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‘Prophets’ claim to have predicted Haiti quake

January 20th, 2010 | 22 Comments | Posted in Elijah List, False Prophecies

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Steve Shultz, the publisher of the Elijah List, sent out an e-mail Tuesday claiming that “prophets” Kim Clement, Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce predicted the recent earthquake in Haiti. See his e-mail here. But did they really predict it?

This is a perfect example of how “prophets” in the apostolic-prophetic movement falsely claim credit for predicting events. Yet, if you look at their actual prophecies, you will see how vague — or inaccurate — they were. Let’s look at them quickly.

Kim Clement’s Prophecy

Kim Clement’s prophecy, given last July, makes a quick reference to Haiti, along with South Africa, New Guinea and China. The only thing he says about Haiti is that “a spirit if unity is being released” in the nation (nothing about an earthquake). He says the same thing about unity coming to South Africa and New Guinea. And regarding China, he says that the “wicked regime” and communism are being defeated there.

I would hardly call Clement’s prophecy a prediction of the earthquake that occurred in Haiti.

Chuck Pierce’s Prophecy

Back in December, Chuck Pierce prophesied about “buckling highways throughout the earth.” Watch a video of it here. His prophecy — about “buckling highways” — predicted the damage that was caused to roadways during the Haiti quake, according to Shultz. Never mind the fact that Pierce’s prophecy didn’t mention either an earthquake or Haiti.

Shultz also claims that Pierce’s prophecy predicted the recent “buckling” of sections of roads in Israel, California and Florida. But his prophecy about “buckling” roads is laughable. There  are always roads that collapse or need repaired. The minor incident that occurred in Israel involved a bus wheel that broke through the pavement. It only merited a small news story that was related to Shultz second hand. A fulfillment of prophecy? Give me a break!

Cindy Jacob’s Prophecy

At the same event where Pierce spoke in December, Cindy Jacobs said there would be earthquakes in regions of the world where they normally don’t occur. She said the media would be shocked because they would happen in places that aren’t situated on top of fault lines.

Well, Jacobs’ prophecy definitely couldn’t have referred to the Haiti quake since two major fault lines run right through the island nation, and it has a history of devastating earthquakes. Read about them here.

When it comes to predicting the Haiti quake, it appears that Shultz’s “prophets” are 0-3.

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22 Responses to “‘Prophets’ claim to have predicted Haiti quake”

  1. Mike Copeland Says:

    I came across your site and commend your efforts. My wife and I have a much different prophetic call which doesn’t concentrate on the giftings but presents the message through simple prophetic songs, video and audio.
    Here is a link to a scripture song video which has a soundbyte from one of the so-called “prophets” you’ve mentioned. My wife Debra caught him predicting there won’t be a Recession and Bush would leave office on a positive note.
    We will adding to our website our specific understanding regarding the end times soon but there is quite a bit there we’d like to invite you to access. God Bless. 

  2. Ron Imbeau Says:

    Holly re: “the earthquakes in places not expected”  This was predicted by David Wilkerson in The Vision (1973 I think)  I believe he did have a vision and I expect this to happen.

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    I would suggest this to all who give ear to any proclaiming “prophet” or “prophetess”.
    Read Hebrews 1:1.    And if you need to, read it over and over until you get it.
    Then, it should be obvious that any credence be given to such people makes His word out to be in error.
    If God saying Christ is the final Prophet isn’t enough, then maybe Christ’s work on the cross wasn’t enough either…hmm?  Where does His errency end?
    Think about it,  prayerfully, not letting one’s opinion get in the way of the truth.

    In Him,

  4. Lafe Says:

    Kim Clement and Patricia King and others of that same ilk, are so misguided and lost that their
    “prophecies” are laughable. These frauds should be given no credence whatsover. Flee these
    wolves who preach another/different gospel. They have made prophecy laughable to the world; and to the Church, they have brought God’s word into question among those persons who do not know how to discern idiocy.
    For the life of me, I can not remotely discern why anyone who has two working brain cells would
    go within 1000 feet of Pat King or Kim Clement (and a host of other charlatans) who repeatedly have shown by the Word of God as the standard/template that they are false prophets.
    What is there to not understand about their hijinks?

  5. p0lymath Says:

    Yea, its called “vaticinium ex eventu,” Lat. for prophecy after the fact. These people are nothing more than todays anabaptist radicals. They despise Gods Word so they have been given up to the error of their own “inner light” by which they are deceived.

  6. Fr. Wade Fahnestock Says:

    Jim, can you help me out a little here, please?
    Where are you reading, “God saying Christ is the final Prophet?”
    I must be overlooking something.

    Thanks and Peace!


  7. Mei Says:

    Fr. Wade,  Jim can answer for himself, but I can venture to say that I think he is referring to Heb 1:2, where it says that God “hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son…”.  This is distinct from the fact that God has in times past spoken to the fathers through prophets (Heb 1:1). 

          One might consider it right to say that Jesus is the final Prophet, because it is Him who – by the Holy Ghost – speaks through genuine saints in general as He wills, and especially those whom He commissions in the Prophet’s office.  Anyone speaking today who utter anything other than what harmonizes accurately with what Jesus declares through the Gospels, and through the Holy Scriptures He inspired to the early prophets and apostles, are speaking in and of themselves, or another god. 

         There is only one Prophet in this season, and His name is Jesus.  Therefore, anyone who claims that Jesus is the author of a particular prophecy had better be absolutely certain that they are not misquoting Him.  And, just as important, those who claim Him to be the author of their utterances, had better not plagiarize, but should rightly give credit and glory to The Son of the Highest. 

