elijah List speaker claimed that he felt lead to pray for several days over the body of someone who had died to be raised from the dead.  While the flies buzzed about and the dead person remained dead, the speaker nevertheless felt that God was pleased with him for trying.  There are hundreds of other examples like these that demonstrate that many people have been deceived into participating in this type of behavior, behavior that goes against the grain of human logic, because they have been taught that the Holy Spirit wants them to step outside the box in the hope that God will move supernaturally.  This false belief does invite supernatural activity, but it is often not the Holy Spirit who is manifesting. 
    On the other hand, the thing that God does ask us to do that goes against the grain of earthly wisdom is to believe that Christ died for our sins and was raised from the dead, so that whoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life.  As Jesus’ disciples, we are asked to take up our cross daily and follow after him, enduring suffering and persecution so that we may share in both the sufferings and glory of Christ.  Jesus tells us that we will only bear good fruit if we abide in him, and that apart from him we can do nothing.  The simple truths of the gospel are a stumbling block to the world’s way of thinking, but they are logical to those who have the mind of Christ. 
    You are right in saying that unity in the body of Christ is important since Christ himself made unity the focus of his great priestly prayer.  But we are called to be unified around Christ and his teachings, not unified to all who claim to know Christ but who involve themselves with those who propagate false doctrine and spiritual activity that neither originates from Christ nor honors him.  I don’t know if you are personally involved in propagating false teaching and illegitimate spiritual activity, but posting articles to Elijah List appears to put you in the company of those who do.  You seem like a sincere person who loves the Lord.  Please accept this as a loving encouragement from one who was once misguided but sincere – distance yourself from extra-biblical teachings.  Study the scriptures more carefully and expose yourself only to solid biblical teaching.  This is what we all need in order to develop the mind of Christ and the ability to discern between truth and error.  As Christ followers, we are on this journey together.  My prayer is that of Paul, that the Lord may give us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that together we may know him better (Ephesians 1:17).

  12. 8ecky F Says:

    God bless you, Kathi Pelton. Kathi, you have been used by the Lord in a big way to minister to me and I just want to say thank you for being obedient to the Lord’s voice. You are a TRUE prophetess of the Most High. One of your prophetic words I know was written just for me because God has confirmed many things prior to reading your word and then when I read your word it brought me to tears. “Thank you, Lord!”

    I know what you are trying to convey in your message and it is of God. This article against you is not written under the influence of any kind of God-inspired spirit.

  13. Man from Modesto Says:

    The Bible itself tells us it is not open to “private interpretation.” And, “interpretation belongs to God.” Both Joseph and Daniel say that.

    Sometimes, while reading a scripture, the meaning becomes instantly known. This is revelation by the Holy Spirit. It is easy for us to then understand it, and to create a logical explanation. These understandings, combined with experiences, become our teachings and preachings.

    The enemy of God has created his own ways. Among these are humanism, psychology, and the promotion of the sciences over the wisdom of God. These are all grievous errors.


    Though my above comments are correct, I do not support Rick Joyner (a true wolf, a traitor to God) or any of the NAR ilk.

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