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Bill Hamon’s Dangerous Doctrines

Bill and Evelyn Hamon You may never have heard of Bishop Bill Hamon, but you should know who he is. This man (pictured here with his wife, Evelyn) is one of the most influential “prophets” in the apostolic-prophetic movement, which has entered many charismatic churches — the fastest-growing churches in the world according to church growth researchers.

Hamon’s also one of the most influential charismatics in general — attending the invitation-only “Charismatic Leaders Council,” sponsored by Strang Communications (publisher of Charisma magazine), Jan. 15-16, in Lake Mary, Florida. Yet, Hamon’s teachings are some of the most unorthodox teachings in the church today.

Hamon’s Teachings
Hamon teaches that Christ can’t return to earth until Christians form a “militant” army — under the leadership of modern apostles and prophets — that will physically subdue the earth and start to establish God’s kingdom in the earth’s governments. Hamon compares this army to the Crusaders, who he describes as the church’s only bright lights during the Dark Ages.

Apostles. Prophets and the Coming Moves of GodGod’s end-times army will achieve victory, in part, by striking God’s enemies with blindness and calling down natural disasters on them — causing entire nations to convert to Christ, according to Hamon. The apostles and prophets will be so powerful that Christians who come into their presence with sin in their lives will be struck dead. All members of the army will become sinless and extremely powerful — as they become more and more enlightened through new doctrines given by the apostles and prophets — finally attaining their own immortality (this is Hamon’s unorthodox take on the rapture). See these teachings in Hamon’s book Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God (pictured here).

Hamon’s Influence in the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement
C. Peter Wagner The apostolic-prophetic movement’s most prominent leader may be C. Peter Wagner (pictured here). Yet, Wagner admits that he got many of his views from Hamon, calling Hamon one of his “closest prophetic colleagues” and confessing his great admiration for Hamon (see page 11 of Wagner’s book Changing Church and the foreword Wagner wrote to Hamon’s book Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God).

Many in the apostolic-prophetic movement regard Hamon as one of the most influential “prophets” today, and those who’ve endorsed his books include Oral Roberts, Tommy Tenney, Cindy Jacobs, Emanuele Cannistraci, David Cannistraci, Earl Paulk and Ed Silvoso.

Background on Bill Hamon
Prophets and Personal Prophecy As the founder and bishop of Christian International Ministries Network based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Hamon oversees over 600 churches in 19 countries (see the list here), and he’s authored several books that have been influential in the apostolic-prophetic movement, including Prophets and Personal Prophecy (pictured here). He conducts popular seminars that teach people how to prophesy. (I attended one at the Azusa Street Centennial in Los Angeles last April, and the line of people went out the door. His questionable methods for “activating” people into prophetic gifting are topics for another post.) He also founded Christian International School of Theology, from where he earned his own two degrees: a bachelor of theology and a master of theology. According to his Web site, he also was awarded an honorary doctor of divinity degree in 1973 from an unnamed “national university,” which was when he assumed the title “Dr. Hamon.”

Hamon also serves on the faculty of the Wagner Leadership Institute, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Prophet-Apostle Hamon
In addition to the titles “Bishop” and “Doctor,” Hamon calls himself “Prophet-Apostle.” In fact, he believes God has chosen him to restore doctrines that the church lost through the ages and to reveal new doctrines and final assignments.

Many of Hamon’s doctrines can’t be found in the Bible — but this doesn’t concern Hamon, who teaches that modern “apostles” and “prophets” give the church new doctrines that supplement those given by the original apostles and prophets. In Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God, Hamon says:

“He [Paul] also reveals that this anointing for divine revelation was not just given to the prophets of old but has now been equally given to Christ’s Holy Apostles and Prophets in His Church” (page 140).

This teaching — that new doctrines are needed to supplement Scripture — is a mark of the cults of Christianity, like Mormonism. In contrast, Protestants believe that Christians get their teachings from the Bible alone, which God revealed through the original prophets and apostles.

Hamon’s New Doctrines vs. the Bible
While Hamon claims that his new doctrines supplement Scripture, they also contradict it. The revelations given by the apostle John in the biblical book of Revelation, for example, teach that the judgments against the wicked will be brought by God, not Christians, and that the rapture will be God’s means of sparing Christians from the effects of those judgments, not a means of attaining their own immortality.