  8. A_Disciple Says:

    Before one can be a prophet, one must be able to distinguish between one’s own thoughts and those that are genuinely from God. This only comes when one really understands the word of God. It is the sword of the Spirit, as the Word of God is inspired by the Holy Spirit, that is able to cut between soul and spirit, bone and flesh. Unfortunately many, following the natural carnal approach to harvesting the scriptures for “truths”, while they say the love the Word of God, which is Jesus, just as truth is in Jesus, and the message of salvation through Him, what they really love, what tickles their ears, following the same carnal thinking from the fall in the garden, is the idea of using words as God.

  9. Ruitje Says:

    The Elijahlist always comes up with prophecies after something has happened. That shows that it is not true prophecy. They just want to make people believe they are real prophets, but they are not. And they are only busy promoting themselves. A real prophet will not take credits and will not be promoting himself as a prophet.

  10. Joyce Says:

    Deception/delusion is sent from God to those who have a knowledge of God but do not have a relationship with God. They presume to know what He says, but fail to understand that He really does not need them to get a message to all His children because His Spirit lives in the heart of His true Children and they understand and discern TRUTH because they know the Truth. When a ‘charlatin’ speaks from himself, a TRUE child discerns the lie and prays for the people …..Deceived people follow the man, but the Children of God follow the TRUTH….Jesus!
    A true prophet tells exactly what God is saying WORD for WORD…Charlatins give vague words from their head ……sometimes using God’s true word but adding their own slant to it….just as Satan did to Eve….God said you shall surely die…Satan said, you shall surely  not  die…..   YOU HAVE TO KNOW GOD’S WORD…relationship….

  11. Joyce Says:

    Prophets of God vs prophets of Baal…….one is truth  and one is error…..one is from God by the Holy Spirit ……one is from the mind of man to the ear of man…..one will guide to more truth ……one will take you further from the truth than you want to go….
    God tells it like it really is and Satan adds to or subtracts from to suit his agenda….
    Men who take credit for the prophecy  are always false prophets…..

  12. Margaret Galbraith Says:

    I agree with what everyone has said because Jesus told us “HIS sheep will know HIS voice and they will not follow another”  The wonderful thing is,  seeing so many false teachers nowadays, shows us the LORD HIMSELF can come any time … I am so excited by this and can’t wait to meet HIM.
    It is only by HIS cleansing blood and atonement I can say that1

    Many Blessings


  13. Margaret Galbraith Says:

    PS …. It is great to see their are so many of you, who know the truth :))

  14. Darcy Says:

    Thank you so much for the Hebrews reference!! I am currently researching this movement after finding out someone in my family is getting sucked into it. Thank you for this web-site, I am finding it most helpful!

  15. Jenna Says:

    One thing we Christians need to ask for during these times is God’s discernment of spirit, is it a lie or is it truth.  For me I seek confirmation from God and ask of him discernment in all things, so that I will not be led astray.  We are in end times, now only the Father and the Son know the time, I do not plan to be caught unaware.  Read up on his word and prepare for his return it may be in my lifetime and it may not, but I will be ready.

  16. Margaret Galbraith Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Jenna.

  17. Prophet of Moses Says:

    The atomic bomb was prophetized long before it was created in this timeline.

  18. Brenda Says:

    The New Testament warns that in the end times there would be false prophets and false teachers.  Prophecy is being abused!  It is not to be exploited, it is to be reserved for true encouragement to the body of Christ.  Yes, some will get warning dreams.  Mine are specific, I have dreamed w/ my husband that a huge tsunami will hit the California coast and hit Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Huntington Beach.  Well, I am not saying this is prophetic but it happened before I knew what a Tsunami was or what that kind of devestation would mean.  Anyway, I don’t claim to be a prophet but I have had prophetic dreams come to pass.  I was at a prophetic event and during worship everyone was looking to the ceiling to see if gold dust was coming down and I felt the Holy Spirit impress on me the words very strongly…DON’T SEEK THE SIGNS, SEEK ME!  So I have pulled back from prophetic meetings and just try to stay in the WORD so that I can discern what is true and untrue.  I recommend that everyone do the same! 🙂

  19. Kendra Says:

    So much criticism.  Prophecies often are not fulfilled in a week, years, or decades.  Some of Daniels prophecies are yet to come to pass.  Nonetheless, without knowing for fact a prophet is false — I would keep my mouth shut.  If they were anointed by God, you are criticizing the annointing.   The Holy Spirit.  Unless any of you can answer as Job, “Does rain have a father,”  don’t publish your ignorance.  That President Bush did not leave on a good note — he did.  Do I KNOW Clement’s prophecies are all from the Holy Spirit —  I question, but to call him or other prophets names, claim they’re false when God revealed to you no such thing.  “Touch not God’s anointed.”   Whether or not YOU THINK they are or not, you criticize God’s anointing, you beg for an early grave.

  20. Jennifer Says:

    Wow Kendra– telling other believers they are begging for an early grave. That is wrong sweet girl.  God’s anointed refers to the King’s of Israel or also that preists were anointed.  We only have Jesus as a high preist today.  Blessings.

  21. Jim Waddell Says:

    Jim Smith,

    Hebrews 1.1 does not say Christ is the final prophet. Hebrews 1:2 says God spoke through his Son. But it says nothing of him being the last prophet. If it did, by your understanding, not only would St Paul’s teaching be false, but the entire book of Revelation would be false prophecy!

    Somehow, I think you might be misguided.



  22. Jeff Says:

    These people prophelie! God warned us about these people, they’ve been around for a long time. In Jeremiah God says they prophesy from their vain imaginations.

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