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King’s ‘Extremely Prophetic’ Directives for 2007

January 2nd, 2007 | 36 Comments | Posted in Elijah List

Patricia King headshot Patricia King — host of the television program “Extreme Prophetic with Patricia King” — just released her “Seven Prophetic Directives for 2007” through the Elijah List. Read the directives here. I want to point out that not one “prophecy” in the entire list predicts anything that doesn’t happen every year. So, how can King be considered a prophet?

Directive No. 1, for example, states that in 2007 God is looking for Christians who will invest their talents wisely and bear fruit for the kingdom. My response is: when isn’t God looking for this? He wants this from all Christians, in every year of church history.

Directive No. 2 predicts that there will be a lot of changes in 2007 — including political changes, people moving to new locations, getting new jobs, and switching their college majors. Again, these predictions are laughable. When don’t these things happen?

The funniest of her predictions for 2007 is that people will start finding change (coins) in unique places, like on the ground in front of them and in drawers. She says these finds will confirm her prediction of coming changes. So, now every time people find change, should they see it as a prophetic sign? King also predicts the appearances of butterflies and unusual weather patterns. Again, when don’t we see butterflies and unusual weather patterns?

Directive No. 4 predicts catastrophes and, in response to these catastrophes, Christians reaching out to the victims with compassion ministry and prayer. Again, which year hasn’t the world had catastrophes, and when haven’t Christians responded in compassion and prayer?

Directive No. 6 predicts that biblical teachings will be challenged. But some Christians will rise up to defend those teachings — facing persecution. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but when hasn’t this happened? (Not to mention that King and her fellow “prophets” are challenging many biblical teachings with their teachings about apostles and prophets.)

These directives aren’t “extremely prophetic” — in fact, they’re not even slightly prophetic — despite the name of King’s ministry. Visit King’s Extreme Prophetic Web site here.

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36 Responses to “King’s ‘Extremely Prophetic’ Directives for 2007”

  1. David Says:

    Here we go again, apostosy. Gee we are so blessed to have people like patricia King. I hope you understood I was just kidding. What we need to do is 1 -get saved 2-read your Bible 3-pray for Godly wisdom and Godly discernment.

    Patricia one day will answer, like Rick Warren to the real King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

    Patricia if you read this please repent, you are not a prophet, you are child full of lies and delusions. Your father satan John 8:44 continues to use you and people like Rick Warren to fulfill his ungodly purposes. I ask you right here and right now repent and get saved before it is too late.

    In Christ, the real Christ


  2. Robin Toupin Says:

    As a Pastor and Christian Leader who has been part of the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements for over thirty years, I am increasingly saddened by the success of the false prophets that have arisen of late.

    A dear friend of mine who has mentored a number of these younger Christians shared with me a couple of years ago that most of them will not even hear her advice any longer. Why not? Because she is warning them that they have been deceived and deceivers themselves now. When a so-called “Apostolic and Prophetic Round Table” was held in Canada a few years back, my friend was (I believe intentionally) not invited. Again, why not? It is because she has stood up a number of times to identify false spirits in this new prophetic movement.

    While many who choose to criticize people like Patricia King begin with a cessationist premise (that is, the Gifts of the Spirit ceased with the Apostlic Age), I am one who believes and practices the Charistmatic gifts.

    Yet I agree that King is a false prophet. Her drivel is little better than that you would find at a New Age conference and sounds it. As well, the teachings about entering the angelic realm and the third heaven that she and others support have no basis in a Biblical theology.

    Again and again we hear people proclaiming themselves as prophets and then, instead of a word from God commanding us to repentance and to fear His Name, we get self serving nonsense and book sales. Selling the prophetic (perhaps my new book title, were I to write one on this subject) is evil. Yet this is increasingly a business, where some (like King) get wealth and fame like a fortune teller’s hoard.

    I can make a prediction for 2007 too, as King did. Jesus is calling the church to repent for the judgment is coming!

    I weep, for I know Jesus weeps at what the moneychangers are doing to His temple.


    Robin Toupin (Pastor)

  3. Mica Says:

    Good post, but I’ve been waiting for more! Please update soon. 🙂

  4. Holly Pivec Says:

    Thanks for your prodding, Mica! I’ve been meaning to post and you encouraged me to speed it up.