‘Manifest Sons of God’ Doctrine
Hamon’s teachings are consistent with the heretical “manifest sons of God doctrine,” which teaches that a breed of super-Christians will arise and subdue the earth. Another common strain of this doctrine is that Christians are gods, whose divinity will be revealed — or using King James Language — be manifested. Read more about this doctrine here.

Supporters of this doctrine misapply the biblical teaching about the church being Christ’s body, using it to argue that the church actually becomes part of God. (See pages 266-267 of Hamon’s book Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God, where he seems to be misusing this teaching this way.) Also, in his books, Hamon capitalizes the words “Church” and “Bride” to show the church’s “union with Deity through Jesus Christ,” according to an explanatory note. Statements like these, which appear throughout Hamon’s materials, make it appear he is teaching that the church actually becomes part of God.

Of course, 2 Peter 1:4 does teach that we “participate in the divine nature,” but this refers to the Holy Spirit who indwells us, enabling us — as the passage goes on to state — to “escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.” It does not teach that our nature actually becomes divine. The teaching that human beings can become divine is the same lie that Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden.

In light of these troubling teachings, Hamon’s influence on so many Christians today disturbs me. I plan to read more of his writings and discuss more of his teachings in future posts.

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71 Responses to “Bill Hamon’s Dangerous Doctrines”

  1. ed blaize Says:

    i believe you have erroneously represented Mr. Hammon in this case. You have not accurately portrayed what he believes or teaches. What you are doing is wrong and you MUST stop. Now having said that i will say i am sick of parts of the prosperity gospel. I believe it is being taken out of context and made the focus of too many ministries. I do believe God wants to prosper us in him, and we cannot spread the gospel if we do not prosper in him. However it doesnt mean we will all be rich monetarily. also I believe many churches focus too heavily on the prophetic and it has led to a spirit of error. especially when they are “activating” people to work in the gift of prophecy and that person hasnt had deliverance ministry and desperately needs it. I made some valid points in my last two posts which you guys did not post. i was wrong in the attitude of my post, so please forgive me, however i believe the person running the sight should definitely take heed to what i said. Now, like i said in the 1st post, show me in the bible where it says the gifts of the spirit were ONLY for 2000 years ago. My bible says God will pour out his Spirit on all mankind. and that he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Mark 16 lines 15-18 states that true believers will cast out demons, deal with artfully maliscious people(serpents) and not be harmed, heal the sick and perform miracles. so are you a true believer?, im sure you are. So ask yourself why these things dont accompany your ministry. they accompany mine and most of my friends ministries. I believe it would behoove you to read a book called “Heavenly Man”, written by one of the founders of the underground church movement in China. You cannot deny the power of God in this Man’s life and ministry. The book is like a modern day book of acts. however, not the way most prosperity minded americans would think of it. I believe it puts the gifts of the spirit into a proper context and what their purpose is for, rather than speaking financial wealth into existence like so many americans do. I do admire you wanting to expose false doctrine, but some of what you say these people teach is simply not what they teach. perhaps it is because u dont really know what they teach or believe because u only heard these things from someone else, or perhaps it is because u dont really understand scripture on a level that you should and still need milk to grow to spiritual maturity. i dont know the reason, however i pray that you seek the truth in the bible and like the poster above said that you focus on spreading the Gospel rather than tearing down people who are trying, however wrong they may be. now if they were truelly teaching what you claim, i would be the 1st to denounce it, but it simply isnt the case. having said all that, i do believe many of the manifestations at some of the so called revivals are very much the devil. obviously God would never interrupt a testimony by having the testifier fall on the floor and make animal noises, this would defeat the purpose of the testimony. but all this reminds me of Paul saying that “Woman should keep their mouths shut in church”. This isnt being practiced except in some hard core pentecostal churches and maybe the omish. and all those too have doctrinal errors. and herein lies much of the problem in the church today, we have followed the ways of the world for too long, and need to heed the bibles warnings. we are reaping what we have sewn over the years. is it really any wonder that ALL churches in america fall so short. we have not followed God’s order. we have allowed deceiving spirits to come in because things are out of order. We focus on money and prosperity to cure all our problems because we are not focused on Jesus. if we truelly followed Jesus and did what he has called us to do, we will have what we need. remember many of the disciples sold all they had and gave it to the poor. thereby unloading themselves of the worldly burdens that prevented them from following Jesus. we have all been called to do this to some extent yet i know no one but a select few who actually do. God bless you and please, please check out that book. it will open your eyes to how God is moving mightily in places where the people have nothing but God.

