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The Pill in the Peanut Butter

Have you ever had to give your dog medicine? I’ve heard that a good way to get a dog to swallow a pill is to put the pill inside a glob of peanut butter. The dog will swallow it whole without ever knowing it. The same things happens in the church today. Of course, ...
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Naming Names

There’s a common view among Christians that it’s wrong to publicly criticize the teachings of other professing Christians. People who hold this view cite Matthew 18:15-17. They believe this Bible passage teaches that anyone who has concerns about someone else’s teachings should go to that person privately. They sincerely believe this is what the passage […]

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Bill Hamon’s Dangerous Doctrines

You may never have heard of Bishop Bill Hamon, but you should know who he is. This man (pictured here with his wife, Evelyn) is one of the most influential “prophets” in the apostolic-prophetic movement, which has entered many charismatic churches — the fastest-growing churches in the world according to church growth researchers. Hamon’s also […]

Should Christians Experience the Supernatural?

The February 2007 issue of Charisma magazine (pictured here) featured an article by Patricia King, titled “Living in the Throne Room. King (a “prophet” in the apostolic-prophetic movement and founder of Extreme Prophetic Television in Canada) argues that supernatural experiences — like seeing the Lord on His throne, being visited by angels, or being transported […]

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