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Kim Clement, a Prophet?

October 9th, 2006 | 59 Comments | Posted in Elijah List, Twisted Scriptures

Kim Clement One of the most troubling aspects of the apostolic-prophetic movement is its “prophets.”

Yesterday, the Elijah List (which sends out the movement’s prophecies, daily, to over 133,000 subscribers) sent out this prophecy from “prophet” Kim Clement. Read the prophecy here.

Every time the Elijah List sends out another prophecy from Clement (which is fairly often), I think “Gimmee a break!” How many more prophecies does this guy have to get wrong before he is considered a false prophet? And how many prophecies that directly contradict the Bible does he have to give? Many of his other prophecies are so vaguely worded that their “fulfillments” could apply to almost anything (like much of the one I linked to above). Read it, and see what I mean. Yet, Clement — like so many “prophets” in this movement — always finds some way to “explain away” his failed prophecies or to force “fulfillments” to fit them.

Let’s take a look at one of Clement’s failed prophecies. In Utica, New York, on Jan. 10, 2004 — and then two days later televised on TBN, Jan. 12, 2004 — Clement prophesied that Osama Bin Laden would be captured within 35 days and that, as a result, Easter 2004 would be one of the greatest Easters for America. He also prophesied that March 11, 2004, would mark the beginning of the end of terrorist activities. Read his prophecies here, from the Elijah List.

When 35 days passed and Bin Laden wasn’t captured, Steve Shultz, the publisher of the Elijah List, contacted Clement for a response. Shultz was pleased with Clement’s response, calling it a “very mature response” that should “both encourage and train” the Elijah List readers on how to discern prophecy. (It’s disturbing that Shultz was satisfied with Clement’s response. It shows that Shultz can’t properly discern prophecies.) Read Shultz’s comments and Clement’s response here. In short, Clement responded that he never said the 35-day time period would begin on Jan. 10 or Jan. 12 (although he, conveniently, waited until after the prophecy failed to come to pass to make this clarification). Then he suggested that Bin Laden’s capture would occur, instead, by March 11, 2004, or Easter 2004.

Well, March 11 came and went — and still no Bin Laden. But something significant did happen on March 11 — the Madrid bombing of four commuter trains in Spain, that killed 191 people and injured over 1,700. This attack was a major victory for terrorists — quite the opposite of Clement’s prophecy.

Then Easter passed and Bin Laden, of course, hadn’t been captured. Yet, Clement still defended his prophecy in another e-mail released by the Elijah list, saying that people, including himself, mistakenly interpreted God’s statement “bring out your greatest enemy,” to mean “capture.” Instead, he said, the prophecy should have been interpreted as saying that, during Easter, God would begin to expose something that would reveal Bin Laden’s hiding place. He said:

For a time, I too felt that over Easter we would see the capture of bin Laden, however, when I read the prophetic word that I had given, I understood that it meant “revealing his whereabouts,” and this would bring him out. This could be the beginning of the 35-day period.

“Prophet” Bob Jones also came to Clement’s defense, saying that the March 11 date had some kind of prophetic significance in “Heaven’s timetable” (whatever that means!) Read Jones’ and Clement’s defense of the failed prophecy here.

So, to review, Clement prophesied that Bin Laden would be captured in 35 days, and then changed the date of the capture to Easter, then — after Easter passed — he said Bin Laden’s whereabouts had started to be exposed and that he may be found in the 35 days following Easter. Yet, over two years later, Bin Laden remains in hiding.

This is just one example of a failed Clement prophecy. He also prophesied that a cure for AIDS would be found by 2002. I could go on and on. Do an Internet search to learn more of them.

Clement has also prophesied things that directly contradict Scripture. For example, when I heard him speak at Regency Christian Center International in Whittier, Calif., on Sept. 3, 2005, he prophesied that aborted babies were going to start to be reborn to other women. (The reincarnation of aborted babies, of course, goes against the Bible’s teaching.) Read the prophecy here.