  2. archie Says:

    I believe that God is coming back for a church without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. To say, that this “unblemished” Church or Body of Christ is connected with the Risen Saviour while we are here in the earth, is totally in context with scripture of Ephesians 6. He is the Head in Heaven,we are the Body on Earth, and We are seated together with Him in heavenly places. (Ephesians 1). We are one in Him, and joint-heirs with Christ, and we will reign with Him! He testified in Psalms 110,”Sit thou here until I make thine enemies thine footstool….Rule in the midst of thine enemies.” Perception is everything. It leads to the revelation of how one sees themselves in Christ. How do we feel about the statement of the Lord, “all power in heaven and in earth has been given unto me.”?

  3. Laurie Says:

    I have recently moved from Panama City Beach Fl which is  about 15 minutes from Bill Hammon’s CI in Santa Rosa Beach. I have spent the last 4 years attending a church called High Praise Worship Center run by Pastor’s Robert and Stacy Gay. They are directly under “Bishop” Bill Hammon and they are often invited to conduct prophetic services at CI, and vise-versa. Bill Hammon is like a father figure to Pastor Gay. I have spent my entire life as a God following Christian. My own father was a minister, and we often studied the Word together. On the surface, the ideals they all carry (Hammon and company), seem to be very Bible oriented until I really started studying what was being taught and what God had written in His Word. I prayed for wisdom and direction and truth. God led me away from their doctrine. What I have learned is that these people under Bill, truly love the Lord and are completely focused on A) Prophetic Word,  B) Prosperity  C) Demonstrative Worship. I don’t believe that they are intentionally misleading others, but that they have been misled themselves. I’ve read many of Hammon’s books and heard him speak numerous times. What I’ve learned in life is that Satan doesn’t always dress in Black or Red and carry a pitchfork. Usually his doctrine lies just to the left of the straight and narrow path of God. It’s important for Holly to raise flags on those God has led her to, and then it’s up to the people to find out if they’re truly following the Lamb or the one wearing the costume.

  4. Lola Says:

    I grew up in Bishop Hamon’s church in FL. I can say from first hand experience. CULT. I could tell you anything and everything about the Gifts of the Spirit, but I could not tell you what the simple, True Gospel was.  They did not teach the Gospel. They taught how to get what you want from God and how to manipulate people to give you money by making them feel good by giving them a vague Word of the Lord. It’s a shame.

  5. Terry Says:

    <!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>
    I lived near a Harmon-connected ministry for a number of years, and near the beginning of it I went to hear what the lead pastor of the group was teaching.  The puffed-up, prideful nature of the man was repellent to me.  The bigger issue, though, was his teaching which (in my opinion) mirrored witchcraft.   As a Spirit-filled person, I was both embarrassed and horrified.  I was embarrassed that these displays of ego and “power” were being offered as samples of Jesus’ life and ministry, horrified that so many people (many of them Christians) were being taken in by it.

    The ministry relied heavily on a (Harmon-discipled) “prophet” among the leadership.  They used this person to go out among other ministries and out to the public at large and amaze people, who would then be drawn to (and possibly absorbed by) their ministry.  I heard this prophet and one of their other leaders on several occasions, but the “prophecies” more closely resembled fortune telling than prophecy (in that most of the “words” began with revealing something about the person from the past to obtain trust in the “supernatural” abilities of the seer, then a directive “prophecy” that would guide future choices). 

    There were eight people (four married couples) in the hierarchy of the ministry, and at least six of these people claimed supernatural ministry.  Within a few years of setting up shop in our community, ALL of the leadership in this ministry got divorced because of adultery.  The wreckage they left in their wake didn’t stop six of them from going on and continuing in “the ministry.”
    Much of the sorrow could have been avoided if the Christians in the community had hungered more for Truth than a thrill.

