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Based on the Bible?

September 25th, 2006 | 8 Comments | Posted in Twisted Scriptures

Bible As I’ve researched the apostolic-prophetic movement, I’ve been constantly amazed at the lack of biblical support for its teachings.

Where, in the Bible, is there any concept of an end-times army of Christians — led by apostles (with great authority) and prophets (with new revelation) — that will subdue God’s enemies and establish His kingdom on earth?

I’m seriously asking this question. Please, tell me where.

If it’s not there, then what is this movement all about?

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8 Responses to “Based on the Bible?”

  1. Mary Says:

    Having been raised in Catholicism and spent many years in Pentecostalism, God used a book to open my eyes to show me how closely the two are intertwined.


    But for God’s grace, I could be caught up in the Apostolic Reformation movement. Because I feel “time is of the essence” to release this information, I will quote an excerpt from this book.

    I don’t think Mr. Dominick would mind, as he sent me a copy of Chapter 5 (the manuscript) before his book was even published.

    WAVE 1: Old or Classic Pentecostalism
    1901– Topeka, KS, Bethel BIble College — Agnes Ozman received what she called the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” and spoke in “tongues”.
    1906 — Los Angeles, CA –Azusa Street Church

    WAVE 2: Charismatic Renewal
    1960 — The modern Charismatic Movement began in St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Van Nuys, CA.
    1962– The glossolalia phenomenon broke out at Yale University among the members of the evangelical Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. This included Episcopalians, Lutherans,Presbyterians, Methodists, and 1 Roman Catholic.
    1967 — Spring Vacation– 30 zealous Catholics in the Notre Dame area received the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit.”
    1974 — 30,000 Catholic Charismatics held a conference at Notre Dame
    1977 — Kansas City Charismatic Conference, 50,000 participants — almost half were Roman Catholic.
    1977 — The AP reported 10,000,000 Charismatics in the US
    1983 — Jan. 18 Christianity Today reported Assemblies of God as the fastest growing US denomination. At that time there were 1,700,000 members, and growing fast

    WAVE 3 — Signs and Wonders Movement — stresses more the gift of prophesy and healing than tongues
    1983 — “Third Wave” Coined by Peter Wagner

    “…we are now in the third wave. I see the third wave of the eighties as an opening of the straightline evangelicals and other Christans to the supernatural work of teh Holy Spirit that the Pentescostals and Charismatics have experienced, but without becoming Charismatic or Pentecostal.” (6)

    Dominick goes on to document the history of the First Wave.


    * The failure of the Ecumenical Movement
    * The Decline of the Independent Baptist Movement
    * Discord withini the Southern Baptist Convention

    My conclusion: the TWO are closely interconnected and have ARMINIANISM as their foundation. Also noteworthy is that the Catholic church does not worship and believe in the JESUS of the Scriptures. They believe in the Eucharistic Jesus. A good book on this subject and one that opened my eyes immensely, given my background is a book called

    “Another Jesus? The Eucharistic Christ and the New Evangelism” by Roger Oakland.


  2. charlene Says:

    Dear Holly, Was introduced to this movement about 6 years ago. I went to some gatherings. The main safe guared for me was the Word of God. It is as simple as that. We are a small ministry in South Jersey. The prophetic movement is stong here. The Lord has showed us that His body no longer knows how to “abide” “sit with HIM” “tarry with HIM” to cultivate relationship and receive His sanctifactions. We mentore His body in the Abiding with HIM. The prophetic movement “mixes truth and error”. So the church system, prophetic movement is promoting the Gifts and sighns without the foundations of abiding. Warefare without the abiding, worship without the abiding, the written word without the abiding. What is making this so easy for the movement, is for years America has declined in it’s value of relationship, even in the homes of christians. I have put together a book in the mixing of truth and error, for the body, especially for the Babes. I am Spirit filled, I do operate in The gifts of the Holy Spirit being Spirit led. I know that this embracing of signs and wonders, lack of mentoring lambs in abiding, is preparing the delusions and acceptance of the last day great deceptions.
    As the Lord leads, please continue to speak out.
    I will continue to “judge, in obedience to scripture in the NT”.
    I recomend Jessie Penne-Lewis writings. She was a elder int he wales revival. She was mature in warefare and the gifts. She warns the body in the 1920’s of the error of mixing truth and error even back then.
    Also This wile of Saten , this spirit of divination and error is not liminting to the Church system. We’ve seen first hand it’s moving in The Home Church network.
    His Word in full and RELATIONSHIP first, not an option! The gifts will come and mature and signs and wonders will follow. GOD bless His precious blood bought body. In Christ alone, Charlene

  3. Jody Says:

    “We’ve seen first hand it’s moving in The Home Church network”

    Yes it is….I have been researching it and either the signs and wonders group has embraced the emergents or the emergents have embraced the signs and wonders. This is the ultimate end to those embracing truth mixed with error…they are given over to the error.

