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‘Apostles’ From Well-Known Ministries

I just finished reading C. Peter Wagner’s new book, Apostles Today (Regal Books), and plan to comment on it in upcoming posts. In this book, like Wagner’s past books, he argues that modern “apostles” have an extraordinary amount of authority that Christians must submit to — or else be outside of God’s will.

Though I will address this teaching more in a future post, the reason I mention it now is because I recently saw a discussion board where people were praising the New Apostolic Reformation. Someone had posted a statement from my blog where I said that this movement promotes apostles with unquestioned authority and prophets who give new doctrinal revelation not found in Scripture. Someone responded and said my statement was untrue. Yet, my statement is true, and I will continue to show — from Wagner’s own writings and from other leaders in the movement — what they teach about modern “apostles” and “prophets.”

In this post, I want to briefly point out leaders of some well-known ministries who are members of Wagner’s “International Coalition of Apostles.” Many Christians may be surprised to learn of these leaders’ affiliation with Wagner’s New Apostolic Reformation. Their participation shows the movement’s growing influence in the church. Some notable members include:

Notable ICA Members

• Chris Hayward, president of “Cleansing Stream Ministries,” based in Van Nuys, Calif.
• Jane Hansen, president of “Aglow International,” based in Edmonds, Wash.
• Dick Eastman, international president of “Every Home for Christ,” based in Colorado Springs, Colo.
• Hal H. Sacks, founder and president of “BridgeBuilders International Leadership Network” in Phoenix, Ariz.
• Lee Grady, editor of Charisma magazine, and Stephen Strang, founder of Strang Communications (publisher of seven Christian magazines, including Charisma).

See the full list of members of the International Coalition of Apostles here. [Note: Many of the above names have been removed from the membership list since this article was originally published.]

Cleansing Stream Ministries
Cleansing Stream Ministries has “deliverance ministry teams” in over 2,500 U.S. churches and over 500 churches in other countries. Many of these churches wouldn’t consider themselves part of the New Apostolic Reformation or even know about this movement. Upcoming retreats led by Cleansing Stream are scheduled at many churches, including “New Life Church” in Colorado Springs, Colo. (Ted Haggard’s former church) and “The Church on the Way” in Van Nuys, Calif. (the church Jack Hayford founded). See the full list of Cleansing Stream retreats here. [Note: this link is no longer available.]

One of Cleansing Stream’s books that they use with their teaching materials is written by “prophet” Chuck Pierce, and Cleansing Stream links to Wagner’s Web site from theirs. When one understands that Cleansing Stream president, Chris Hayward, is a member of Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles, the reason for the organization’s promotion of New Apostolic leaders becomes clear. Apparently, Hayward has bought into Wagner’s movement. Unfortunately, through Cleansing Stream many people will be unwittingly introduced to New Apostolic teachings.

‘Aglow International’ and Others

The same goes with Aglow International. Its international advisors include prominent “apostles” and “prophets” like Che Ahn, Rick Joyner, Cindy Jacobs and Wagner. See the full list here. And Charisma magazine regularly features favorable articles on modern “apostles” and “prophets” (like Wagner and Pierce), which is no surprise given both the editor and publisher’s memberships in the International Coalition of Apostles. Many Christians also would probably be surprised to learn of the involvement in the movement by Dick Eastman (Every Home for Christ).

Of course, many Christians have probably been saved or otherwise blessed through their involvement with these ministries and have no knowledge of the leaders’ involvement with the New Apostolic Reformation. My point in mentioning their membership in the International Coalition of Apostles is not to pick on them or disparage their entire ministries. It’s to show how this movement is expanding its reach — and to show the importance of informing more Christians about this movement so they won’t be misled into its aberrant teachings.

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12 Responses to “‘Apostles’ From Well-Known Ministries”

  1. claude Says:

    any opinion about the Call 7-7-07??

  2. faith Says:

    Holly…..I am very appreciative of all you have written so far. You seem to have good knowledge of the apostolic/prophetic movement and are up to date on their teachings. Many people in my small town are getting involved with the healing room (joining from more than a few churches). Again, I realize that you are a very busy young woman …but my plea to you is…if you have information on these groups, would you please share what you have and post sooner rather than later…It is hard to watch my friends go deeper and deeper into this movement. May the Lord bless you for taking this on……..