  6. Alice Says:

    I once  attended one of Bill Hammonds prophecy seminars.  I was deeply disturbed in my spirit at what I was hearing.  It’s like Holly said, all the talk was about prophets and accepting the gift of prophesy and how we could then call curses upon others.  During the three days I was there, Jesus and his redeeming work on the cross was not mentioned once.  I could not sleep that night back in the hotel room. Then during the night,  a white form appeared in front of me telling me it was the “spirit of prophesy”  and if I did not accept the ” spirit of prophesy”  it would be the same as not accepting Jesus and I would be dammed in hell forever.  I struggled with this, but cried out, NO, NO, NO.  Even if I go to hell I cannot accept this.  Then mentally I flung this form against the wall.  It broke in half like and egg shell.  The inside was hollow and black.  It was then that I realized who I was dealing with. 
    Stay away from Bill Hammonds dangerous teachings.  They are white-washed sepulchures.

  7. Holly Bedard Says:

    Hi Holly,
    Our church did an exhaustive search of the NIV translation and I agree with the one respondant that you should reconsider relying on the NIV, it is not true to God’s Word, it water’s it down.

    On the other hand, I appreciate your investigation of this growing heresy in the Evangelical Church today, but it is in keeping with the prophecies regarding the growth of Laodicea that come, and it is all building to the establishisment of a large One-world religion during the Tribulation, which is practically on our doorstep. I will follow your articles in that regard but please use at the very least a parallel Bible to check you citations, and not just the NIV.

  8. Nancy B Says:

    I attended a CI church for a year and a half.  I am grounded in the Word. I was given accurate prophesies by them. What you al need to know is that they believe in a physical army being formed on the earth (not scriptural). I left because the Pastor couple regularly sinned with their mouths (gossip, criticism of others, while building up themselves) but talked to them differently in person. I, in Christian love, attempted to address this with the female Pastor. I was not told that they were not in sin. They did not deny it. They did not agree with me. They just were appalled that I spoke to them! She said she believes in a chain of authority and has people over her whose job it is to speak into her life.  She admitted that she knew I came with a “right heart”. She said we are in a spiritual army and it would be like going to your drill sergeant and telling him there was something you saw wrong in his life- you just wouldn’t do that. Sound scriptural?? NO way!! If anyone is overtaken in sin we are to approach them with the truth in love to help restore them!! They are above reproach. She bought me a bracelet and spoke of many more fine things to come. Talked about one day taking me shopping for clothes. Told me by name, people in the church that if she closed the doors they would pack up, sell their homes and follow HER!
    People: ask yourself- are the prophecies CHRIST CENTERED? I received true prophetic words (elsewhere) and it was always Christ centered even if I was in it. The ICC prophesies were always about ME.
    Jesus is not a drill sergeant!! Lion and Lamb, yes!
    Their prayer meetings are held in secret. Other meetings are by invitation only. Does this sound like the Church of Jesus?? NO!!!!!

  9. David Says:

    It always amuses me when some of these people demand that you go to speak to someone personally before you criticize them publicly.  The answer is that this is not necessary if they have preached heresy publicly.  Paul said to rebuke elders publicly.  When a person has no problem publicly speaking or writing in the name of the Lord before the entire Body of Christ they should have no problem being refuted in the same manner.  Furthermore, every single one of these people have been approached by someone in the Body of Christ regarding their errors.  They have simply ignored these appeals and condemned those who make them.  Bill Hamon and C. Peter Wager are only one branch of the heresy today.  Does anyone actually believe that Paul Crouch, Kenneth Copeland, and Joel Osteen, for example, haven’t been approached.  They have — because they, themselves, have complained about being approached.  If a false teacher were never approached about their error it would be one thing.  But Bill Hamon KNOWS what his critics have to say.  It hasn’t stopped him.  To criticize him publicly is acceptable because this is what Jesus said to do — take it before the entire church.