  5. Lafe Tolliver Says:

    Patricia apparently believes in continuing her nonsense for the purposes
    of seeking and getting attention and other baubles and trinkets that
    excites her fleshy tendencies.
    Her recent proclamations are a big yawn. If she is under any covering,
    that covering should rein her in for some intense Bible study and
    prayer and fasting.
    Patricia, honey…..stop the nonsense and repent and get your “act”
    You are only impressing babes in Christ with your gibberish.

  6. RS Student Says:

    Hi & Thank you for your posts.

    I am doing some research on Patricia King’s healing ministry and am interested in anything anybody might know about her other than what is talked about here. So far, Patricia and her crew are flying under the radar as far as her false prophesying and obvious scams.

    I am assuming Patricia has a decent audience from watching her shows on the Miracle Channel. However, Patricia and all of her representatives have refused to talk to me and there is little to be found about this “Patricia King” at all. Apparently, her real name is Pat Coking from materials that I have found, but little else indicates any sort of history of this woman. Either it doesn’t exist or it is being hidden well.

    If you know anything about her ministry or have know of any other resouces perhaps hidden to me, please let me know.


    A Canadian Bogus Buster

  7. L.K. Says:

    Dear Canadian Bogus Buster,

    I saw Pat Cocking in Anchorage, AK. That is the name she was using. I was surprised to see her new name. I burned all the material I had because I believe her to be a False teacher. You could write her for materials, tapes etc, as I know she will be happy to “sell” you her wares. They may be helpful in busting her bogus teachings. She claimed to be the one who “annointed” Todd Bentley for his ministry (Twice the son of hell he is). She was brought to Anchorage by a local ministry called Windwalkers. She spoke at the Anchorage City Church(new name). They sell all of the materials from almost all of the false teachers on this site! I bet you might be able to get some of Pat Kings teachings from this church. Or they may have a contack for you. God speed.

  8. Christa Otto Says:

    My kids have had a wonderful woman that was leading them in a teens prayer group. She has since moved away but still keeps in touch with them. My teen girls were really growing spiritually while in this group and where really inputted with godly wisdom and information.

    Recently this woman has been e-mailing them with information on people and events that are affiliated with people such as Patricia King. I talk with my girls about these false teachings but other parents might not even be aware their girls are getting this stuff.

    It is sad to see this woman now involved with all this garbage and i do not want any young people getting caught up in this stuff.

    Here’s the deal: should I send an e-mail back to her and all the people she is sending them to exposing the lies? Or do you just pray only? All things must be done in love … and this stuff truly ticks me off and sends my blood boiling that there are so many deceivers and deceived! What would you all do?

  9. Merle Wideman Says:

    I am amazed at how ignorant people are of the gift of prophecy and the Prophetic office. From my brief purusal here it appears that most people who have written assert the view that in order for prophecy to be authentic, it must be foretelling. Forthtelling a “now” word is equally effective and yes all Christians should from time to time to this. In my opinion the “Prophet” bears a larger responsibility in this and also in training others in the body of Christ according to Eph. 4: 11-13.

    Time doesn’t permit for a comprehensive teaching here on the subject, but these are some thoughts for discussion.

    As to Pat Cocking or Patricia King as she is now called… I understand she changed her name because when people tried to “Google” her name “Cocking” an entire host of websites that were pornographic in nature came up. In my books any one who goes to the trouble of changing her name so that people will not be led into pornographic sites certainly has some credibility and love for the body of Christ.

    False prophets are not only those who prophesy wrong things (false things) but can be those who prophesy right things, “but in their hearts, lead people astray” because their character is corrupt.

    Something to think about.

  10. David Says:

    David Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 2:22 pm
    Hello Everyone especially all my Brothers and Sisters in The Lord Jesus Christ: I will be brief. I have given allot of thought and prayer to what we all comment on good, bad or in between. I have decided that after prayer I am and so are most of us reacting to so many things on this blog. We are all in our minds and hearts to one degree or another right.

    The point I am trying to make, would it not be wiser for all of us to stop trying to get points across about people and instead concentrate how we could encourage one another in The Word. I know that there are many false teachers and false works, yet do you not think it would be wiser to follow Jesus example and pray for people who we feel are in error of scripture Matthew 5:43-48. If they are wrong, The Lord will, as always, deal with them and thier works, He will deny them Matthew 7:21-23 and Romans 12:19-20. If we go even further we see His example on the Cross
    Luke 23:34.

