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Magic Charms and Spells

I’ve noticed a growing trend in the apostolic-prophetic movement toward magic charms and spells — objects and phrases that supposedly give those who use them supernatural power.

property-dedication-kit.jpg One example: On Oct. 1, the Elijah List sent an e-mail advertising a book, titled Portals to Cleansing by Henry Malone, to help Christians learn how to cleanse their houses and property from curses. Malone also sells a “Portals to Cleansing Property Dedication Kit” (pictured here). See the full ads.

The kit includes instructions, scriptures, anointing oil and stakes to drive into your property.

Steve Shultz, the publisher of the Elijah List, promises his readers: “Use it and make the enemy flee!” Shultz said he’s cleansed his own property three or four times, in the past six years, and each times he’s seen “a noticeable change in the atmosphere and circumstances.” Shultz added: “If you don’t believe those curses have power, you’d be hard-pressed to explain certain sicknesses, diseases, and even death that comes upon very anointed and pure-hearted people you know.”

Then, on Oct. 16, the Elijah List published a testimonial from a reader, named Tom Panich, who used the book to cleanse his property. Panich wrote:

Recently, I finished Dr. Henry Malone’s book, Portals to Cleansing. I actually used 3-foot, scripturally-endorsed stakes to stake our property. I utilized the scriptures found in the book, Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness by Chuck D. Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema. I also poured our “Third Heaven Vision” anointing oil over the top of the stakes. After I drove the first stake into the ground, I felt the Presence of the Lord come across the yard, hit me, and then I almost fell over. It really surprised me! These spiritual, prophetic acts actually have awesome and powerful effects. Try it.” Read the testimonial.

Third Heaven Vision Anointing Oil For the record, “Third Heaven Vision” anointing oil (pictured here) is another product advertised by the Elijah List, that, “coincidentally,” is sold by Tom Panich. Learn more about the oil. Panich claims it will give users visions of the Third Heaven.

It’s troubling that Christians are devolving to a magical worldview that has more in common with occultism than biblical Christianity. It’s equally troubling that people — like Steve Shultz, Tom Panich and Henry Malone — in the name of Christianity — are seeking to profit from these magic charms and spells.

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7 Responses to “Magic Charms and Spells”

  1. CB3 Says:

    My heart is breaking from what I see happening in the body of CHRIST.Preachers talking about your right to prosperity.forming a new goverment,prophets who can’t seem to produce a true prophecy,healers who can’t seem to heal anyone and they all seem to have all the right reasons why their thing is not working for you or me and if I don’t agree with them I am a rebellious child, cast him out.What I see in them is Nicolaitans and Jezebels and our first love is not in them.It hurts to see so many pulled into themselfs and away from Jesus, Let us pray for them and the soon return of CHRIST—–MARANATHA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jody Says:

    Here is another heatbreaking example of a wolf among the flock….


    Im beyond wanting to scream and cry…..Im beyond being angry at these people…they’ve made their bed and if they refuse to turn from their sin and continue in their way…..Its enough to know that they will give an account for what theyve done and the Lord will repay every man his due.

    Even so…its getting worse by the day

    The above example is blatant… and yet it is allowed to continue unhindered…. with no one who is in a position to…. trying to make a difference…. none are saying a word about it…not a warning to those who do such things…or and more importantly those being sucked in by lies.

    My heart breaks for those who could speak up and dont…they are the ones my heart breaks for….they are behaving as if they wont be held accountable for remaining silent in order that they be able to keep their good standing among men?

    By remaining quiet about these things the churches arent even protecting the flock they personally have charge of.

    So many in the church today…thru the idea of “hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil”…have blood on their hands.

    Jer 23:28
    The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream;

    and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully.

    What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD.

    Jer 23:29
    Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD;

    and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?

    Where are those who know to do right?
    Those who would speak His word faithfully?
    Those who will speak Gods word….His word that burns as a fire and as a hammer smashes to pieces the lies of satan?

    Is it too late?…..Have the saints been overcome so completely that there is no one strong enough in the Lord to declare His will and ways?

    That thought….. is what breaks my heart and makes me want to cry.

  3. Holly Pivec Says:

    That certainly is a disturbing article, Jody! Thanks for linking to it.

  4. Jody Says:

    Here is another zinger about Paula White….

    I have to wonder if this “respect” that the world is lavishing on evangelicals today… is what Dr. Okenega had in mind back in the 40’s when he sought to bring some legitimacy to the “new” evangelical fundamentalists?

  5. Linda Says:

    “The Bible says where there is not knowledge you perish, you die. Principles change you. Until you start living by principles your life will never change. I want you to be wealthy because Christ paid the price for you to get there.”

    This sickens me.

  6. Josh Says:

    it is what was spoken of in 1 john… he said in the last days, “anti” christs would arise. the word anti can also mean in place of…. people are substituting many things for The Christ these days.

    please do not have a hardend heart toward these men and women, but pray for them to repent and especially pray for those who “follow” them.

    it is possible for them to see that they are wrong, repent, and follow Christ with a true passion for lost souls

  7. David Says:

    Romans 14

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