  10. Heather Says:

    Please stop writing comments about Prophet Bill Hamon on this website that are slanderous,accusitory,

    desparaging,misleading and rebellious along with comments about any of his colleagues. This leads to way too many people not getting miracles at the time that they need and innocent people are put through unbelief in God and his people not wanting to attend church altogether and not fullfilling their purpose that God Himself put people here for.The bible clearly is a book.

  11. Nathan Says:

    To all of you who condemn others for exposing heretics and false teachers — the Bible commands us to do so.  Furthermore, it is obvious that while you harp on love and unity that you do not realize that there is NO unity and NO love except it be in the Truth.  And finally, you clearly have no idea as to the damaged lives, shipwrecked faith, and horrible consequences these false teachings from people like Bill Hamon have worked into the lives of sincere Christian people.  Perhaps you ought to get down off of your perch and talk to some people who have lost family, friends, and even their faith, because they were taught a false picture of a false God and set upon a false course.  Read the Bible once in awhile and see what God has to say about this.  Bill Hamon and the entire C. Peter Wagner group of deluded and corrupt false teachers needs to be exposed.

  12. Terry Craig Says:

    First of all, when Jesus spoke about “not judging” He was addressing the fact that WE don’t decide Heaven or Hell for others.  I have no right to say where Bill Hamon will or will not end up.  (And one of the biggest red flags someone can raise, as far as I’m concerned, is to continually misuse the “don’t judge” idea as a means to deflect.)

    We are told to judge the FRUIT of others as a means of determining where their works are rooted.  We are never told to just passively “submit” to teachings.  Many in the Body of Christ confuse authority with domination.  Authority is of the Lord, domination is of this world.  We are called by God to weigh, chew, and discern what we are taught, but those who want to dominate see this process as rebellion.  Keep in mind that Jesus never tried to control, manipulate, or dominate others.  

    Those who seek to dominate insist upon giving themselves big titles (similar to the fancy clothing of the Pharisees that set them apart so that people would preference and honor) yet none of the apostles in the first century insisted upon being called “Apostle” along with their name (note it’s “Paul, an apostle”).  Neither are we called to walk around as “Prophet John” or “Evangelist Sue.”  Old and New Testament Scripture says that ALL believers are called to be priests and kings . . . but I’m not going to go out and buy a crown and ask others to bow.  It’s amazing to me that people can even invent new titles like “Generals of Intercession” when highest (military type) rank Scripture gives to Jesus is Captain of the Host.  If someone’s gifting is truly from the Lord, why should they insist we treat it like a badge of personal honor?

    I have seen the horrible fruit of ministries that continually cater to and honor those who set themselves up as God’s voice here on earth.  While God can use ANYbody to touch this world, we must remember that even Saul (the O.T. king) and Caiaphas (who decided they should crucify Jesus) “prophesied.”   Were these men walking with God?  Should people be seeking the “Saul anointing” or the Caiaphas teaching?  

    Jesus also said in the last days there would be FALSE signs and wonders that could deceive many.

    The proof is in the fruit–which we ARE called to “judge.”

  13. Joe Says:

    With respect to matters of doctrine and their implications, it is possible to sometimes point fingers at those who differ with us and become accusers of the brethren. Sometimes error needs to be dealt with hopefully according to Matthew 18:15-17.

    However, if we judge the ministry of others based on our own inaccurate understanding of the scriptures, then we might in the end not accomplish very much very much. If for example we are judging the doctrine of other ministries based on our understanding of the pre trib rapture “doctrine”then we are judging others based on error in our own understanding of the scriptures.  No where in scripture is the word rapture mentioned yet, we may discern the meaning of the word in scripture and we have a doctrine. 

    May I challenge the holder of this site to publish your own doctrinal statement with the scriptural context  of what you believe. Second, may I encourage you to be merciful regarding what others in the church believe and why they believe it. We who name the name of Christ will at some time stand before the Lord and give an account of what we have done on this earth and receive a reward on what is left after our works are tested with fire. Will any thing remain. By faith we should all hope so.