    I can speak from personal experience here as I am as wrong as anyone else, and as Jesus also reminds us in Matthew 5:14-16 we are His light, the light of the world, and we are to shine for Him so as to glorify The Father in heaven.

    I pray that we can turn Holly’s wonderful blog into an encouraging spirit filled site for one another. It would be so wonderful if others would read this blog and write comments like Trust in the Lord, I recieved Christ today, I was water baptised today, etc.

    Thank you all and God Bless

    Your Brother in The Lord



  11. Pat Says:

    OMGosh….finally…someone(s) that think this woman is a fraud other than myself. My sister is “wholly” involved in this womans ministries and it scares me …. does anyone have any concrete information on this woman and the scam she is running?

  12. MAC Says:

    What I perceive within this website is a Pharisaical spirit … set aside a few who I hear the Spirit of God speaking within. Unless we personally get in touch with the Lord Himself in the closet — in an intimate secret place, how can we discern truth from error (including our own doctrinal issues, if you will)? If we truly have a heart to see truth prevail, we must be in touch with Him intimately and then go forth into the world. Without Him, we can do nothing, but with Him, all things are possible … even miracles, including the raising of the dead! Yes, I said “raising the dead” … for the emphasis of kicking over some religious cows! Enough of the stones being hurled at the prophets. Pat King is a God-fearing woman, serving the King of Kings. Her reward will be great. Will yours? We have an open heaven to repent of our own wrongdoings.

  13. RD Says:

    I recently attended the last night of one of her conferences. WOW What a scam! First of all they have a guy up their speaking I believe his name was Joshua Mills. Really Creepy laugh anyway he came out with gold glitter on himself and throughout his speaking it would fall off of him when he would walk around people believed that he had been secreting gold dust in his pores and when he would be with Jesus it would come out. What is wrong with these people what a crock I told one lady that magicians can do the same thing. The Lady Patricia King, and why did she change her name? anyway she has on these really nice silver earrings not sure if they had diamonds but it appeared that way. She sits their telling everyone to contribute to all of these causes and how her helpers weren’t eating that night because they had given all of their money and couldn’t afford it, one guy even gave his shoes. But wait I thought what about the rolex on his wrist what about the blackberry he is carrying he gave his shoes but he still has these nice things WTF? is this all a show smoke and mirrors? I am not strictly religious and I am in my 20’s but after seeing this (edited) deal it is enough to make me never want to look at the Christian religion. Has anyone here seen the documentary Jesus camp?? well watch it even just to get a perspective about what other people think. The whole Christian flag get rid of that we have an American flag don’t confuse these ignorant people at these conferences anymore. After going to this The whole thing felt like such a scam I am still angry I wasted my time. For all you pastors and whoever that might read this giving money is nice but it should be done behind closed doors or extremely discreetly people don’t need to parade up their and give money so that everyone can see them. thats not the true spirit of giving. A story to emphasize this is a man in England who walked a blind man across the street, after they had crossed the street the man who had helped tipped his hat to the blind man well he knew the blind man was blind so he was doing this to show everyone else that he had helped obviously not the true spirit of helping or giving. At alot of churches thats how I feel. Also don’t accept Credit cards WTF? If the person doesn’t have cash or checks leave them alone so many of these people have screwed up credit as it is and their all so stupid, if you cared you wouldn’t keep making it worse. thats my rant anyone that wants to respond my Email is ASTEIGER@ASU.EDU please no chain letters ADS or any BS, Ideas responses and hate mail are gladly accepted though. I have more to say about the conference just not enough time. EVERYTHING THEIR WAS A SCAM

  14. Mr E. Says:

    Hi there. This whole apostle thing is premature. Do any of these so called apostles remind you of any of the one in the bible? Ans. Yes, like the ones who did no mighty works and sat around all day beuracrating. Don’t forget the bible says that the signs of an apostle are might signs and wonders and not mearly being assigned to some list. There was an over abundance of miracles that could be seen in the scriptures and there is a lack of any miracles these fools produce. And guess what…falling down on the floor is no miracle let me tell you.
    Why is it Peter’s shadow got out of bed and did mighty works and these guys do nothing? Well wait till you hear their answer.
    I have a new name for these guys. I call them EXPECTATION PIMPS. They manipulate expectations and pimp them to the bloody end and not until they get the last dime do they stop.
    A guy like Benny Hinn uses “slain in the spirit” to make you believe that real healing miracles really happened. The miracles no one sees but you just look out for that arm or jacket flying your way. The guy never prays for or allows anyone who is noticably sick or malformed to come near the stage.

