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Holly’s Top 7 Prophecies for 2007

January 18th, 2007 | 17 Comments | Posted in Prophets for Profits, Twisted Scriptures

Since the “prophets” in the apostolic-prophetic movement have been releasing their predictions for the new year, I thought I’d share mine before January’s over.

But, first, remember that none of these predictions has to happen this year, or next year, or the year after — or ever — to qualify as true prophecies. Many factors that could hinder their occurrence include — but are not limited to — the following: prayer, fasting, maybe I misheard what God said, maybe you misheard what I said, maybe you misheard what I misheard God said, maybe God wasn’t clear with what He said, maybe God changed his mind, maybe enough seed offerings didn’t come in, maybe you didn’t really believe the prophecies, maybe I didn’t really believe them, maybe demonic spirits intercepted them mid-air, and maybe the prophecies really did happen but you didn’t see them — and, for that matter, nobody did — because their fulfillments had to be seen with “spiritual” eyes.

Keeping those in mind, here are my top seven prophecies for 2007 (Note, seven is a prophetically significant number. That’s because 2007 is the year of sevens … the year of the seven-fold portion. Everything you send me — in cash or Starbucks coffee cards — will be returned to you seven-fold.*)

The Top 7

1. Many “prophets” will arise and give vague, abstract, nebulous prophecies that could mean anything and be interpreted anyway.

2. Many of these “prophets” will explain away their failed prophecies with ludicrous explanations that will be accepted by many of their followers.

3. “Prophets” will “predict” the past with retroactive prophecies.

4. “Prophets” will prophesy a “transference of wealth” — to themselves.

5. Surprising changes will occur: people will move, switch jobs, politics will shift — oops, Patricia King already covered this one (see last post).

6. Many “prophets” will claim to be attacked by demonically motivated Christians who — for some unknown, but diabolical reason — oppose the “prophets’” heresies, scams in the name of God, and false prophecies. The “prophets” will accuse these Christians of being “Pharisees,” “Jezebels” and having a “religious spirit” (a tactic to silence criticism).

7. As a sign that all these things shall come to pass, there will be clouds in the sky, birds in the air, Wal-Marts in more cities — and many other extremely rare and unusual occurrences.

Footnote 1: The seven-fold blessing is a joke, although cash and Starbucks cards are nice! Just kidding again.

Footnote 2: Please don’t misunderstand the intent of this satire. I’m not mocking prophecy, but the misuses of it. 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 warns us not to mock prophecy (which is stifling the Holy Spirit), but to test all prophecies — holding onto the good ones and staying away from the bad ones, which are described as “evil.”

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17 Responses to “Holly’s Top 7 Prophecies for 2007”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I Love this article Holly! When I saw it I thought oh her we go again, but the opposite was such a pleasure. Thanks
    G-d Bless

  2. Bud Millington Says:

    2. Have you noticed that more and more lately failed prophecies (and the Scripture) are explained way with, “Well, it’s all purely symbolic.”

    6. You forgot “Judiazers” and “Legalistic” especially if the critics bring up that politically incorrect subject of “sin.” Of course “sin” doesn’t really exist, because it’s purely symbolic.

    Having said all that, let’s have respect for those that have the backbone to publicly admit they simply missed it.

    Bud Millington

  3. David Says:

    Dear Holly: What can you say, you could list 700 and knowing what I know of the so called prophetic movement people, and I say this cautiously prophetic as I do not want anyone to think these people are of The Lord. We read in Scripture where so many reel prophets of The Lord where killed, and persecuted by evel people. When I say prophetic movement gang some of these people Patricia King, Benny Hinn etc I am referring to will no doubt critisize you for what will say is your false doctrine and what I am sure they will say is blasphemy against The Holy Spirit.

    I have said it before and I will say it again these people are of thier father the devil, John 8:44. They use The Lord’s word in such decieving ways and what for power, money and pride some of the same things that got thier god and father satan kicked out of Heaven – Isaiah 14.

    Holly, thank you for you blog, it has exposed allot of evil works and apostosy in our world, I pray that if anyone of these false teachers reads this they will repent and get saved. As Hell is just a breath away for them.
    If they are saved, they need to thank Our Lord for Eternal Security and repent of their evil works.