And, in yesterday’s prophecy (which I linked to above), Clement quoted God telling Clement and his followers, “I want you to command Me” [in essence, command God to bless them]. This is a scary teaching. What in the world is Clement doing, telling Christians that they are supposed to boss God around? This teaching, of course, is not supported by Scripture.

Furthermore, Clement’s prophecies and teachings don’t point attention to Jesus or His gospel. Read through some of them yourself to see. At his meeting I attended in Whittier last September, Clement rarely mentioned Jesus’ name. But a major focus of his meeting was to urge the attendees to give finances and support to the modern prophets (which, of course, included himself) in order to receive rewards from God. Clement equated Old Testament prophets like Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, with modern prophets, like himself (though, he didn’t advocate stoning modern “prophets” whose prophecies fail, as the Old Testament prophets would have been). He also kept shouting “the prophets are coming,” receiving cheers from the attendees.

The fact that the Elijah List keeps releasing prophecies from Clement — and other equally troubling “prophets” like Bob Jones (whom I will discuss more later) — shows that it disregards the biblical criteria for detecting false prophets. Yet, for some reason, the number of subscribers to the Elijah List keeps growing. (The Elijah List also recently started a magazine, called The Voice of the Prophetic.) I plan to follow the Elijah List’s prophecies in future posts.

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59 Responses to “Kim Clement, a Prophet?”

  1. Wade Says:


    I was wondering since you clearly believe Kim Clement is a false prophet do you know of anyone you would say is a real modern day prophet?

  2. Levi Says:

    Osama Bin Laden was finally killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011

  3. blue Says:

    You all should be careful coming against A man of God …it won’t end well for whoever does ..weather you believe him to be a man of God or not …you should never speak against Kim Clement or anyone else who professes Jesus Christ as Lord And Saviour …because what if your wrong and your eyes and ears have been closed, what he is saying could actually be coming from God …it might be that, what he is saying could be falling on def ears, he who has ears to hear let them hear ..maybe the people peaking against him are blind to what he saying …ever think of that ?

  4. Pastor Walt Says:

    You need to hear Kim’s prophecy from Feb 2014 where he prophecies God has raised a new Cyrus, a new David, to be leader of this nation, because they tried to put a witch in the White House. He said this man that God has picked will become president and he will protect Israel. God says his name is associated with gold and they will say Impeach Impeach, but God say no this will not happen. He will become a praying man after he gets in the WH. He will remove corruption in the government.

  5. Dean West Says:

    I have to say that I agree that Kim Clement was a false prophet as I have heard him utter numerous prophecies that failed to come to pass. He prophesied that osama bin Ladin would be captured in a cave and Sadam Husain would be captured in a palace and even gave a timeframe as to when this would happen and it didn’t. But later we did find Sadam but it was under a house not in a palace and much later than what he prophesied. bin Ladin was killed but at a small compound in Pakistan and not in a cave in Afghanistan as Kim alluded to as well and many many years after the date he predicted. Kim Clement was definitely a false prophet. God also does not raise up Old Testament style prophets because the new covenant has come and God speaks to all his people now and we don’t need a prophet to tell us what God is saying. Though God does still raise up prophets it is not to do what Kim is doing. A real prophet will teach the Bible and utilize the gift to edify the body and bring clarity to scripture and reveal the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus said that all the prophets prophesied until John, so John was the last type of Old Testament prophets. Old Testament prophets also were all Jewish and revealed what God was saying to the Jews. But God said that when the new covenant came that God would pour His Spirit on all people who receive Jesus and that all God’s people would prophesy (Joel 2 and Acts 2) and that it shall now longer be said know the Lord here or there (Jer. 31:31-34). The most prophetic thing we can do now is to give a clear witness of the person of Jesus Christ (rev. 19:10), who is the true prophet of God that Moses spoke of would come and He is also God in the flesh.