  15. PAUL ROMO Says:

    There is the birthing of a true Prophetic ministry arising in this hour that will bring judgment upon these false works.

    These voices will herald a return to true repentence-holiness and Spiritual reformation of the body of Christ.

    It will usher in the manifestation of the Kingdom of God-signs-miracles and wonders and will begin at the level of Spiitual reformation which reveals Christ.

    These so called prophets are as children-adulterous children who foolishly seek and follow after signs and are easily manipulated through parlor tricks.
    The validate any thing that appears to be even remotely supernatural and yet cast off sound doctrine which drives the heart to Godliness.
    Those who have actually used their brains and tried to validate the authenticity of the gems and gold dust have found them to be sythetic man made trinkets easily found at any cheal costume jewelry store.

    There are Prophetic voices in the land who are ushering in this reformation.
    One such is Holy Fire in central PA.

    The messages are freely heard at http://www.live365.com
    They are broadcast under Atomic-Jesus


    On radio at 720AM in Harrisburg PA Tue and Thurs at 2:30 PM.

    Email for free messages at ATOMIC-JESUS-RADIO-REVIVAL-HOUR@comcast.net

  16. John Robbins!!! Says:

    Shabalagadangdong,shingalinga woah shiekko babba!!!! I love Patricia King, and Todd Bently, and I just feel like Im to prophesy over you guys that the Lord will show His love that you lack for the people of God!!! God used her to heal me!!

  17. Lorna Says:

    What Mac said.

    Let’s stop casting stones. I think the fruits speak for themselves and that’s what God will judge all of us by.

    Did you and I offer water, food, shelter, a word of hope and encouragement along the way – or not?


  18. John Says:

    For those curious about her name change I found this the following:

    As I prepared to move into the next season, the Lord spoke very strongly to my heart about a prophetic name change. The change was to be from Pat Cocking to Pat Coking. He spoke to me concerning the prophetic value of the change regarding the vision of the Body coming into “co-ruling” with Him. It felt very clear to me. When I submitted it to my husband and team, they had a witness as to the change but many of them felt that it should be Patricia King and not Pat Coking. I sensed a bit of a witness on it but could not get the final witness to go ahead with Patricia King. I explained to them that I might end up with Patricia King, but that I felt the Lord had something to proclaim in the “co-king” revelation for the Body — a call to a higher place in Him, manifesting His dominion in the earth. After sharing their thoughts, they graciously released me to obey my nudging. My husband was in complete favor of me doing this.

    …a revelation In August, I was visited by the Lord with a revelation on the progression of the name change from Pat Coking to Patricia King. It was very personal and I will not go into all the details, but in a nutshell, the Lord spoke to my heart regarding the transition in the Body of Christ from “co-laboring/ruling” to “Bridal Rule”. Bridal rule is a dominion that flows from the deepest, most intimate place in covenant love that can be secured — the Bride of The King! This is a very different picture than a “co-laborer”…..and it is what we, the church are called to in this hour. I wept and was deeply and profoundly touched at this time.


  19. anonymous Says:

    Patrica King scares me!!

    My parents have been Christians for 20+ years. They have been apart of Patrica Kings Web church for 2 years now. Since becoming members
    My parents have cut all ties with all family & friends. Everything in there lives revolves around this cult like church. They give very large sums of money to “Extreme Prophetic”.
    I am very worried about my parents!
    I would like to research this so called church & find out all I can.

  20. Yochana Says:

    The Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to die for our sins. God is Love; He loves Patricia; He loves you. Pray for her; seek Him with all your heart, so that you may find him (Jeremiah 29:13).

  21. rahabsplace Says:

    Anonymous –

    If you are concerned, contact your parent’s web church pastors. They are all easily accessible on the web. Call the ministry in Maricopa, AZ and see if they will give you the pastor’s email address.

  22. Lindy Says:

    One thing I do NOT see in almost all these conversations is love.. but that is one thing Patricia King does have.. let the fruits speak for themselves. Wether she is wrong of not the way you have spoken is NOT the way Jesus would handle it.. when I read thru most of this I felt I was among vipers…

    look at all the street ministy and missions Pat King does… let that speak ..