  3. faith Says:

    Oh Holly …..please forgive my previous impatience … …and accept my condolence. It is no wonder you haven’t posted!! I am so sorry to hear of the death of your father. My prayers are with you and your family.

  4. Double-G (G²) Says:

    So, where’s everybody at this site at? Pray more things begin to take place again, seeing that I’m referrencing the site to pretty much everyone I know of (lol, lol, lol)


  5. endtimespropheticwords Says:

    God showed me a few years ago that C Peter Wagner and his NAR is ‘antichrist’. It grieves me that the church is so deaf to this warning and mock me rather than heed it.


  6. Writers Heart Says:

    Thank you for your posts. I have just recently become aware of all this, becuase one of my family members is invovled. It breaks my heart as this family member used to scrutinize every scripture, and now!! ignores it all.

  7. ZMan! Says:

    I do not know where else to put this, but you all need to read this book.

    Islam, Prophecy and the Bible

    Trailer here:

  8. kate Says:

    I checked out the list and found there is one of the groups in my area. Eagle Rock in Pickerington, Ohio. Both husband and wife call themselves pastors.

  9. Ruitje Says:

    I was a member of Aglow in my country, but I stepped out this year. I was getting concerned about the teachings last year and started to see the influence of the dominion-theology more and more. Last year and in the beginning of this year letters were send out by Jane Hansen that showed me it was time to leave the organisation. (articles are on the Aglow-website, one about a prophetic word from Asher and the latest one about prophecy and the mandates of Aglow).

    Now it is sad to see how many women are taken into this false teaching. I talked to the president of Aglow in my country and tried to tell her where the organisation was going wrong, but she could not see it. I had to much critics, I was judging… I was not allowed to speak anymore in groups, because the statements I made were so called ‘statement in the spiritual world’ so I could not go to Aglow-groups anymore. It showed me the real face of Aglow. It looks so inviting, so loving, but when you point out the error, something changes. I feel sorry for all those women who are drawn into this organisation.

  10. Chris Says:

    Responding to Zman (if I may), Richardson’s book on the Islamic Antichrist is also an excellent read with many inverse parallels to the Biblical teachings of the Bible.  Holly, thank you for your work watching the EU and for keeping up with the apostolic movement in this time of apostasy all around us.  We just have to remember that the LORD is over all this, and His elect will not perish (Jn 17:12).

  11. Dr.Jones Says:

    There are 12 and ONLY 12 foundations in the New Jersalem in Revelation 21:14 and they each have a name of one of the 12 apostles personally chosen by Jesus. To be an apostle you had to have followed Christ during His personal ministery been taught by Him from the beginning of John’s baptisn until seeing Jesus after His ressurection.Acts 1:21-2
    Does anyone you know qualify? ONLY 12 apostles as per Revelation.

    The NT and Paul towards the end of his apostolic life are very clear there is ONLY the offices of Pastor/Elder and Deacon. Titus 1:6-9 ; l Timothy 3:1-13 and cf. Acts 6:1-6

    Nowhere does it say the offices of the apostles and prophets were to continue.The early church fathers agree. Something that vital and important would have been commanded by the inspired NT Writers.There is no such comand as we have for pastors and deacons.

  12. Lucy McWhirter Browne Says:

    Ruitje, thanks for sharing your experiences of AGLOW.  it is actually quite difficult to get information about AGLOW and I have wondered if perhaps what it is teaching is different depending on what country you are in.  I completely disagree with the whole NAR movement and apart from the doctrinal flaws I have noticed that it tends to breed and attract deluded individuals.  Pastors tend to be more concerned about themselves and their ‘anointing’ rather than those that they are supposed to be sherparding.  Most of the women in my own church go to AGLOW meetings and it is supported very much by our leadership.  This poses a concern for me.  Although NAR is not being promoted at the church itself I can see that the strong connection and influence AGLOW may gradually change this.

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