    In Christ


  4. David Norris Says:

    Be careful about the Wal-Mart prophecy because Mike Peters of Indianapolis foretells his people not to shop there.

  5. factorypeasant Says:


  6. Pete of the Aldins Says:

    I love this Holly. It appeals to both my Aussie sense of humor AND my experience in Pentecostalism. I’ve been on the receiving end of the “You’re unspiritual” abuse by the very people who just fan the fire of so-called prophecy into fire then leave the picking up of pieces of disappointed/confused Christians to the “unspiritual” or “deominsed” ones (like me).

    But when you’re able to get some distance from it, you have to laugh at it, like you have here. It is really really funny.

  7. herb Says:

    bud millington posted here and he was the author of a fabricated prophecy of the “90 days till 90 days”…

    i emailed several times, and never got an “i missed it” from you

  8. carla Says:

    Great post!

  9. melinda Says:

    I think we all like to see what is being said however, Ecclesiastes 11:4 could apply to those who wait upon particular prophecies to take place.

  10. No Time To Waste Says:

    i want to make some predictions too….

    1. ministries will spring up to point out the error in everyone’s way but their own.

    2. bible prophecy teachers will get everyone excited about a person or an event, that will keep them glued to the t.v. watching fox news and cnn, and suring the net for news articles. then that excitement will fade away and they will look for yet another event or a “SIGN” instead of out reaching people like Jesus commanded.

    3. bible prophecy teachers will lead everyone to believe that someone is the antichrist, but then deny they are saying that person in the antichrist.

    4. people that can not keep a job, or a spouse, or their kids out of trouble will spend many days ripping people in the ministry because they do not run their church or ministry the way they want them too.

    5. christians will spend more time at prophecy sites, drudgereport, and world net daily than they do with their family.

    6. people will be decieved into thinking they are watchers when actually all they do is speculate, confuse and mislead.

    7. every second, two people will die. most of which and never heard the name or known the love of Christ.

  11. Justin Says:

    I am not interested in having an argument with anyone about what they believe. However, being new to this site and seeing the clear distain for prophecy (highlighted by the over-active use of ” “) could you please explain to me why Jesus would go to the trouble of establishing the 5 offices of the Church if he intended apostles and phrophets to die out once the 12 were gone.

    To use your terminology, did Jesus change His mind or make a mistake?

    I am not saying either that everyone that calls themselves an apostle or prophet is indeed one. Yes, there are false teachers out there, there always has been and always will be but do we wrap them all together and through them all out?

    Not only the 12 saw or performed signs and wonders.

  12. David Says:

    David Says:

    April 16th, 2007 at 2:22 pm
    Hello Everyone especially all my Brothers and Sisters in The Lord Jesus Christ: I will be brief. I have given allot of thought and prayer to what we all comment on good, bad or in between. I have decided that after prayer I am and so are most of us reacting to so many things on this blog. We are all in our minds and hearts to one degree or another right.

    The point I am trying to make, would it not be wiser for all of us to stop trying to get points across about people and instead concentrate how we could encourage one another in The Word. I know that there are many false teachers and false works, yet do you not think it would be wiser to follow Jesus example and pray for people who we feel are in error of scripture Matthew 5:43-48. If they are wrong, The Lord will, as always, deal with them and thier works, He will deny them Matthew 7:21-23 and Romans 12:19-20. If we go even further we see His example on the Cross
    Luke 23:34.

    I can speak from personal experience here as I am as wrong as anyone else, and as Jesus also reminds us in Matthew 5:14-16 we are His light, the light of the world, and we are to shine for Him so as to glorify The Father in heaven.

    I pray that we can turn Holly’s wonderful blog into an encouraging spirit filled site for one another. It would be so wonderful if others would read this blog and write comments like Trust in the Lord, I recieved Christ today, I was water baptised today, etc.

    Thank you all and God Bless

    Your Brother in The Lord



  13. Janelle Says:

    Hi Holly,

    I have been reading several of your articles on the prophetic. I am actually glad to see you examine the words of prophecies by the word of God. All Christians should do the same. Unfortunately, I have to say in love that while I agree with some of your critique to many prophets who may walk in error, I must also disagree with many of your positions against the move of the prophetic. Many times people reject things/experiences that they have not had. Sometimes we feel that if we have not been privy to something, then it must not be all it’s cracked up to be.