  23. Ory R. Says:

    Yes it is true we human beings are among many false prophets and it is our jobs as christians or followers of jesus to determine what are stance is. Are we going to judge and criticise or are we as the bible tells us in mathew 5:44,45- But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. And to me that means to be more like jesus and just use the power of love instead of hate and love instead of judge. Come on wake up lets learn from our lord Jesus and do the things that he did.

    Also in the book of Mathew he is talking to the deciples to spread a message for other believers in christ. Mathew 10: 7,8 – As you go, preach this message: Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have recieved, freely give. Ok, at first sometimes one may think oh this is just a word for Isreal at the time of Jesus but is it really? These things have been freely given to us and if we focus ourselves on the Father and his Son Jesus and with the help of the Holy Spirit to guide us. Yes, we can also do these things and we as believers have to stand together not apart and pray for these things and to believe Jesus still heals today.

    And from my own experience that is exactly what Patricia King does in her ministry she as put her total focus on god and her passion for Jesus shows up in her life. We are living in perilous times and we were all given a choice to make in our lives, so make that choice. If you want to know God then seek him for those who seek him will be rewarded in heaven. This is just the start of the calamity if we as a church can’t handle this little thing then woe to us when the world and the things of this world get a whole lot worse.

    I give Praise to my Lord Jesus

  24. Ory R. Says:

    Ok, well i did some research and some praying and well I was wrong about Patricia King and her ministry. I believe she is a false prophet and I was wrong to say that she was a prophet, for she is a wolf in sheeps clothing and I have to say she does a darn good job.

    But hear this I just watched this video on “the truth about the rapture” by stan johnson and he backs it all up with bible scripture and I suggest all the rapture believers to watch this video. I myself used to believe in the rapture and I was very sceptical and very judgemental when I watched the video but after it all made sence.

    If you want to watch it go to google video and type in rapture or truth rapture and it will be there…

  25. aryach Says:

    I realize that Patrica King and Extreme Prophetic found real signs and wonder around the world and then used it to get money for her own. She’s a false prophet we don’t have any doubt of that.

  26. Linsey Says:

    Doesnt the bible talk about judging…..what about loving each other and pulling a brother out of the pit if he is heading in the wrong direction. All i hear are a bunch of jealous zealots….. If she is in error then God will Judge but how many of you ever do half as much with your time for the kingdom as P.K. does…. she may not be in perfection… but i do agree with her pursuit in this … We could all learn to pursuit God with as much fervency as she has for his service even if it is false… which i doubt. Oh wait … how may stones have you cast today????

  27. Rich Says:

    I would rather have the likes of Patricia King praying for me should I have a need then some of the folks who posted on this site. She has the faith of a child. We believers must learn to chew the meat and spit out the bones of any preacher/ministry we come in contact with. To say that Patricia King is a false prophet or something along those lines is sheer ignorance.

    The saddest part of this is the devil, in his unrelenting attack against the church has paid special attention to destroying belief in the current /now gifting of the Holy Spirit as written in 1 Cor. 12. What I read here on this blog is indicative of many in the church today: They throw out the baby with the alleged dirty bathwater. If only they would take the time themselves and fast and pray and seek God’s heart on the matter of the gifts, they would get the real truth. But, instead they get deceived by the enemy, yet think they are spiritual by being critical of other peoples alleged excesses. In my mind, it only shows how weak and judgemental they are.

    And to that 20 something with the ASU email address: You had better hope that they are all crooks since God himself will judge you for your hard heart if you are wrong about them. As the word says: “Do not touch my anointed” you better be right – or such comments can put you or anyone else in jeopardy with God Himself. “Judgement starts in the house of God” -always did, and always will. But He does it –

  28. Joey McLean Says:

    If you would just get up in your prayer time and ask the Lord to reveal the truth to you instead of all the using your tongue to kill as Jesus said, you would come to know the truth and you will be free. Paul said if you continue to take the Bread and Cup and not decerne the body of Christ, (and yes Patricia is part of you if you have been born of his Love), you will receive things in your body and become sick and some had died because of this kind of actions.

    I bless those who curse me,

    Zech 8:9

  29. Pastor Mark Says:

    I have read all of these posts and am truly saddened by many of the “judgments” that I have seen here. Jesus commanded us NOT to judge, but yet His “people” continue to do so. Is it any wonder that the world wants nothing to do with Christianity? He said by THIS shall all men know you are My disciples, IF you have love one for another (Jn. 13:35).