  6. Dean West Says:

    Keep in mind that America is not the new Israel so why would God have prophets over America or any nation for that matter like He did Israel? Jesus is going to fight against the nations of the earth when he comes and does not support any nation on earth right now, God supports the church and calls us as believers the kings and priests of the earth. When He comes we will rule and reign with Him for a thousand years with a rod of iron scripture teaches and that we will dash the nations to pieces and not promote any as being Christian. Kim felt he was called to be a prophet to America and the church in America. America is not Christian just because there are a lot of Christians that live here. America is actually very secular and is loaded with pagan culture and symbolism. Jesus is not on any country’s side in reality. He told his followers that if my kingdom was of this earth then I would have my serveants fight for it, but His kingdom is from above and over all other nations including the US. The fact that Israel is a nation again I would certainly question anyone prophesying well of any Greeco Roman type of government as the antichrist will be coming from that exact type of government, and most bible scholars believe it’s the EU but the US is Roman too, and is European because it came from that part of the world in the sense of its the new Roman republic and is vertually identical to Rome before it became an empire. The symbol of US freedom is a Roman goddess called liberty. Do you think God would raise up prophets to speak well of a country who’s symbol of freedom is a pagan idol? I don’t! And where will all theses prophets be that are speaking well of nations like America when the antichrist arises from the west? They are going to cover their faces in shame when God reveals them as being false. Jesus said many false prophets would rise in the last days and would be so convincing that they would almost be able to device real followers of Christ and Kim Clement is an example of one of those false prophets scripture warns us about. The real Jesus is not speaking well of any nation on earth right now, he is preparing to come and put down all earthly rule and set up His kingdom in Israel. Time to deny ourselves and pick up our cross and follow Jesus and forsake the things of the world and quit calling things that are evil good because God will not hold him or her guiltless that does. This is a real Word of the Lord…Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand and every man will see The Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

  7. Hkpresley Says:

    Dean West
    You are not telling the truth! Kim Clement did not prophecy Saddam would be in a palace…he said he would be found in a hole which he was. Kim was the most accurate Prophet I’ve ever heard… truly amazing. You really should do your research before you judge God’s anointed publicly. Kim’s prophecies have exploded on YouTube as people are discovering his accurate prophecies for such a time as this. They are unfolding beautifully. Old Testament prophets are different than new testament prophets. He was the first to prophecy about Trump and so many other things like NK & SK uniting. Sad how people can’t wait a day for today’s prophecies yet they can wait thousands of years for others.

  8. Dean West Says:

    I personally watched TBN live in 2003 or 2004 when Kim Clement declared Osama Bin Laden would be found in a cave and Sadam would be captured in a palace. He even said it would happen in October the same year. I was at my pastors parents house and we talked about it after it didn’t come to pass. I used to watch TBN and even know some of the people on TBN and have seen first hand the hippocracy and miss use of ministry money and the lavished lifestyles off of the money that is supposed to go to ministry purposes. I attended the same church as Matt Crouch and guess who attended also a few times, Kim Clement because Kim was friends with the pastor I sat under at that time. So I think I know what I am talking about and I am grateful that God delivered me from the whole charismatic church world. I speak in tongues and believe in prophecy and have heard from God and been used by God in some of the gifts. But most of the stuff on TV is not the real deal. Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Benny Hinn, Kim Clement, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer and most of all the TV preachers are all false and do not live Holy lifestyles. Kim has prophesied a few things that came true but most of what he prophesied was false and he himself admitted on numerous occasions that he misses it a lot but he felt he was covered by God’s Grace. Kim was sincere in what he preached and believed in but was most assuredly a false prophet and he preached and prophesied things that were 100% NOT from God.

  9. TP Says:

    I wholly agree with you brother Dean! Keep standing for the truth. The Lord our God will greatly reward you for it! 🙂
    Unfortunately, many Protestant and Catholic religious leaders are still duped by the false “Trump prophecy,” and so continue to stubbornly support and defend, Donald Trump, although in fact, He is a counterfeit Christian.

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