    I think the more balance approach is to weigh everything against the word of God. I have had what you refer to as “supernatural experiences” and I know undoubtedly that they have been from God. I don’t have to flaunt them, or make others Christians who may not have had experience in that area feels that they are any less spiritual than me. That is simply not true.

    We must be careful not to be so dogmatic and reject the things before we have had an opportunity to gain a better understanding, or to experience them for ourselves.

    Let allow the Holy Spirit to show us all that He desires to. Understanding that Gods Word is the supreme authority and there are riches that He will reveal as we seek Him with all our heart, soul and might. But if we reject first, then we have closed our heart and in some ways tied God’s hand. Let’s diligently seek the Lord for ALL that He desired to give. I try to let the Lord know that the sky is the limit as far as He is concerned in my life. He has free reign to show and do whatever He will. I don’t want Him in a box I want Him to be the Great Big Awesome God that I gave my life to 10 years ago. He is and has proven to be in my life a God with no limits. Let’s allow Him to be just that.

    God Bless

  14. Bud Millington Says:

    Brother Herb:

    My apologies, I did not receive your e-mails.

    I did e-mail everyone on my list and apologise admitting I missed it concerning the 90 days. Rev. Joan Krempel of Krempel Ministries can testify to that effect.

    May I observe that it spread like wildfire that I missed it; it seemed as if overnight the whole world knew it.

    Yet for years I’ve given prophecies that DID come to pass…and the multitudes were utterly silent.

    Scripture says in the end Yeshua (Jesus) stores up the wheat and throws away the chaff.

    Yet Christians often tend to store up the chaff and throw away the wheat.

    Why do Christians diligently keep tallys of when others miss it, but with equal diligence fail to record any mention of when others get it right?

    Just an observation.

    Bud Millington

  15. PAUL ROMO Says:

    There is the birthing of a true Prophetic ministry arising in this hour that will bring judgment upon these false works.

    These voices will herald a return to true repentence-holiness and Spiritual reformation of the body of Christ.

    It will usher in the manifestation of the Kingdom of God-signs-miracles and wonders and will begin at the level of Spiitual reformation which reveals Christ.

    These so called prophets are as children-adulterous children who foolishly seek and follow after signs and are easily manipulated through parlor tricks.
    The validate any thing that appears to be even remotely supernatural and yet cast off sound doctrine which drives the heart to Godliness.
    Those who have actually used their brains and tried to validate the authenticity of the gems and gold dust have found them to be sythetic man made trinkets easily found at any cheal costume jewelry store.

    There are Prophetic voices in the land who are ushering in this reformation.
    One such is Holy Fire in central PA.

    The messages are freely heard at http://www.live365.com
    They are broadcast under Atomic-Jesus


    On radio at 720AM in Harrisburg PA Tue and Thurs at 2:30 PM.

    Email for free messages at ATOMIC-JESUS-RADIO-REVIVAL-HOUR@comcast.net

  16. Sebastian Trovato Says:

    Isn’t Prophesy the testimony of Jesus by your article it looks as though it in the spirit of sarcasim (not a Godly spirit).
    I agree with a lot what is said on this site, concerning the abuse of prophecy, but don’t waste time being sarcastic even if it’s in the name of God.

  17. Deuteronomy18v22 Says:

    Holly your 2007 prophecies stood the test of time! 🙂

    I for one appreciate the humor and sarcasm Holly portrayed here, and for those who would rebuke Holly for being sarcastic, I would remind you of the story of Micaiah the prophet and Ahab the King of Israel in I Kings 22.

    Micaiah’s first answer whether Ahab should go up to battle was sarcastic – he parroted the 400 false prophets and told him to go up for the LORD would surely delivery Ramothgilead into his hand.

    The rest of the story, particularly Micaiah’s account to Ahab of the LORD agreeing to a lying spirit being put into the mouth of his usual prophets being the way to draw him to his death in battle (because of his wickedness) is something else people who surround themselves with “prophets” these days better pay attention to.

    This is another example in Scripture of strong delusion being sent so those who have pleasure in unrighteousness would believe a lie.

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