    It is Posts like this that TRULY show the body of Christ its urgent need to fall on its face and repent to God. We as believers pollute the very blood that has washed us, only to “turn on” our brothers & sisters because we don’t understand them. Isn’t this the very SAME thing that the Pharisees did to Jesus? They didn’t understand, so they crucified Him.

    As far as the prophecies, miracles & signs mentioned here goes, we have the same things happening regularly in our church: gold dust falling on people, angel feathers falling from the ceiling, oil appearing on the hands, people falling under the anointing…all genuine experiences. We have even had items multiply when the need arose. But the IMPORTANT thing to remember in all of this is the hearts & lives that have been changed & saved during the services. The manifestations are only a tool to led people to Jesus.

    So, what we must SEE is that just as the “religious folks” in Jesus’ day condemned & judged Him and His Disciples because they didn’t understand “what was going on”, WE must be careful NOT to fall into the same trap and bring upon ourselves swift judgment, like what happened to them AD 70. We are entering into a time of GREAT manifestations of signs, wonders & miracles, as it says foretold in Joel 2:28-32 & Acts 2:17-21.

    Most of the people that are “coming against” other Christians ministries is because there is a underlying spirit of jealousy in the hearts, because others are “doing something” that they aren’t. The gospel speaks much about this. Even Herod knew that the Jews delivered Jesus to him because of “envy”.

    Posts like this “turn” the world away from the very thing that they are in vital need of. How will they believe God’s loves them & be saved if God’s people don’t even love one another? Please, please be careful….the Pharisees FOUND fault with everything Jesus did and were offended. The word OFFENDED in the Greek is “Scandelizo”, which we get our English word scandalize. I hope & pray that you all can see that this is exactly what is happening on this post.

    And PLEASE don’t try to justify by saying: we are only obeying God by “trying the spirit” like the bible tells us to in 1 Jn 4:1. We need to keep reading the chapter & see what we are REALLY suppose to do:

    1Jo 4:7-8 “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love”.

  30. burninglamp Says:


  31. Anonymous Says:

    MINISTRY STYLE OF PATRICIA KING, by Gatekeepers International, Phoenix, AZ
    (As of June 21, 2007)

    Because of a recent and widespread outburst of controversy related to the doctrine and ministry style of Patricia King in segments of the body of Christ to which we are related, the undersigned reluctantly and cautiously sense an obligation to release this brief statement of our position.

    Particularly over the past two years increasing numbers of Christian leaders with whom we are related have been asking us our opinion of Patricia King and her ministry. Although this would not have been our choice, circumstances converged to the point that we felt compelled to look into the allegations in order to form balanced and accurate opinions. We discussed this with peers representing both sides of the controversy in roundtable settings, through personal conversation with individuals who have dealt with the situation first hand, in consultation with those who have specialized in some of the theological issues raised, listening to her CDs, reading her books, in extensive correspondence through email, by personal contact with Patricia’s spiritual/apostolic covering, and extensively with Patricia herself. We wanted to leave no stones unturned as we matured in our understanding of the situation and as we reached our conclusions.

    We do not feel that it is necessary at this point to list in detail the differences that have surfaced. It is sufficient to mention that theologically we have serious concerns with some aspects of Patricia’s doctrine of the dead. In terms of ministry style we cannot accept at face value some of the physical manifestations typical of her meetings as emanating from the Holy Spirit. We feel that a disproportionate number of those who sit under her ministry are in danger of subjecting themselves to a spirit of error.

    In light of our findings, we regretfully find it necessary to state that at present we will not be able to endorse Patricia King’s ministry until such a time that she chooses to make appropriate corrections. We want to make it clear that we are not opposing Patricia King as a person, as a servant of God, or as a gifted leader. We have been and will continue to pray that God will work out this unpleasant situation for His glory and for fulfilling every bit of the destiny that He has in mind for Patricia.