    It is coming in to the house church system through the “Organic/Natural Church Growth” movement which of course was concieved in Fuller Seminary and birthed by Peter Wagoner.

    Here are some info snippets for anyone who wants to research this further.
    ~Christian A Schwarz~

    Schwarz claims to have discovered the principles of natural church development from three sources:
    1) empirical research, 2) observing nature, and 3) studying Scripture, with the Scripture being the final arbiter of truth (NCD, 13).

    Throughout his ministry years, he has been interested in church growth. That interest led him to study materials produced by leaders in the church growth movement.

    “He also studied at the School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary. ”

    He became somewhat disillusioned with many of the “principles” espoused by this movement, however. He noted that many of them were based on case studies of one or only a few model churches (and often very large churches).

    ~Christoph Schalk~

    After conducting several studies of growing and declining churches in Germany, he engaged “Christoph Schalk” to assist in designing a worldwide study.

    Schalk’s training was in “organizational psychology”, and he brought to the team the skills to design the research project.

    The result was a study of over one thousand congregations from thirty-two countries, in eighteen languages, and on every inhabited continent of the world.

    Church growth and “church planting consultant Bob Logan” has said, “There has never been such an extensive, statistically valid, worldwide church growth research project ever conducted” (NCD, 3).

    ~Bob Logan~

    Coach Net/ChurchSmart Resources

    Qualitative Research. Dr. Robert Logan and Dr. Gary Reinecke conducted an international qualitative research project mentored by Dr. Charles Ridley to determine the competencies of excellent Christian coaches.

    From my research these home groups look to be made up of those who are disgruntled with the orginal church growth and signs and wonders movement.

    Im speculating here but I watched in happen in the church I was in so Im probably not too far off…when this stuff first got its start in the churches the laity were given free expression in the area their “gifts”. They were not held back in anything and were free to just go crazy.

    But then things started getting out of hand ….the leaders at the top put out the call to reign people in. Well…understandably those who had gotten a taste of it…resented this and went off on their own. Taking with them the cell/house church ideas.

    The desire to have complete freedom of course leads to the organic church system as well as the emergent style of doing “church”

    As for the emergent element in all this….it should come as no surprise since nothing is off limits as far as those who represent this movement are concerned.

    And their attitude towards the truth is no surprise either since they came of age in an environment where mixing truth and error was common place…even those who would have been considered fundamentalist evangelicals in their stance towards truth had no qualms with mixing it up with those who were more liberal and worse in their views towards truth …and all of this compromise was of course for the greater good of unity.

    So that now we have an anything goes mentality in the church as a whole. And the younger generation is finding it very easy to pull the walls down upon itself since the older generation daubed them with untempered mortar to begin with.

  4. Mary Says:

    I would like to clarify my home church experience that I mentioned in this post.


    The “home church” that I attended was one strictly in OUR home with my husband, our daughter and son-in-law, and our son. Just us 5. We sought the Lord’s face and shared our prayer requests and prayed for others in a small Christian yahoo group. During that time, we studied about the Eucharistic Christ, The Emergent Church, The Pentecostal Movement along with what true worship is and the watering down of doctrine that contemporary music does. We studied about Dominionism, the Bible Versions, and the Doctrine of Justification. We sought the Lord and His leading. Just felt that I needed to clarify.

    Whenever you get people in a group, you will find the desire to reach a consensus. That is what I meant in my previous posts that most Christians do not understand basic, fundamental doctrine.


  5. Mary Says:

    Hi Jody,
    You said,

    The desire to have complete freedom of course leads to the organic church system as well as the emergent style of doing “church”

    As for the emergent element in all this….it should come as no surprise since nothing is off limits as far as those who represent this movement are concerned.

    The Emerging church is nothing more than mysticism is nothing but repackaged Roman Catholicism. For more on that subject, check out the articles at


    Catholicism is a works based religion. This is why I have been repeatedly saying that it all goes back to what one believes happened at the Cross.