    See you at the Bema Seat 
    II Corinthians 5:10-11

  14. Holly Says:


    First, I am presently working on my personal statement of faith. I hope to post it soon. However, I do not think my personal beliefs about other matters of doctrine pertain to the issues at hand in this particular post. You need to be careful not to commit a logical fallacy in argumentation known as the “genetic fallacy.” This fallacy occurs when someone dismisses a person’s argument because of that person’s other views or behavior that are unrelated to the specific argument raised. For example, I could make an argument that people should not smoke because smoking is harmful to one’s health. If you responded that you would not listen to what I have to say about smoking until you hear what I think about dancing, then you would be committing a genetic fallacy because my views on dancing are irrelevant to the argument I raised against smoking.

    Second, I don’t believe I am being unmerciful toward false teachers. I have no authority over them so I don’t even see how it would be within my power to act unmercifully toward them. I am just pointing out where they are misusing Scripture to promote false doctrines. Do you think I shouldn’t be doing that?


  15. Joe Says:

    Holly:  When one talks about logic keep in mind logic can not over rule scripture. I think that there are differences in the church on certain doctrines that are simply differences. Should one side declare the other to be false because of a difference.

    Citing a decision of a church council is important but it must be qualified by scripture. for example saying that Jesus was fully God and fully man. I think that we must go a bit deeper to present how Jesus reveal His divinity vs his humanity from the view of scriptures. He certainly received worship but He also according to Matthew 24:36 didn’t know the day and hour of His return. 

    I guess I would ask do you stand in your walk of faith and discern error based on the decision of church counsels, personal authority, the interpretation others have of the scriptures or on your understanding of the scriptures? This will go a certain way in determining how you discern error in the ministry and work of others. 

    On the other hand I realize that Revelation 2:2 gives a commendation for the church of Ephesus who tested those who said they were apostles. So, I hope and trust that your source of authority in deckaring error is very clearly scripturally based even if a quote from a conclusion of a church council is used. In the end mercy doesn’t hurt. Matthew 5:7

  16. Joe Says:

    Sorry for the typos and punctuation error in the above post.

  17. Willie Says:

    Seriously, It is obvious that this  translation is erroneous.  And Ron McIntyre is incorrect regarding newer translations being derived from Catholic translations.
     The newer translations such as the NASB and NKJ were translated from the KJV.  Are they any better, No they are an English Translation to Modern American Speech, and there is a lot to say about that but, just to set the record straight having read most translations.  
    At any rate we all know it is a deviation  (NAR) from the truth.  It is the spirit of the false prophet causing the falling away to come to reality.  We are facing a falling away of epoc proportion.  This younger generation of mostly-illiterate young people- isn’t even reading the well written and properly translated versions.  
    When they finally mature and begin to check out the scriptures they won’t even see it coming.  
    You all (myself included ) better get out there and preach the gospel and stop playing mystic, weird , talking, indiscernible church games and start getting serious about weightier matters of the Way the Truth and the Life.

  18. Pixel Says:

    Thank you Holly for the difficult work you are doing uncovering the error of those who lead us away from the “simplicity” of Christ (2Corinthians 11:3). I just came upon this post about Hamon, and very much appreciate your careful research and this compilation. The reason so many stumble is for lack of careful and prayerful study of the Word of God. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6) Those who know God’s Word and treasure it in their hearts, know when they hear a counterfeit. “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me…and a stranger they will not follow.” (John 10)

    In the Old Testament and the New Testament we are cautioned not to add to or take away from the Scriptures, but throughout the centuries since the resurrection of Jesus there have been countless “Christians” doing just that and using every excuse imaginable to support their error. Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon, is a fine example and there are a thousand other examples where leaders ignored God’s clear warning not to add to Scripture. There are also a thousand examples of those who subtract from Scripture or minimize God’s Word by relegating it to history or myth. Today we endure the results of this error in our humanistic society.

    I pray you continue warning the sheep about the wolves who are feeding upon the hapless flock. May the Lord God our Father bless, strengthen and encourage you as you hold high the standard and light of the Word of God in a faithless and rebellious generation.

  19. Holly Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Pixel.

  20. dr hamon Says:

    jesus did say there would be many false teachers in the last days

  21. Lori Says:

    Bill Hamon is the head wolf in the sheep pen leading other sheep astray, not only by his false gospel, false ministry and false prophecies. He also claims to be an apostle but scripture clearly indicates there are no apostles today.

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