    C. Peter Wagner, Colorado Springs
    Doris M. Wagner, Colorado Springs
    Cindy Jacobs, Red Oak TX
    Mel Mullen, Red Deer AB, Canada
    Dutch Sheets, Colorado Springs
    Bill Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach FL
    Bob Beckett, Hemet CA

  32. eternalu Says:

    Patricia King’s background is in Canada, and I have traced it back to 1979, when she was attending Bible teaching seminars conducted by Mary V. Goddard, an anointed woman who taught on the Gifts of the Spirit, and who also had one of the first Christian television ministries in Canada. Mary went to be with the Lord recently, but her last book is a combination autobiography/anecdotes entitled: “Wild Adventures in Fun and Faith”. That title expresses Mary’s joy in serving the Lord, but there were many heartbreaks in
    her life, including the death of the daughter whom she lived with in her elderly years, after she had prayed and believed in faith that her daughter would survive and not die.

    Regarding Pat Coking, her early story is related in Mary’s book. First, following taking Mary’s seminars, she tearfully besought her teacher to let her join her organization and start a charity mission in Mexico in 1984. Successfully, Pat took teams of Canadians down for ministry a couple of times a year, then set up an orphanage, started an indigenous church, all good things. But no sooner did things start rolling, and God was truly blessing, than Pat suddenly told Mary
    and her organization, Christian Services Association, that the Mexican government was causing problems and she would have to just close everything
    down. Please note that other similar ministries from Canada at the time were able to continue their projects in Mexico without government interference.

    In 1990, Pat became the director of Mary’s ministry, Christian Services Association, as Mary stepped aside for her, although she hadn’t intended previously to leave the organization, feeling empathy and Christian sisterhood for Pat, because she had so much enthusiasm and seemed to have no outlet. Mary was a motherly-type. Mary was a very unusual Christian woman.
    She was totally sold-out to Christian service, and selfish ambition was not in her make-up, and probably she did not suspect it in others.

    In a short time, however, Pat found this new load of administrative work and full responsibility difficult, and again Mary saw she had an emotional crisis on her hands, once Pat had gained the position she wanted. Yes, she fasted and
    prayed, but hysterics and the pity parties, described objectively and non-judgmentally in Mary’s book, seem to be part of Patricia’s emotional baggage. The younger woman agonized over her next decision, but she felt the Lord was directing her to have the organization buy a building and extensive property in British Columbia, using Christian Services Association funds and fundraising.

    With this property, Pat started a new church. All this happened in the early 1990s at the time when she was a frequent guest speaker at the Toronto
    Airport Fellowship with John Arnott, during the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’. She worked closely with Mary Audrey Raycroft, another woman who launched her own ministry after years of close association with Mary Goddard, in this case, as her secretary. Raycroft soon joined Arnott on staff as an Assistant Pastor. I personally knew Mary Audrey, as well as John Arnott. Pat Cocking’s church in British Columbia was a sort of ‘Toronto Blessing West Coast’.

    The Toronto services were big on manifestations, but I saw people even laugh at the Bible when speakers got up to the platform to try to preach. I had discerned problems with Arnott’s ministry much earlier, and I left his former church in 1988, before “The Toronto Blessing”. Visiting the new, media-hyped services, I met several people who reported demonic problems after attending the meetings, and a close friend of mine reported hearing a voice audibly at the Toronto Airport Church which said ‘Don’t worship God, worship me.’ I myself witnessed many people once in the sanctuary there, banging their heads as hard as they could on the walls behind where they were seated.

    After several months, Pat’s new church in British Columbia, called “The Isaac Centre,’ proved too much for her to handle, even as the Toronto-style fellowship was growing. She now started the process of selling all the properties off, without even consulting with her church membership. All this is in Mary’s book, although Mary just states the facts, even as I am doing.

    A much older woman, Mary Goddard initially had serious reservations about the Toronto Blessing, but like many people she was told the “fruit” was good in the first couple of years; and she wanted to believe it, and to give God glory, and God’s people freedom.

    Mary had continued her teaching and evangelism work independently, but during this same period she had to undergo serious heart surgery. Patricia did not rush to her former mentor’s side. As briefly noted in the book, Mary Goddard simply didn’t hear from her. Her former secretary, Mary Audrey Raycroft, did get back in touch after Mary recovered, and the two went on a ministry trip together. Mary Goddard lived several more years, praise God.

    Mary Goddard is someone I dearly miss, although I didn’t agree with her ecumenicism, and I actually only met her personally a few times in the mid-1980s, when a friend took me to her Women’s Bible Studies. However, I believe she was sincere, honest, giving, and I could see that she loved Jesus very much.