  6. charlene Says:

    As what “Jody stated sounds correct on the moving of the prophetic sign’s and wonder movement, now entering the home church network” Let me add also, The growth of the Home Chucrc network is grouing rapidly…no secret to that. Another reason the Elders of this sign’s and wonder, prophetic movement are embraceing the home church idea is they recognize its growth and are cashing in on the home church by Prophetic Schools and seminars. I have home churched for 4 years. I did not leave the church organization rejected or disgrunted.. I left because I value truth, God’s word in full. One sisiter said she speaks out of the deceptions of this movemen as to deaf ears. I also feel the same, I have told the Lord I do not want to say any more on it, but He always has me speak. My heart is for His lambs, and when one gets born of His spirit, to mentor the precious soul. The Elijah list did not respond to the letters of judgeing, Jeremy Lopez sellig a “prophetic word” and kim clemment being a false prophet. I asked the Lord to be quiet or speak. When there is a wolf in sheep clothing, and one see’s clearly the wolf, it would be wrong to be silent. Holly wrote of the Deafening response to show any correctness of this movement according to scripture. Body of Christ we are entering a hard time. The church in America now operates as a bussiness or under the spirit of divination (the counterfittinf of the Holy spirit). In Christ alone, Loving His Blood bought Body. Charlene

  7. Bud Millington Says:

    Just my opinion:

    I thought that Jesus said just before His Crucifixion and Resurrection when the HOLY GHOST comes HE will lead and guide you into all Truth.

    I read in John’s Epistle that all Believers have an “unction” from the Holy Ghost and that Believers need not that ANY MAN teach them. I don’t know anything about the “Nicolations” but John goes on to say that whomever says Christ has not come in the flesh is Anti-Christ.

    Ephesians tells us that Christ is the HEAD (Final Word, the Big Boss, Head Honcho) to ALL (“all” means “ALL” not some or most but ALL) things to the church or Body of Believers, individual Believers as well as the corporate Body.

    I, personally, have experienced dozens of Believers entering my life and claiming they are “THE PROPHET OF GOD” and that if I don’t do what THEY say…I will spend eternity in Hell.

    They are full of it; the Bible says so.

    From what I read in the Scriptures mentioned above…YHWH (God) sent the Holy Ghost to lead us, guide us, and show us the way. If any MAN seeks to force me to submit to himself he is then attempting to override the Lordship of Christ Himself (manifested by the Holy Ghost’s leadings) in my life. Such a man is attempting to exalt himself to be god in my life.

    Such want to be God. I thought Satan began his rebellion by wanting to be God? So whose spirit are these men of?

    Didn’t Jesus say the greatest among you would be SERVANTS, and that the heathen seek to LORD it over others, but in His Kingdom it shall NOT be so?

    Also note the Bible defines false prophets as anyone whose word consistently DOES come to pass but who then encourage you to follow OTHER GODS…these also should be put to death! Any MAN attempting to “play god” in my life is setting up another god -himself- in an attempt to get me to cease following the unction of the Holy Ghost (and the written Word) to cause me to cease following YHWH and His Son, Christ in favor of some man.

    Don’t lots of cults insist their leaders are “infallible” to insure submission without question? Where is that in the Bible?

    John calls such “ANTI-CHRIST.” The Greek is “alteros christos” and it means “Substitute, counterfeit, DECOY, imposter” –Christ.

    Such men are IMPOSTERS seeking to replace Christ (the anointing-the Holy Ghost) in your life by tempting you to TURN ASIDE from Christ himself to follow men.

    Such are of the spirit of Anti-Christ, and from such we are commanded to TURN AWAY!

    God’s plan in the New Testament is to follow the Holy Ghost and the written Word, not men. In closing, Paul says those called to office (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, Teacher) have greater RESPONSIBILITY. Where does it speak of them having authority over the flock?

    Read Ezekiel 34 and remember…Christ is the Good Shepherd being prophesied of here…and He leads us by the unction of the Holy Ghost…Christ and John both said so.

    Stop following these glory hound “anti-christ” preachers and learn to fast, pray, seek His face and read the Bible for yourselves.

    Because John 15 also says if we fail to abide in Christ, and won’t let His Word abide in us, we will become dried up branches (lose our ability to discern God’s Holy Ghost leadings?) and MEN (these self-serving preachers?) shall gather us up and we shall be burned (end up in Hell?)

    For what it’s worth.


  8. l. Says:

    Dear Holly,
    This movement has been around for many years. I believe this is part of the last days deception. Keep up the good work.

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