    It was a miracle of God that I was able in July 2007 to obtain her last book, which was self-published, and this was just a few weeks after she died in British Columbia. I now live on the other side of the country, in Quebec. Mary’s previous book, which I enjoyed and admired, is entitled “Queen of Hearts”. Real faith produces real fruit. You will not find any mentions of Mary Goddard on Google, or any tributes to her by either Mary Audrey Raycroft or Patricia Coking King.

  33. Lori Says:

    Do not be deceived, the enemy can appear as A angel of light, I attended one of her schools it was not of God! Now the word was not talked a lot about so I did not like that and I was just relieved to get out of there and I was more attacked by the enemy in it by his charm and delight and it took me awhile to get back to were I needed to be. The truth hurts oh yes but we need to truly see the word of God not just all the glory! give it to him in which I fully believe it belongs to Jesus. Not to see colors and gold fall on us but to truly walk in his will and he will manifest his life in us if we are faithful in following him and his word. Deception is A real thing not false and It is dangerous we should pray daily we are not deceived and that we do not do it to others. Take responsibility for our actions and be not afraid for the truth will set us free. Hope Patrica can get on the right path for she can not save the world and her teachings are ones that you need to search out and not be afraid to find the truth out about it , with the help of the Lord Jesus and ask him to bring you the the truth out about her,and the strength to be able to deal with it for you may find out it is not of The father God, I did and it is a big deception and words can be twisted. I see a prophet in the bible as being hated and the word does say A prophet in his home town will be hated, So I never have seen in the bible that people ran to prophets the people tried to kill them, and they did kill Jesus at the cross regardless of justification he was murdered and hated for he spoke the truth and he did it for all so we could have salvation and he so loved us. Praise him and give him all the glory may it fall on him.

  34. truth Says:

    its interesting to see alot of people relating pat s ministry to a spirt of witch craft when i was in mission with her in her church she had labelled alot of inocent people witches hmmmmmmmmmmm. i wonder how sona feels

  35. eternalu Says:

    Above in these comments, dated March 11, 2008, are a few paragraphs I wrote in December 2007 concerning Patricia King in connection with her early mentor in Canada, a lady minister I greatly admired named Mary Goddard. It took a few months for the above comment entry to be approved by Holly, host of this page, due to unavoidable circumstances. In April, I decided to revise my comments a bit, and they evolved into an article titled: “Patricia King: Hireling from Canada”. This article appears at the blog/website http://www.eternalu.wordpress.com. Now in July 2008 I have been in correspondence with Mary Goddard’s daughter, and I will make a few corrections as she has requested, even though she considers herself on friendly terms with both Pat King and Mary Audrey Raycroft. My interpretation overall remains the same, but I do want to make sure that my statements of fact are accurate, to the best of my ability. And so there will be some discrepancies between my comments above and the final article which will be the revised version of “Patricia King: Hireling from Canada.” Thank all of you for reading whatever you can concerning Patricia King and Mary Audrey Raycroft, particularly now that Todd Bentley, supported by Pat and by The Toronto Airport Church, where Mary Audrey has been a p/t assistant pastor for over a decade, is continuing a movement in the Body of Christ which I personally, and many Spirit-filled pastors, cannot endorse in any way.

  36. Liz Says:

    I think this is pretty sad. The body of Christ is pretty much a laughing stock in the world. We don’t have love for each other, we slanderm criticize, throw stones, try to kill each other, and kill our wounded. Church is just a bless me club, and there is not much authentic out there. People refuse to grow up and quit the backbiting. I went to a meeting last night, and was greatly encouraged. Pat did not beg for money, she did not mention gold dust, or any of these things you are all complaining about. She did talk about the fact that the latter part of our lives should be better than the first part, and that God can give us dreams that we can live out when we are in middle and old age. She spoke about the fact that we do not live in the world, but in the kingdom of God, and that the church should be shining in this hour when the world is walking in fear and chaos. This very blog is evidence that the church is NOT shining, and I can’t imagine anyone reading this and wanting anything that you have the way you are behaving. Having come out of a dark night of the soul, and wondering if there was any life left in me, I came away encouraged about my future with God, and more determined not to look at the circumstances around me: politics, the economy, the fact that I lost most of my retirement…etc. A prophets job is partly exhortation and comfort, and I received both at the meeting I was at. I did not go with any opinion about Pat or her ministry. Just a desire to receive something from the Lord, which I did.

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